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While niche theme that push the boundaries of WordPress are great and pop up all over the Internet, the initial and still core focus of WordPress still blogging. With PersonalPress ElegantThemes certainly returned to the roots, and created a traditional blog-style theme with a personal touch. PersonalPress WordPress blog theme is a great simple design for those looking to give their blog a fun and light hearted feel. One of the things I really like about ElegantThemes is the fact that they probably have the highest quality themes availably and give you access to around 70 themes for a fraction of what premium themes normally cost. If you are a web designer or a webmaster with regular need for fresh themes ElegantThemes has the perfect solution for you. For more information be sure to view the Live Demo as well as the Features Page.

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Let check out the front page of PersonalPress WordPress blog theme.

front page of PersonalPress

WordPress 3.x Nav Menu integration – The nav menu function in WordPress has been integrated into the theme. It has been added in a way that will not conflict with ePanel (ElegantThemes own theme administration system), or anyone’s current navigation setup. If you do not define a custom nav menu is WordPress than the navigation menu will function just as it always has.

Nav Menu integration

Five Alternate Colorschemes – The theme comes with five different color variations. If you don’t like Red, then be sure to try the Blue, Purple, Teal,  or Green versions.

Five Alternate Colorschemes

Social Media Widget – Due to the “personal” nature of the theme, a social media widget was added to the theme that can be used to connect people to your various social outlets. If you are looking for some great icons to use, be sure to check out the Elegant Social Media Icon Set that I released a few weeks ago.

Now it is time to check out the Live Demo or to explore some of the other themes released by ElegantThemes. Trust me it is worth the time!

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