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September 11, 2011 · 2 comments

by Lars


BT:Engage gives you the power to transform the drab, and kind of boring, browser into a beautiful engagement tool for your business or community. In moments, you can build your own custom browser theme with images that you upload and buttons you choose. It’s even easier if select from our vast library of images.

BT-Engage is developed by and it is currently in private beta. We have agreed with the developer to let 100 of our valued readers in. Use the code below to get access. Besides creating your own browser theme I recommend any webmaster to consider using a WordPress simple theme.



Go to:
Click “Create an Account”
Enter code “tripwire”


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Thomas Bunkle July 13, 2011 at 6:30 pm

This is awesome, thanks for posting an invite. I never experimented with designing browser themes but might do so now that there is actually a tool to assist with it. Is the company named BT Engage or is this by Mozilla or someone?


Michael Kaply July 14, 2011 at 12:29 am

The company is Brand Thunder.

They also build other custom browser themes.


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