200+ Fresh Articles From the Web Design and Development Community

May 19, 2013 · 3 comments

by Lars


It is time for another mega article roundup. Everyone have been very active and I have not been able to include everything I wanted to. I guess I need to create these roundsups more often. Remember to suggest your own useful link here



Mobile Web Design Tips for Web Designers

It’s time to give serious attention by web designers and web developers to enhance their designing and development skills for hand-held devices in order to generate same results for businesses as th

Simple WordPress Themes

Less is more right? In web design this rule also applies most of the time. With some great simple and minimal wordpress themes you can build clean and minimalistic site quite easily.

11 Unconventional Uses for WordPress

With the right modifications, plug-ins, and themes; you can actually turn your WordPress into anything. In this article, Jerry shows us 11 valuable unconventional ways of using WordPress.

Web Content Copyright, Active Contact Links Should be a Must

In recent times, the first port of call for most literary research is usually the internet. The internet is a rich repository of information and other relevant content that can decidedly make the prog

40+ Usefull Free iPhone Applications

We’ve made some research and found the most popular and fun apps for your iPhone and made life easier for you – just check them out and decide what you like.

Sunday Illustration Inspiration #1

Time to kick of a weekly series of posts, every Sunday I will post a roundup of illustrations that I find inspiring and hopefully you do too. This post aims to boost your Sunday mood right before the

9 free and open source forum software solutions

Forums can be a great way to encourage audience participation, and to change a website from a one dimensional entity into a full fledged community. Here are a couple out there on the web today to help

Weekly Web Design Inspiration #88

A showcase of the very best web designs from the last week

Photoshop Tutorial: Create a dangerous Prototype Mosquito using a Microscope

In this tutorial I show you how to manipulate a microscope in to a Prototype mosquito.

30 Clever Examples Of Website Introduction

When you visit a website, the first page has the biggest impact because there you should find all the information that you need to know in order to make an idea. To avoid creating boring websites, som

Freebie: Professional One Page Resume – PSD Template

Professional One Page Resume is a free CV / Resume template in PSD file, perfect to advertise your skills, your personality, and your experience to get a dream job opportunities and clients.

Colorful Design Elements vectors

A free stock dedicated to vector graphics. Free vector files are available to browse and download here. Great artists from all over the world have submitted their creations to share, inspire and help

Breathtaking Landscape & Scenery Inspiration #5

From gloomy backdrops to futuristic landscapes, be prepaired to get a glimpse of the past, present and future.

8 Tested Guidelines for Creative Advertising

In the previous article, Graphic Designers were my special focus but in this article i will discusse the guidelines which are very essential and worth reading for all the people who are directily or i

Create a Nice Search Form in Illustrator

Hi there. In the following steps you can learn to create a nice search form. It is a pretty simple tutorial that will introduce you to the basic tools and effects. For a nice 3D effect we will use som

Traffic Methods to your Design or Freelance site

In this article we will discuss some techniques on how to get traffic to your design blog or freelance site. Now the old adage is the more traffic you have the more you will earn. To this I have to

200+ Best Apple iPad HD Wallpapers

Below we have included some amazing, beautiful and best HD wallpapers for iPad. We hope some of them will make their to your iPad screen as your favorite wallpaper.

10 3D Studio Max Tutorials That Will Turn You Into a Professional Game character Designer

The following tutorials are written for those who want to develop their skills in the 3D Studio Max arena. The instructions in everyone of these are very straight forward, user friendly and easy to fo

Broken glass word Vector

A free stock dedicated to vector graphics. Free vector files are available to browse and download here. Great artists from all over the world have submitted their creations to share, inspire and help

35+ Outstanding Examples of Conceptual Photography

Conceptual photography essentially is the photographer trying to convey a message or “concept”. Usually this message is conveyed through some abstract symbolism which can be interpreted by the vie

WordPress Custom Post Type Code

WordPress custom post type code to create a conde snippets section into your wordpress theme.

Attach Focus and Blur Events With Form Input Elements

This Snippet Help You Minimize the Code and Validate Successfully

Simple and Basic Business Card for Beginners

If you are new to Designing Field and you wanted to learn Photoshop. Here I’m going to tell you simple and basic business card in Photoshop. Some new techniques and tips for you in this tutorial so mu

5 Abstract Inferno Seamless Textures

Today’s web treat is a free combo pack of 3 large (1024px * 1024px) seamless tileable abstract inferno textures in .jpg format as well as a corresponding Photoshop tileable pattern (.pat) set.

69 Stunning Examples of Photographer’s Portfolios Websites For Inspirations

69 websites of photographer / photography for inspiration to create your stunning photography’s portfolio website or as photography’s inspirations for your next design.

20 JavaScript Tutorials For Framework Navigation

Any blog or website design will be incomplete without the navigation. A navigation should be easy to use for the users rather than a complicated navigation. In this tutorial I collect some of the best

Promote Your Design Related Articles

In this article I will give you some great tips to make your design quote or proposal stand out from the rest.

Fresh and Creative Poster Design as of 01/11

I remember when I was still in my grade school where in adobe products are not yet into this world.

5 Design Lessons Learned From Billboard Ads

Here are five design techniques that marketing professionals can borrow from successful billboard advertisements that can help them create better advertisements.

12 Cool Information Graphic Posters: The Geek Edition

To be honest, we really don’t know who first came up with that line. Our Google-Fu had failed us. In any case, it seems that with technology an indispensable part of our lives, Geekdom has finally b

Android’s Rising Market Share

Smartphones that don’t run on the Android operating system suffered significant worldwide market share losses in the fourth quarter, while devices using the Google software saw explosive growth, res

We’re Loading Faster And So Can You: Win Stellar Hosting from WebHostingBuzz

In the last few months our audience grew a lot and as you would expect the traffic is booming! That’s super cool but managing all this traffic become harder for our old hosting company so we needed

50 Free HD Dog Wallpapers

Last week I posted HD cat wallpapers which had left people asking “what about dogs?” Now you can download a wallpaper of your “best friend.”

Clever Food Packaging for Your Inspiration

Browse through some favorite food packages to see if they inspire you to new heights of clever designing.

40+ Websites Providing Useful and Free 3D Models (Download)

It is a complex subject and it might take more than some weeks to master it, but the good news is that there are plenty of websites that even give you tons of models absolutely for free.

Photoshop CS4 Tutorials: Wicked Creative Tips

Tutorials can often be your greatest source of inspiration when trying to design that project you have been putting off. In this post, I have rounded up a collection of very useful Illustrator and P

Meet The Future – HTML5 Demos

HTML5 is supposed to have features like video playback which currently depends upon third-party(and proprietary) browser plug-ins like Adobe Flash. Today we have collected 50 awesome HTML5 demos to sh

top 12 free antivirus programs for designers

When a virus infects your computer may actually be detrimental to anyData,
file or damage your hard drive and no doubt we have to
protect ourData and design and a way to protect installing a goo

7 Interesting Photoshop Tips and Tricks

Photoshop is a special gadget that you can use to edit images and pictures. You can apply special techniques in order to construct or design an illusion. You can certainly use this accessory to correc

500+ Exceptionally Beautiful Photoshop Patterns For Classy Designs

This time I am proposing 500+ patterns for Photoshop, (PAT) or separate image for your designs funds or CSS, is wood, designs crazy handrawing, skulls, points, slashes and much more are looking for de

45 Awesome Examples Of Documentary Photography

Documentary photography usually refers to a popular form of photography used to chronicle significant and historical events. It is typically covered in professional photojournalism, but it may also be

How to create a consulting web layout

Learn how to create a sleek consulting web layout with this easy to follow tutorial

Converting Dezign Folio From PSD to HTML [Very Detailed]

In this article you will learn how to convert Dezign Folio from PSD to HTML in a detailed step by step tutorial. You will learn how to create this layout by using a CSS framework.

3 Free WordPress Plugins That Will Change the Way You Blog

There are quite a few free WP plugins out there: some of them are very useful, some are less useful, but the following 3 plugins will really take your WP experience to another level.

25+ jquery Form Plugins

jquery is used in almost top 10000+ most visited sites. Powers of jquery is now unlimited. Today i am trying to show you power of jquery in forms field, That hoe jquery validates form or mask password

Exceptional 3D Abstract Inspiration

It has been some time since I have showcased some exceptional abstract inspiration. Featuring some fantastic artists making great use of 3D tools such as 3D Studio Max and Maya with a nice blend of Ph

40+ High Quality Sets Of Illustrator Brushes

Today we have collected 44 sets of high quality illustrator brushes, having more than 500 brushes in them. Enjoy this handy collection.

7 Elements of a Great Movie Poster Design

We’ve looked at some of the most effective film marketing materials out there – the promo posters that have been used on modern releases and older movies – and established some key elements that

25+ Amazing Examples of Pencil Sketches

Sketch is considered as the quickest way to trace the thought or concept on the paper, which creates the base to convert the idea into final piece of artwork. Pencil is one of the easiest and cheapest

25 New and Weird Photoshop Manipulations – Strange Collection!!

Here are 25 weird but new pictures of Photoshop manipulations which look so real that you will doubtful if they are really photoshopped.

10 Tileable Grunge Cracks Textures

A collection of 10 Tileable Grunge Cracks Textures, perfect for backgrounds, photo overlays, styles, custom fills, web and print designs.

40+ Beautiful Artworks By Paul Signac: weekly featured artist

Every week, we’ll be featuring a different artist, whose work may be considered inspirational. I will post their work as thumbnails so that you may follow them and explore their artworks, rather tha

Review: The Best Way To Conference Using Photoshop World

If your looking forward to the classes scheduled at the Photoshop World Vegas classes, you are not the only one.

8 Effective Ways to Increase Your Website Traffic

The initial idea about a blog was that it could represent a place where its owner or administrator posts his thoughts, opinions or any news considered by him as being worthy. The readers are allowed t

68 Sexvertising Print Advertisements To Gaze At

I’ve said it before in an article about sexvertising that sex sells and this is known by many advertising agencies, thus we are seeing a lot of sex based advertising in television, newspapers, onlin

40 Examples Of Typography In Web Design

Typography plays an important role in web design because it is the bound between a good design and a well sent message. Typography helps the reader to clearly understand the purpose of that website an

35 Stunning Examples Of Soap Bubble Photography

I’m sure you all blow bubbles when you were a kid but you have never seen how much they are attractive,shiny and reflective.Ok,it is not possible to see the details if you don’t take photos of the

How to Use Icons to Spice Up your Web Designs

Catching logos and web icons are leaders among important design elements of the modern websites. Effective icons serve as indicators, separators and represents the goods and services you offer. They c

20+ Photoshop Custom Shapes

Photoshop is most important software in designers community. On web3mantra we have continuously posted articles and freebies related to photoshop. Today i have posted 20+ photoshop custom shapes for y

BundleHunt 3 is on Sale. $1287 of Resources for $49

BundleHunt 3 is now on sale featuring 20 popular design resources and applications normally valued at over $1287 for just $49. This time around there’s some really sought after goodies including Wor

How to create a cool and usable CSS3 search box

In this new article, you’ll learn how create a cool and usable CSS3 search box using the HTML5 placeholder attribute. For the browsers that don’t support this new HTML attribute, fallback is creat

PSD to HTML Conversion Services

When it comes to PSD to HTML conversion, it requires a lot of skills, experience and proper coding knowledge to do it perfectly. This conversion is highly crucial for a website as the performance of a

17 Exclusive Web Icons

17 Exclusive Web Icons

Free Download 2011 Photoshop Brushes

Adobe Photoshop is the most popular software for image editing. One of the main feature of Photoshop is its brushes. It saves a lot of time of designers.

A Beginner’s Guide on Buying Smartphones in 2011

Wherever we go, we see a smartphone, they are simply everywhere, even so these portable devices are still far from ubiquitous.

30 Examples of Commercial Photoshop Disasters

Oh dear, it’s gettin worse. More and more Photoshop disasters are happening on posters, magazine covers, and advertisements. The designers are a fault because of clumsy manipulation, senseless compi

15 New Extremely Creative Infographics

Infographics are graphic visual representations of data and information and it is the best way to visualize an idea or a thought.

Why Patience Is Often The Best SEO Strategy

It’s easy to panic when traffic suddenly takes a turn for the worst. However, panic is never the best solution to anything as it only leads to poor decision making. Sometimes the best solution to yo

How to Extract and Cut Out Hair from a Photo in Photoshop CS5

In this free HD video tutorial from we will show you a few tricks on how to isolate and extract hair from a background photograph so that you can then composite the image on to a new background using

7 Amazing Photo Manipulations by pedrohlr

15-year-old Pedro Henrique, also known as pedrohlr, is a talented and self-taught artist living in the southeast of Brazil. Pedro is also a hardcore fan of indie music, just like me!

50+ Mind Blowing Images of Reflective Photography

Reflection photography is an art because you have to dig deep into your imagination to see the hidden beauty. Personally I am also a great admirer of reflective photography. Here is a great showcase o

iPhone Calendar

Hi. I present free vector calendar template of the design 2011 for your need. Colorful monthly calendar template at iPhone style. Free for commercial.

Flash photography: Guide to buying a speedlight and shooting with an on-camera flash

A flash, or sometimes called a strobe or a speedlight, consists of 3 parts: head, body and foot. The foot contains electrical contact points that are used to trigger the flash into firing, while mount

10 Useful Tools For Cross-Browser Compatibility Check

One of the factors that make a website great is when it is compatible in multiple browsers regardless of browser version. Technically this is referred to as cross-browser compatibility.

How to: Create Stunning Sunset Photography

Many photographers talk of being prepared for that perfect photo shoot, but in truth, one never really knows when the most magnificent of sunsets is going to appear.

Artists Corner – Epic Fantasy Art Work by Perzo

Today’s feature shows us some classic fantasy artwork focusing on huge axes, bows and arrows and legendary battles with wild beasts and demons with a slight touch of futuristic inspiration!

The Development Of A Team

In this article I will explain the stages of developing a team from a group. Group goes through many stages and processes to become a team. You will learn the basic steps in the development of a team

Sharpen Focus with Photoshop’s Auto-Blend

Learn how to easily merge the areas of sharpest focus from several stacked images into one final composite using Photoshop CS4 or CS5.

70+ Fresh and Creative Single Page Website Designs

showcasing your work in single page design is a hot trend now days. It’s kind of ironic to see what designers can do with single pages as modern age designers love to experiment with things and obse

Ethics in the Design Field

Every profession has its own set of ethical guidelines most of its members adhere to. And while the design industry’s code of ethics might not be as crucial as, say, the medical industry, there are

Top 3 Keys For a Great Web Design Every Time

With the huge amount of web browsing done these days, a web designer can’t afford to let their viewers leave their website due to bad design. A well built website should have 3 key elements that hel

Select an SEO Friendly Domain for Your Website

Domain name is as important as the web design of your website. Most of the times, it becomes a stumbling block for launching your website. It is very easy to choose the wrong domain name for your site

Top 12 Grungy Business Card Design Tutorials

In this article you can find top 12 business card design tutorials which will guide you to create your own bautiful grunge business card design.

Custom Web Design Services by PixelCrayons

Web design is the soul of a website. There is no point developing a website if you do not pay attention to the quality of web design. A dull and complex web design can put off your potential customers

Link Velocity – An Important Term in SEO

In simple terms, it is defined as the rate at links are formed or acquired by a website. Link velocity also includes the rate of loss of links. The reason as to why it is called velocity and not speed

How to get into business of part time freelancing

When you are looking for a job in web design it can be hard. So you will probably want to first start getting jobs as a freelancer working online. Here are some tips for breaking in as a part-time fre

Pop-up date picker (calendar picker) PSD

Download pop-up date picker (calendar picker) in 3 colors in Photoshop PSD format. These date picker designs come in fully layered PSD format with each picker organized in folders.

25 Aesthetic Poster Designs

Poster design is always an integral part of Designers profile. Artistic Poster design should be both different as well as easy to understand.

20+ Android applications

Android google mobile operating system is very powerful open source operating system. Having more than 100,000 applications in android market it is the second largest application store after apple sto

15 Awesome Web Design Blogs Every Web Designer Should Follow

It is a common fact that Web designing is a dynamic field. It’s important for a web designer to keep himself updated with latest trends, news, techniques, latest technologies and their versions and

Role of Content in Ecommerce Website

Content of the site has a vital role to play, especially in case of e-commerce websites. The biggest mistake a copywriter makes while writing is to focus on only description of products.

Improving your webshop is not hard if you choose a great [wp e-commerce theme.

A Bundle Of Handy Design Resources For A Great Price

BundleHunt, the website offering bundles of design resources and applications for very good prices, is now featuring BundleHunt 3. The new bundle includes 20 high-quality resources for $49 rather than

More Tips For Website Usability

Now that we have established several criteria for website usability, we would like to share with you some more resources that can help you optimize your website

35+ Most Useful Free Premium WordPress Themes

Once again we are here with really useful WordPress Premium Themes, you people thinking if there’re premium themes which means all may be paid themes but in our logic we can say these of all premium

Don’t miss these best wordpress themes if you’re looking for a great theme for your website.

Famous Redesigned Logos in Red – A Valentine Poll!!

This Valentine’s Day, to spread the color red I bring you a poll of “Red Redesigned Logos”. Drop your vote to tell which version is better…old or new.

10 Best Websites To Get Everything About HTML5

HTML5 is a language for structuring and presenting content for the World Wide Web, a core technology of the Internet. It is the latest revision of the HTML standard (originally created in 1990) and cu

HTML5 and CSS3: The Right Combination to get a Perfect Web Design

HTML5 is the next major revision of the HTML standard. It is a standard for structuring and presenting content on the world wide web. CSS or the cascading style sheet is a language used to describe th

Luxurious Gold Watch Using Adobe Illustrator

In this tutorial you will learn how to create a very realistic and stunning gold watch using simple tools and techniques like the Pathfinder, Blend, Clipping Mask, etc. in Adobe Illustrator.

Mobile Casinos have completely changed Online Gambling

The rules are the same irrespective of whether you are taking part in mobile casino or online casino. Mobile casinos normally provide their services for free but you will have to pay your network prov

Create a Clean, Minimal Website Design in Photoshop

In this web layout tutorial we’ll be creating a clean, minimal website design. This design would be perfect for a photography website or similar creative professional. Follow along as we explore som

An Outline of XHTML

The xHTML is an upgraded version of the HTML. With the HTML the features did not work uniformly in all browsers and this resulted to the developers undertaking all kinds of measures to overcome this.

Giving your details of iPhone Converter for Mac

iPhone Converter for Mac, a powerful Mac iPhone converter, can convert all video formats to iPhone on Mac perfectly and quickly.The iPhone Converter Mac is specially designed for Mac OS users to conve

33 Tiki Art Poster Design Inspiration Samples for Your Den!

After an arduous day running the rat race, would it just feel grand to slip into your lounging robe, relax with mai tai, and dream South Sea dreams? Well, that would certainly be ideal for fans of Tik

GoogleFonts.com | 1-2-3 Guide To Using Google Fonts

Well, Googlefonts.com was available so I naturally had to buy it. Once I purchased the domain name I figured I would put it to good use and made this 1-2-3 guide to Google Fonts!

Useful Collection of Resources Powered by Tumblr for Designers and Developers

Tumblr is one of the many ways bloggers share information across the globe. If you think that Tumblr is only design and develop for those personal bloggers who just want to write or share something ab

T-Shirt Giveaway: Show 604 Republic Some Love | Design Juices

Today we have teamed up with established t-shirt 604 Republic, to bring you all our amazing Design Juices a chance to win not one, but THREE 604 Republic t-shirts.

Amazing Illustrations by Sokolova Katarina

Today let’s walk into the fantastic world of digital paintings created by young Ukrainian artist Katarina Sokolova, with an exceptional control over color and composition. Katarina is from Kiev, UKR

Veranstaltung erstellen – How to create a Event on Facebook

The Weblog Gosmo presents a awsome little Tutorial, whicht contains a step by step tutorial to show you, how you can create an event on Facebook

Online Success with Graphic Design Freelance from Home

This is a quick guide I threw together regarding Design Freelancing from home. There are many more Steps to success but here are a few of the important ones. The first thing I find of most importance

25+ Advanced Photoshop Video Tutorials

The good news is that there are tons of Photoshop video tutorials on the Internet that help you achieve the effect you want. And it is always easier to learn when you actually see the actions.

Mind Blowing 3D Street Art Paintings by Edgar Mueller

Edgar Mueller, a master of 3D street art painting uses the street as a canvas. His mind blowing paintings becomes the perfect illusion if you look from the right spot.

Free Buttons Navigation Menu/Bar (PSD) for our Readers

We have another surprise for you and hopefully you will appreciate it as you appreciated our last gift. Today it is about web design, specifically buttons for the navigation menu.

Wallpaper Wednesday #4 – Tiny World

Wallpaper Wednesday is a weekly series featuring premium wallpapers by incredibly gifted designers. This weeks wallpaper is “Tiny World” by Jesar.

Grab the Best Bundle of 2011 – Just One Week Left

In case you missed the launch last week, BundleHunt 3 is now on sale, but there’s only one week left to grab it. This bundle features 20 popular design resources and applications normally valued at

Creative Process for Boulder Soup Works Branding

Designer Gary Wiese outlines his creative process in capturing a simple, passionate and conscientious brand personality.

Inspirational Poster Ads from Across the Globe

Posters can be amazingly eye-catching when they are well-designed, even to passersby in a hurry. When created with a clear message, they are a great way to advertise.

Typographic furniture by Tabisso

Time to refurbish you lounge or office with these awesome typographic chairs or lamps.

The content-lacking client: what’s a girl to do?

As designers, we have our pre-conditioned habits and preferences when it comes to white space vs. noise and clutter. When there is simply too much information, we find ways to simplify complex aspects

Creative photography & digital art from Janne Olkkonen

Janne Olkkonen is a system manager based in Gothenburg, Sweden. He’s eager to explore every path of photography and digital art without limiting himself in any way to one and only orientation, and e

Freedcamp: A light of hope

Finally the occupation is over, a new dawn will rise. The captives are free, with Freedcamp. Free project management.

Outstanding Examples Of Vexel Inspiration #4

Here I bring part three of our vexel inspiration series, showcasing some extremely talented artists making wonders with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

Burnstudio: Create An Amazing Personal Website From Scratch Using Photoshop

Have you ever had a hard time designing your own personal website? Thinking of what elements, shapes, font styles that will suit your design?

126 Free high resolution textures

A collection of 126 free high resolution textures available for free download and free for use in your design, print and web projects.

30 Stunning Fractal Art Images

Fractal art amazes us with its geometric shapes and rich colors and makes us want to gaze at it for hours just to understand its beautiful complexity and how to make it. Some people put these on their

New Threadless Book and Free Vouchers

Threadless is an amazing megastore for design T-shirts. They recently released their 10th anniversary book. We’re partnering with Threadless to offer 10 vouchers worth $30 each which can be used to

Burnstudio: Create An Amazing Personal Website From Scratch Using Photoshop

Have you ever had a hard time designing your own personal website? Thinking of what elements, shapes, font styles that will suit your design?

18 Ancient Dingbats For Traditional Designing

Today we have collected some ancient and old dingbats for traditional and conventional designing. Many of them are inspired from the old Egypt. Hope you will like this collection.

About Typography

Typography is essential on pages of the web and should be appealing to the eye.

35 Excellent Logos With Gradient Effect

Logos represent the business brand and identity, excellently designed logo reflects the professionalism of the firm and company. Gradient effect is getting more and more popular nowadays, whether it i

Amazing Collection of Emotional Portrait Photography

Although the photographic technicalities and the methods of clicking the images may have changed over the years. But when we talk about the great photographs,

Internet Explorer In A Web Designer’s Life – Problems And Solutions

Internet Explorer, this current pain in the… code for designers nowadays, had its days of glory a long time ago, when IE6 was launched, cause at that time, believe it or not, IE6 was a top notch bro

Showcase of Online Photo Zines for your Inspiration

Here’s a new set of photography inspiration for all you eye candy freaks out there. Enjoy!

20+ Best WordPress Plugins

WordPress is not more easy to use and flexible without plugins, But thanks to developers who developed thousands of plugins to make wordpress flexible and easy to use. But wordpress has very huge plug

140 Fresh Vector Illustrations from Vectorious.net

Valentine’s Day just passed, but that was just the beginning! The spring is so near that you can almost hear the birds singing, smell the flowers and see the sun smiling down on you. Our artists ha

21 T-Shirt Vector Templates Free To Download

Say goodbye to cheap t-shirts, now you are your own t-shirt maker. With these blank t-shirt design templates you can see how your vector designs would look on your future t shirts and you can start be

Use lighting effects to make a beautiful artwork in Photoshop CS5

Today, I’m going to show you how to create a variety of light effects in Photoshop CS5 that can be applied to photography or illustration. Layered PSD file included. Let’s get started!

60 Most Wanted WordPress Hacks

WordPress is an open source Content Management System (CMS), often used as a blog publishing application, powered by PHP and MySQL. It has many features including a plug-in architecture and a template

Everything You Need to Know About HTML5

HTML5 is the latest version of HTML and XHTML. The HTML5 standard defines a single language that can be written in HTML and XML. It is designed to solve issues found in previous versions of HTML

Outstanding Collection of Logo Design Tutorials

Logo designing is mostly a part of our every Project and always deeply think about company identity for more successful business which more important then other design activities in design campaigns w

Design a beautiful Valentine’s day wallpaper

In this tutorial we will design a beautiful Valentine’s day wallpaper in adobe photoshop.

A Few Words on Video Hosting

The last couple of years we have seen a massive increase in the number of videos created and shared or distributed online.

Design Schools with Attention-Grabbing Websites

These design schools stand out for their sophisticated aesthetics and designs with an impact. They are excellent examples of how important it is to create a website that speaks to your product, missio

The Top 100 Photography of January 2011

Another month of thrilling photography contests has ended! We’ve collected the 100 highest scoring entries from the Pxleyes photography contests that were active during the month January 2011.

Trophies Awards

Here i had combined many different vector awards and trophy’s. You can find medals, cup, crown winner, podium, shields, laurel wreath with floral buds, of different styles: silver, gold, nature and

Interview Colin Green: Creative Director Wildfire Design

Colin Green is the Creative Director of emerging Consultancy of Wildfire Design, we are privilege to introduce Colin to you our readers through another insightful interview.

30+ Excellent Examples of Large (Big) Typography in Web Design

Typography has always been important in websites, but the new trend is to use large typography.

Some Facts About Design Costing

Designing has become one of the most rewarding and profitable careers in today’s world. The professional world of designing has seen many old and new designers switching from employment to self-empl

Overlay-like Effect with jQuery

Today we will create a slick overlay effect with jQuery that does not use an overlay. The idea is to change the opacity or the color of certain elements in order to make it look like as if we are cove

Famous Celeb Tattoos Designs

Famous Celeb Tattoos Designs

Amazing landscape photography from Josh Cripps

Josh Cripps is a freelance landscape photographer living in sunny Santa Cruz, California. He loves to shoot the sea, the sky, and anything else that catches his eye. Josh works to create photos with d

Mastering shadows in Photoshop, Illustrator and Fireworks, who’s the winner?

A complete study around the different ways of working with shadows in Photoshop, Illustrator and Adobe Fireworks, includes the opinion from many well-know designers around the world and some good exam

9 Seriously Useful Online CSS Code Generators

CSS code generators help you create the desired code automatically; therefore there is no need for you to be an experienced CSS programmer.

Fresh Tutorials Tuesday #6

Fresh Tutorials Tuesday is a weekly series showcasing recently published tutorials of premium quality. It was another awesome week of amazing tuts, my favorite is “Create a Fictional Arctic Snow Frog

Expected Trends of Web Icons Design in 2011

Icons represent the products or services of the websites, instruments of applications or serve as pointers and separators for various interfaces. They are important design elements and change their ap

9 Best Chrome Extensions for Twitter

If you are using Google Chrome, which you should be, then here are some Chrome extensions for twitter which will give you more control on twitter and let you have more fun.

40+ Scintillating Examples of Night Photography

Photography is the process, activity, and art of creating still pictures by recording radiation on a radiation-sensitive medium, such as a photographic film, or electronic image sensors. Night photogr

Using HTML5 canvas

Covers a brief introduction to HTML5 canvas with examples and explanation of its potential, particularly in comparison to Flash

The Secret of Successful Valentine’s card

Today is the most romantic day of the year! Have you prepared an amazing Valentine’s card for your beloved? If not, you have the last chance to get creative ideas in our showcase and gladden your swee

A Friends ‘n Family List & Also Useful Resources For Design Inspiration

Today we want you to introduce our friends and family websites and also providing design community an opportunity to discover the design world with various topics, such as Web Design, Web Development,

Inspirational Poster Ads from Across the Globe

Here is a collection of some of the most inspirational poster ads from around the world to prove just how attractive and moving a great poster can be.

50 Superstar Design Blogs

It gets more traffic than the super popular technology magazine Wired and may soon overtake social media news site Mashable on visitors. But our post is not about Smashing Magazine, but all other blog

A Showcase Of The Best Free Valentine Wallpapers

A great collection of valentine wallpapers to add to your desktop or to add too your valentines desktop. I hope you enjoy this carefully handpicked collection of valentine wallpapers, we would love f

Famous Corporate Logos with Occult Symbols – Weird Controversies!

If you notice some Famous Corporate Logos you will find occult symbols which have created controversies about them. Apple Logo, Disney Logo and Vodafone Logo are among the corporate logos which have

35+ Heart Logo Designs

Without inspiration designing a logo is not easy. Every designer needs inspiration before designing any thing. That’s why we have continuously posted article on inspirations. Any ways many people th

11 Beautiful Home Interior Design Styles

Decorating styles have evolved over the centuries in response to the changing tastes of various groups of people. Every style has benefits to the people who will enjoy the home for many years to come.

75 Exceptional Moleskine Notebook Artworks

Moleskine notebooks are a favorite among many artists, designers and writers. The popularity of Moleskines among the art community ensures that there are thousands of great examples of Moleskine art o

Electrifying illustrator and Digital artist – Anthony Giacomino

One such personality is Anthony Giacomino; a 21 years old student pursuing visual art and communication design.

His creativity started as hobby later took a different shape as free lance designer

Top 25 Online Typography Tools For Designers

Typography is an essential part of designing, no one can deny that. Designers need to have excellent skills to handle typography during designing. So, to facilitate them many typography tools came int

20+ Google Chrome Add-ons

In less then three years google chrome is now becomes very famous web browser among people. It has very good add-on library like internet explorer and firefox. Today i have collected 20+ best google c

25 cool Light effect tutorials in Photoshop

Photoshop is one of the best tools for designers to create most amazing and beautiful effects. we collected 25 cool Photoshop tutorials teaching you how to create different types of lighting effects i

29 Examples of One Point Perspective Black and White Photography

Two of my favorite types of photography are Black and White photography and one point perspective photography. One point perspective is defined as a straight …

Double Treat: Ultimate Web Design and Development Tutorials

It is important to note down the useful techniques involved in web design and web development. People tend to present tutorials for a particular technique whereas, I have thought of collecting all the

Google UK Valentine’s Day Logo sparks love in the air!

This time Google UK has released its strangest logo for the Valentine Day. Here is the Google UK Valentine logo along with an interesting collection of Valentine Logos which Google has used over the y

Superb Examples of Fresh and Bright Business Card Designs

Business card designs are always a great inspiration and resource related to creative ideas and design. Designers are creating and giving us new and innovative business card designs daily and the artw

20+ Free eBooks for Designers & Developers

World is now becoming global village every thing is available on internet. An electronic book or eBook is the popular source of getting knowledge nowadays. Today i have collected 20+ best and free eBo

40 Beautifully Created 3D Scenes

Digital art is a general term for a range of artistic works and practices that use digital technology as an essential part of the creative and/or presentation process. Since the 1970s, various names h

20 Useful jQuery Plugins Every Developer Should Know About

jQuery is a JavaScript library which intends to make it easier for you, a developer, to construct better, feature rich, interactive web sites and user interfaces with as few lines of code as possible.

Tips for Website Usability

In the competition for the best ranking in search engines, how does one build a high return website that is also user friendly? Website usability is a popular concept among web designers.

Clever Food Packaging for Your Inspiration

Food packaging can be more than just a container that is discarded after the contents are gone. They can be used to grab shopper’s attention, encourage purchase, and ensure brand loyalty.

Download 300+ Free Valentines Day Heart Icons

Valentine’s Day is still a couple of days ahead, we would like to start the love season early by providing you with links to free graphics that you can use for designing cute stuffs for next month.

Flip Converter Mac VS Flip Video Converter

(http://www.flipconvertermac.com)Flip Converter Mac

Flip Converter Mac is a great mac flip converte mac and is often used on mac os x. This flip converter for mac is a newly-designed for Flip uses

46 Excellent jQuery Tutorials For Web Developers

jQuery is a cross-browser JavaScript library designed to simplify the client-side scripting of HTML. jQuery is free, open source software, dual-licensed under the MIT License and the GNU General Publi

Difference between IF & FOR to make Fireworks in Flash.

You must have seen Fireworks in Flash on many blogs/sites, but today I’m going to tell you how to make Fireworks in Flash using If and then For loop. You will be noticing the difference between thes

3D Rotate Flash JavaScript

JavaScript version of the 3D Rotate Tool does not require flash plugin and runs also on iPone or iPad.

Melt Effect Using Photoshop

In this tutorial i will teach how you can create in a few steps the effect of liquid plastic on Photoshop.

The Two Functions Of Type: Readability And Legibility

Readability and Legibility are both important for communicating with type. The two terms that may seem interchangeable, but they refer to different, albeit connected, functions of type each with its o

The New Site: Breaking it Down

An article describing the process of the redesign of TheBestDesigns.com – for web designers who might like to know why certain decisions were made and the thought process behind those decisions.

100 + Must Have Cheat Sheets and Quick References For Web Designers and Developers

Cheat Sheets are always helpful for web designer and web developers.Many computer applications, for example, have cheat sheets included in their documentation which list keystrokes or menu commands.

20 Useful Free iPhone and iPad Apps for Designers and Developers

While iPhones and iPads appear to be more consumer-driven devices, there are apps on there that can assist in your web development and make your development and design life much easier. Think of it as

35 Valentine’s Day Resources

Maybe you Love it, maybe you hate it but Valentines Day is here again. As designers we must have an arsenal of resources for holidays designs. Here you have a list of hand picked resources for valenti

SlashTHREE’s New Site Design Version IV

We always love seeing successful redesigns on the web especially if it compliments the artwork at hand. Obviously sometimes there are sites that redesign their templates, but end up making it worse th

20 Amazing Sketches Done with Pencil

Most of the drawings below are sketches in the true sense of the word. Others have clearly taken a while to produce, but are so staggeringly impressive that they simply had to be included here. Hopefu

HTML5 Quick Guide: tags to add and tags to drop

HTML5 brings with it many new upgrades that expand the scope of our abilities with HTML4+. Some of the new additions will be easily welcomed into our upcoming development projects, and others we’ll

200+ Free Valentine Vector Icons for Download

Every February 14, around the world, candy, flowers and gifts are exchanged between loved ones, all in the name of St. Valentine. Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love and lovers. It is a romanti

Virgin Galactic : User Interface & Web Design

Few companies can boast revenues worth tens of millions of dollars before actually delivering the “ultimate experience”

Ask Nick How To Use Useless Junk

Nick Georgiou is among those artists who use useless junk very cleverly. In this post we have collected some amazing paper sculptures from his work.

Download free brushes for Photoshop CS5

Check out all the free brushes for Photoshop CS5.

How Old-Fashioned Marketing Can Supercharge Your Design Business

Small freelance businesses are unable to market themselves without an ample budget and plenty of time. Increasingly, freelancers are forced to turn to bidding websites in search of work. They compete

How to create an advanced dark web layout.

Learn how to create an advanced web layout tutorial. HTML/CSS available for download

MS Office Project 2010 XML Format Support & Tasks Identification

What’s New in this Release?

The new release of Aspose.Tasks for .NET 3.6.0 includes new remarkable features of reading/writing MS Project 2010 XML format. This release also supports reading IsCross

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