200+ Awesome Got To Have Articles for Web Designers and Developers

May 19, 2013 · 8 comments

by Lars


This is another mega article compilation for designers and developers. Make sure you have a cup of warm coffee (or whatever you drink), that you have plenty of time and that you are ready to be inspired!



35 Valentine’s Day Resources

Maybe you Love it, maybe you hate it but Valentines Day is here again. As designers we must have an arsenal of resources for holidays designs. Here you have a list of hand picked resources for valenti

Old Funny Photography

Old Funny Photography

SlashTHREE’s New Site Design Version IV

We always love seeing successful redesigns on the web especially if it compliments the artwork at hand. Obviously sometimes there are sites that redesign their templates, but end up making it worse th

20 Amazing Sketches Done with Pencil

Most of the drawings below are sketches in the true sense of the word. Others have clearly taken a while to produce, but are so staggeringly impressive that they simply had to be included here. Hopefu

HTML5 Quick Guide: tags to add and tags to drop

HTML5 brings with it many new upgrades that expand the scope of our abilities with HTML4+. Some of the new additions will be easily welcomed into our upcoming development projects, and others we’ll

Always up to date with the latest New WordPress Themes

Virgin Galactic : User Interface & Web Design

Few companies can boast revenues worth tens of millions of dollars before actually delivering the “ultimate experience”

Ask Nick How To Use Useless Junk

Nick Georgiou is among those artists who use useless junk very cleverly. In this post we have collected some amazing paper sculptures from his work.

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How Old-Fashioned Marketing Can Supercharge Your Design Business

Small freelance businesses are unable to market themselves without an ample budget and plenty of time. Increasingly, freelancers are forced to turn to bidding websites in search of work. They compete

How to create an advanced dark web layout.

Learn how to create an advanced web layout tutorial. HTML/CSS available for download

MS Office Project 2010 XML Format Support & Tasks Identification

What’s New in this Release?

The new release of Aspose.Tasks for .NET 3.6.0 includes new remarkable features of reading/writing MS Project 2010 XML format. This release also supports reading IsCross

The Design Blog : Extending Your Design Portfolio

Over the last few years the design community has been virtually transformed by the growing blogosphere.

Why You Need a Business Logo?

A business logo is a necessity if you want to send a strong message about the authenticity and power of your business. Moreover, having a logo……

70 Creative Print Ads From The Automotive Industry

The battle of the car producers in the advertising industry is very entertaining for the public, thanks to the intelligent ads created by the creative agencies. You’ll see in the following prints th

The Amazing Benefits of a Graphic Design Blog

There are a number of benefits that come from undertaking to write your very own blog for graphic design. To t

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What Makes Blog Posts Great And Unique

It is not a secret that some articles speak better than others. But what makes them better? Writing is a skill you can try to master your whole life, it is an ongoing process of learning.

20+ Joomla Templates

Joomla is another good content management system like wordpress. It is used by thousands of peoples. Today we have compiled list of best fresh joomla templates. Some of these themes are premium and so

1000+ Fresh And Useful Photoshop Brushes From 2011

Adobe Photoshop is the most popular software for image editing. One of the main feature of Photoshop is its brushes. It saves a lot of time of designers. In this article I collected a huge huge list o

10 Best HTML5 Video Player

. HTML5 player is one of the most notable new features in HTML5, it allows you to embed video without the use of flash. Here are 10 best HTML5 video players which allow you to easily embed video into

16 Free Hi-Res Cardboard Textures For Web Design Blog

we’re going to feature the best free hi-res cardboard textures from a various sources.

Small Screen Becoming Trends (Mobile Web Designs)

Mobile web traffic is increasing by 30% each year, as a side effect of how competitive smartphone development has become lately. As a result, designer need to start thinking on how to provide visitors

An Overview Of Xara X1

Xara is famed for its speed and simplicity when it comes to re routing programs that are used by windows.

60 of the Best Church Website Designs

This showcase features some of the best church website designs around the web. These websites were selected for their technique, visual appeal, and general awesomeness.

8 Things I Learned Working On A Book

How I was asked to write a chapter of a web design book and what I learned while writing it.

Why Using Yoast WordPress SEO can Replace up to 5 Plugins

This post outlines the benefits of using the Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin, as it can replace up to 5 others which speeds up your WP blog!

Consider using a WordPress News Theme for your website if you have a lot of information in many categories and WordPress e-commerce themes for simple online shops!

75+ Real Creative Movie Posters

This post will present some of the most creative movie posters that we have selected and maybe it will convince you to watch the movie, if you still haven’t, or simply inspire you to make a good des

Small Pieces of Art Created by 51 Children

When children are asked to look at their world and render what they see in artwork, the results can be surprising, humouristic and even humble.

35 Funny Minimalist Movie Posters

Movie posters are always loaded. Typically these should include main characters and a representative scene from that film but sometimes they are too exaggerated. Some folks have thought to combine the

Giveaway: Win 1 Free Fanurio Time Tracking Software License!

Fanurio is a time tracking and billing software application, highly appreciated by freelancers for its intuitive interface, flexible timer and ability to produce detailed invoices.

Super Creative Logos – (Part ll) Symbolic and Iconic Logos

There are two basic attributes of a prefect log, i.e. Creativity and Usability. A logo is considered an ideal one when it is creative and equally usable and understandable to its audience as well as t

50 Astonishing Graffiti Artworks

To break many people’s stereotype of graffiti as an act of vandalism, we today want to show showcase of 50 the most beautiful examples of graffiti art.

A good Wireless Gaming Headset can really improve the gaming experinence

Disable Google Analytics in Preview Mode in WordPress

Many of us do live editing on our wordpress blogs and previewing it over and again just adds wrong data to our Google Analytics account. To prevent this, here is a simple to implement trick, which is

Awesome Artwork by Mark Fred

Mark Fred is an amazing artist whose caricatures speak a lot about this artist. He uses perfect blend of colors and emotions to make his caricatures alive.

Download Our Special Valentine’s Day Calendar Wallpaper

We have for you people a very special and elegantly designed Valentine’s day wallpaper for free download. Available in 6 different sizes and the wallpaper is also with February 2011 calender and wit

27 Stunning Illustrations

These works of art are just as worthy as Picasso in claiming their own wall space if you ask me. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

Full HD Valentine’s Day Wallpapers

Full HD Valentine’s Day Wallpapers

Wallpapers of the month: January

This months wallpapers are from wallbase.net. An online community that scatters out to collect the best wallpapers on the web. We have selected some great Steampunk wallpapers for you. These surreal w

20 Design Resources for Just $49 on BundleHunt 3

After months of anticipation from designers and developers around the design community, BundleHunt 3 is now on sale, featuring 20 popular design resources and applications normally valued at over $128

More Tips For an Eco-friendly Web Design

The Internet has become part of our everyday life.Yet, are we aware of the impact that web surfing has on the environment? Do we understand that websites leave carbon footprints in the real world?

These are great Nook Color Covers to keep your reader safe

35+ Lovable High Quality Free Valentines Day Wallpapers

There are some pretty cool designs out there which are both great for inspiration, and sweet to use on your desktop. I believe you’ll find in this showcase of high quality Valentine’s Day Wallpape

Web Designing Made Easy With 100+ Useful Tutorials

The given post contains enriched tutorials of Web Designing. It contains 100+ Tutorial that guides you step by step in building up a web interface all the way from scratch. The post may take some time

Use Exchange Web Services to Communicate with Exchange Server

What’s New in this Release?

We are thrilled to announce the release of Aspose.Network for SharePoint 1.1.0. This release includes the Email Synchronization component which now supports Exchange Web

Be First To Make Your Own Cool Facebook Resume

The Do-It-Yourself Facebook Resume Kit in 5 easy steps. The best way to show off your resume on Facebook.

A peek into the best PHP based Content Management Systems

Content is one the most important aspects of a website and plays a significant role in its success. For this only reason, the basic question that comes to the mind of website owners is management of c

25+ Free And Beautiful WordPress Photo Gallery Themes

There are thousands of Free WordPress themes and a number of great showcases on the best free wordpress themes, but it is still can be difficult to find the right wordpress theme for you photo blog. H

Photoshop How-To: Pour a Stream of Colors Across an Image

You don’t always need to buy stock images or hire an illustrator to get striking artwork. Here’s how to create it yourself in Photoshop.

What’s New for Web Designers – February 2011

New apps and websites appear on an almost daily basis, but trying to find the good ones among them can be tough, especially considering how many are not that great. That’s why every month we researc

Inspirational Digital Art From The Zelda Series

Today’s showcase is no exception, we some absolutely stunning digital art taken from the Zelda series released by Nintendo.

25+ Photoshop Tutorials

Adobe Photoshop is basically used by graphics, website designers and photo editors, But every person try to learn photoshop basics to edit there images or playing with text or making simple banners. T

Don’t miss these best wordpress themes if you’re looking for a great theme for your website.

Mascots in Web Design: How to Look Professional and Funny at the Same Time

When people find something cute or funny, they remember it more clearly later. If that means they may visit your site again, then a mascot is a great idea. However, it’s undeniable that some mascots

Creating Your Own CMS Part 2 – Access Levels & Administrators

Alright if you have read the first article that we worked on a while ago “Creating Your Own CMS Part 1 – Secure Login” then you should have some sort of CMS design with a secure login. We will work no

80 Cute Heart Examples: Give Your Passion More Strength For Valentine’s Day

A few days ago we have posted a roundup of E-Card resources “30+ Best Free E-Card Resources: Lets Celebrate Valentines Day” and now we representing a huge bundle of beautiful hearts to boost your

15 Best Resources in Designing a Perfect Business Card

A perfect business card doesn’t just share your contact details, despite their small size, business cards are one of the most powerful and handiest marketing tools. So to design a business card, we

Top15 HTML5 Ebooks

Every thing is now available on internet and i think internet provides huge relief to mankind. Now you can pay your billls online through internet and purchase any thing you want. Any ways HTML5 is th

30+ HTML5 Websites

Html5 is in development process but it is changing the web trends now.How it is changing the web technology, You should see this post to know, Because in this post i have collected 30+ best and fresh

Simple Black Square Icons Signs

This simple black square icons signs set includes a wide assortment of health and hazard signs (radiation, biohazard, no smoking, recycle, hospital, Rx … Etc) as well as road and railroad signs (sto

6 Premium Photography WordPress Themes of January 2011

Premium wordpress themes must be your first choice when you are in need of some good wordpress theme.

New and Improved Features of CSS3 – An Overview

There is much discussion about CSS 3 and the various improved features that it has introduced to further enhance the presentation of content on a website.

Facebook – the unstoppable! Brand Facebook is getting bigger!

Facebook, the social network of the century, has become an important part of life for people from different walks of life.

20+ Free Vectors

Vectors are commonly used by graphics designers in their printing projects because the resolution of vector doesn’t expand at any dimension. Today i have posted 20+ vector packs for you.

Free Romantic Flyer Free Download

Time to get the Romantic Party Started! Bright, vibrant, bold colorful Romantic party poster with fully editable PSD. Print ready poster designed for party, nightclub, bar, event or festival. High res

Creative and innovative lights to shine your interiors

With out an attractive light the interior decoration can’t be completed. Whether it is a table lamp, chandelier, torchere,

scone or any other kind of illumination; with its unique design and col

Make Your Loved One Feel Special With Our Valentine’s Day Collection!

Valentine’s Day is around; soon the air will be filled with the feeling of love.  What are you planning for Valentine’s Day?

15 Really Amazing jQuery Navigation Menu – Tutorials & Scripts

JQuery is a most useful component that can giving your visitor unique experience in a variety of ways, like image sliders, show your twitter stream, image galleries, navigation menu and contact forms.

Using a minimal wordpress theme is also a good idea.

An Overview of Transparency

Integrating transparency with the GIF or the file of PNG is a perfect solution to background setting.Described below is a file of GIF. It should be noted that the GIF’s color synchronizes with the

Favicon Toll


This is nice online based tool very user full for web designers and developers. There have most exciting feature that it is we can view our favicon live.

Best Start Page Ever

This customizable site allows you to have all of your favorite search tools and links in one place. Unlike many other customizable start pages, this one isn’t bogged down by excessive graphics, widge

Valentines Banners

Valentines Banner design resource

Happy Valentines

Happy Valentines design resource

Typographic logos

An endless stream of typographic logos

How to Make Text “Pop” Without Spot Colors

In this short tutorial, I’m going to demonstrate a principle of how you can make text titles “pop” without Spot Colours in printed works!

33 Dazzling and Creative Photography Examples Using the Polar Panorama Effect

So if others have done it, I bet you guys can try it also, and see the great results you will get. Check out some examples of photos that have been edited using the polar panorama effect , that might

Wallpaper Wednesday #3 – Spacewarp

Wallpaper Wednesday is a weekly series featuring premium wallpapers by incredibly gifted designers. This weeks wallpaper is “Spacewarp” by k3-studio.

+40 Nice Hand Drawn Typography

+40 Nice Hand Drawn Typography

Love Photoshop with Valentine Design Tutorials and Wallpapers

Valentine is just around the corner and its time to design your website with beautiful heart shapes wallpapers and by posting Valentine Photoshop Tutorials. I do not feel compelled to tell what Valent

Street Photography of Carlo Cruz

A true artist knows how to help his audience see a different side of a subject, and this is exactly what Carlo Cruz does in his homeless collection.

18 Talented Illustrators To Keep An Eye On

Time for an inspirational round-up for you! You have below 54 pieces of illustration selected from 18 extremely talented illustrators from around the world. As you can see, their work feature differen

Ultimate Collection of The Best Adobe Lightroom Presets

Ultimate Collection of The Best Adobe Lightroom Presets.

35 Splendid & Nice PSP Wallpapers for Inspiration

The PlayStation Portable, officially abbreviated PSP, is a handheld console manufactured and marketed by Sony Corporation. More than 62 million units of PSP has been sold worldwide. It has 16:9 wide

How To Show Tag Cloud in WordPress

Tag cloud function can be used anywhere, may it be sidebar, footer or anywhere you want. This returns simple links. You can style them accordingly. This simple tutorial helps you show a simple tag clo

70 Photographs That Will Take Your Breath Away

We have collected over 70 majestic photographs that are simply to good to miss. Perfect timing, perfect place and perfect situation is what makes these photographs so beautiful and love-able.

31 Spectacular Examples of Addidas Artworks & Commercials

As you may know Adidas is one of the biggest competitors for Nike. Both brands provide amazing products, and are basically Coca Cola vs Pepsi for clothing products. Adidas has become a major leader, b

Creative and Catchy Use of Animals in Logo Design

Its very trendy these days in logo design. I am talking about the use of animals and other insects in logo designing. Big companies like Mozilla and O’Reilly are also doing the same. Animals illustr

60 Adobe Illustrator Tutorials Collection

Adobe Illustrator is a vector-based drawing program developed and marketed by Adobe Systems. It is a very popular editor among professional artists and designers. To master the complexity of an artwor

Best Flower Buds

I have chosen for you this free vector clip art of the best flower buds. Different floral buds silhouettes is a easy way to create own creative art work. Free for commercial.

30+ Valentines Day Wallpapers

Saint Valentine’s Day commonly known as valentine’s day is the day in which lovers express their love for each other by presenting flowers, offering confectionery, and sending greeting cards to ea

Mind Blowing Sketches of Digital Artist Kerem Beyit

We are pround to showcase mind-blowing sketches of digital artist Kerem Beyit. Kerem Beyit was born in Ankara, Turkey, (1980) started drawing in his early

Create a High Pass Photoshop Action for Epic Photographs

This tutorial uses the High Pass Filter in combination with a few other techniques to create a dramatic photoshop action.

15 Websites to Make a Cartoon of Yourself

Today we have collected a list of 15 websites which can help you make a cartoon of yourself. Some websites provides you with the tips and tricks to look even better in the cartoon version of yourself.

Surreal female photography from Buenaventura

Buenaventura (buen·?v·entura) is a talented young man from Procrasti Nation, Spain. He generally likes to shoot film. His photos mostly present simple surreal atmospheric imagery and scenes of his

Best Examples of CSS3 Navigations and Menu Tutorials

CSS3 gradually acquired important place in web designing. To understand how to use CSS it provides some new menu and navigation techniques.

The web as a physical space – why your website is just like Home Depot

We all know that the internet is not a physical space. It’s a series of tubes, of course. Just kidding. But seriously. We have no walls, floors, corridors or rooms to walk into. The visual cues we

25 Almost Identical Logos + Bonus

I really don’t know if it’s inspiration or theft but it sure is fun to observe all these “similarities”.

30+ Highly Needed CSS Based Navigation and Button Tutorials

The CSS buzz is everywhere and people are digging more into CSS. It allows designers to create immaculate design templates, Photoshop Images and then developers do their magic with it with the help o

Design a surreal vector deer illustration

Learn how to create a vector deer illustration in adobe photoshop or Adobe Illustrator

Web Galleries as a Source of Inspiration for Designers

Many web galleries have emerged featuring several websites and web designs. These kind of websites are created for the purpose of updating people on what are the new trends in the world of designing.

Review Of Industrial Design on The Web January

Be inspired and informed by this roundup of the best industrial design news and articles from across the web in January.

Game Design – Creative & Inspiring Character & Monster Concept Art #3

The third part of this series focuses once more on character & monster design and the process of developing concept art.

20+ MooTools Scripts

Mootools is another object oriented javascript framework. There are many frameworks based on javascript but i think that in these frame works jquery and mootools are on top. Today we have featured 20+

Artist of the Week – Giorgos Vasiliadis aka Sloorp Designs

Giorgos Vasiliadis is a freelance illustrator from Greece. He started drawing vectors since he was only 13 and he made its way through with DeviantART, but now you can see his work on many websites. A

100+ Fresh and Excellent Photoshop Tutorials

When it comes to Image editing or photo enhancement, Adobe Photoshop is usually the primary option to consider. However, the software package itself is a quite hard to learn — and extremely hard to

TypeTalk: A Bodoni Is a Bodoni Is a Bodoni?

Are you confused by typefaces with very similar names? You’re not alone.

How Does Green Web Design Affect The Real World?

The Internet has become part of our everyday life.Yet, are we aware of the impact that web surfing has on the environment? Do we understand that websites leave carbon footprints in the real world?

The 7 Personality Types of Bloggers Today

We have looked at the different types of designers, developers and clients in previous articles, but there is one viewpoint from which we still haven’t looked at ourselves.

5 Great Multimedia Apps For The New Windows Phone 7

The much awaited successor to the hopelessly outdated Windows Mobile operating system has finally been released to the general public with the launch of over a dozen smartphones worldwide, and by the

35 Visually Appealing Logos to Inspire You

I love collecting logos for inspirational purposes, I have quite a few logo collection books as well, I literally just can’t get enough of them. I came across these 35 visually appealing logos creat

Premium Icon Freebies From The Design World – 35 Icon Sets

It is a bit hard to find high quality free icons for your projects. Luckily, some websites are offering from time to time premium icons for free for their visitors. Although some of them have a person

Showcase Of 55 Awesome Sites Using HTML5 and CSS3

HTML5 and CSS3 have brought to the design world not only new techniques and an easier or more manageable code but also the chance to create features for a website that were previously available with f

Online Canadian pharmacy requiring prescription (Rx) vs. no prescription (Rx) compared to your local pharmacies?

An online Canadian pharmacy can offer large benefits for you and your family. However, caution and appropriate validation is important when ordering from any online pharmacy. Knowing that online Cana

FreedCamp: A Free Alternative To Basecamp

If you are looking for a nice free alternative to Basecamp, then you should check out Freedcamp. This tool positions itself as the closest free alternative that you will ever get to Basecamp.

Giveaway:Get A Chance to Win 1 Month Subscription Worth $199 from Pixmac

Pixmac was launched in September 2008, and is under constant development to bring you the best user experience ever.Pixmac is one of the best microstock agency and you can find thousands of stock phot

21 Excellent Detailed WordPress Theme Development Tutorials

WordPress is the most used blogging platform around the world. Its the first choice of bloggers because its really easy to use. One more reason I prefer WordPress because it has a huge community of us

16 Riveting Vinyl Banner Design Ideas That WORK!

Few promotional methods work as well as banners in public places. Getting your word out is as simple as printing up a good vinyl banner design. All you need is to make something eye-catching with a go

How To Install PhotoShop Brushes

very simple tutorial that I am writing because I have had a few people unsure on how to add brushes into photoshop. This tutorial was done on a mac but the same principal goes for PC/Linux versions ju

eBay summary

eBay’s Popularity and Growth the attraction it has had worldwide. Why has eBay became the largest online marketplace in the world..

16 Awesome Marketing Business Card Ideas From YOU

UPrinting’s had quite a great run in the past few years. You guys have been great! Thousands of satisfied customers later, we’re still committed to giving the best possible value for money in the

An Insight into the Conversion of PSD to Drupal Theme

Drupal is one of the most powerful CMS which is used to create everything from personal blogs to complex web applications. Moreover, Drupal theme provides an astonishing look and feel to the website.

Wikia Search for All Comers

The first Alpha version of Wikia Search which was launched in January by Wikia was lacking in some basic features and was deemed not quite ready by many; the company has however rolled out a lot of up

Valentine’s Day Treats

What a way to kick off this blog with a list of sweet and pretty Valentines Day treats! Ranging from candies, cookies, chocolates, paper goods and other trinkets, here are some ideas on what to give t

Be my Valentine button

License: Free, Commercial or Extended

Glenn Fabry – Master Comic Artist

I am almost through the Preacher series and have been fascinated by the artwork throughout the books. Glenn Fabry is one of the key artists that make this series so pleasing to the eye. Check out his

Creative Footer Designs for Inspiration

A blog posting on creative footers that have been designed for websites all around the world.

Magento Theme Design Tutorial Intro

First thanks for visiting my blog in this post I would like to introduce a series of video tutorials I have stated regarding magento ecommerce content managemnet system. These tutorials will base them

40+ Examples of Big Backgrounds in Web Design

Big background pictures can be used when the website refers to a certain domain or theme, while it might be totally unsuitable for other websites.

Online Printing Services – Convenience at a Click

Business in today’s world requires certain necessary elements of it to be successful. These important elements include market research, business strategy, good public relations and efficient human r

A Showcase Of Handmade Websites #4

A showcase of websites that effectively use the current trend of making your websites look handmade

Logo Design Inspiration: 50+ Fresh Logo Designs For Inspiration

Today we are presenting Logo Design Inspiration: 50+ Fresh Logo Designs For Inspiration. Logo designs is a graphical element that, together with its logotype (a uniquely set and arranged typeface) for

The Ultimate Guide to Macro Shot Photography

This tutorial will go through steps you need to take to get incredible macro shots of bugs.

Background Pattern Designs: 100+ Hi-Qty Pattern Designs For Website Background

Background pattern designs can be simply repetition of simple stipes or polka-dots, others can be more complicated with complex combination of images and colors. A pattern designs must go with the ove

Designers: Refresh, Don’t Resolve This New Year

New Years is a time for people to make resolutions they won’t keep. Instead, why not take this time to spruce up your design business and make some simple, yet lasting changes. I’m calling these s

35 Awesome Free PSD Templates

Today we have collected 35 Awesome Free PSD Templates which can give a new direction to your ongoing projects. Let us know which one do you find most appealing.

Tips for Using Light Fonts in Web Design

Light fonts are thinner or slimmer than most fonts. Because they are thinner, they should be handled differently than you would other, bolder fonts. You will find some light fonts on the web, but not

10 CSS Tools & Generators

As a web designer/developer you must continue to find ways to reduce the time it takes to design/develop websites. This is very important to improve your productivity and to maximize your profits. The

45 Most Useful And Inspiring Blogger templates: Enjoy Freebies

blogger templates can be used by any individual or group to set up their website. Once a template is downloaded, the user will replace all general information included in the web template with their o

Download 69 Free Image Effects for Photoshop

The Plugin Site has released Version 4.0 of Harrys Filters, a free Photoshop-compatible plugin offering 69 image effects. At press time, the plugin was available for Windows only, though a Mac version

Amazing nature photography from Giuseppe Di Rocco

Giuseppe Di Rocco is a surgeon form Rome, Italy who is interested in nature photography in its broadest sense: landscapes, macro, and wildlife. He likes enriching his travels with photography and his

50 3D Creative Cartoon Creatures

While I was browsing the net I found some 3D creative cartoon creatures that you’ll surely like! Some of them are amusing and some are scary but they are all great! Most of them were created using 3

Master the Art of High Speed Photography

The purpose of this article is to gather a compilation of ten easy to use high speed photography tutorials.

Jenzoo – A New FREE Premium WordPress Theme

Looking for a new clean and simple WordPress theme? Check out Jenzoo – an elegant theme packed with great features – download today for FREE.

Propeople sessions at DrupalCamp Sofia 2011

In this article you will find the presentations prepared and presented by the Propeople team at DrupalCamp Sofia 2011 on 22-23 January 2011.

Evolution of Cricket World Cup Logo 1992-2011

The ICC Cricket World Cup is the premier international championship of men’s One Day International (ODI) cricket. The event is organized by the sport’s governing body, the International Cricket Co

Freebie: Blogger Newsletter Template with Beautiful Pattern

Blogger Newsletter is a free email newsletter template in PSD file, the template is very suitable for blogger or corporate site. You can use this template as weekly or monthly newsletter, with feature

Options to Consider When Looking for Stock Photos: Free vs Paid Solutions

As designers and bloggers, pretty much every project we do is going to involve photography in some way, form or fashion.

Interrupt Component While Working With Large File & Chart to Image

What’s new in this release?

The long awaited version of Aspose.Cells for Java 2.5.1 has been released. It includes support to interrupt open/save process while working with large files. Many new

Artists Corner – Extremely Inspirational CG Art By Wen-JR

The sixth artist we are featuring on our Artists Corner series is Wen-JR, an extremely talented CG artist from Paris, France. Heavly influenced by darkness, Final Fantasy and the animation Bleach!

The Hunting Continues! Meet BundleHunt 3

After creating two successful bundles for creatives, our friends at Bundle Hunt are back with their latest installment of popular design resources and applications. This time, the bundle includes 20 g

Super Creative Logos – (Part l) Wordmark Logos

There are two basic attributes of a prefect log, i.e. Creativity and Usability. A logo is considered an ideal one when it is creative and equally usable and understandable to its audience as well as t

25 Incredibly Useful iPad Productivity Apps For Free Download

Being immensely attracted towards the productive stuff that keeps me engaged in such a way so as to make more efficient, I planned to come up with cool iPad productivity apps and here I am with the l

Typographic showcase about Hong Kong

Graphic designers, typographers and illustrators show off there skills by designing around the word “Hong Kong”.

New NBCUniversal Logo – The Peacock Flies Away!

Lately, the new adminstration at NBCUniversal has removed the “spaces” from their name and also launched a new NBCUniversal Logo. Here is the evolution of NBC Logo over the years.


This article describes simple and effective way of getting permanent backlinks from web pages with high PR by minimal costs. Article will be useful for SE optimizators and webmasters who need quality

Fresh Tutorials Tuesday #5

Fresh Tutorials Tuesday is a weekly series showcasing recently published tutorials of premium quality. It was another great week of amazing tuts, my favorite would have to be the “Force of Nature Tuto

Web Designing: 7 Deadly Mistakes To Avoid

Whether it is a newly launched small business or a huge enterprise, when it comes to online business, website design becomes a crucial part of it.

Impressive images of Still Life Photography

Still Life Photography is the representation of inert subjects or a cluster of objects through the means of photography. The basic idea behind this photography is to communicate a story that creates a

Remote IT services- What’s in it for your business?

Sourcing your IT services offsite is becoming a very popular and effective business move for many businesses.

10 Best PSD to Magento Service Providers

From the last few years there has been an immense growth in the field of e-business. With the exponential growth in this sector, a cut throat competition in online business has been prevailed across t

Let’s create a beautiful portfolio in photoshop

Learn how to create a beautiful and elegant portfolio design with this easy to follow tutorial.

Shopping Cart: An Important Tool for Ecommerce.

Shopping cart is considered as one of the most important tools of Ecommerce business. There are number of ecommerce shopping cart available in the web market which creates confusion in selecting the b

25 Free WordPress Themes

Today during search on internet i have found some really good wordpress themes. On the first look i think that these themes are premium and available at very high prices but i am really shocked to see

Lets make PlayStation Joystick in Photoshop

I’m going to tell you a very nice tutorial in which you will be creating a nice and impressive Joystick in Photoshop. The purpose is only to tell you some techniques and commands. Very attractive joys

PSD to Drupal Theme Conversion: How?

PSD to Drupal is one of the most popular theme conversions. It guarantees good result and a lot of features. Drupal is one of the most preferred content management system. It makes it a lot easier to

70+ Free PSD Backgrounds

Many people needs ready made design elements, Because all designers have not enough skills to create there own design elements. So if you are finding free background in .psd format then have a look ou

20+ jQuery Plugins

jQuery has a wide plugin library, We post on continue basis for jQuery plugins for our readers. In this series today we have posted 20+ fresh and cool jquery plugins.

Daily inspiration #2 – Another Collection of sports TV Commercials

Daily inspiration showcase number 2 — Here is 10 really creative TV Commercials that will make you look twice.

40 Must See HTML5 Tutorials, Techniques and Examples for Web Developers

HTML5 is the next major revision of the HTML standard, currently under development. Like its immediate predecessors, HTML 4.01 and XHTML 1.1, HTML5 is a standard for structuring and presenting content

Zirconiumoid Free WordPress Theme

The custom font and elegant design, bring out a unique personality to your blog. This blog theme is great for personal blogs, tech blogs, design blogs and other related blog niches. An interesting fea

The Recognition of Online Bingo Grows in 2010

Online bingo is an simple game to play which is a part of its attractiveness as well. The objective of any sort of bingo game is to complete the pattern on your bingo card prior to any other player do

10 great icons search engine for designers

The icons will always be part of web design, either in developing a website or
developing an application, the icons may be used for any web project, including the
creation of software
To create

3 Design Layouts: Gutenberg Diagram, Z-Pattern, And F-Pattern

Several layout patterns are often recommended to take advantage of how people scan or read through a design. 3 of the more common are the Gutenberg diagram, the z-pattern layout, and the f-pattern lay

Essential HTML5 Books and Cheat Sheets To Improve Your HTML5 Ninja Skills

Learning HTML5 sometimes is difficult especially when it is different from the one you mastered already. But don’t be despair, WDA team collected Top 25+ HTML5 Books and Cheat Sheets to Improve Your

Everything You Need to Know about Doing Business With Designers

Someone recently posed the question to me, “Why are designers such push overs?” This led to a discussion that attempted to answer that but in the end, left me pondering the very same question.

Mobile App Design Starter Kit only $57 instead of $199

Let’s face it, most mobile app design leaves much to be desired. Why is this? Because awesome designers like yourself haven’t jumped into the mobile design space! Why is this? Because the learnin

5 Free Business Card PSD’s for our Readers

Dear readers, we would like to thank you for being with us day-by-day. You are real contributors to our inspiration – as we are to yours hopefully.

50+ Romantic Wallpapers for My Valentines Day

Valentines day – In these life in air vibrates love. During this period shops and houses are decorated with symbols of bed – hearts, roses, plaything bears. I am sure you will create whatever hump car

30 Photoshop Tutorial Blogs Worth Reading

In this collection I’ve included the best Photoshop tutorial blogs and websites worth reading. Hopefully, you will like this roundup and find something new and useful for you.

Top Beautiful Logos by Anthony Geoffroy

Top Beautiful Logos by Anthony Geoffroy

20 Magnificent Brown Websites For Your Inspiration

Brown is a very eccentric color often associated with nature and it also has the ability to look aged, when used in web design it can websites a very aged or nature based feel.

20 Free Heart Font Downloads

Ask and thou shalt receive! By popular demand, here is an amazing collection of free heart fonts for this Valentine’s Day.

Draw Realistic Microsoft ARC Mouse in Photoshop

In this tutorial you will learn how to create realistic and creative computer mouse design – Microsoft ARC mouse in Photoshop.

Design Simple and Elegant Business Web Template in Photoshop

Tutorial web design with basic steps in designing a business website in Photoshop, a simple layout but elegant design.

Angry Birds T-shirt Showcase

Here we are showcasing some of the brilliant Angry Birds t-shirt designs you can find across the web.

Vector Amulets of Dragons

I created 20 amulets of dragons in gold style. This is a free vector clip art for everyone to personal and commercial using.

Stock vector 3D love text

Stock vector 3D love text
File Type EPS + CDR

Modern Ads Monday #6

Another great collection of advertisements were released this week, including a few Super Bowl ones. The Mafioso advertisement for Lebeau Auto Glass was clever!

Web 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0, the past, the present and the future of the web

A common’s man guide on how the internet will evolve during the upcoming years.

Elements of Design Quick Reference Sheet

The purpose of the poster is to provide a quick overview of the elements of design; a refresher for those in the know, and a starting point for design newbies.

Pick the Right Resolution for Printing Photos

When you print photos yourself, you’ll get the best results with the correct resolution. This guide helps you figure out what that means–and no, the answer isn’t “as high as possible”.

How to Specify Autosave Interval in WordPress

While you are working in a post/article, you must have noticed that WordPress autosaves the article for you, so in case you get disconnected you don’t loose your article. Also it can be annoying for s

Custom chalk lettering by Dana Tanamachi

Chalkboard lettering taken to a whole new level.

An Amazing Collection Of Free Magazine Style WordPress Themes

Magazine style themes are one of the most wanted WordPress themes and they are very useful for managing lots of posts on a page.

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ken October 1, 2011 at 7:01 am

Love this one….


Mitchel March 27, 2011 at 6:54 am

If you are looking for a great project management tool, you may have a look on http://teamplifier.com Hope you will find all in one here!


logolitic February 12, 2011 at 12:14 pm

wow big collection here :) You may look on http://www.logolitic.com, maybe I will appear in the next collection !


Andrew Kelsall February 11, 2011 at 7:48 pm

Thanks for including my link.

BTW, I think you mean Web Developers (in the title), not “we” 😉


Lars February 12, 2011 at 12:49 am

Your welcome Andrew, and thanks for the correction 😉


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