Leather texture is one that you must use in your designs or artworks if you want to exude that unique and distinctive feel reminiscent of cowboys of the wild wild west and motorcycle-riding hooligans. But the application does not really end at these stereotypical ideas of popular culture. In fact many iPone and iPad applications have used leather texture in an attempt to give the application an authentic look and feel e.g. to look like a really exclusive notebook or leather calendar.

With creativity and good design techniques, one can always create a priceless artwork that makes use of some leather texture. It is actually a very versatile material whose application ranges from rowdy and informal subjects to heavily formal black tie concepts. Whether you are working on a realistic 2D or 3D model or design of a bag, a jacket, shoes or anything you will surely be using leather textures in one way or another. This is of course aside from the use of leather as a decorative background in creating beautiful web designs.

In this article we are sharing with you some 90+ amazing leather texture that you can use in your job. If you have not yet tried using leather texture in any of your project, now is the right time. Check these items and see which fits your concept. You can also help your friends by helping us spread this article. We hope that this article can give you some fresh design thoughts and ideas. If you have anything you want to say, please don’t hesitate to write a comment. Happy viewing!



1812×2559 Checker Texture by Pandora Icons


Leather 1 by Dragonfly113-Stock


Dragon Skin Texture by ~miss69-stock


Leather Texture 3 by ~Alharaca


Leather Texture 2 by Tsabo6


Leather by ~Penny-Stock




Leather Texture by Matt Randolph


Leather by Meltys


texture.old cowhand by Martisimas


Texture-Quilet Pearly by ~liz-stock


White Leather by myrtlebeachdiet


Leather Sofa Riws


Texture by Nathan Graphics


117 – leather by ~WCat-stock


Webtreats Light Brown Leather Pattern


Leather Texture by ~Struck-Stock


Texture Leather by ~pictsy


dusty leather TEXTURE by Dollaberry


Texture-Leather by Shelley Freedman


Leather texture 7 by ~wojtar-stock


1830s Leather Book Cover Squared by newmexico51


Leather 002 by MaddMordi-Stock


Pretty Leather by Lindsay Pearce


Leather by solsken


Black Leather Texture




Leather texture by ~BlokkStox


Texture 1 by ~Visualjenna-Stock


Leather jacket texture_002 by ~BlokkStox


Leather 01 by ~stockimagine


Leather Texture in by ~pelleron


leather by ~N-GonDesign


Leather Book Texture by Potatojunkie


Leather Texture by IceFreez


Brown Leather by ~piximi


Black Leather 2 by *Hjoranna


Brown Leather by Leeber


Leather Texture by Tasastock


Leather Free Texture Eddi 07- Free Stock


Leather Texture by Patrick H. Lauke


Leather 001 by ~MaddMordi-Stock


Leather Textures by bm.iphone


Leather Close-up by Hector Garcia


Leather Close-up by Hector Garcia


leather gold texture by ~natalie-stock


Leather Texture 2 by ~Riverd-Stock


Leather bound by KFen


brown leather texture by ~beckas


Leather Texture Pack by ALP-Stock [7 Textures]


Leather Texture Pack 3 by *Mytherea [5 Textures]


L E A T H E R – S E T – by ~For-Certain [ 10 Textures ]


Colored Leather by *HollowIchigoBanki [10 Textures ]


Leather Textures Pack by ~Salic33 [ 10 textures ]


Author : Sonny Day

Sonny M. Day is a passionate SEO and web design enthusiast who loves photography, mountain climbing, snorkeling and dirt bike riding.

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