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July 8, 2011 · 3 comments

by Anders


We all know that music has an effect on us and we know music is being used to influence us in our everyday life. The fact is. Music releases a chemical in the brain that can have a key role in setting good moods. A study, reported in Nature Neuroscience, found that the chemical was released at moments of peak enjoyment. It’s quite interesting because it is the first time that the chemical – called dopamine – had been tested in response to music (ref. researchers from McGill University in Montreal). Dopamine increases in response to other stimuli such as food and money and it’s quite powerful. How can you use this? Well if you have a website, produces videos, audio pods etc. and you want give your audience a good feeling inside, then please read this article about background music and get inspired.




Background Music Showcase


Now sit back and enjoy this great sample of hand picked background music.

imageThis is a great “born to be big-synced loop”. The zip file includes additional cut edit that synced to the Pointy Promo by a video master Sharky. (big beat, electronic, overdrive guitar, fun, funny, happy, rhythmic, energetic, overdrive guitar, piano, synthesizer, positive, joyful, break beat, background music)


imageHere we got an uplifting and motivational pop rock track with orchestral elements expressing a lot of positivity and strong confidence. Suitable for various projects. Enjoy!


imageThis track has a “Let’s have FUN” feeling. Energetic and young. (progress, brass, guitar, fender, modern rock, pop, youth, beauty, rhythmic, overdrive guitars, energetic, powerful, strong, rock and roll, corporate, moody, emotional, happy, friend, friendship, bright, sun, good luck, fun, shine, melodic, drums, electronic, back vocals, brass section, background music.)

It’s good for background music, presentation, flash, video projects, web page music and personal ipod or even cd.


imageUpbeat acoustic folk rock track with a very positive and uplifting vibe – nice background music.


imageHopeful and positive electro pop track, blended with orchestra string section, clean and fuzz guitars. The modern synth sounds and the electronic straight drum beat gives this track an urban feel/mood, and at the same time that repetitive guitars and violins gives more warmth and emotions to this background music track.


imageDanceable progression with high-energy overdriven electric guitars and a very tight and classic four on the floor beat.


imageThis is a Corporate track that will fill you with motivation, joy, optimism and happiness.
It has a strong, orchestral ending. Successful music for your successful projects.


imageLyrical, melodic track, a slightly corporate. This is one of my favourite background music tracks. A very positive corporate composition for your business projects and holiday time with exciting sound and beautiful motivational mood. This track you can use in your projects as a background music for websites, videos, TV programs and projects.


imageSlowly building, dramatic promo/trailer music. (dramatic, orchestral, sad, dark, cinematic, Hollywood, piano, arpeggio, dynamic, building, movie, intro, soundtrack, theme, big, toms, booming, military, war, snare, marching, choir, slow, tragedy, heroic, epic, pathos, background music.)


imageWith upbeat and uplifting rhythms, cheerful, care free vibes and energetic, optimistic lyrics, ‘Give Our Dreams Their Wings To Fly’ is an irresistible addition to your audio library. This background musics flowing combination bright vocals and acoustic percussion including tambourines and clapping, make this happy and lighthearted tune ideal for any project that needs a joyful, fun and positive atmosphere.


imageLively, energetic and dirty dance club track, distorted volume pumping dirty synthesizer sounds and tight heavy beats. Lots of build ups, drops and searing leads guaranteed to make club goers dance.


imageElectronic, modern rock, pop, rhythmic, overdrive guitars, back vocals, brass section, energetic, powerful, strong, rock and roll


imageSummer Days (With Driving Remix)


imageThis is very aggressive, electronic, energetic, rhythmic, boombastic, modern, cheerful, danceable mega-corporate track, intended for people in club parties. Beats without a miss. Before listening add loudness!!


imageA positive and uplifting corporate track that brings feeling of hope, joy and accomplishment.


imageIt’s A Beautiful Day


imageA very intense over the top cinematic orchestral intro/ rise for trailers or battles.

The composition features staccato and spicato violins, harsh brass, epic dhols, heavy snare drums, large cymbals, distant choir, intense epic toms, anvils and other various metal hits.


imageIt’s all about harmony here folks. Imagine yourself laying down on your back on fresh-cut green grass with a straw in your mouth and just looking up towards the sky day dreaming away.


imageFast and energetic uplifting indie rock with positive mood / feel. Overdrive guitars with bells and string section. Useful for successful corporate visuals.


imagePeaceful and soothing electronic track with a slight melancholic touch. Space synths, orchestral strings and a cautious guitar figure combine to this beautiful piece of music. Perfect for nature, space and science projects as background music.


Background Music Showcase – Please leave a comment.

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Marlin December 28, 2012 at 12:28 pm

i bought a package 😀 of these, thanks for the info


nurdin nurung December 14, 2012 at 1:33 pm

I’m looking for motivation background music 😀


Abby May 25, 2012 at 12:10 am

This was very helpful, thanks!


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