30 iPhone 4 leather cases

It is very popular to use a iPhone 4 Leather Case. It looks good, provides great protection and gives good balance to the modern high-tech device. The launch of the most talked-about, most wanted smartphone – iPhone4, created several new opportunities for designers to come up with new and exciting accessories. You may think that the huge investment in an iPhone is more than engough, right? However there is a wide range of options like e.g. bluetooth headsets, FM transmitters, portable speakers and car kits etc. Besides these mainly functional accessories there is a strong trend related to dressing using iPhone 4 cases. They come in a variety of designs, models and shapes. Some prefer snazzy, colorful cases, while others go for simple, yet stylish ones. But, when it comes to luxury, iPhone 4 leather cases rule the roost. In this article, I present to you 30 of the best Iphone 4  leather cases for you to choose from.

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30 iPhone 4 leather cases

1. United SGP Leather Pouch Vintage Edition

United SGP Leather Pouch Vintage Edition

United SGP’s Leather Pouch Vintage Edition is essentially a smaller version of its iPad counterpart. The distressed brown suede exterior and dark red fabric interior is a little bit cowboy and a little bit vampire. The inside is lined with microfiber, it’s handmade in Korea (designed in California), and the case comes with a 30-day, money-back guarantee and a lifetime warranty. With this iPhone 4 leather case you don’t need a screen protector and it is a plus to many. Since it is light brown leather it may vary in the color.

2. Grantwood Technology’s Premium Leather Horizontal Flip Case

Grantwood Technology's Premium Leather Horizontal Flip Case

The QuickFlipCase for the new iPhone 4 Apple Bumper Edition is a soft, premium leather hip case for iPhone 4 with the Apple Bumper in place (both Verizon and AT&T versions). Owners rate this iPhone leather 4 case to be one of the very best – it is great quality, durable and really easy to use.

3. Sena Walletbook Premium Leather Case

Sena Walletbook Premium Leather Case

iPhone 4 leather cases that combine a regular case with a designer wallet are quite in vogue nowadays. Many users want an iPhone 4 case that doubles as a leather wallet. To attract this segment, Sena has come up with a unique book style case called Walletbook. It comes in various colors and two distinct leather types: croco leather and classic leather.

4. Beyza Slimline Stripes Case


Most users are of the opinion that iPhone 4 leather cases have their own limitations when it comes to color and design. Well, Beyza can prove them wrong! Its Slimline series of leather cases for the iPhone 4 sports a unique stripe design in the middle that adds a snazzy look to a simple and sophisticated leather case. Available in a wide range of color shades, Slimline Stripes cases are made from floater leather, which is soft leather that sports a pattern. The floater variety is quite smooth and is quite soft when compared with other leather types. The pouch ensures total protection and a snug fit and it features a slim and padded design.

5. C.E.O. Flip-Vue

C.E.O. Flip-Vue iPhone 4 Case

The C.E.O. Flip-Vue iPhone 4 case is a slim, genuine leather flip-top holster that provides the perfect balance between total protection and convenient access. The leather and suede design is unique and appealing, while the slim belt clip on the back offers multiple carrying options. A storage pocket on the inside of the flip-top lid is perfect for credit cards, business cards, identification, or cash.

6. SGP Argos Black Leather Case

SGP Argos

The United SGP Corporation is best known for manufacturing cases and scratch-resistant coating films for a variety of gadgets, such as handhelds, digital cameras, iPods, iPads and of course iPhones. The Argos Black for the iPhone 4 is a classic leather case that protects your phone from dust, scratches and damage. Made from Premium Genuine Leather, the Argos range of leather cases has a nice microfiber interior that snaps to the surface of the phone and keeps it slim and sleek.

7. SoBe Case


The SoBe iPhone 4 cae is a genuine leather vertically oriented purse that offers plenty of storage in a small, convenient size. It’s an ideal case for an evening out on the town dancing and partying the night away. The outside pocket is sized to fit by a thin shell-style case (such as Marware’s MicroShell). The secure Velcro lid helps keep your phone in place while you’re on the move.

8. Emmie Case


The Emmie iPhone 4 case is a genuine leather clutch purse designed for women who prefer carrying their iPhone in a small, handled purse instead of a larger, bulkier handbag. The secure Velcro closure helps keep your phone in place while you’re on the go, and a cutout on the bottom helps to quickly remove the iPhone by simply lifting the flap and pushing up through the bottom cutout.

9. Marware C.E.O. Premiere Case for iPhone 4


Made from quality eco-leather, the C.E.O. Premiere is an environmentally friendly carrying solution. The durable Velcro flap keeps your iPhone 4 secure and won’t cause antenna interference like magnet style cases. The attached belt clip is so low profile and unobtrusive that you can easily slip the case into a pocket, purse, or briefcase.

10. Vertical Flip Leather

Vertical Flip Leather Case

An elegant vertical leather case for your Iphone 4.

11. Flip Wallet Card Leather Case

Flip Wallet Card Leather Case for iPhone 4

Functionality at its finest, this unique exclusive Flip Wallet introduces the modern man to a new era of sophistication in luxury mobile accessories. This new iPhone 4 case does double duty to protect and hold your back pocket belongings in one secure location.

12. MultiFlip Case

iPhone 4 MultiFlip Case

Access to basic functions of your iPhone 4. The esthetic opening at the bottom allows your iPhone 4 to be ready to be charged while dressing this unique case. Your Apple iPhone 4 will be in full protection with the ground breaking design of the Beyzacases Apple iPhone 4 MultiFlip leather case.

13. Melkco Leather Case

Melkco Leather Case

Don’t you like pouch cases? Then what do you think about Melcko type leather case for iPhone 4. Elegancy and premium grade leather quality are the main factors of Melcko type leather cases. You would love frequent and careful stitching style of these cases.

14. Ted Baker Patent Leather Style


Coming in both black and red finishes, the patent leather will protect your iPhone 4 from bumps and scratches whilst simultaneously ensuring that you are the coolest cat in the room as you unzip your iPhone to answer a call from the ghost of Miles Davis. Designed with women in mind, however a confident man could easily pull it off, this case seems intent on bringing the iPhone to the catwalk.

15. Zagg LEATHERskin

Zagg Sport Leather

ZAGG LEATHERskin is a soft, thin, genuine leather skin that applies like a film, yet provides the touch, feel and scent that only comes with genuine leather. It feels good in the hand and doesn’t stick when you put it in a pocket like the silicon and rubber covers.

16. Verve Sleeve

Verve Sleeve

The form-fitting design gives you access to connectors and buttons and lets you charge in the case. And when you are ready to capture a photo the top flap easily folds over to reveal the camera on the back.

17. Aluminum Lined Leather Case

Aluminium Lined Leather Case

Crafted from the finest quality leather, the precious screen of your Apple iPhone 4 remains protected by a tough aluminium plate lining, whilst you maintain full use of your device thanks to some cunningly positioned cut outs, allowing access to all ports and controls.

18. Proporta Smart Recycled Leather Case

Proporta Smart Recycled Leather Case Apple iPhone 4

Handmade from 100% recycled leather, with a natural hessian lining, this eco friendly iPhone case contains a seriously smart protective sheet of hard bamboo.

19. Ted Baker Leather Style Pouch

Ted Baker Leather Style Apple iPhone 4 Pouch Case

20. Ted Baker Leather Style Apple – Men’s

Ted Baker Leather Style Apple iPhone 4 Case – Men's

The Ted Baker Leather Style case gives your Apple iPhone 4 superior protection, and the upper hand in the fashion stakes.

21. Poetic BriefBook Leather Case Folio

Poetic BriefBook Leather Case Folio

With finely detailed elegant leather like material draped throughout the BriefBook – your new iPhone 4 is well protected. With the 3 integrated business card or credit card slots on the inside flap, you can consilidate your most used and needed items into one convenient case. With a strong reinforced inner shell, the BriefBook is built tough, and made to protect. Made by Exact Design.

22. SKECH Custom Jacket Flip Leather Case for iPhone 4


This elegant case protects the body of your iPhone 4 and allows full access to the screen and all controls while encased. Formed of polycarbonate interior and leather exterior; it provides the luxurious appearance of leather with the sturdiness of a hard shell.

23. Case Mate iPhone 4 Leather Hipster


The premium leather exterior keeps a minimal profile, while keeping your iPhone in place with a magnetic flap. Tough enough to battle any elements, the strong, impact resistant case adds a sleek modern touch. An accompanying belt clip keeps the Leather Hipster easily accessible, as it securely fastens to your hip.

24. Sena Walletbook Leather Case for iPhone 4


25. C.E.O. Glide

CEO GLIDE for iPhone 4

Constructed of firm-textured Nappa leather, this snug sleeve exposes virtually none of the iPhone, providing total all-around protection. Best of all, the Glide uses an innovative dual-purpose strap system that both secures your iPhone and helps remove it from the case. Simply pull on the strap, and the iPhone slides partially out for easy retrieval. Push the iPhone 4 in the case, and the strap recesses and folds over the top of the iPhone, with a secure Velcro closure system that locks it in place.

26. Capdase Leather Case

Capdase WCIH4-5001

Bi-fold, Made of premium top gain leather.Custom-made design for easy access screen and operating all controls
with Light and rigid protective layer.

27. Capdase Leather Case

Capdase WCIH4-6001

Flip Top, Made of premium top gain leather.Custom-made design for easy access screen and operating all controls
with Light and rigid protective layer.

28. Verve Sleeve with Clip

Verve Sleeve with Clip for iPhone 4

Dress up your iPhone with the fashion-inspired leather case that protects from everyday scratches and scuffs while giving full visibility of your screen. This sleek and professional case features a security hold belt clip that contours to your waist for comfort and easy removal for calls.

29. Verve Cinema

Verve Cinema for iPhone 4

Protect your iPhone 4 in style with comfortable landscape viewing of your media content, including movies, videos and more. The foldout kickstand opens for hands-free viewing and closed when you don’t need it.

30. elago Slim Glide Genuine Leather I Case for Apple iPhone 4


Apple iPhone 4 Premium Glide Leather Case from Elago provides great protection, and quick access to your iPhone. Glide Leather Case provides total all-around protection while it uses a strap to remove your iPhone easily from the case. Simply pull on the strap, and the iPhone slides out for easy retrieval. The microfiber interior helps keeps your iPhone clean and sleek.

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