30+ Breathtaking Birthday Cake Pictures

February 28, 2013 · 29 comments

by Sonny M. Day

birthday cake pictures

For most people birthday cake is an indispensable item in a birthday celebration. Whenever there is a birthday party, it is always expected that there is also a birthday cake. Why this tradition flourished is because of certain symbolisms associated with life in itself. Most birthday cakes have a candle on top which is blown after the birthday song has been sung.  Tradition of placing candles on birthday cake is attributed to early Greeks, who used place lit candles on cakes to make them glow like the moon. Greeks used to take the cake to the temple of Artemis, goddess of Moon. Some scholars say that candles were placed on the cake because people believe that the smoke of the candle carried their wishes and prayers to Gods who lived in the skies. Others believe that the custom originated in Germany where people used to place a large candle in the center of the cake to symbolize ‘the light of life’.

In present times, people place candles on birthday cakes and a silent wish is made before blowing out the candle. It is believed that blowing out all candles in one breath means the wish will come true and the person with enjoy good luck in the coming year. Some also smear out the name of the person before slicing of the cake to bring good luck. Although these beliefs sound superstitious, these however created the art of birthday cake designing. With the advancement of culinary and confectionery science, you can now find elaborate and highly creative birthday cakes in almost any birthday celebration. How beautiful and creative a birthday cake can be, is what you will see in this article.

So here, we will be showing you some examples of breathtaking birthday cake pictures that you can get inspiration from. Basically, these pictures involves two groups of artists. First are the creators or the designers of the cakes themselves; and second, the photographers who captured the images. These two groups of people are the ones who collaborated with each other in making birthday cakes and shooting beautiful pictures of them thereafter. If you are a cake decorator or a photographer, this article is for you as a source of inspiration. If you are just an individual you can use this article as a guide in choosing your own, or your loved one’s, next birthday cake design. Also if you want to build a cake blog or website you should consider using a portfolio theme for WordPress to get you started. We hope that this article can help you where it matters. If you have anything in mind, or if you have anything so add, please don’t hesitate to write a comment below. You can also share this post to your friends so that they too can enjoy these tasty birthday cake pictures. Happy viewing!



Breathtaking Birthday Cake Pictures

1. Elvis Presley Birthday Cake

elvis cake

By www.lucys-cakes.com

More Lucy Cakes

Lucy Cakes Birthday Cake Pictures

More Lucy Cakes

 Lucy Cakes

2. Sponge Bob Cake

sponge bob cake

By Scrumptious Buns (Samantha)

3. Gracescakes


4. traceyt197


5. Scrumptious Buns (Samantha)

Scrumptious Buns (Samantha) Birthday Cake Pictures

6. tc27jkw


7. Charly’s Bakery

Charly's Bakery

8. Elegantly Baked Cakes

 Elegantly Baked Cakes

9. Charley And The Cake Factory

 Charley And The Cake Factory

10. Crazy Cake – Cakedesigner57

Crazy Cake - Cakedesigner57 Birthday Cake Pictures

11. Scrumptious Cakes (Paula-Jane)

 Scrumptious Cakes (Paula-Jane)

12. The Ladygloom

The Ladygloom

13. RubyteaCakes


14. Chocolate Bakery

Chocolate Bakery

15. Chocolate Bakery

Chocolate Bakery Birthday Cake Pictures

16. Genevieve Griffin

Genevieve Griffin

17. Removed / copyrighted. See the photo by following the link

18. Linzi’s Cakes

 Linzi's Cakes

19. Lucy Cakes

 Lucy Cakes

20. EB Cakes


21. Kurbis Cakes

 Kurbis Cakes Birthday Cake Pictures

22. Christine Hamilton

Christine Hamilton

23. Joanna Christina Lizares Co

Joanna Christina Lizares Co

24. Scrumptious Cakes (Paula-Jane)

Scrumptious Cakes (Paula-Jane)

25. Scrumptious Cakes (Paula-Jane)

Scrumptious Cakes (Paula-Jane)

26. Brucakes


27. sharoncakes


28. Linzi’s Cakes

 Linzi's Cakes

29. kelinka


30. CharmChang


31. Linzi’s Cakes

Linzi's Cakes

32. Russ Weakley

Russ Weakley

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