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10 Sites To Download Cheatsheets for Developers and Designers

If you’ve been reading Tripwire Magazine for awhile now, you probably know that we’re always collecting cheat sheets for our dear readers. Some of those are collections of cheat sheets for web developers, for web designers and even cheat sheets for building WordPress Themes. We thought it is time again for another roundup but with a twist. We will give you not a massive collection of cheat sheets but instead we will give you 10 sites which is a great resource for every web developers and web designers out there. No more wasting your time and effort on finding each cheat sheets you want in different websites. You can directly download all cheat sheets all in one page.



1. Devcheatsheet


Easy to use browsing website for all programming and developing cheat sheets.

2. Web Developer Lists

Webdeveloper List Cheatsheets

A list of 119 cheat sheets from Actionscripts to XML cheatsheets.

3. Cheat-sheets


All cheat sheets, round-ups, quick reference cards, quick reference guides and quick reference sheets in one page.

4. Addbytes Cheatsheets

A selection of free, printable quick references for a variety of languages and web technologies.

5. Whatis


Your favorite cheat sheets all in one page.

6. W3c Cheatsheet

W3C Cheatsheets

You can easily search and fing the cheat sheet for HTML, CSS, SVG and XPath you need – with support with new markup HTML5.

7. Dashkards


Dashboard cheat sheets for your favorite mac apps.

8. Quicklycode


One of the best websites to download a programming and reference guide cheat sheet. Along with it you can download also infographics, posters, wallpapers, apps and widgets.

9. MSDN Tech Posters

MSDN Tech Posters

Useful collection of Microsoft tech posters for you to download and ready to print posters. Good guide for all your Microsoft references.

10. Spyrestudios Mega Collection of Cheat sheets

Spyrestudios Mega Collection of Cheatsheets

One of the best roundups of collections of cheat sheets. Thanks to Spyrestudios for collecting it. Here you will find the cheat sheet you need.

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Author : Hannah Milan

Hannah Milan is the founder and curator of MOObileFrames, a collection of wireframes, sketches and user interface drawings that focuses on mobile applications. She is also a co-founder of WebdesignerAid, a resource blog for web designers. She’s managing also the HTML5beauty, a showcase of HTML5 websites and SubmitQuickly, an online service for bloggers and creative people. You can follow her via Twitter as @humbleuidesigns.


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