Metal texture can transform an otherwise dull design into a sleek and classy webpage. This is especially true if you put some creativity and proper blending in order to create a unique and attractive website.  Because of its versatility, metallic textures are often used by web and graphic designers in their work. These metallic textures may come from different patterns and color. It may appear shiny, rusty or grungy in steel, or it may appear glittery in gold and silver. For its design, it may be riveted, corrugated, or can be in the form of a mesh. There are so many possibilities under which a metal texture would appear.

Because we, in Tripwire Magazine, always want to help you out, we decided to give you a sizable collection of extreme metal textures for your designs. These textures come from different artists who willingly gave away their work to help others. We therefore want to extend our thanks to these people for their noble gesture of good will. If you are looking for a good looking metal texture for your project, this article can definitely help you. It also pays to have this bookmarked or saved for future use.

If you have anything in mind, or if you anything to add, please don’t hesitate to write a comment. It is also recommended that you share this article to your friends. Who knows they are also looking for a pattern that they can use in their work. It is not easy to look around for things so making this textures handy is always a good practice. We hope that this article can help you where it matters. Happy viewing!



Large Metal Texture Collection

Rusted Metal by Texturemate

ulv Metal plate texture by *enframed

Metal Texture (Black and White) by Eric Peacock

metal 04

Metal grid texture by PSD Graphics

Diamond Cut Pattern on Shiny Metal Surface by Grunge Textures

Metal Texture 03 by =Limited-Vision-Stock

Metal texture 4 by *enframed

High resolution metal by williamsaar

Grungy Blue Betal with Square Pattern by Grunge Textures

Arc’s Rivets + Metal Brushes by ~Arcy-is-distracted

Metal with Small Black Holes by Urban Dirty

Texture – Foil 1 by ~Dori-Stock

Metal Texture by ~beyn

Split metal by *enframed

Gold Metal Wrinkled Paper by ~Enchantedgal-Stock

Gold Bead Halo Circle by ~Enchantedgal-Stock

Gold Leafing Gilding Texture by ~Enchantedgal-Stock

Gold Brass Foil Leafing Metal by ~Enchantedgal-Stock

HQ Metal Tileable Pattern 9a by ~css0101

Gold Leaf Metal Flakes by ~Enchantedgal-Stock

scratched metallic texture by =night-fate-stock

yellow metallic texture by =night-fate-stock

purple metallic texture by =night-fate-stock

aqua green metallic pattern by =night-fate-stock

grunge metal by =night-fate-stock

Wall Texture by ~shadowh3

metal texture 10 by ~wojtar-stock

Seamless metal texture by ~hhh316

Metal texture 3 by *enframed

Metal Rust by ~shadowh3

Metal Rust Texture 21 by ^FantasyStock

FREE TEXTURE METAL 0954 by ~markpiet

scratched gold by ~beckas

FREE TEXTURE METAL 0986 by ~markpiet

grunge metal by =night-fate-stock

metal texture by ~keminka

Metal Texture by Geetesh Bajaj

Metal Floor Texture by ~loner654

Metal texture with nails by *enframed

HQ Metal Tileable Texture 10 by ~css0101

Metal Texture by Grant Hutchinson

Ulv Metal pipes texture by *enframed

Metal Fence texture -tiled by ~JayL-stock

Red Metal Texture by Lars Christopher Nøttaasen

Abalone Shell Metallic Texture by ~Enchantedgal-Stock

Metal Rust Texture 22 by ^FantasyStock

Metal Drain Cover by ~GrungeTextures

Metal Mesh by ~graphex

Texture – Rainbow Foil by ~Dori-Stock

Metal Rust Texture 05 by ^FantasyStock

Metal Rust 17 by ^FantasyStock

Metal Rust Texture 06 by ^FantasyStock

Metal Rust Texture by Petrov Escarião

Rusted Metal Pack by `TerrorCookie

texture pack 10 by ~Sirius-sdz

Corroded metal by ~borysses

SK Metal Grids HD Patterns by *s0nkite

10 Tileable Metal Texture by ~MuzikizumWeb

9 High Resolution Metal Surface Textures by Orman Clark

Studio Skye – Metal Grille

Studio Skye Metal Textures – Metal Grille

Rust pack by ~AnnFrost-stock

Rusty Metal Pack 2 by *AscendedArt

Gold Texture Pack by ~LilyStox

Thanks for looking to the end of this massive Extreme Metal Texture Collection.

Author : Sonny Day

Sonny M. Day is a passionate SEO and web design enthusiast who loves photography, mountain climbing, snorkeling and dirt bike riding.

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