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beautiful and creative bottle designs

When you are in a supermarket, what convinces you to choose the product over its competitors displayed side by side to it on a shelf? Perhaps, a lot would say the brand, some would say the price, and others would say nothing except its beautiful packaging. For those who go for the brand, I know that they do so because they have already used or tested the brand and they are satisfied with its results. This group of customers tend to ignore the price and the packaging. We call them repeat customers.

On the other hand, those of us who have no idea about any brand, there is a big chance that our buying decisions will be affected by the product’s packaging. That’s it! We tend to equate beautiful packaging to excellent quality or anything along that line. Illogical or strange as it may seem but that is we as costumers make our decisions. This behavior has been taken advantage of by marketing strategists to advance their brands forward, and they do so with help of graphic designers skilled in advertising.

From the perspective of graphic artists, a grocer’s shelf thus, is a place where a never-ending art contest is held, and in which their package design is a participant pitted side by side with that of other graphic artists. It is thus no wonder that product packages are often highly creative artworks.

For products that come in liquid form like beverages, scents, oils and etc., product packaging artworks can be observed at its best. Unlike in any other product, liquid items are always sold in bottles and these bottles are often product packaging artworks in 3D. Anything else is 2D. With bottles, graphic designers has to take into consideration not only the visual perception of the audience but their sense of touch as well. This is what makes bottle designs different from any other design work.

So in this article, we are sharing with you some 45+ beautiful and creative bottle designs that you can look upon as an inspiration in your projects. Here you will find bottles that come in different shapes and sizes which are all cleverly designed to catch attention. We hope that these beautiful and creative bottle designs can help you in your job as branding and graphic designer. If it does, we recommend that you share this to your friends through our social media buttons. If you have anything in mind, or if you have anything to share, please don’t hesitate to write a comment below. Enjoy viewing!



Beautiful and Creative Bottle Designs

1. River Baron


2. Dom Perignon Vintage 1995 White Gold Jeroboam


3. Boyare – beautiful and creative bottle designs


4. Armand de Brigniac Champaigne


5. Kabbalah Vodka


6. Black Fig – beautiful and creative bottle designs


7. Oz Vodka


8. Cherre


9. Sibirskaya Korona


10. Vajo!


11. Lanjaron Water – beautiful and creative bottle designs


12. Forgeron Ale


13. Seryab Water


14. Dragonfly


15. Stock


16. Pom


17. Berg Water


18. Gatorade


19. Klein Constantia Grappa


20. Shefa (profusion) Wine – beautiful and creative bottle designs


21. Howling Monkey Beer


22. Lunar Vine Wine


23. Profira Brandy


24. Kjetil Olstad


25. GP wines by the Labelmaker


26. Lovejoy Vodka


27. Honne Orange Juice


28. Gatorade G-Series


29. Anthony’s Super W


30. EVR – beautiful and creative bottle designs


31. Redd’s


32. Ping Energy Drink


33. Black Sheep


34. Absolut Vodka Crystal Bottle


35. Spooks Ale


36. The Balvenie Forty


37. Amstel – beautiful and creative bottle designs


38. Johnny Walker Black Label


39. Ukrainian Brandy


40. Crystal Head Vodka


41. Absinthe


42. U’Luvka Vodka


43. My Go


44. Penhaligon’s Juniper Sling


45. Calavera Organic Tequila


46. Dedina Rajika


Any comments for these beautiful and creative Bottle Designs?


Author : Sonny Day

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