Frameworks such as jQuery, Javascript, HTML5 and CSS are important on building a website. Most developers sometimes rely or choose frameworks that will help them to focus on creating websites that they really want and not spending so much time on thinking how or what to do in designing a website.

The demands for rich and interactive frameworks is so much greater and with that the in-demand and known frameworks such as jQuery and Javascript are constantly creating a boundless, rich, interactive, innovative and up-to-date plugins to meet the growing demands.

Below you will find 12 freshly-baked frameworks; built in a full packed and robust semantics. Try one or two of these new frameworks and surely it will help you speed up your web design development. Whether you are a web developer or a mobile developer this article will help you decide what frameworks you can easily use and when you master the art of using it you’ll be freeing a lot of your time, effort and energy on creating a actual website or application!



1. Timeglider

Time Glider

2. TreesaverJS


3. 520 Grid System

520 Grid

4. LimeJS


5. Wink Toolkit

Wink Toolkit

6. XUI


7. Baker Framework

Baker Framework

8. ActiveJS


9. RightJS


10. EZ-CSS


11. Marker CSS

Maker CSS

12. Atatonic


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Author : Hannah Milan

Hannah Milan is the founder and curator of MOObileFrames, a collection of wireframes, sketches and user interface drawings that focuses on mobile applications. She is also a co-founder of WebdesignerAid, a resource blog for web designers. She’s managing also the HTML5beauty, a showcase of HTML5 websites and SubmitQuickly, an online service for bloggers and creative people. You can follow her via Twitter as @humbleuidesigns.


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