45 Examples of Beautiful Negative Space Logos

October 21, 2011 · 11 comments

by Sonny M. Day

negative space logos

If you happen to observe at logos, you will find that some of them make use of their background to form an image or text. Such type of logos are called negative space logos. They are called as such because they cleverly make use of the color around them to create  a negative or colorless figure or text. These kind of logos are not only meant to grab attention but also to drive home a message in a simple yet highly creative technique.  Needless to say, negative space logos are very popular not only in advertising but also anywhere else.

To give you an idea on how superbly creative negative space logos look like, we are sharing with you the following designs from different artists. These logos are very simple, yet attractive in their minimal concept as an ideal logo should be. These are really ideal materials to be  inspired on in your next brand or logo design.

Also, we understand that there is a possibility that we missed some of the negative space logos which are worthy to be included here. If you know any, please drop us a note in the comments below. We will also be glad if you will share this article to your friends through our social media buttons. We hope that this article can help you become a better designer and artist. Enjoy!



Examples of Beautiful Negative Space Logos

green one negative space logos
homemakers architecture

design swan

orbix hot glass

oliva negative space logos

chemical design

natural wine company

oregon human society negative space logos

snooty peacock

maritime law


paint the city

park view pre-cast negative space logos

custom web gravity

gift birdie


northridge homes

ocean spirit negative space logos

helping hands for pets

blue dog properties


first professional

treacy shoes negative space logos

hunter race

grace hospice

Fisher's nursery

chase advantage

Wide Sky Designs negative space logos

Silk Skin



ABC Electricians

Element of Sound negative space logos



Emerald Dental


puppy love campaigns negative space logos

ECO Square

Embrace Beer

Mt. Noorat Smallgoods

NSW Government negative space logos

Show Poni

Author : Sonny Day

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