200+ Awesome Fresh Web Design Articles to Knock Your Socks Off!

May 19, 2013 · 5 comments

by Lars


I’m impressed! The web design and development community is more active than ever. People are creating goodies all the time and it can seriously be hard to keep up with the supply. It is good for designers and developers as it is never hard to find inspiration and resources to use. Only problem is the time it takes to follow all the quality blogs… the solution is this post that I am creating a few times a week. It collects hand picked articles from all corners of the community and deliver them in one place. Remember to submit your own articles here if you would like it to be added next time. Note – I’m only accepting relevant quality posts!



5 Free Business Card PSD’s for our Readers

Dear readers, we would like to thank you for being with us day-by-day. You are real contributors to our inspiration – as we are to yours hopefully.

50+ Romantic Wallpapers for My Valentines Day

Valentines day – In these life in air vibrates love. During this period shops and houses are decorated with symbols of bed – hearts, roses, plaything bears. I am sure you will create whatever hump car

30 Photoshop Tutorial Blogs Worth Reading

In this collection I’ve included the best Photoshop tutorial blogs and websites worth reading. Hopefully, you will like this roundup and find something new and useful for you.

Top Beautiful Logos by Anthony Geoffroy

Top Beautiful Logos by Anthony Geoffroy

20 Magnificent Brown Websites For Your Inspiration

Brown is a very eccentric color often associated with nature and it also has the ability to look aged, when used in web design it can websites a very aged or nature based feel.

20 Free Heart Font Downloads

Ask and thou shalt receive! By popular demand, here is an amazing collection of free heart fonts for this Valentine’s Day.

Draw Realistic Microsoft ARC Mouse in Photoshop

In this tutorial you will learn how to create realistic and creative computer mouse design – Microsoft ARC mouse in Photoshop.

Design Simple and Elegant Business Web Template in Photoshop

Tutorial web design with basic steps in designing a business website in Photoshop, a simple layout but elegant design.

Angry Birds T-shirt Showcase

Here we are showcasing some of the brilliant Angry Birds t-shirt designs you can find across the web.

Vector Amulets of Dragons

I created 20 amulets of dragons in gold style. This is a free vector clip art for everyone to personal and commercial using.

Stock vector 3D love text

Stock vector 3D love text
File Type EPS + CDR

Modern Ads Monday #6

Another great collection of advertisements were released this week, including a few Super Bowl ones. The Mafioso advertisement for Lebeau Auto Glass was clever!

Web 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0, the past, the present and the future of the web

A common’s man guide on how the internet will evolve during the upcoming years.

Elements of Design Quick Reference Sheet

The purpose of the poster is to provide a quick overview of the elements of design; a refresher for those in the know, and a starting point for design newbies.

Pick the Right Resolution for Printing Photos

When you print photos yourself, you’ll get the best results with the correct resolution. This guide helps you figure out what that means–and no, the answer isn’t “as high as possible”.

How to Specify Autosave Interval in WordPress

While you are working in a post/article, you must have noticed that WordPress autosaves the article for you, so in case you get disconnected you don’t loose your article. Also it can be annoying for s

Custom chalk lettering by Dana Tanamachi

Chalkboard lettering taken to a whole new level.

An Amazing Collection Of Free Magazine Style WordPress Themes

Magazine style themes are one of the most wanted WordPress themes and they are very useful for managing lots of posts on a page.

20 cool logo designs that use a mascot

Lots of websites use mascots in their header, but my feeling is that mascots are not so frequent in logo design. This round-up presents some well designed logos that use a mascot.

Billboard design: creating sites for the 60mph user

Assuming you’re paying attention to the road, or texting, or going 90 in a 55, billboards have only a fraction of a second to catch your attention. (Unless of course you live in L.A., in which case

25 Awesome Graffiti Fonts for Designers

Typography is all about expressing and Graffiti Fonts are an important part of Typography. Graffiti Fonts are widely used in several posters & designs.

Free Valentine’s Day Vector Illustration

Love is in the air! Yes folks, can you believe it’s already February and Valentine’s Day is almost here? We have a special treat for you this Valentine from our artists – a free beautiful and ro

Create a Fantastic Landing Page for Your Next Product Using Photoshop

Let us start the week with another PSD tutorial here at 1stwebdesigner! We will create a Selling Product layout using Photoshop in a step-by-step manner.

20 Amazing Collection of Comics and Cartoons Illustration

Get inspire to create some awesome Comics and Cartoons Illustration. Just have a look today’s collection, how beautiful illustrations a designer can create when he is in great mood.

jquery Slideshow Plugins

jQuery is an open source java script library. You can not imagine its power. It is used by over 41% of the 10,000 most visited websites, jQuery is the most popular JavaScript library in use today. Tod

Ultimate List of jQuery Plugins You Should Use on Every Website

jQuery plays an important role for every web development project nowadays. Not only it gives an advantage to have a better user usability and experience but also it gives website visitors a really nic

20 Ultimate Android Applications for Photography

Android is not new in technology world. Google launched Android phones and now it is the most important technical gadget available in market. It is very competitive with Apple’s iPhone and gives almos

Generate Professional PDF Docs with Highest Degree of Precision

What’s New in this Release?

The long awaited version of Aspose.Pdf for .NET (5.0.0) has been released. This new release includes even better support for HTML tag and various XSL-FO tags, which ult

6 Places Where Freelancers Can Work Comfortably At

Freelancing is now becoming popular as a source of income for many people. There are a lot of reasons on why many are attracted on this kind of work.

Editorial fashion photography from Tom Barrett

Tom Barrett is an editorial fashion photographer from Bangkok who’s just starting to get into the professional realm of things. Luckily he is friends with a lot of models which gave him plenty of op

Inspirational Sports Illustrations by Mike Harrison

Inspirational Sports Illustrations by Mike Harrison

6 Time-Tested Applications for Freelance Web Designers

If you work as a freelance web designer or developer, you probably rely on a number of applications to perform daily tasks. From crafting code and pushing pixels to productivity and business managemen

Photo to Warhol pop art

Photoshop tutorial in just few very easy steps on how can you make an art from your photo, Warhol pop art Style.

Creative & Inspirational Wallpapers #11

This is our eleventh instalment of our wallpaper feature and each week we will be showcasing creative and inspirational desktops to spice up your working environment.

T-shirts for bikers

T-shirts for bikers are maybe the coolest way to be! Find out what are the most popular t-shirt models!

30 Very Useful Web Layout Tutorials

Some of the best web layout tutorials for: hosting layouts, WordPress layouts, business layouts

7 Reasons Why CSS is Superior to HTML Tables

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is purely a tool used to design a website’s visual information in such a way that it makes the site both effective and efficient. It has become the universal language fo

How to Create an Outstanding Wallpaper Design in Photoshop

Today we will create a textured abstract design in Photoshop using stock photos, brushes and a few guidelines regarding the composition. The tutorial not only points out the techniques used, but also

Creative ways to design business card

Business card is the most important element of your visual identity. When you have unusual and outstanding business card you have more chances to impress your client. Let’s see what ways and techniq

Creative photography from Rayan Al-Mansour

Rayan Al-Mansour is a TV producer/director from Saudi Arabia who hosts his own show on national television from time to time. Rayan is into photography as well, looking to expand his knowledge an

20+ Drupal Themes

Drupal is another open source powerful and useful content management system. It is also used by thousands of people in the world. Today i have compiled 20+ drupal themes for our readers. Looking for great drupal themes check out these articles: 40 Best Drupal 7 Themes and 26+ Great Themes Showcase – Drupal Download

Things to Remember Before Launching a Website

Maybe you’re about to launch. Well, hold off for a moment and read this article before taking the final plunge. Things can go horribly wrong if you haven’t prepared a checklist and carried out cer

Top 10 Really Artistic 2011 Printable Calendars For Free Download

2011 calendars are totally different from each other in terms of design, looks and presentation. Some of them are in 3D style while other related to social media cartoons, pop-up style, single sheet c

Most Awaited Tablets of 2011

The CES 2011 was full with tablets. Many manufacturers are preparing new tablets for this year due to the success of Apple, Samsung and Archos.

Huge Collection Of 55 Vector Silhouettes Free To Download

Vector silhouettes are a popular thing among designers who work on posters often and it’s nice to have a collection from which to choose from the needed silhouette for a certain poster design and th

Awesome Chrome Extensions For Web Developers

Extensions are extra features and functionality that you can easily add to Google Chrome. By using extensions, you can customize Google Chrome with features you like, while keeping your browser free o

31 CSS Code Snippets To Make You A Better Coder

It is almost impossible to gather in an article all the CSS code snippets that could help you in the future but here are some of the ones that you would need more often than others. Don’t get scared

“Smart Tactics” of Logo Designers to cover their Blunders!

Logo Designers make many blunders but they know the smart tactics to cover their mistakes from their clients. Here are 4 smart things which logo designers say to their clients.

Ipad Gui PSD Files

If you are looking for apple iPad high quality psd files or apple ipad gui kit then we have compiled a list of free psd files of ipad, feel free to use in your project and dont forget to share with yo

Showcase Of 60 Unique and Memorable Animal Inspired Logo Designs

You know logo design is an important area of graphic design and maybe the most unique part of it.Logos are not used only by companies but also by organizations especially to be more memorable and to g

20 Useful Firefox Add-ons for Web Designers and Developers

Firefox is web developers and designers favorite browser and designers and developers make there designing and development more productive and innovative with the firefox add-ons. Very handy and usefu

Mobile App Design Starter Kit only $57

Let’s face it, most mobile app design leaves much to be desired. That’s why the Mobile Design Starter Kit was created. It gives you everything you need to quickly get started designing for iPhone/iPho

Vintage Coca-Cola Girl Ads

Vintage Coca-Cola Girl Ads

60 Fantastic And Free Photoshop Floral Brushes

If you are creating poster, web design layout or photo manipulation related to nature you would love to have great collection of Floral Brushes at your disposal. You could use these floral brushes to

“Smart Tactics” of Logo Designers to cover their Blunders!

Logo Designers make many blunders but they know the smart tactics to cover their mistakes from their clients. Here are 4 smart things which logo designers say to their clients.

Awesome Package Design Concepts Made By Students

This type of design has a special place in TDM because we love to see creative minds at work. Below you can see the work of some of the best students designer in the world.

Tree bark texture pack

Download high resolution tree bark texture pack containomg 4 textures in JPG format in 2500×1875 pixels each.

500+ Free PSD Web UI Elements For Download

I always try to post as many web design resources as possible for me. In this article I collect a huge huge list of free PSD Web UI Elements for download. These elements are very useful for both newbi

Color Palettes and Graphics

Downloading graphics can be a very irritating process due to the time consumed. It is not uncommon for graphics to download at different rates.

How to Get Inspiration? 10 Designers Share their Experience

As a designer we always need inspiration. That inspiration can come from just about anywhere, and we must active approach to discover it. Lucky for us, there are thousands of inspiration websites from

Daily inspiration #1 – Using sport player to make TV commercial that will make you look twice

Adsflag.com main concern is TV Commercials creativity. We Found that design blogs doesn’t give commercials appropriate space, we will start inspiration series that will give you unique and creative

Design a Vintage Style Swissair Travel Poster In Photoshop

Follow this step by step Photoshop tutorial to create a modern, clean, travel poster design for Swissair, and then learn how to transform into vintage poster design. We will use useful techniques rela

Romain Laurent’s New Advertising Prints

French photographer and designer Romain Laurent makes his masterpieces of photos, digital postproduction, humor and unrestrained imagination.

The Fantastic Celebrity Pencil Drawings of Denis Poirier – with Exclusive Interview

These detailed and photo-realistic portraits have been done by a very skilled artist, who finds the perfect way of expressing himself when having a pencil in his hand and a piece of paper.

30 Attractive Transparent Business Cards

Inspiring collection of 30 attractive transparent business cards.

Superb Examples Of Contact Pages

A website`s contact page is one of the most important component because this is the first line between the owner and the reader. This page must look and work flawless. No exception! Below you can see

Weekly Web Design Inspiration #86

A showcase of the very best web designs from the last week

10 Free High Quality Business Card PSD Templates for Download

10 Free High Quality PSD Business Card templates

Breathtaking Landscape & Scenery Inspiration #4

From gloomy backdrops of swamps to worn torn villages these landscapes show you what you can come up with a little imagination.

Close up & macro photography inspiration from Paul Gehret

Macro photography (sometimes called micro photography) is an area of photography dedicated to capturing small subjects, or small parts of subjects, at extreme blown up magnifications up to life size o

Kids Room Decorating Ideas

We want to show you interesting solution for designing an interior of room for your kids. Studio e-glue from France offers innovative idea – giant stickers for room decoration. With the help of thes

Design a Realistic 3D stone egg in photoshop

You know those expensive stone eggs you can buy in Chinese shops? We are going to create such egg and make it possible to put anything on it like a logo or just text.


In the spirit of Valentine we are presenting you with 40+ heart shaped logos. Hope you enjoy them and find them inspirational. Let us know which on is your favorite logo in the comment section! :-)

5 essential books to become a better web designer

As a web designer, you should always strive to get better at your job. First, you’ll have to know the basics, but you must also make sure to keep up-to-date with the new technologies and evolutions

Creative urban & landscape photography of H Matthew Howarth

Based on the edge of London, with family across the UK and in easy striking distance of the Ryanair stronghold of Stanstead, H Matthew Howarth is a keen travel photographer with emerging interests in

Artorius Design – Premium Photoshop Design Resources

Artorius Design is a showcase of professional Photoshop resources: actions, text styles, 3D generators, templates and more. You will find some of the web’s best Photoshop items, some free, others comm

Gorgeous Illustrations of Hindu Gods by Sanjay Patel of Pixar Studios

Gorgeous Illustrations of Hindu Gods by Sanjay Patel of Pixar Studios.

Photoshop Tutorial: How to Create a Washed Out Nuclear Fall Out Scene

I am going to show you the steps of making a Washed Out Fall Out scene with photoshop. I used CS5, but any version of photoshop should suffice.

Nice Caricatures by Anthony Geoffroy

Nice Caricatures by Anthony Geoffroy

How To Find Profitable Niches

This is a tutorial on how to find prfitable niches, it goes through the steps you need to take to research a market before creating a website on that topic

Extremely Glamorous Digital Art Portraits #3

As we keep delving into more photography styles and influences I bring you 20 hand-picked digital art portraits for your inspiration.

Creative and Refreshing of Photo Manipulations by Heru Suryoko

Heru Suryoko is one of the Best Digital Imaging Artist in Indonesia. In this post Here you can get inspiration from Heru Suryoko’s art works, and little interview with him.

35 Best Photoshop Tutorials For Beginners

Adobe Photoshop is a powerful application that enables users to edit their pictures, images or graphics, even with Photoshop you can do everything that you can just imagine, but initially it might be

How To Create Cool Cut Out Text Effect In Photoshop

I am back with another Adobe Photoshop tutorial. In this tutorial I am going to teach you how to create a cool cut out text effect in Photoshop. If you like this tutorial please don’t forget to shar

25+ Outstanding Photoshop Actions for Photograph

If your like me you enjoy enhancing your photos in Photoshop. It’s a lot of fun to take your shots and experiment with them. Have you ever seen photos in magazines or on the web and wondered how the

Quantum Computing: Way of the Future

Towards the end of 2001, IBM made a breakthrough – they proved that three times five is fifteen. Not a big deal, one would say.

Make Nebula Star Sky in Photoshop CS5

In this tutorial we will show you how to create a realistic star field in Photoshop CS5. To get into the right frame of mind to create these works of art, you have to think completely abstract, put as

Introducing Gryphony T-shirts Giveaway

Today on Design Juices we are proud to announce another great giveaway with Gryphony, they are a limited clothing line that brings a new shirt design every 72 hours.

Usability And You: The Design Process

Many people see usability testing process as a very time consuming, expensive, arduous task that adds little value to their business or for their clients. This is all very negative sounding, and somet

December’s Free Professional PSD Web Templates

This is a list of 37 hand-picked, fully customizable templates which contain the graphic source files in .PSD format, fresh and creative resources from design community.

Free Modern WordPress Themes

Beautiful modern and minimalistic wordpress themes, design for illustrators and graphic designers to show their amazing work.

Thank you

Best Old Sexism Ads

Best Old Sexism Ads

Unique Gift Ideas For Your Valentine

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and you’re stumped on what to get your better half. Here are some gift suggestions ranging from the simple, the clever and the sweet. From a book,  an iPhone d

20+ Creative Examples of Vintage and Retro in Web Design

Vintage web design looks pretty nice and the good thing is that it can be suitable for mostly all the themes you can think of.

Step By Step How to Generate Endless Leads

This Tutorial Is Step By Step On How to Generate Endless Online Leads! It Even Shows You Step By Step how to set up your lead generation system.

Beautiful Wall Paintings

Beautiful Wall Paintings

Facebooks Open Graph Api

Despite technology’s fickle nature, there is one thing that will allow Facebook to stand the test of time…

25 Free iPad Valentine’s Day Wallpapers

You’re absolutely going to LOVE this collection of romantic, cute and/or love-inspired Valentine’s Day wallpapers. Download one for yourself or send one to your favorite valentine…. sweet!

35+ Hot Examples of Super Sexy Fashion Photography

Fashion photography is a genre of photography devoted to displaying clothing and other fashion items. Over time, fashion photography has developed its own aesthetic in which the clothes and fashions a

25 excellent illustrations snowboarding

The illustrations are also used in magazines in advertising on a cover design,
you can use any tool for the final work as Photoshop,
Illustrator finish whatever the figure given another twist or

How To Change WordPress Version in WP-Admin Footer

For security reasons you should hide or change the wordpress version easily visible to hackers. If you want to change the version string in the bottom-right of the WP admin pages, here is a one step t

30 impressive examples of web design layout

In this collection, you’ll find some of the best web design layouts created by deviantARTists

Playing it safe: security issues on the web and how to safeguard against them

Web security is often overlooked in web development – not because nobody finds it important, but because it’s a complicated topic. There are so many risks when it comes to web security that it’s

32 Incredible Logo Designs Inspired by Plant

Another logo design inspiration for this month. Today, it’s all about plant. We have collected some of logo designs inspired by plant.

10 WordPress Plugins That Power A-Lists Blogs

WordPress is one of the most used blogging software. It is used by almost all A-List bloggers and mainstream blogs like TechCrunch, Mashable etc.

How Classpath work in Java ?

I have experience in finance and insurance domain and JAVA is heavily used in this domain for writing sophisticated Equity, Fixed income trading applications. Most of these investment banks have writt

50 Useful CSS3 Tutorials

Each day CSS3 becomes more and more popular among web designers and web developers. Many exciting functions and features are being made up for CSS3 today, which provide faster completion time, more fl

Seductive Geisha Digital Art Inspiration

As we delve into different cultures from around the world, today we showcase some extremely seductive digital art influenced by the ever so mysterious Geisha girls. Showcasing some absolutely stunning

The Battle Between Psychedelic & Minimalist Design: Which Side Are You On?

Less is more. A minimalist would say. But on the other side of the spectrum, an advertiser would argue: The bigger, the bolder, the better! Who would you believe, and which is really better–all, or n

Different Music Styles as Seen by Typography Designers

Typographical elements have been incorporated into countless design projects. In fact, these elements are often what can make or break a design.

Awesome Technology Photoshop Brush Packs – More Than 500 Brushes

Awesome Technology Photoshop Brush Packs – More Than 500 Brushes

Joomla Templates & Themes

Joomla is one of the most popular content management system. It offers a plethora of features and benefits which renders a website more flexible……

8 Tips for Freelance Designers to Get Paid Faster

Cash flow is crucial for any business, but especially important for small businesses and freelancers. To help you do just that, here are 8 tips that you can implement into your business immediately to

Effective Color Palette and Color Scheme Generators

Colors carry a lot of emotions in themselves; each color represents some mood and changes its nature when used in any combination with other colors. So a lot depends upon colors which take a pivot rol

30 Useful 3D Modelling Tutorials

In this post you’ll find 30 Useful 30 Useful 3D Modelling Tutorials for your Graphics & Animation related needs. The list consists of several techniques that you may need to use in creating 3D graph

13 Perfect Valentine Day Gifts For Your Beloved Geek: Him&Her

Valentine’s day is coming and I know why you’re here. You are here to see some of the best, and affordable, gifts for your partner!

Collection of Awesome Joomla Templates

Almost all people engaged with the web design activity are fully aware of about ‘Joomla’, which is one of the widely used and most popular content management systems.

Create the Extraordinary With Corel KPT Collection

Are you a professional designer? Or do you just like editing images so much? Enthusiasts of image editing always wants to explore the internet to find the right sort of software for an all-in-one imag

25 Photoshop Actions

Photoshop actions are commonly used by photographers to give their photos stunning results. There are thousands of prepaid actions of photoshop available on internet. Today i have posted best 25 from

10 Best PSD to Magneto Service Providers

From the last few years there has been an immense growth in the field of e-business. With the exponential growth in this sector, a cut throat competition in online business has been prevailed across t

Mystical surreal photography from Yves Schiepek

Yves Schiepek from Berlin, Germany started to go deeper into photography by the end of the year 2005. His recent journey through Asia has enriched his life in a way that photography does, and he hopes

Stylish Examples Of Fashion Photography – 52 Photos

Fashion photography is not about the clothing, it’s about the message that the image transmits. Beautiful models, quality clothing, really good makeup and an extraordinaire photographer, these are t

30+ Best WordPress Sites

We post webdesign inspiration on continuous bases to get you inspired on latest trends. WordPress is very flexible content management system. Today we have posted best websites currently powered by wo

Magento-Is it the Right Open Source Platform?

Now a days open source software are in demand to develop an E-Commerce websites. There are numbers of open source…

Quality Icon Packs For Your Creativity

Quality Icon Packs For Your Creativity

22 Heartbreaking Photojournalism Pictures – Bleeding for Peace!

Here are 22 heartbreaking photojournalism pictures which clearly prove that war and political differences have destroyed Earth and mankind is bleeding for peace. With such photography we can spread a

Tips to Get Better Feedback on Your Website

Feedback – we all have read and heard this word a lot from different people with different frame of references. As the name suggests, it is the reaction of a person towards the other person’s work,

Electronic alarm clock PSD & icons

Electronic alarm clock in Photoshop PSD format along with icons in PNG format various standard sizes 512×512, 256×256, 128×128 pixels. Download now!

iPhone Web App Development Tips for Beginners

Almost every business application is eager to get on the iPhone for promoting their online presence. Popularity of iPhone applications seems to be on a constant rise and is one of the major reasons th

Hot Travel Blog Free WordPress Theme

Easily customize your blog or site look with this Hot Travel inspired theme. Start with included predefined themes to use or tweak. Easily change colors, fonts, the header and footer, menus, sidebars,

10 jquery image zoomers

Sometimes it’s hard to see what’s on the image posted in your web page. Well, with the help of these bunch of jQuery Zoom plugins, viewing images by your naked eyes will not be that hard anymore.

Correcting exposure, dynamic & color in Photoshop

You can do the same thing in many different ways within Photoshop, here is a different approach to changing exposure & color. Lets correct this sunrise scene where the foreground is too dark & the sky

A-W BannerAd Script | Download Source Code

A-W BannerAd is a banner rotator, easy to use simple to insert into pages can be inserted into pages that don’t use asp. Add, edit and delete banners with the online administration and also set the re

Strontiumpon Free WordPress Theme

Strontiumpon WordPress theme turns your normal blog into a fully functional “out of the box” coupon or voucher website. Offering discount coupons and vouchers attract more customers and readers to

Flowerpot From Scratch Using Photoshop

I will show you how to create a flowerpot from scratch using several techniques in Photoshop.

Coming Up With Websites Using MAMP and Modx

Creating a server of Apache, a MySQL information center and the PHP or Perl is not a daunting task any more. This is due to the availability of XAMPP that is used with Windows and LAMP to work with Li

Heart Valentines Day Vector

Heart Valentines Day background (eps)

7 Tips For Freelance Success That I Didn’t Follow

How important is it for you to follow the advice in articles and blog posts? Do you need to follow every tip offered or is it ok to do things how you think best?

Top 35 Google Chrome Extensions and Web Apps For Bloggers, Web Designers and Developers

When Google launches Google Chrome Webstore, people where all flocking to chrome webstore to install and get the latest web application, chrome extension and newly added themes for theme to try it out

Tileable Organic Op Art Photoshop Patterns

Today’s web treat is a free combo pack of 4 large (1024px * 1024px) seamless black and white organic op art textures in .jpg format as well as a corresponding Photoshop tileable pattern (.pat) set.

30 Fun Free Blogger Templates

30 Free Blogger Templates related to games, technology, business, scrapbooking, simple, white, advanced, dark, crafts, and magazines.

Latest Photoshop Tutorials for 2011

Photoshop is easy to learn and offers an extensive array of advanced tools to create some impressive and realistic compositions. This article is a collection of some high quality Photoshop tutorials f

An Amazing Collection Of Free Photoshop Grunge Brushes

Grunge brushes are cool for making your design look textured and all in all they are pretty much useful for any kind of effect. So grunge up your design with these cool set of Photoshop brushes!

Awesome Collection of Slideshow Presentation in Web Design

Slideshow is an appropriate and interactive way to display information such as images in organized and compact manner. It will help the user to understand the message and purpose of the website in the

36 Jaw-Dropping Illustrations by Tiago Hoisel

Tiago Hoisel is an amazingly talented illustrator based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Below you will find my showcase of his jaw-dropping illustrations. Enjoy!

How to Hide Login Errors in WordPress

For hackers it gets easy to hack in if they can see what’s the error coming while they try and enter wrong credentials at login screen of WordPress. For security reasons, you might want to hide the lo

40+ awesome new HTML5 designs

More and more developers are using HTML5 every day. We have moved from the experimental phase, to actually developing fully-functional HTML5 sites. Take a look at these awesome new designs that all ut

Get Loved Up on these Valentines Tees

Here we showcase some top Valentines themed t-shirt designs; whether they embrace the love and passion of Valentines. Or maybe they just take a side swipe at the glamour and over the top commercial as

Font Typography: 60+ Ultimate Fonts Typography Designs for Inspiration

Fonts typographic designs is now more popular and we can notice a surge for fonts Type work on portfolio sites, Here we have collected 50+ Ultimate Fonts Typography Designs for Inspiration , I found t

12 Fantastic Free Corporate Themes for WordPress

With so many premium WordPress theme stores selling corporate themes, you’d be forgiven for thinking that you have to shell out over $50 for a well designed business theme. Thankfully, that isn’t

Photography and light: The inverse square law

With respect to light, the inverse square law states that:
“the intensity of light radiating from a point source is inversely proportional to the square of the distance from the source”.

50+ Free Download XHTML Templates – Free CSS Website Templates

These are 50+ Free Download XHTML Templates – Free CSS Website Templates. Which are collected from different web resources for users. These templates includes business templates, game zone templates

How to create abstract Valentine’s Day illustration with hearts in Photoshop CS5

In this tutorial, I will show you how to create abstract eye catching Valentine’s Day illustration with hearts from scratch using several techniques in Adobe Photoshop CS5. Let’s get started!

14 iPad apps websites with a gorgeous design

The following apps got themselves great designs that should inspire any web designer.

World’s Largest Objects

World’s Largest Objects

25 Professional Comparison Tables

We have collected 25 best examples of Comparison Tables across different sites to give you an insight of how a good looking comparison table should look like.

Free CSS Templates

Many beginner designers have not enough skill to design their own website or create complete website. That’s why today i have posted 20+ free css website templates. In these templates every thing is

12+ WordPress Plugins You Shouldn’t Do Without

There are thousands of WordPress themes and thousands of WordPress plugins to choose from. So when you find what works, stick with it. So here is my list of 12+ WordPress plugins I have found most use

Top 5 Most Valuable WordPress 3.0 Cheat Sheets

Round up of useful wordpress 3.0 cheat sheets that will help you to learn coding. These wordpress 3.0 cheat sheets are the only available as of now.

From Pencil To Paper, Inspiring Comic Book Art – Iron Man

Today we focus on one of my favourite Marvel Heroes, Iron Man, after enjoying his story in Comic, Animation and Film.

Photoshop How-To: Really Hot Type

Make any text so smokin’ you can almost see the heat rising off its molten letters. Bonus: You can go back and edit the type without burning your fingers.

Win 7 WordPress Themes from Template Monster

They have recently launched a nice campaign where you can now get all of their WP themes with an amazing 20% discount. This offer expires February 20th and is now available on their site for anyone to

Photoshop Beats Stars

Photoshop Beats Stars

162 Beautiful New Vector Illustrations from Vectorious.net

This year started with a great deal of imagination and passionate work from our artists. They created 162 new and amazing vector illustrations for you to add to your library. Feast your eyes by taking

Introducing Google Chrome: All In One Super Charged Guide

In this article we aim to deliver an All in one resource guide for Google Chrome users. So Fasten your seat belts and lets check out more than 90 kick ass extensions, themes, web apps and tips to cust

Quick Tip: Dividing Shapes Into Segments using Illustrator

Learn how to divide shapes into segments using Illustrator.

Landscape photography inspiration from Juan Francisco Tur

Juan Francisco Tur is a 21 year-old graphic artist based in Ibiza, Spain. In his spare time, Juan likes to practice his photography. He has a great sense of light and color and he puts it to fantastic

Why Website Redesigning is Important?

Website Redesigning is as important as designing a website. But why the need of website redesigning arises? Over a period of time, your site looks and acts old when compared to other websites all beca

Famous Car Brand Logos – Evolution in UK!!

Famous car brand logos of UK keep evoloving over the years. Here is a display of famous car brand logo evolution of Aston Martin, Rolls Royce, Mini Cooper and Vauxhall.

What Method Should I Use for PSD to HTML Conversion?

Looking ahead 2011, we predict an increase in the level of interest and investment in advertising. With clients gaining more confidence in this economy and becoming more efficient with their investme

Show Post Time Twitter Style

WordPress by default will show the date of the post which in most cases is sufficient, but say your WordPress install has frequent daily posts or you use it for a different purpose…

Aperture 3

Aperture 3 draws the iphoto users and existing Aperture users to a more advanced experience. Scores of features are linked to what’s available in iphoto but a unique and new addition is the brushes

Just another brilliant photography selection – Natgeo archives

The national geographic archives are boon for those who are looking for best sources of photography inspiration.

Whatever you want whether it is wallpaper of place, animals, nature and so on you c

Showcase of Web Design in Pakistan

I gather some of the best and popular websites in Pakistan which are good in many aspects of web design and also very professional and great looking in design.

New 3ds Max Tutorial: Bokeh Background

Simple 3ds Max tutorial about creating a beautiful glowing bokeh background.

22 Valentine’s Day Card Ideas to Tickle the Heart- and Funny Bones!

Collection of cute valentine’s day card ideal for your special someone.

Lightbox Effect Only With CSS â No Javascript Needed

When you are on a page, and click on a photo or trig some event, a Lightbox is an effect that fades the pagein the background to show you new content in the foreground.

Challenges and Problems Faced by Fresh Designers on their Way to Success!

Some graphic designers work their entire lives without any recognition for their effort and innovations but Others gain fame without even graduating from college.

80+ Free PSD Web UI Elements For Download

80+ Free PSD Web UI Elements For Download.

52 Free High Resolution Valentines Day Wallpapers

Couple of weeks till most lovely and romantic festivity – Valentines day. In these days in air vibrates love. During this period shops and houses are decorated with symbols of love – hearts, roses

Rebellious Skateboarder Using Photoshop

The aim of this tutorial is to take you through the process of coloring an image in Photoshop using digital painting techniques.

Love Heart

Love Heart Free for commercial and personal use

Ultimate Collection of CSS3 Tools For Your Next Web Development

Along with the HML5 phenomenon that swept away the web design community, CSS3 also made a mark. CSS3 is the new addition to the stylesheet community that offers new and exciting possibilities on your

Incredible Close Ups Of Small Insects and Animals

Incredible Close Ups Of Small Insects and Animals

Freedcamp – Free Project Management

Freedcamp is a free project management solution aimed for small businesses, start-ups, students, and fans of collaboration. A place where people can connect, share, and create projects in an intuitive

iPad meets Star Trek

While I was browsing the OOOii website it occured to me that these guys might actually be designing the real interfaces of tomorrow. And one of the places where we might be seeing those interfaces cou

Learn the Basic Elements of Visual Design, Go For the Right Composition

Studying the basic elements of visual design are utmost important for beginners, as these make up the foundation of a successful composition in the end.

Showcase of Effective 404 Pages

In this inspiring collection you will find 35 fresh and effective 404 error pages from various websites.

Best Examples Designs for Mobile Web Interfaces

Below you will find a selection of mobile web interfaces that might help you a bit if you have no inspiration for them. Enjoy!

The Mindblowing Photo Manipulations of Kiyo Murakami – with Exclusive Interview

Kiyo Murakami combines photography and photo-manipulation into amazing pieces of art – she manages to create fantasy worlds that you can’t even dream of.

Add Favicon To Your WordPress Website

One picture describes a lot. So is also a favicon of a website. Some website prefer their favicon represented by image, some really like letters type, while some like it none. So how do we add a favic

16 WordPress Theme Clones Based on Popular Websites

An ‘X’ website that resembled as similar as one of the most popular website ‘Y’ on the net may get us confused and provokes the original creator of the popular ‘Y’ site. However, if the

40 Illusive 3D Sidewalk Art Photos

The best part of art is that it cannot be confined in boundaries. One cannot imagine what is impossible when it comes to art and fantasy. The post also comprises on some of the most intricate form of

Photography Tutorial: How to Make a Cheap DIY Ring Light

We know this effect from glamour photos and music clips, the ring of lights in the eyes. The original ring lights are expensive and not affordable for us normal mortals, so this is a way to create the

Wallpaper Wednesday #2 – February 2011

Wallpaper Wednesday is a weekly series featuring premium wallpapers by incredibly gifted designers. This weeks wallpaper is “February 2011? by FKSD.

World’s Best Aviation Photography

World’s Best Aviation Photography

How to Change your Permalink Structure Without Breaking your Links

Changing your permalink structure can be harmful if it’s not done properly. Follow this simple tutorial to make sure you don’t lose traffic or search engine rankings.

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pranav January 14, 2012 at 2:34 pm

wow, what a collection … really knocking socks off …


Matthew Haeck May 16, 2011 at 11:50 am

Just wanted to let you know that Facebook API article was actually @ this address. http://haeckdesign.com/blog/design/item/59-facebooks-open-graph-api – if you could fix it that’d be awesome!


Emily from Video Avatar February 10, 2011 at 3:59 am

I really don’t know CSS or HTML coding, I just use a template or hire someone who can do it for me. Is it easy to create a unique website through CSS? I found a lot of great resources that I can maybe use.


Lars February 10, 2011 at 12:31 pm

Emily it is not easy but if you just start doing it you will learn it for sure. Good and simple tutorials will be essential to start with.


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