Android vs. iPhone

Through the years, mobiles phones have several significant purposes. This includes the preservation of family bonding, peers, business orientation, and in case of emergency.

Unique features are always present in mobiles. In fact, almost all mobiles have the same features and basic operations. However, manufacturers strive hard in order to make a big difference in the market, and gain favors from the consumers. This has led to great innovation in mobile phone development over the past 20 years.

Nowadays, the mobile industry is getting warm as the Android and iPhone are being matched in the spotlight. Comparison arises as to which stands out in the mobile world. If you walk into the portfolio of these two market leaders, both are similar in so many phases. However, finding out which OS best for you before investing could be a really challenge.

Users must know supplementary ideas between Android and iPhone.



Here’s the catch…

1) Mobile Internet  Access
Both Android and iPhone have an internet-browsing feature. Apple has acquired a unified version of their iOS operating system every year, lining up with each new iPhone release. However, Android phones are the most likely to use their device’s internet functionality. As Android release new version every few months, this makes hard for Android users to get the latest version of the OS.

2) Social on the move
When it comes to social activities, iPhone is on top, as it’s known for being a social-oriented phone (photo sharing, social blogs and networks). Android, on the other hand, is more web-enabled gadget. A lot of social stuff also goes on in the social apps (facebook, twitter etc. available on both devices…)

3) Hardware
iPhone is popular for delivering its best hardware and software. Good thing is, iPhone continually evolve into its new external and internal features. Android, on the other hand, is an operating system adapted for a variety of handsets. Nevertheless, they both offer good features and different choices. New androids are very powerful and we may need to have the iPhone5 release before we can say that iphone is better…? You may want to check out some reviews before buying. Check this HTC Inspire 4G as it is getting really good scores.

4) Carriers and speed
Carrier wise, Android phones was the first one who introduced carrier’s 4G network, offering greater data speeds. Android phones are available on every major carrier in the United States. Then, iPhone, on the other hand, is on Verizon and AT&T. If the user prefers a universal experience without any hassle, go for iPhone.

5) Apps and games availability
In term of outstanding platform and application, Apple has 300,000 apps stretch in a number of categories such as music, utilities, games, organizational, and other applications; and another 100,000 and above apps for the market of Android. According to the survey , iPhone is more likely to be technically enhanced than the Android. Main difference is the control which apple have on every app while google have a much more open model agree? Apples model is good for them and for securing the individual… but bad for publishers and developers.

Need more details in this check out this iPhone Users Vs. Droid Users Infographic – awesome stuff!


Author : Elias Cortez

About the Author: Elias Cortez, from Dallas, TX and is currently a freelance writer specializes in writing on education and career information articles. View his latest articles on the University of Phoenix Birmingham and how to obtain a graphic design degree here.

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