45 Beautiful Examples of Colorful Websites

November 30, 2011 · 5 comments

by Sonny M. Day

colorful websites

By just looking at the first page of a website, you can often say that it looks good and invites you to spend time on it. Without being aware of it, you can be stuck and be encouraged to go on and read the website’s contents, or  be prompted by your instinct to leave even before the website loads completely. How you react depends on how you feel about the website, and this feeling is to high degree triggered by the design and the colors you see. You typically see that successful websites are also the ones that adopt pleasant color combination. Although there are many colors, most websites use only two or three colors to ensure that they look clean and are easy to navigate. Using many colors can be useful for some designs but only if it is done in a way that all colors blend into a single pleasant visual entity. Otherwise, the whole design becomes an eyesore. Designing a colorful website thus, in some cases demands more skill than making one with a simpler color pattern.

Here in this article we are showcasing 45 beautiful examples of colorful websites for your inspiration. They all use clever combination of colors to make powerful layouts that one cannot help but look at. How these website blend colors is truly amazing and highly creative. If you have not yet designed anything using multiple colors, now is the time for you to try after you have seen these layouts. You can visit these websites for a more detailed look. You can also hunt for color patterns at sites like www.colourlovers.com or www.colorcombos.com – it can be a really good starting point. There are also a wide supply of online tools for web designers and developers to assist in finding the right colors.

If you have anything in mind or if you have any comment, please write them down here. We will also be glad if you will share this article to your friends. We hope that you will truly be inspired to improve your craft as a web or graphic designer. Happy viewing!



1. Pixel Criminal

Pixel Criminal colorful websites

2. Tennessee Summer Vacation

Tennessee Summer Vacation

3. Life Lab

 Life Lab colorful websites

4. Havaianas


5. Web Designer Depot

Web Designer Depot

6. Garami Zoltan

 Garami Zoltan colorful websites

7. Curious Generation

 Curious Generation

8. Ballina Beach Village

 Ballina Beach Village

9. El Tesoro

El Tesoro colorful websites

10. World Design Capital Helsinki 2012

World Design Capital Helsinki 2012

11. Inspiredology


12. Winter in Tenessee

 Winter in Tenessee colorful websites

13. Christmas Tweets

 Christmas Tweets

14. Mooty


15. Multiadaptor

Multiadaptor colorful websites

16. Pieoneers


17. Web Science Man

Web Science Man

18. Leaf a Legacy

Leaf a Legacy colorful websites

19. Caty Design Studio

 Caty Design Studio

20. F91W

 F91W colorful websites

21. Forest Edge Music Festival

 Forest Edge Music Festival

22. Sob Controllers

 Sob Controllers colorful websites

23. Save the Turtles Game

Save the Turtles Game

24. The House Media

 The House Media

25. Puma Talk

Puma Talk colorful websites

26. 9 Flavors

 9 Flavors

27. Mystic Club

Mystic Club

28. Pop Cap

Pop Cap colorful websites

29. MBDizajn


30. Douglas Menezes

 Douglas Menezes

31. Icon Dock

 Icon Dock colorful websites

32. Joystick Generals

 Joystick Generals

33. Aussie BBQ Legends

 Aussie BBQ Legends

34. Beautiful 2.0

 Beautiful 2.0

35. Hugs For Monsters

 Hugs For Monsters

36. Ake Design

Ake Design

37. Tut Candy

Tut Candy

38. Realmac Software

Realmac Software

39. Alinga


40. Pixel Cool

 Pixel Cool

41. Scary Girl

 Scary Girl

42. Sound and Show

 Sound and Show

43. Bubble Tea

 Bubble Tea

44. Biola University

 Biola University

45. Hippo App

 Hippo App

Author : Sonny Day

Sonny M. Day is a passionate SEO and web design enthusiast who loves photography, mountain climbing, snorkeling and dirt bike riding.


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