Firefox 4 Is Here

October 10, 2011 · 0 comments

by Lars


Mozilla have worked hard for months getting Firefox 4 out and we have been through 10 beta releases and a release candidate to finally get here. This latest fresh browser breed should be faster and come with a new, improved and more streamlined interface.



You may want to take the tour on their site as it is a great interactive guide showing the latest features and where to find them.


For Mozilla it is an important release as the browser war is still going on and as though as it has always been. Microsoft released IE9 just a week ago with tons of new features and seam to have a strong position. Also Google Chrome is taking market share and is constantly evolving. Many features that once made Firefox stand out, like e.g. properly working tabbed browsing, good extensions platform etc. is now found in all the competitors. However Firefox 4 still seams to outperform IE9 when it comes to support for HTML5 and CSS3 support and compatibility and OS support.

Just for fun…. check legacy screenshot of Firefox 1.0 out and I promise you will love Firefox 4 a bit more! You will also of course be able to get your own version of Firefox 4 on their site.


I recommend you watch this 60-second video produced by JESS3 as it is a good showcase of Firefox 4. The video highlights the new browser and its features, including a fresh user-interface, more customization and personalization features, and a faster browsing experience than ever before.

Firefox 4 Introduction Video from JESS3 on Vimeo.

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