6 Online Collaboration Tools that Take Collaboration to the Next Level

October 25, 2011 · 28 comments

by rohitha


The year 1965 should rise up from those deep web-covered recesses of your mind, especially if you are Generation X’er. Four decades have passed since e-mail inched towards mainstream use and forever changed the flow of information and human communication. Now with the cyberspace landscape constantly evolving and turning into a nearly endless online library of information, tools and ideas. We’ve got a myriad of tools that promise to make our lives better and easier and the type of activities done online and the time spent in form of the screen is just going up and up… One of the areas that really benefit from the Internet is online networking and collaboration. I have listed five really useful collaboration tools that are simply the pick of the bunch. Also keep an eye on this interesting new Online collaboration Issue Tracker based on semantic platform that gives it a number of competitive features such as dynamic Item Form fields or visual workflow builder. Released really soon.





While it may sound rather odd, e-tipi simply stands for “Espresso Thinking Platform”.  This is a collaborative tool that incorporates elements of Twitter, Digg, wikis and blogs to create a workspace in which ideas can be created and then subsequently explored. Every single user page is known as a tipi, and it would contain a variety of ideas submitted by the tipi’s users. All of the ideas focus on a main issue. An issue could be like a big picture problem, which may need a multi-staged solution.

Factors that get a thumbs up: 1. Offers you a lot of freedom and an opportunity for unstructured collaboration with many viewers.

Podio Collaboration Software

Podio creates instant value for your team and your clients. The simple and intuitive online work platform gives teams of all sizes and industries a better and smarter way to get their work done together. No IT is required for this collaboration software to shape a social online environment that is specific to your needs and work processes.

With Podio online collaboration and communication on projects and files in one centralized place is really easy. Set up work spaces for your team and client collaboration in seconds. Manage and share milestones, deliverables, meetings, contacts and all other information in their relevant context. Finally, there is a much more effective and social way to work together.

Podio Collaboration Software




Creately is a design application that is web-based diagram. Users of Creately can create a myriad of diagrams such as flowcharts, UML diagrams, organizational charts, mindmaps, sitemaps and a variety of diagrams using a large library templates and smart objects. While the application is currently browser-based, a desktop version will be released by January 2011. Also this app is designed so that more than one person can collaborate on a document. The application includes a large library of basic objects, and the user can upload their own objects easily.

Factors that get a thumbs up: 1. Collaboration is too easy with various steps of accessibility. 2. Thanks to the “no learning” foundation of this app, you can create really beautiful diagrams really fast with ease.



Basecamp is basically a dashboard, which focuses on project management that is perfect for team use. All the information for your team and the projects you’re working on can be easily reviewed from the Basecamp-provided storage—not a bad compromise if you’re already using 3rd party storage and you want to try it out.

Factors that get a thumbs up: 1. To-do lists, calendars, brain-storming white boards, chat, and file sharing are all integrated into your Basecamp portal. 2. Overview tab to give you a quick at-a-glance view of how things are progressing, due dates, and recent activity.



We all know what a haggle it is to get everybody’s opinion on a text document. And what’s doubly worse is incorporating all those ideas, corrections and choices of words and tone without spending a great deal of time on it. TextFlow is an app that runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux. How it works is that it basically incorporates everyone’s take on the original document, analyzes the changes, and then subsequently presents them to you to show what is actually different.

Factors that get a thumbs up: 1. It really is super fast and therefore a real time saver.



DimDim offers an excellent web-based platform for real-time collaboration and meetings.This collaborative tool provides a web conferencing service that is free where users have the ability to show presentation slides, share desktops, share, and even talk and broadcast via webcam.

Factors that get a thumbs up: 1. DimDim has the facility for public or private chat between conference participants and even presenters. This is useful if no audio facility is available.


Author : Rohitha Perera

Rohitha Perera is an Online Marketer at Creately.com, a collaborative diagramming software for teams. When he’s not working on marketing strategies for web start-ups, he spends time reading, watching movies, jogging, gardening and cooking. You can read more of his writing on the Creately Blog or follow him on Twitter:@creately @ForzaRP


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