March 2011

45 Free Elegant Magento Themes for Online Stores

by Sonny M. Day March 22, 2011 e-commerce

Magento is a young open-source platform for e-commerce application. Aside from its user friendly interface design, Magento features highly advanced capabilities such as catalogue managing, product browsing, shipping payment, managing […]


Photoshop Tattoo Tutorial

by Lars March 21, 2011 Photoshop

In this tutorial, I will be demonstrating an advanced but very realistic technique for adding a tattoo to human skin. I will show you how to use masks, adjustment layers […]


Copper Texture Photoshop Tutorial

by Lars March 20, 2011 Photoshop

This article provides a simple step by step tutorial on how to make copper texture in Photoshop from scratch. It is a really good getting started tutorial and you will […]


35 Creative and Quite Different USB Flash Drives

by Dustin Betonio March 20, 2011 Inspiration

A USB flash drive is a small external storage device that reads and writes to flash memory, a solid-state storage medium that’s both inexpensive and durable. Given that your typical […]


New CSS3 Guide that Really Rocks!

by Lars March 20, 2011 CSS

I just found another site devoted to CSS3 and it is clearly brand new. Seriously I said to myself “isn’t there enough sites listing the properties and browser compatibility for […]


Auto Blog Blueprint 3.0 – Is Autoblogging Really Dead?

by Anders March 18, 2011 Online Marketing

Is Autoblogging Really Dead? That’s a tricky question. If you are interested in SEO you probably have been reading about Google updating their algorithms lately? It’s for real and it will […]


30 Online Tools for website Validation, Cross Browser and Testing

by Dustin Betonio March 17, 2011 Tools

Validation is a process where we check out the data against a standard or requirement. And if we come across the website validation phenomena then it becomes very important to […]


40 Funny and Creative Condom Advertisements

by Sonny M. Day March 16, 2011 Design

If you are buying a condom in a drugstore, chances are, all people who have seen you holding the product, are all staring at you with inquisitive eyes. You freeze […]


20+ Powerful Online Presentation Tools

by Dustin Betonio March 15, 2011 Tools

Online presentations are considered as one of the effective marketing and communication tools. Publishing value-added content on variety of presentation websites can help you in keeping your clients informed, updated, […]


20 Best Countries to Visit and Stay to Avoid World Disorder

by Sonny M. Day March 13, 2011 Inspiration

The harmonious operation of a society without violence or conflict is what describes peace. It is equated to the absence of hostility, or the existence of healthy international relationships, justice […]

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