11 Essential Internet Marketing Tips – Write a Stunning Affiliate Review

May 10, 2011 · 7 comments

by Sonny M. Day

11 Essential Internet Marketing Tips - Write a Stunning Affiliate Review

If you are a passionate blogger or website owner you probably are using hour after hour on producing high quality content for your audience. And you love it, right? Still wouldn’t it be nice to start making some money while still helping your visitors find solutions to their problems or needs? One really easy and quite effective way is affiliate marketing and maybe you have already considered it? You are probably concerned about loosing trust and loyal readers if you are not just giving away your content for free and you should be. If affiliation is used too intensively or with making money as the main purpose your advice will not be trustworthy. Always provide quality content as the top priority and be open about it is you ask for your readers support. If they buy something why not “buy you a beer”? I’m going to share tips for writing affiliate reviews in sober and professional way that may be a win win situation for both you and your readers.



Internet Marketing Tips – Affiliate Review

For starters, what is affiliate review? An affiliate review in its simplest terms, is actually an act of promoting another company’s product for a commission for every item sold or traffic that you provided thourg your blog. So, your goal in writing a review is really to present a highly relevant and useful product to your visitors and inspire then to buy the product, but how it is done? That’s what we will discuss in simple terms in the succeeding paragraphs.

Internet Marketing Tips #1 – Loophole Keyword Research

It is indeed possible to rank well in Google with a blog or website and get enough free traffic to make good earnings. Besides creating a good review you have to follow the easy steps shown here using the free tool Traffic Travis 3.0 along with Google Keyword Tool to find the right keywords. You need to find keywords with a least 1500 – 3000 exact searches a month and with “loopholes” – simply meaning that there’s competitors in Top10 in Google that you can outperform relatively easy. This maybe sound a little tricky, but it’s actually not. We explain the process in more detail here:  Traffic Travis 3.0 – how to use this great tool.

When choosing a keyword – conversion is more important than volume. The most important factor is not always the amount of traffic you get. Well above that on the scale of importance is how well the keyword converts. You need buyers keyword which is often product names like “Traffic Travis”, Author names like “Mark Ling”, Problem related words – like “dog aggression” or Information Seeking Keywords – like “how to….”

With the keywords determined, you can now choose the appropriate title for your review. Make sure that your title contains the keyword and it is enticing, to the extent that readers can’t help but read more about it in your site once it appears on the search engines.

Internet Marketing Tips #2 – Make People Realize their Needs

To make people interested with the product, it is important that you make them aware of their need for it before you talk about the product. You have to state the problem and also show that you understand you readers situation or problem. Let them get attached to the feelings they have with the annoying problem or emotional needs that they are experiencing. Try to make this clear to them that they don’t have to go on with the lingering difficulty. In short try to make them extremely aware of their need. Having aroused their sense of awareness, it is now time for you to offer solutions to their problems. This technique is important for any good post and you should see this as a process to do your best to deliver value to your audience.

Internet Marketing Tips #3 – Discuss both the Advantages and Disadvantages

One of the most important point that most affiliate reviews do is that they tend to drum up superlative qualities of the product that they are promoting. Don’t promise anything the product can’t deliver, but also don’t be shy to act as a salesman. However, you should not forget that every product has its own limitation and negative characteristics. A lot of reviews only talk about the good side of the product, but do not disclose the negative attributes that it has. Doing this is not fair and it’s easy to see through. Remember your main objective is to deliver good trustworthy content and if a product truly match one of your readers you ask for a commission.

In writing your review, you should make it a point to divulge all the necessary information about the product including the ones which are undesirable. You can make it more interesting by comparing two competing products and how each of the two, solve the problem. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each and highlight their difference. Be honest and try to sound like you are a friend and that you care for your audience. That way, you are giving them an idea which product to choose. You want to provide good high quality content more than just sell a product!

Internet Marketing Tips #4 – Be Honest About Your Experience With the Product!

Is it required to have real experience with the product you are promoting? My answer to this question is yes. You can write a more compelling review if you have tried the product and seen how it works for real. People will be more convinced to take action if they notice that you have the product, tried and tested it, and you are happy with its results. There is no substitute for this. Your own personal account is always the best. Your readers will see if you are making a fake review and is just playing around, disguising to have tested the product, when in fact you did not.

Although the best reviews are the ones that come from personal experiences, this does not mean that you always have to buy the product just for the sake of reviewing it. This is a very expensive activity that you cannot sustain for long especially if you’re just starting from the business. Instead, be resourceful. If your friend has the product you intend to review, then ask him to demonstrate how the thing works, if he is pleased with its performance and etc. Or ask the vendor for a review copy.

You can also access the forum links and see what other people who have purchased the product say. You can tell if Product X is bad, if it has a lot of undesirable comments. If it does, do not promote it.

There’s really nothing wrong if you say “A lot of people who are using the product are delighted with its outstanding performance although it is lacking in some other points.” That way, you are able to promote the product without claiming to have tried it yourself. At least, you are honest and you leave it for them to decide.

Internet marketing Tips #5 – Avoid Making a Sales Pitch

Even if your goal for writing a review is to make money, it is not advisable that you repeatedly mention the words like “buy Product X now ” or “what are you waiting for, buy it now and etc…” because that will turn your readers off.

Remember, people who are reading your review, do it because they expect to find an answer to their problem. It is always about them and their needs. They expect that you will provide them with a way to ease their pains and bring them comfort. They don’t like to be sold, but they are willing to spend money just to get rid of their problems. That is why, you should be wary of making your review a sales pitch because it will scare them off and prompt them to click the back button. Make them feel that you care for them more than you care for your sales.

You can emphasize this by offering freebies. That way, you can earn their trust and build credibility as an affiliate. Once it happens, they will keep coming to your site and buy products that you will recommend. This is one of the secrets for high conversion rates.

Internet marketing Tips #6 – Write for all types of readers

Some readers have a high of level of awareness of the product and they are just looking for a unique and specific information while some are just starters who want to know the product in its basic terms. Thus, you must strike a balance by putting some basic information using ordinary words, and writing advanced technical specifications complete with their bizarre units of measurements, all throughout your review.

Your goal here is to convert your traffic into a sale and you’re not going to make it if half of your readers do not understand what you are talking about. However, you must give emphasis to the qualities which are subject of your review and avoid distracting your readers with the others. You must discuss this information in detail and just mention the others.

Internet marketing Tips #7 – Use Images, Videos or Graphic Representations

The easiest way to learn how to dance is to see a person dancing and imitate his actions. It is far more easier to follow than to read a book in dancing and make a series of movement out of it. So in your review, you can make yourself easily understood if you use images or videos of the product to drive your point.

Internet Marketing Tips - How to Write a Stunning Affiliate Product Review

You can use funny illustrations like cartoons or any beautiful picture that can best illustrate your message. You can use images of animals like a bird, a dog or a cat. Of course you can use pictures of humans especially babies or attractive women, but make sure to use relevant material only.

Internet marketing Tips #8 – Call To Action

Now that you have already convinced your readers about looking more into the product, it is time for you to make a strong call to action. Now Click on the Picture Below to go to a great landing page template.

Did you click? Well you have to be specific as to what you want your readers to do. If you want them to visit the product’s website to order, then put “click here to order” or “download now” so that they can buy the product right away. It must begin with an action word like “click,” “buy,” “order” or “call” if it were to be called a call to action. That is, you must give clear and specific directions so that your readers can follow. You can also make this more appealing by putting an attractive button for the purpose.

Internet marketing Tips #9 – Choosing the Best WordPress theme for Your Review Blog

If you are serious about reviewing products from your blog, you can consider having a  specialized WordPress theme and plugins that can shine up things up and make your content stand out from the crowd.

There are a lot of WordPress themes and plugins available, and I suggest that you choose a theme and plugins which has already been proven to work well and is specially designed to met the needs of affiliate marketers. Among the best of these themes are the Socrates theme – you can try it out for free.

Internet Marketing Tips #10 – My Review Plugin

Internet Marketing Tips - How to Write a Stunning Affiliate Product Review

This premium plugin is a powerful and SEO friendly review site engine that allows you to add star ratings, flexible comparison tables, product criteria categorization and automatic included thumbnails. It comes with 6 theme and it has “google map integration” and more. These features are all important for a review site.

Internet Marketing Tips #11 – Pretty Link Pro Plugin

When you post your review it’s alwas a good thing to cloak the affiliate links and to keep them organized and tracked, giving you an opportunity to act and optimize based on facts. Pretty Link Pro is a Plugin for WordPress that will enable you to shrink, cloak, track, organize, share and test all of your links on your own domain and server – it’s pretty nice!

This premium plugin is more than a mere Affiliate Link Cloaker or URL shortener — it will allow you to automate repetitive tasks, optimize your site with tracking and testing and more.

Pretty Link Lite is the little brother to the pro version and it can also do most of the work, but it does not give you the benefits of automation.

Essential Internet Marketing Tips

Now that I have shared my point of view on writing a product review, it is time that you share yours by writing a comment. I will surely appreciate your ideas and insights. Let us all together earn at the same time learn from our mutual exchange of techniques that we know about. Wish you good luck!

Author : Sonny Day

Sonny M. Day is a passionate SEO and web design enthusiast who loves photography, mountain climbing, snorkeling and dirt bike riding.

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