Fontify is a social font sketching app for the iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch supported). Create and share sketches online via the Gallery, popular social network or email. Re-sketch the ideas you like seamlessly. Fontify was released on 17th August on the App Store!



Fontify is a free app but have a basic fee for key features such as an undo button, send to PDF and a way of transferring images to the photo album. Each function is pretty useful so consider the free version as more of a lite or trial edition than a fully fledged app. It’s still fun to mess around for those unsure about paying out though.

You will find it very easy to manipulate each character with controls to choose the font type and character competent and quick to set up – just see the video below!  Moving the character is then a matter of using a finger to drag it around or twist it. The really difficult part is being creative and knowing what to create. However I’m sure you will have fun using this app.

For the typography and art fans, Fontify is an excellent way of creating something creative and different wherever you are using the iPad.

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