inFocus WordPress Theme, One of The Best Themes I have Ever Seen!

January 28, 2012 · 4 comments

by Lars


I have tested and reviewed many cool WordPress themes over the last couple of years and it is really rare that I get excited. Yesterday I was looking at Theme Forest and I stumbled upon inFocus – I have to admit that I got really impressed. In some areas it introduces innovative and simple solutions to common problems bloggers and webmasters have. At the same time it is clear that the theme has been designed by a professional designer. The effort that have been put into every detail makes it stand out and will make your website or blog look awesome! Note I have purchased the Theme myself and have been able to test drive it for some hours now. I have noticed that the documentation and the PSDs included is top quality. Further I have tried the support and for I have to admit – for a $35 theme I’m very satisfied with what I experienced. I will share my findings and the highlights about inFocus in this review. Read on and share my excitement!

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Let’s take a look at the theme front page. It comes with a very powerful and flexible featured area slider. The image below is from the demo page and as you can see there has been put a huge effort in filling in content to make it easy for us to see the theme in action. I’ll get back to how the four columns have been set up in a minute and this is just one of many powerful features in this theme. The area below the slider is the teaser bar and you can configure this for the front page and for individual pages and posts.


The footer also look good and you can configure it from the theme options page.

The Package

Before we continue looking at features and visuals I would like to zoom into the package I got when purchasing the inFocus theme. This is the content of the Zip archive.



This folder is the files that you have to upload to your WordPress server. I zippes the “infocus” folder and used the upload theme feature inside WordPress.


This folder contains the license files.


Ok this may sound unreal but there are 93 PSD files included in the download…which is why it is 104 MBs. 23 of these PSDs are for covering every element and the full page designs in a detail I have not seen before. If you’re looking for inspiration on how to do serious and professional web design using Photoshop these PSDs are pure gold eggs! Then there are 10 colour themes having 10 PSDs each. Would you need this? YES!!! If you want to change an element of the design e.g. the logo or a button you have the source files and it makes it fast and simple.


In here you can see all the improvements and bugs they have fixed in various versions.


This is the Theme documentation and it is a 24 page manual showing you how to use the features included in the theme. The screenshot below is page 18 from the manual and it shows you how to use the integrated shortcodes systems making it easy to create uniquely designed pages and posts. I’ll show you some examples in a minute.



One of the reasons I like this theme is of course its look and feel, but it is also because the designer has put a lot of effort into creating short codes. Short codes makes it simple for everyone to format and style pages and posts in a really unique way. Let me give you some examples. This is the short code panel where you can choose and insert into the WordPress WYSIWYG editor.


The One Fourth is used to create the columns you saw on the front page. This is how it looks on the page…

Your content here…


Another example showing the flexibility and power of this:


Short codes can also be used to create buttons like this:


Or boxes:


From a design and look and feel perspective I think the Drop Caps codes are awesome:


In total there are 34 custom style shortcodes including Drop Caps, Toggle Box, Button Styles and multiple Div layouts to pick from…

Page Templates

inFocus provides out of the box some really interesting and good looking page templates that we need to have a look at. One option that I find useful is the Portfolio and Gallery. It also allows you to showcase videos.



The 404 page is really cool as it contains overview of pages, feeds, categories etc. making it easy for visitors that have ended up in a wrong spot to get back on track.


It is also simple to create a contact form page using the short codes system.


The Options Pages

A good and solid back end or administration pages for a theme is critical. Even if it looks stunning at the front end you will eventually suffer if you choose a theme with a poor options page. inFocus is well equipped and includes options pages for more functionalities than you normally see. The developers have created a nice tab interface making it easy to navigate to the options you need to change. Under General Settings you pick the theme stylesheet, change the logo, add Google Analytics etc.


Under Homepage you set up the image slider and the teaser area. They developed a system where you can set it up either automatically from categories or where you have complete control and can drag the items to the right spot.


On the individual posts and pages the Theme inserts several functions supporting among other things how e.g. posts show up in the slider on the front page.


The Sidebar tab hides one of the really nice features for this theme.


Once a extra sidebar has been created it will appear on the widgets page and you can add widgets to it. It will also be possible to choose it on each page and post. I have been looking for this function for a really long time. It gives you complete control and in a really simple and elegant way.


For the spicing up the Sidebars the theme provides 5 new widgets including a popular posts widget with images. This is a nice feature to increase the page views per visitor count and it look great in the sidebar.


OK I have just highlighted some of the features and visuals of this awesome inFocus theme. I will test it a lot more and I consider using it on a upcoming blog project I’m working on.  Go to the demo page and try it out for yourself. Remember when you do this that it is a premium theme and that I promote it here because I truly like it and believe it will be useful to anyone using or creating themes for WordPress. It is a $35 theme (way below other high quality WordPress themes) and I think it is a bargain!

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Alex January 27, 2011 at 2:24 pm

Thanks for featuring inFocus! We’re glad you like it!


Lars January 27, 2011 at 7:34 pm

you’re welcome Alex, I think you did a great job.

Reply January 26, 2011 at 7:52 pm

vey nice wordpress template!


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