20 Useful Web Design Feedback Solutions

May 23, 2013 · 13 comments

by Dustin Betonio

20 Useful Web Design Feedback Solutions

Designers create designs which will be used by lots of people, so to measure how well a content page performs with users, they need to get an outside perspective to spot issues and validate design choices. One of the most critical parts of a project is getting critiques and advice on how to improve designs. Thanks to the web’s ability to connect us to people from all over the world, getting feedback for a web design has never been easier.

Online annotation tools for collaboration and getting feedback for web design and development projects. They are very useful for commenting, review and debugging with client and as well as with the team members. There’s always a feedback stage in the web design process which requires intensive interaction. Using these tools will always be very helpful especially if you want people to judge your design. If you build business websites for clients you should also consider using the WordPress themes available for business sites. WordPress is a user-friendly, flexible and very powerful CMS and the themes and plugins are among the best online.

In today’s post i have listed several tools that will enable you to share your work and receive reviews of it.



1. Feedback Army

Feedback Army

Feedback Army enables its users to gather a more focused discussion around the review of the design. When they submit a feedback request, they are able to pose 4-6 questions that they would like answered by reviewers.

Price: $15 for 10 reviews

2. ProofHQ


This web application streamlines how designers manage review, proofing and approval of designs, artwork, documents and images. ProofHQ converts web and graphic designs files into web-based proofs that users can collaboratively review and mark-up together online.

3. Critique The Site


This handy web tool allows you to gather feedback about a website’s design. The tool works simply by adding a left frame beside the subject web page where users can leave feedback. Reviewers must first log in using a popular web service such as Twitter, Gmail, Facebook, or OpenID before being able to post a review of the site.

This tool makes it convenient to share a site for critiquing and gathering feedback, relying on the social web’s unrestrained penchant for talking about things. This tool is, however, limited to the amount of people you have access to as it doesn’t have a base of reviewers at hand to review your site.

4. Please Critique Me

Please Critique me

Please Critique Me is a web resource by web design agency OnWired, which offers free design critiques by one of its design critics. The website is not only great for getting users’ designs critiqued by professionals, but is also a way to learn about effective design principles by reading archived critiques.

5. Suggestion Box

Suggestion Box

The exciting new way to send suggestions and then watch ideas turn into action. The one place where individuals can share ideas with every company, group, organization, and product on the planet. The best part of a free individual membership is that it’s interactive. People can stay in the loop by tracking their ideas, connecting with people, and improving the things around them.

6. Concept Share

Concept Share

ConceptShare is a web-based design collaboration tool engineered for the unique needs of creative professionals whose final product is visual – design, application interface, graphics, advertisements, branding, video animation, etc. ConceptShare gives creative professionals the ability to share their print, web and video projects and engage in a richer level of collaboration and feedback with peers, clients and other stakeholders.

7. SitePoint


SitePoint, a premier online media company that publishes articles and e-books aimed at web designers and developers, has a forum specifically for getting design feedback from their huge 350,000+ registered users. In the Website Reviews forum, where designers can request feedback on their web design, there are over 5,000 threads and 95,000 posts, indicating the large activity and regular availability of the community to help their fellow designers out by providing feedback.

8. Bounce


Bounce is a simple web application that gives web designers a platform for soliciting ideas and feedback about their website. It is intuitive to use — plug in your web design’s URL and it generates a screenshot of the site which people can make comments on.

9. Five Second Test


As the name suggests, the 5-Second Test involves showing users a single content page for a quick 5 secondsto gather their initial impressions. Evaluation can be done in two ways: Memory test and click test. Memory tests shows users a web layout for five seconds, then asks them what they remember afterwards. Click tests ask participants to click on the most prominent items on the page, also within five seconds.

10. WebProof


Automatically translate a text, whether in a PDF or a comment, to and from 53 languages. A good feature for either doing brochures, catalogues, etc. in several languages or for giving a better communication, when commenting between different languages.

11. UserTesting.com


UserTesting.com provides you with a cost-effective way to conduct remote trials of your site. You will be able to get feedback about your design by way of a video of a visitor speaking as he or she goes through your site, as well as written summaries of the problems they have encountered.

12. Userfly


With Userfly you can analyze how people are using your website. The free service records a screencast of how your users are interacting with your user interface. With just one line of code plugged into your web pages, you’re good to go.

13. Usabilla


Usabilla is another platform for conducting usability testing. This is a useful tool for obtaining feedback if you already have a live site up or would like to analyze the performance of a site redesign. Usabilla collects feedback from your visitors via a built-in annotation tool and other features that measure task performance. The tool presents the user with an on-screen activity (such as “Click on the most prominent object on this page”) and records the time it takes to complete the task.

14. Notable


Notable lets you take any webpage screenshot, sketch or wireframe and exchange notes on specific details with your team. You can quickly reply, vote or suggest a better idea. Our goal is to help you arrive at the best solution in the shortest amount of time.

15. Click Tale

Click Tale

ClickTale is the industry leader in Customer Experience Analytics (CEA), providing businesses with revolutionary insights into their customers’ online behavior. Over 50,000 businesses rely on ClickTale to optimize website performance, improve usability and dramatically increase conversion rates. ClickTale tracks every mouse move, click and scroll, creating playable videos of customers’ entire browsing sessions as well as powerful visual heatmaps and behavioral reports that perfectly complement traditional web analytics. As a fully hosted subscription service, ClickTale is cost-effective and quick to set up.

16. Get Backboard

get Back Board

Simplify document feedback for your workgroup.Backboard automates the entire process — from upload to final approval — all from within your web browser.

17. Designer Talk

Designers Talk

A forum for designers to discuss ideas and get feedback on graphic and web design.

18. webdesignerforum.co.uk

Web Desig Forum.uk

19. Warrior Forum

Warrior Forum

20. allgraphicdesign


Author : Dustin Betonio

Dustin Betonio is a Translation Management graduate at University of Mindanao. His earlier career was devoted on customer service outside the information highway. Currently studying Law in the same University.

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EastCoastDesign December 10, 2012 at 2:42 am

We provide website design services to various clients. As we interact with multiple clients at the same time, getting meaningful feedback is critical – we have tried using a lot of different feedback services and here i would recommend two of them:

(1- to get clients feedback on the designs we create, we use NotableApp – the site is http://www.notableapp.com, we love the simple UI and interaction with clients.

(2- to get the feedback on website design itself before showing it to clients, we use a service called FeedbackGuru – the site is http://www.FeedbackGuru.com – they provide expert feedback on site UI design and recommend changes, which we then pass on to our designers – very effective and I highly recommend both the sites!


Drew Bachmann October 15, 2012 at 5:16 pm

We now use http://www.feedbackguru.com for all our projects, especially when they are in initial design phase (including mockups and wireframes.) Highly recommended!


Mike Alles October 3, 2012 at 5:49 am

For Design Reviews by Experts, I recommend http://www.feedbackguru.com – just for about $14.99 you get expert feedback on your design.


lookdesign October 3, 2012 at 5:50 am

Like this one..


Mkapoor October 19, 2012 at 12:47 am

we have tried this service (feedbackguru) a few times- impressive!


Lovely August 17, 2012 at 8:46 am

Awesome !


Deng July 12, 2012 at 12:21 am

userimprove.com is great feedback tool for demanding web designers.


Web Design March 20, 2012 at 9:29 pm

We use ProofHQ here, its a great tool to get designs approved by the client.


SEO Raleigh October 11, 2011 at 11:06 pm

I like the 5 second test site the best. I couldn’t remember what the site addy was but found again here. Thanks for this list!


Graphic Zen May 3, 2011 at 9:27 pm

Wow..wonderful resources..Thanks for sharing ..The speed and innovation of Internet technology creates a variety of marketing opportunities for your business. Designing an interactive business website helps establish your brand and reputation. It may sound simple but getting the design right is a critical element to those who are new to online business.


inspirationfeed April 29, 2011 at 1:05 pm

Wonderful resources, bookmarked for future reference!


Web Site Design April 29, 2011 at 12:25 pm

Impressive designs! I simply love Notable and Get Backboard’s designing scheme.


InspireD October 29, 2012 at 12:25 am

Notable is one of the best ones currently in the market – we have tried a few tools like this and this one seem to have the simplest possible interface. We share feedback and get response using this tool- very effective. Also, recently we used http://www.feedbackguru.com for Expert reviews and they also seem to be using Notable as third party tool to send visual feedback- highly recommend both the products- Notable and FeedbackGuru.com.



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