24 Flash Website Designs Making Use of The Four Classic elements – Earth, Water, Fire and Air

November 16, 2011 · 5 comments

by annd

24 Flash Website Designs Making Use of The Four Classic elements - Earth, Water, Fire and Air

From ancient times till modern day the four Classic elements – Earth, Water, Fire and Air – have been considered to establish fundamental principles of life. In Greek thoughts communication of these forces in the world defines the development course of every living creature and similar concepts are found in ancient India, China and Japan.

Also in other aspects one can say that our world exists according to the “law of four”. Here are some examples of this:

  • seasons – winter, spring, summer, autumn;
  • corners of the earth – West, East, South, North;
  • temperament types: melancholic, sanguine, lymphatic and choleric;
  • instinct types: self-preservation, reproductive, nutritional and territorial (sure, there are different classifications of main instincts but these ones are the very basic).

The energy of these elements fills all things (and creatures) around and completes us through our lives. Ancient mythologies and religions still play a role and affect our lives in different ways especially by defining the basic norms and rules we follow and our understanding of what is right and wrong. For that reason working with the law of four  and the four classical elements naturally concern web development and designing too.

Today we’d like to demonstrate you some Flash websites and templates built on Flash, which contain images of these classic elements. We hope you’ll be pleased to see the variety of such websites and enjoy this small Flash website showcase greatly!




1.Imagining Mozambique
4 Classic elements - Earth

4 Classic elements - Earth

3.Exterior design Flash solution
4 Classic elements - Earth

4 Classic elements - Earth

4 Classic elements - Earth

6.Golf club
4 Classic elements - Earth


1.Polar Bear Blunge
4 Classic elements - Water

4 Classic elements - Water

4 Classic elements - Water

4.Dynamic Flash design
4 Classic elements - Water

4 Classic elements - Water

4 Classic elements - Water


1. Emergemce Day
4 Classic elements - Fire

2. Flash solution for design studios
4 Classic elements - Fire

3. Mohaed Yosry
4 Classic elements - Fire

4. Dj Hero
4 Classic elements - Fire


1. Portfolio Nick Joore
4 Classic elements - Air

2. Ecoute ta Nature
4 Classic elements - Air

3. Minimalist style Flash design
4 Classic elements - Air

4. Paul Steel
4 Classic elements - Air

5. Nespresso 2010
4 Classic elements - Air

6. Mauricio studio
4 Classic elements - Air

Do you know any website we should have added to this showcase then please share it in a comment. Have you used the four elements yourself in any kind of design?

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Author : Ann Davlin

Ann Davlin is an inspired copywriter and blogger working at MotoCMS – progressive Flash CMS and Flash templatesprovider. Web design, Flash and photography are my lively interests and if you are like-minders then follow me on StumbleUpon .


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