30 Examples of Creative Website Headers Inspired by Plants

May 31, 2013 · 10 comments

by Sonny M. Day

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Headers are the first to be seen by visitors when they enter a website. It is the place where your readers can either be excited or become bored. When your readers are pleased with your header, there is a greater chance for them to go on and read the contents of your website. If they get bored simply by looking at your header, they will look around and leave your website immediately. However, how should an ideal header looks like? There is no clear-cut standard of measurement that can serve as your guide because it is a matter of perception that can only be gauged by actual observation. If you feel that your header is attractive, then it would likely be attractive to others as well.

Now that there are a lot of websites all competing for every keyword you can mention, the rivalry to attract quality traffic is fought in every square inch of your web page, with the first skirmishes right on your header. If you feel that your header is good but there is still something that needs to be done about it, then it is better to look at the header of other websites. There are many websites with good looking and effective headers in any niche so it is not difficult for you find a model. One way you can overcome the challenge is to look for WordPress themes with flexible and great looking header design. For most types of websites you will often find the needed features in multi-purpose themes or if you plan to build a creative site, such as an online portfolio you may want to look for themes with portfolio style. Setting up navigation right is also a key part of the header design. Some ready to use navigation solutions will often come in handy.

In your search, you will find that there are website headers which are not only highly creative but also ones that clearly display the navigation buttons. These designs are ones which are often successful in their attempt to hold their readers. Many of these websites use headers which are inspired by plants. Plants have always been one of the best raw materials that web designers use because of their power to cool down the senses thereby making people feel relaxed and comfortable. To give you an idea on plants can be used to design cool and attractive headers, we are sharing with you this article. Here, you will find some of the designs use plant sparingly while others are somewhat dominant all throughout the header. Either way, they are all creative and truly inspirational. We hope that this article can help you further your career as a web or graphic designer or as an Internet marketer.  Happy viewing!



Examples of Creative Website Headers Inspired by Plants

1. Roman.de

R0man.de inspired by plants

2. Drop Bags

 Drop Bags

3. Monitor


4. Buy for Less

 Buy for Less

5. Lanbruk’s Gunyah

Lanbruk’s Gunyah inspired by plants

6. Tropikalny Ogrod

Tropikalny Ogrod

7. Slim Kiwi

 Slim Kiwi

8. Yodaa


9. Green Woods

 Green Woods

10. Anna Pawetczyk

Anna Pawetczyk inspired by plants

11. Juan Diego Velasco

 Juan Diego Velasco

12. Viget Extend

Viget Extend

13. Aussie BBQ Legends

 Aussie BBQ Legends

14. Komodo Media

Komodo Media

15. Praline En Schachtel

 Praline En Schachtel website headers inspired by plants

16. Yalo


17. Narhir Design

 Narhir Design

18. Sercotec


19. Florida Flourish

Florida Flourish website headers inspired by plants

20. A Better Play

 A Better Play website headers inspired by plants

21. The Georgian Wine Society

The Georgian Wine Society

22. Weberica


23. Go Glamping

Go Glamping

24. Glocal Ventures

 Glocal Ventures

25. hrasti

 hrasti website headers inspired by plants

26. Noupe


27. Vitamin Kommunikation

 Vitamin Kommunikation

28.Story Pixel

Story Pixel

29. Poziteeve


30. Buin Zoo

 Buin Zoo website headers inspired by plants

Creative Website Headers Inspired by Plants, did we miss any one you like? Drop a comment then!

Author : Sonny Day

Sonny M. Day is a passionate SEO and web design enthusiast who loves photography, mountain climbing, snorkeling and dirt bike riding.

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