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Roger Hargreaves was an English author and illustrator of children’s books, notably the Mr. Men and Little Miss series, intended for very young readers. The brightly-colored, boldly drawn illustrations telling simple and humorous stories, have been popular worldwide with sales of over 85 million copies worldwide in 20 languages.

Recently, Roger Hargreaves was honored by Google on his 76th birth anniversary by its adoption of more or less 16 different doodles inspired by Hargreaves’ cartoon characters on its home page. Looking at his works, one cannot help but admire the way with which Roger Hargreaves depicts human characters with precision by just using simple strokes, shapes or lines. These illustrations of Roger Hargreaves, attract not just youngsters but mature individuals as well. This is because Roger Hargreaves is skillful in translating personal adjectives, or those WORDS that we use to describe a person, into a vivid sketch or image.

Roger Hargreaves thus, is a humanist who loves to portray human qualities in his cartoons. Whether those qualities are negative or positive are the subjects of Hargreaves’ art. Either way, his presentation of human qualities and behavior is done in way which is funny, entertaining or simply amusing. A careful look at the massive illustrations of Roger Hargreaves thus would lead us to an illustration of our own personality. Whether you are shy, tall, short, rude, grumpy, talkative, a daydreamer or forgetful – Roger Hargreaves painted you as you are. Because of this, Hargreaves has endeared himself to everybody especially cartoonists, artists or illustrators in need of enlighten or inspiration when it comes to the art of portraying people.

Finding good stuffs however entails a lot of work. Although the web contains a lot of good illustrations from different artists, only few has the caliber like that of Roger Hargreaves’ works, much less those which are hand drawn by the great Roger Hargreaves himself.

So to make things easy, we are rounding up 45 Excellent Roger Hargreaves Illustrations for your amusement, inspiration, education, you name it. If you are an enthusiast of art forms like me, who has an eye for anything beautiful, this one is for you. If this article tickles your senses, please drop us a note and share this to your friends posthaste. Enjoy!



Excellent Roger Hargreaves Illustrations

1. Little Miss Shy and the Fairy Godmother

Little Miss Shy and the Fairy Godmother by Roger Hargreaves

2. Little Miss Sunshine

Little Miss Sunshine by Roger Hargreaves

3. Mr. Birthday

Mr. Birthday by Roger Hargreaves

4. Mr. Silly gets the giggles

Mr. Silly gets the giggles by Roger Hargreaves

5. Mr. Men

Mr. Men by Roger Hargreaves

6. Mr. Happy

Mr. Happy by Roger Hargreaves

7. Little Miss Bad

Little Miss Bad by Roger Hargreaves

8. Little Miss Quick

Little Miss Quick by Roger Hargreaves

9. Little Miss Trouble

Little Miss Trouble by Roger Hargreaves

10. M. Grand

M. Grand by Roger Hargreaves

11. MME Chipie Et La Sirene

MME Chipie Et La Sirene by Roger Hargreaves

12. Madam Petite

Madam Petite by Roger Hargreaves

13. Little Miss Birthday

Little Miss Birthday by Roger Hargreaves

14. Mr. Daydream

Mr. Daydream by Roger Hargreaves

15. Mr. Grumpy

Mr. Grumpy by Roger Hargreaves

16. Monsier Genial

Monsier Genial by Roger Hargreaves

17. M. Bruit Et Le Geant

M. Bruit Et Le Geant by Roger Hargreaves

18. Mr. Skinny

Mr. Skinny by Roger Hargreaves

19. Mr. Tall

Mr. Tall by Roger Hargreaves

20. Madame Double

Madame Double by Roger Hargreaves

21. Le Perroquet de M. Bavard

Le Perroquet de M. Bavard by Roger Hargreaves

22. M. Silence

M. Silence by Roger Hargreaves

23. Little Miss Christmas

Little Miss Christmas by Roger Hargreaves

24. Mr. Busy

Mr. Busy by Roger Hargreaves

25. Mr. Forgetful

Mr. Forgetful by Roger Hargreaves

26. M. Maladroit

M. Maladroit by Roger Hargreaves

27. MMe Bavarde

MMe Bavarde by Roger Hargreaves

28. Little Miss Chatterbox

Little Miss Chatterbox by Roger Hargreaves

29. Mr. Funny

Mr. Funny by Roger Hargreaves

30. Mr. Stingy

Mr. Stingy by Roger Hargreaves

31. Little Miss Giggles

Little Miss Giggles by Roger Hargreaves

32. Mr. Lazy

Mr. Lazy by Roger Hargreaves

33. Mr. Greedy

Mr. Greedy by Roger Hargreaves

34. Mr. Mischief

Mr. Mischief by Roger Hargreaves

35. Little Miss Curious

Little Miss Curious by Roger Hargreaves

36. Mr. Topsy-Turvy

Mr. Topsy-Turvy  by Roger Hargreaves

37. Mr. Grumpy

Mr. Grumpy by Roger Hargreaves

38. Little Miss Magic

Little Miss Magic by Roger Hargreaves

39. Mr. Rude

Mr. Rude by Roger Hargreaves

40. Little Miss Splendid

Little Miss Splendid by Roger Hargreaves

41. Mr. Slow

Mr. Slow by Roger Hargreaves

42. Mr. Small

Mr. Small by Roger Hargreaves

43. Mr. Noisy

Mr. Noisy by Roger Hargreaves

44. Mr. Uppity

Mr. Uppity by Roger Hargreaves

45. M. Curieux EL Le Haicot Magique

M. Curieux EL Le Haicot Magique by Roger Hargreaves

46. Mr. Christmas

Mr. Christmas by Roger Hargreaves

Excellent Roger Hargreaves Illustrations

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