Flash Animation Effects are the ultimate solution when it comes to showcasing a collection of precious photos in a trendy, stylish and fascinating method. With Flash you can do a variety of complex animations and video playing that can hardly be done in HTML. Instead of simply displaying your photos on the web page, Flash performs an extra effort of putting smooth transition and fancy animation effects to make web browsing more lively and interesting.

Because of this excellent performance in delivering sophisticated animations and interactive audio all in one file, Flash Animation is becoming a commonplace standard in the Internet when it comes to presenting images and other visual objects. Sure enough, the most beautiful and exciting website designs out there are the ones that makes use of Flash Animation in some parts of its site. This is especially true when it comes to galleries, slide shows and banners.

So, to help you get started how to choose the right flash gallery template for your photos, I am rounding up the coolest, most popular, and the most beautiful Flash Animation Effects from different providers. To encourage you try these out, I am including both free and premium Flash image viewers and gallery templates that you can download and experiment in your web designs.



We hope that this article can help you in your search for a reliable and appropriate flash animation for your design needs. If I miss a slider, gallery, banner or any image viewer for that matter, in this category, please don’t hesitate to write them below. We will have that covered in an update or a separate post in the future. Happy viewing!

1. Flash Animation Effects – Snow – The Winter Banner with Ken Burns

This Flash Gallery Template has a unique and individual appearance fully driven by XML. It supports music that you can turn on/off as you wish.  In this banner you can use your own Logo (SWF, PNG ) or just type some text in XML.

2. Flash Animation Effects – Flash Photo Gallery

This Image viewer is a FREE and simple photo gallery built in Macromedia Flash 2004. It is very easy to configure and update since you only have to change the XML files that it uses to store the information about which images to display.

3. Flash Animation Effects – Banner Rotator with Auto Delay Time

Banner rotator is one of the most popular premium flash image viewer existing now. It has an XML banner rotator with automatic delay time depending on the number of words used in caption. There are more features, around 35 settings parameters available in the xml file.

4. Flash Animation Effects – 3D Cube Banner Rotator

3D Cube Banner Rotator is a basic banner rotator with 3 cube transition support (vertical, horizontal or random). You can update this Flash Gallery Template via xml with a simple text editor like notepad.

5. Flash Animation Effects – Gotham Narrow XML Banner Rotator & Image viewer

Gotham Narrow Banner Rotator has good design, is versatile and easy to use. It offers 4 different actions (link, download, enlarge, and play a video), is 100% skin-able through XML, can load every file type you can throw at it (gif, png, swf, jpg), and has multiple navigation modes for further customization.

6. Flash Animation Effects – Carousel Designer v2

This carousel allows you to you to choose whether to show a tooltip box, a subtitle with the caption text, or both.You can also configure this carousel  into autoRotate. Just choose an interval for how long the carousel should show an image in front before it rotates again. If you don’t want this function, just disable it!

7. Flash Animation Effects – Papervision 3D Wall Carousel Media Gallery AS3

This great looking viewer allows you to customize the wall however you see fit. It has 3D Wall Carousel Media Gallery where you can showcase your works in a nice 3D environment and have the ability to view any kind of flash files. Currently it supports: png, jpg images, flash swf, videos, mp3 files.

8. Flash Animation Effects – Flash Image Gallery (Fig)

This Flash Gallery Template is very easy to install in your website. It has a very flexible interface that allows you to display different image sizes. Its unlimited galleries roll smoothly up or down upon hover to reveal your beautiful showcase of pictures. One of the good things that goes with this stuff is that it is free. Thus, no risk is involve in trying this at all.

9. Flash Animation Effects – PostcardViewer

PostcardViewer is another gem in the world of free Flash Gallery Templates. It has an effect that looks like real world set of postcards shuffled onto a surface. You can also zoom the images in and out by clicking the mouse to get a close up view of you pictures. This is also lightweight and supports cross platform. That is, on Windows, Mac or Linux.

10. Flash Animation Effects – Flash Page Flip Photo Gallery

This awesome Flash Gallery Template you to flip the objects like what you do in paperback galleries. Here you can choose either to go landscape or portrait depending on what you want. Although this free picasa powered flash engine lacks the advanced functions of the commercial versions, this is a very nice photo album on your website. Try this and see how it works as you hear the pages flip.

11. Flash Animation Effects – SimpleViewer

This lightweight and easy to use viewer features smart preloading, a resizable interface, thumbnail menu and optional description text. It is free and customizable to suit your viewing preference.

12. Flash Animation Effects – dfGallery 1.0

The greatness of this Flash Gallery Template is its ability to support both Flickr, Picasa, Fotki, Photobucket and Custom Images. Its preview on hover on the thumbnails is also cool not to mention its large full screen display of the selected image.

13. Flash Animation Effects – Flash Accordion

This accordion is one of the hottest of accordion flash viewers. It supports unlimited images that you can customize to any swf and image size. It also supports html formatted description texts.

14. Flash Animation Effects – Invent Media Flash PhotoGallery

Invent media is a simple to implement flash photo gallery that requires absolutely no Flash or ActionScript skills to use. It is 100% free and can load images from any location including subdirectories. Its slideshow function enables you to automatically transition from image to image.

15. Flash Animation Effects – Imagin

One of the hottest Flash Gallery Templates in IMAGIN. It has unlimited number of albums and levels of albums-in-albums. With that, it is one of the ways that you can use to organize photos and create slideshows from them. It works by pointing it to a folder that contains photos, everything else is automatic.

16. Flash Animation Effects – FlashMo Photo Gallery

This free gallery has a multiple zoom option that allows you to adjust the size of the image that you want to display.

17. Flash Animation Effects – Free Flash Photo Album

From the name itself, this photo album is free. Not only that, it is easy to install and easy to change content. You can also show pictures automatically with slideshow which it can do to up to 1200 images.

18. Flash Animation Effects – AS3 XML Elite Banner Rotator

The best features of this rotator are simplicity, usability and smoothness. It has a banner that can incorporates stylish design, versatility and most of all easy to use. Whether you’re searching for a new banner rotator that will enhance your project, or you want to showcase your images and/or your latest videos, AS3 XML Elite Banner Rotator is the perfect tool for you.

19. Flash Animation Effects – PhotoDiary

If you want to publish a brand new photo blog on the web this Flash Gallery Template is for you. This application is built upon Flash technology and data is managed through a dedicated web control panel, developed in PHP. To make it work,on your own web server, you need to have support for MySQL, PHP and GD Library technologies.

20. Flash Animation Effects – Advanced XML Image Gallery 4

These XML driven gallery Flash Gallery Templates has multiple categories and can display unlimited amount of images. This works by zooming out the image upon clicking. The larger image itself appears as an overlay on top of the thumbnails saving space for other details.

21. Flash Animation Effects – Fl Show

This Free Flash Slideshow comes in a clean and minimal design that you can configure to use in your website. It has fully customizable titles and title box and customizable loading pages.

22. Flash Animation Effects – Chop – The Chocolate Banner with YouTube

Chop is a wacky choice if you want to present your images with the accompaniment of your favorite music or any appropriate music for your audience. It is full XML driven in a unique appearance. It also have background that glows and reflects the shadow of your image box. Another cool thing about this banner is that it can play YouTube even in HD.

23. Flash Animation Effects – Amazing XML Banner rotator

This viewer has 14 amazing transition to choose from. Thus, you can randomize them all or choose a specific transition for each categories. It has all button color can be edited via XML.

24. Flash Animation Effects – proFashion – Ken Burns Banner with YouTube

This is really one of the gorgeous banners out there in the market now. It has a great and very exact Ken Burns Effect – Set start and end Align, zoom, offsets. With its ravishing appearance one can say that this beautiful thing is perfect especially with its accompanying music effects.

25. Flash Animation Effects – Banner/Slideshow with smooth text animation

One of the most requested among Flash Gallery Templates now is this beautiful banner slash slideshow. This BANNER / SLIDESHOW can be easily updated through xml. All the data including images, text, text animation, text size, lines, margin, alignment, position and all other parameters can be controlled through xml for each slide.

26. Flash Animation Effects – Creative Banner Rotator / Slideshow with Mask

One of the good performers in the creative department is this new theme with a dark and almost grungy background. It throws in captions after a smooth transition to another image. I has a lot of amazing features that you will surely enjoy. No doubt it is becoming increasingly popular among website junkies.

27. Flash Animation Effects – Ultimate Ad Link Template V1

If you want to load your images fast in a blitzy snappy fashion then this template is for you. This awesome viewer supports unlimited number of images and displays captions on hover. Another standout feature of this Flash Gallery Template is its ability to generate an automatically resizing AD link wall supporting 3 different AD display types (Image, SWF , Mini Rotator). Each AD entry supports its own tooltip text (can be deactivated separately) and URL link. These features are what makes this gallery the ultimate in the flash viewer business.

28. Flash Animation Effects – Power Rotator – AS3 XML banner slideshow

This is a powerful yet easy to use and configure AS3 banner rotator, which means that you can “rotate” (automatically or not) a gallery of images or swf inside its content as in a slideshow.

29.Flash Animation Effects – Multimedia Zoom Gallery with Youtube Support

This is a multimedia gallery with support for local or Youtube videos playback, mp3 audio playback, image and swf files display. It is XML driven and resizable and it supports an unlimited number of items.

30. Flash Animation Effects – Easy Magnifying Glass 01 AS3 Description

If you want to present your images in somewhat unconventional method then try this queer out of the box Flash Gallery Template. It is needless to say that this works by magnifying the image giving a more lively and detailed look on it on hover.

31. Flash Animation Effects – Dynamic Flash Photo Gallery AS3

This gallery is a clean and professional way of showing your images in flash. It has a very fine transition that your visitors will surely love. It supports .gif, .png and .jpg images and .swf animations. The width and height of the component are editable in the xml file, as well as the motion blur for the thumbs, thumb width and height, gallery sliding time and many others.

Coolest Free and Premium Flash Animation Effects

Now please be honest about this collection and leave a comment below.

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