200 Fresh and Really Useful Design and Web Development Articles

May 19, 2013 · 7 comments

by Lars


The Design and Web Development Blog Community is still going strong and there is tons of great stuff being released every day. I have collected interesting and useful articles from many different blogs and I’m absolutely sure you will be able to find something you want to take a closer look at. Remember to submit your own article here if you want me to feature it in one of these collections.



36 Pictures That Look Photoshopped – But Are Not

Today’s showcase is dedicated to such photos, the ones that make people skeptical about not being manipulated and still they are genuine and impressive.

Inspiration overload: using your creativity, one design at a time

When looking for inspiration for your next web design project, it’s easy to become entranced by all the creativity and different techniques that are out there. You start working on your project, har

Funky Frisky Graffiti Wallpapers

Graffiti is another unique form of design creativity. It is so attractive that you can hardly take your eyes off what the human beings are capable of with their fantasies. The graffiti is also used in

Take Advantage of InDesign’s Nesting Instinct

Using InDesign’s nested styles isn’t only time-saving, it’s habit-forming.

17 Absolutely New and Free PSD Website Templates

I gather some of the most fresh and free psd website templates for your free download and inspiration. These templates are cool and premium like and meet the quality standards of a good design. You ca

Great Design Videos to Instruct, Inspire & Educate

Reverting back to a previous run of posts that was run back in 2010, I’m going to share with you some great videos I have come across from the web.

Art Direction Trend Coming To 1WD: Foundations And History

Art Direction is here. The art of creating kick-ass blog posts with great content and super awesome unique designs.

20+ Flash Actionscript Tutorials

Action scripting is basically an object oriented language which was made by macromedia but now it is owned by Adobe.inc. This language is also open source like java script and others. By using action

50 Unique Business Cards

Where unique business cards can give a positive vibes among prospective clients, at the same time ordinary looking Business cards can kill the interest of the clients.

50+ Amazing Weekly Website Designs

Showcase of 50+ Amazing Weekly Website Designs for your inspiration

Disco Poster Template

Free vector disco poster template to create your own party poster. Just put information about your party and get nice unique party poster.Free for commercial.

6 Must Have Google Chrome SEO Extensions

Google Chrome extensions are a best way to add features to your browsers and there are lots of SEO extensions that can help you to optimize your web pages.

Your Webite Better Look Good for Google Web Preview

You barely get chance to take a breath these days before Google releases yet another new feature that is meant to help us in our daily search. A few weeks ago it was ‘instant search’, last week it

Mouth Watering Flash Based Restaurant Website Designs

Flash enabled designers and developers to deliver rich content over the browsers, creating motion, interactivity and an impressive visual experience. A lot of designer use flash in restaurant websites

Excellent Ideas to Having a Positive Outcome to Your Website

A business owner loves to put up a website. In fact, this is the way to reach millions of people in the market to buy your products and services.

Factors Deciding the Web Designing Cost

Web designing is a crucial and deciding aspect of a web development project. The success rate of a website depends on the web design to a large extent……….

The Brand Power – It’s more than just a Logo!

Many clients misconstrue a brand for a mere symbol, logo or a trademark used on a signboard outside the company gate. However, logo designing is just a minor part of entire branding process. A brand i

15 good examples of mega drop-down navigation menus

The best mega fly-out menus will usually be easily scannable, use segmentation or have images included.

5 Crucial Photoshop Tools For All Photographers

Photography is a technical and practiced form of art. It’s not an easy form of fascination, since several aspects are at play in a photograph: lighting, focus, composition, subject and more.

Changes to the Apple.com Design

Apple.com has undergone some adjustments to its design in the past week or so, changes that, if you weren’t paying close enough attention, you may not have even noticed.

20+ HTML5 Templates

HTML5 is now changing the web trends. It is the new and update version of hyper text markup language commonly known as HTML. Many people think that it is better than flash because animation made in HT

Why Designers Should Learn How to Code

There’s a never-ending debate about whether web designers should be able to code. Web designers who can’t code their own designs still exist. When the web first took off, the designation “web de

Questions Every Design Brief Should Answer

A list of the questions every well written design brief should answer.

50 jQuery Tutorials And Techniques

jQuery is a Javascript library. It has many Ajax and Javascript features that allow you to enhance user experience and semantic coding and it has captivated everyone’s attention by its fast and conc

Editorial fashion photography inspiration from Elliott Morgan

Elliott Morgan is a 19 year-old aspiring young photographer from Coventry, England. He has been photographing models for over a year now, working for national and international companies in both the U

20+ Free PSD Badges Pack

Badges are used by designers specially in web2.0 design websites. Badges show important information, offer or any other important notification on the side. So badges need to stand out from other desig

65 jQuery Tutorials To Help You Customize Your Site

Beginner or an actual developer, you sometimes need some jQuery tutorials to customize your site or the client’s and make it a dynamic platform for its visitors. From the numerous jQuery tutorials t

How To Make A Simple Konami Code Plugin

Konami codes have been used since the mid eighties are are present in a huge number of video games particularly within that era, Konami codes basically allowed gamers to gain extra lives and such by e

How To Install BSA (BuySellAds) Ad Code into Blogger

Some of my readers wrote me that they found difficulty during installing BSA ad code in a blogger platform. So in this post I am going to explain you how to install BSA ad code in a blogger.

Old Video Games Ads – Top 55

Old Video Games Ads – Top 55

Essential photography books that we have missed

While collecting essential photography books we have missed some books, those books are also equally important

to reach peak level in photography. Here the following are missed ones.

Giveaway – Photoshop Styles Massive Multi-Mega Pack

For all the Designers of SloDive community, we are holding another great Giveaway from new design resource site DesignPanoply.com and they are giving away their Photoshop Styles Massive Multi-Mega Pac

Exclusive: Free cloud photos

Download pack of 4 cloud photos in JPG format in size 2500×1875 pixels each. You can use them in your personal or client web projects.

40 Minimalist Infographic Designs

We are already familiar with infographics or information graphics as bold, colorful, visually appealing and presents a complex information.

Photo Retouch – From beauty to beast

This is a tutorial in Photoshop in which you can change Natural Beauty to Beast. Like a Natural Scene converted in to Horror or Darkness rainy scene. Not a very long tutorial, but interesting one. Som

Free vector colorful background

Most Designers share their Creative Vector Designs to others for free. so that others can learn from their works, At sometimes these collection will become marvelous time saver, We all know how good i

42 Free Psd Resources – Awesome Collection

42 Free Psd Resources – Awesome Collection

Weekly Web Design Inspiration #85

A showcase of the very best web designs from the last week

21 of Best jQuery And CSS3 Tutorials

Whatever, I back with useful and good tutorials one of them talking about jQuery and CSS3. I put between your hands a big and best collection of jQuery and CSS3 tutorials .


The following are over 35 unique reptile textures for your designs. Hope you find them if not useful or fascinating, then at least interesting, lol… Enjoy!

Twitter Widgets – Overview

This Blog presents a very nice overview of the avaiable Twitter Widgets, which can be integrated in every Blog or Website.

Cheap Prices Computers Laptops Subnotebooks

Netbooks are the new wave in mobile computing. First-time buyers are likely to be attracted to these small laptops because of their attractive price tags, while power users appreciate them because the

Macro photography inspiration from Gustavo Mazzarollo

Macro photography (sometimes called micro photography) is an area of photography dedicated to capturing small subjects, or small parts of subjects, at extreme blown up magnifications up to life size o

10 Tips for Interning at a Design Office

Internships can provide you with invaluable experience if you make the most of the opportunity. A glowing recommendation from an established company – or professional institution (i.e. medical inter

Create a Clean Register Form in Illustrator

Hi there. In this week’s tutorial I will show you how to create a clean register form. It covers several interesting techniques and tips on how to work with patterns, grids and guides, multiple fills

27 Creative Candles

27 Creative Candles

Free bullet icons: 30 icons set

I am happy to release a free Bullet Icon set, a set 30 bullet icons that you can use it in any of your application.

Photoshop tutorial: 3 key layer blend modes

So today I wanna talk to you about Photoshop layer blend modes. 3 modes in particular: Screen, Overlay and Multiply blend modes.

A layer’s blend mode controls how pixels in the image are affected

20 Warm and Vibrant Orange Websites

Orange is a color which portrays warmth and energy, this used in web design to give off a very warm and vibrant feel on websites.

Vector Roses Clip Art

I have collected this free vector silhouettes of roses to help you with creation of own artworks. You can find here many different silhouettes buds of roses,leaves of roses and roses ornament elements

Light Paint Photography

Light Paint Photography

20 Free HD Valentine’s Day Wallpapers

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, so it’s time to start setting the mood! Download and decorate with a romantic, loveable or cute Valentine’s Day inspired wallpaper, or send one to your spec

30 Chilling Winter Photoshop Tutorials

Learn how to create snow, ice, candles, Christmas trees and decorations, blog themes, snowmen and even animations.

15 Very Helpful Articles to Create an Effective Portfolio

For designers creating an attractive portfolio is not the problem, but how to getting more people to see our creative work is often much more of an issue.
And an effective portfolio will be an invalu

32 Awesome Adobe Illustrator Object Tutorials

32 Awesome Adobe Illustrator Object Tutorials

18 Best Free Minimal WordPress Themes

WordPress is one of the biggest publishing platform, made famous by its very easy customization and plenty of themes. As a “Minimalistic Person” today I have collected Top 18 best free Minimal WordPre

Weekly Typography Inspiration # 22

In this roundup you will get creative, fanciful, elegant, imaginative and graceful typography showcase for your inspiration, crafted and actualized by professional artists and designers from all over

Tutorial – How to Create a Successful Website

Tutorial – How to Create a Successful Website

Out Standing CINEMA 4D Tutorials

There were so many C4D tutorials on the web, here we have collect some of the best tutorials of C4D and stuffing them into one little easy to digest package for you. Hope u like it…

Best Web Design and Web Development Articles Roundup [January 2011]

This post contains a roundup of 20 great articles written by various Web Designers and Web Developers in January 2011.

Urban & cityscape photography of Andrew Mace

Andrew Mace is an NYC based photographer who likes to capture his city with unique compositions and perspective, hard to be seen by the normal eye. From brilliant night work, to sparkling lights, to d

Pricing table PSD template

Pricing table template in fully layered PSD format with each part organized in named folders, so you can easily edit necessary text and graphics for you design need.

Be Inspired! (By Everything) 18

So it’s been over a month since the last Be Inspired, but it’s finally here; number 18. Hope you’ve all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year, though there is still plenty of 2011 left of cours

15 Free Color Tools and Palette Generators

We have selected some free tools of color palette generators that would be definitely helpful for your color selection.

Keeping with conventions: 3 reasons to stick to what works

As designers, we are always looking for new ways to stand out and create groundbreaking designs. Unfortunately, this usually comes at the cost of breaking common conventions that our users are familia

Tips For A Successful Resume That Will Help You Get The Job You Want

All in all just remember that a good resume is your chance to get a good job so just try to make it as good as you can.

43 Freaky ArtWorks by Gloom82

Most people may see this artwork as dark, morbid, even disturbing. Not me, I find it truly inspiring, the attention to detail is absolutely amazing.

27 Beautiful Hut Photos

27 Beautiful Hut Photos

30 excellent Photoshop tutorials

one of the things I like are the freebies and if they are of better quality,
well here I found good tutorials for adobe photoshop turn, one to delas features
it has is a software adobe photoshop ve

Free Photographer XML Gallery Template

Photo Gallery Template it’s resizable adjusting after the browser size. You can add as many collections as you like and you can also change their names.

20 Tricks to Increase the Speed of your Hosting and WordPress Blog

20 tricks to increase the speed of your hosting and WordPress blog. This will not only help you in getting more visitors to your site but also increases the popularity and revenue of your blog.

Conceptual photography inspiration from Yves Lecoq

Yves Lecoq‘s conceptual photography is original, insane, surreal, and ever so interesting. Browsing through his stream of images, you just can’t help but lose yourself in his fairytales and never-

Staying Connected On The Move

Using broadband used to be all about sitting in front of a computer screen at home or in the office, but thanks to the power of mobile options, we’re now free to access it where we like. Mobile b

4 Ways to Improve Your Content and Your Online Revenue

In order to be successful for the web, you will need to write in a way that is easy for people to scan your content.

Consider breaking up a complex topic into a series of posts. It’s a great way

Your Website and The User Experience

This world has now turned into a global village. Internet is being used all over the world and this is exactly why each and every brand wants to have their own website in order to promote their busine

Free colorful vector pattern

Today we bring you a free vector illustration built using elements from our Patterns Vector Megapack. You can download the freebie HERE. If you enjoyed it, for a limited time you can buy it along wit

Tutorials for Making Your Website Mobile Friendly

Mobiles have become a necessity in our lives and are being used worldwide. Today’s phone set has the capability to browse the web, listen to songs, watch videos or even download any required informa

10 Most Useful and Beautiful Free Icon Set for Web Designers

Web Icons has its own unique importance in Web Design. Its valuable presence makes a Design out of the box. We showcase today some free icons for you, only you have to do is, click on any image, read

30+ Best Logo Designs

We have continuously posted some fresh logo designs for your inspiration in our logo design inspiration category because many designers think that designing a logo without any inspiration is very hard

45 Mind Blowing Creative Business Cards

Speaking of the design of business cards, traditionally they were simple black text on white background, square cards and at max rounded corners. Today, a professional business card would include one

Why Make Effective Networking Part Of Your Freelance Job

Being a freelancer is no regular job to do. It takes a lot of hard work to become successful in this field. And as a freelancer, it is essential to build contacts for your business work.

Best Firefox Plugins for Web Design and Developers

Mozilla Firefox is becoming more and more powerful tool in these days. Using right add-ons it will start to become a tool,

Free vector vintage emblem

You can always use a cool vintage emblem in your work, there’s no doubt about it. You can download one from here. This graphic was built using the unreleased (yet!) Griffins, Shields, and Wings, inc

Applying Color Schemes Requires Seeing Them Anew

Choosing colors is the first step. Adapting them to fit your design requirements is just as important. What looks good in a swatch may not work well on a web page—but that doesn’t mean you have to

Tips to Ensure Easier Website Navigation

As having a website becomes essential for any online business, it is also equally important to get better ranking, relevant traffic and ultimately Leads and sales.

Techniques to Shooting Sky

Every photographer looks for the best frame for his shots but, unfortunately, weather condition, time of the day and other elements greatly affect the final result. How the sky looks like is one of th

HTML5 WordPress Themes

HTML5 is the new version of HTML and wordpress is very common content management system. Many developers uses HTML5 features when developed wordpress themes. Today i have compiled list of that wordpre

Upcoming graphic and web-design blogs – 2

The time is as precious as a diamond for us,then obviously designers struggling hard to

save their time from their quest for needed information like tutorials, articles and

resources. To hel

16 Free Fresh Fonts For Designers

Every font lover loves to increase his/her collection with new fonts on weekly or monthly basis, so today we bring you 16 excellent fresh typefaces, possibly a wonderful addition in you font collectio

40 Splendid Examples Of Type Treatment

Typography is the art of arranging fonts and type-faces in such a way that it looks pleasing. It is the excellent example of where art and creativity are combined, in a professional way to create eleg

Free Ways to Increase the Visibility of Your Business on Internet

Small businesses choose to pay for advertising results rather than making the effort to promote their business through social media and other internet arenas. Here are Free Ways to Increase the Visibi

30 Examples of Funny and Creative Advertisements

Advertisements help companies for promoting their new products effectively. In this roundup I collected 30 examples of funny and creative advertisements.

Why Website Design is Essential for the Success of your Business?

Want to succeed in an online world? Are you looking for helpful advice to succeed? Well, your search is over. This post is all about how website design helps you in setting up an online business,

8 seamless hazard danger textures

A collection of 8 tileable hazard danger textures, great for your industrial looking designs, projects with construction theme or any other Photoshop design project.

New to Wholesale Business – Here are some useful tips

Are you new to wholesale business? This article provides useful tips to help you and guide in your future wholesale dealings.

Thoughts On Grammar And Communication

Grammar is important, but what’s more important is communication. If you can get your message across to your intended audience there’s nothing wrong with breaking a few grammatical rules.

Thumbnails Preview Slider with jQuery

In this tutorial we will show you how to create and use a thumbnails preview slider with jQuery. Since we got a lot of requests to show how to make the preview slider work separately from the full ima

Google Analytics Tips to Quickly Pull Data

Google Analytic shortcuts to help you quickly pull data and run reports. See how to quickly select data ranges and export large amounts of data.

65+ Free High Quality PSD Files For Download

All you have to do is download the PSD file that you like, open it with Photoshop and see all the actions and layers that have been done in order to obtain the final result.

22 Amazing Conceptual Photography

This post contains some really amazing examples of conceptual photography in which you’ll find that the technique of conceptual photography.

Starting A Web Design Business

In today’s post we’re going to cover the most important things you need to know about starting a web design business, and get input from other people throughout the industry.

Free iPhone 4 Vector

Most Designers share their Creative Vector Designs to others for free. so that others can learn from their works, At sometimes these collection will become marvelous time saver, We all know how good i

80 Creative Business Cards

In this post, we present you 80 creative business cards collection for your inspiration.

Artistic Heads Carved From Phonebooks

Artistic Heads Carved From Phonebooks

Losing Clients to Crowdsourcing Sites

This article tells a shocking true story of how I not only lost a client to a Crowdsourcing site, but then invited to participate myself!

Creative portrait photography from Elizaveta Porodina

Elizaveta Porodina is a 23 year-old Russian photographer with a degree in psychology based in Munich, Germany. 2 years back, she recognized photography as a creative medium to portray her thoughts and

30+ Amazing Nature Inspired Photography Examples

Nature photography is an extremely popular profession and hobby for those who choose to express their creativity through the magnificence of planet earth. Nature always attract everyone and of course

Top Design Billboards – Best 45

Top Design Billboards – Best 45

HTML5 logo using CSS3

As you probably found out, a while ago, the The World-Wide Web Consortium (W3C) has unveiled the HTML5 Logo. They launched more than a logo as they got also a full branding, including badges, t-shirts

40+ Superb Examples of Fisheye Photography

For your inspiration, we’ve collected 40+ Awesome Looking Fisheye Photography shots, hope you like them.

30 Detailed web layout tutorials

Designing web layouts is a very profitable job nowadays with so many marketplaces available

Please All Types of Clients: Guide to Choosing Color Combinations

Every graphic designer knows that choosing the color combinations is among the most important parts of the design making process, on print or on the web.

Do Small Business Owners really value Logo Design?

Small business owners fail often because they undervalue the significance of a logo design. Considering it as a mere symbol to be used on the company signboard, they overlook the intangible benefits t

20+ Joomla Extensions

Joomla has very powerful extensions library having more than 4000 extensions in it. Today i have compiled 20+ best joomla extensions. You can download these extensions from their sites. Enjoy!

Playboy Logo – “Are You a Playboy?”

The world famous playboy logo design originated in 1953 and was published in the second issue of the playboy magazine.

December’s Fresh Photoshop Web Layout Tutorials

Enjoy this list of 20 fresh photoshop layout tutorials, fresh resources from the design community (December 2010).

The Dilemma of Choosing the Perfect CMS

These days, we’re all trying to build websites quickly and easily, and developers are turning to open-source content management systems (CMS) to help them get the job done. Multiple content manageme

How to create Colorful Valentine’s Day card with shining heart in Photoshop CS5

We have another great tutorial available for our readers today. If you want to learn how to create Colorful Valentine’s Day card with shining heart, using simple shapes and gradients in Adobe Photos

Top 50 Free Bold Fonts

Today we have collected Top 50 Best Free Bold Fonts for heading and headlines. They can be used in logo designing also.

How to Create an Artistic Watercolor Ad with Photoshop and Illustrator

Today we will create a colorful artistic ad using Photoshop and Illustrator. Following this tutorial will not only improve your Photoshop skills, but you will also learn how to create compositions tha

HTML5 – Gets an Official Logo from W3C

Yes, HTML5 gets an official logo from World-Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and along with it, a new way of outlining the conversation about latest web technologies. Nowadays, HTML5 becomes one of the grea

Essential Photography books that turn Amateur to Professional

Photography books provide you extensive knowledge about it.In the nutshell these books are

very simple and it covers all about photography and it helps to both beginners and advanced


More Resources about Developing Smartphone Ready Sites

Now that we have established what are the advantages of mobile optimized websites, we would like to share with you some resources and opinions about developing mobile optimized websites.

Add A Maximum Post Title Word Count

For whatever reason occasionally in our WordPress installs we need to limit certain things, this could be for aesthetic purposes or SEO, so today I will show you how to limit the post title word count

20+ Joomla Themes

I think Joomla is 2nd most popular content management system after wordpress. Many websites and blogs are powered by joomla. If you are also interested in making or switching your website to joomla th

17 Great Travel Brochure Examples Fit for Globetrotters

Sometimes our feet just get this insatiable itch to traverse new surroundings. Now adventurous folks can just go where the road takes them but the more careful ones will probably want a little method

100+ Stunning XHTML/CSS Free Templates [HQ]

Nowdays, more and more designers and developers start selling their work for money, and as time goes by less free xhtml/css templates are being released. However there are a small number of authors th

The Art of Emotion – 45 Awesome Photos

The Art of Emotion – 45 Awesome Photos

Feel good about being a Graphic Designer

If you are a Graphic Designer and you have doubt whether you should remain in this field or you have to change the field, then must read this article, as it will really motivate you that you are best

Design Your Reusable Wall Cling in Minutes with These Ideas!

Here’s a fabulous collection of design ideas you can use for your wall art using reusable wall clings. This will for sure heighten your creativity for your room interior needs.

20 cool free downloadable PSD files

If you’re looking to renew your stock of PSD templates, take a good look at the following list of free PSD files.

Stunning film photography from James Whitmore

A wise man once said: The happiest heart that ever beat, was in some quiet breast… That found the common daylight sweet, and left to heaven the rest. This is James Whitmore and his beautiful, sensua

30 Awesome PHP Tutorials

PHP can be a beautiful thing and that is definitely the case with these awesome tutorials. In this roundup, you will find 30 of the best PHP tutorials on the web today.

35+ Unforgettably Creative Product Packaging Designs

Companies of today’s world crave to keep in the minds of customers and for this they don’t hesitate to do any marketing tactic. Branding has become the most practiced phenomena and the advertising ind

Incredible 3D Drawings

Incredible 3D Drawings

Wednesday Graphics – Inspiration Dose #3

Wednesday Graphics is post series. Every week we will post impressive and creative images for your inspiration and pleasure.

Seamless grungy red line textures

A collection of 8 tileable red line textures, great for your industrial looking designs, projects with construction theme or any other Photoshop design project.

85 Creative Vector Illustrations

85 Creative Vector Illustrations

25 of The Best Footer Design for Websites

Website design may affects on visits, hits, page impressions, visitor loyalty, unique hits and so on. Other reason might mostly because of the content and writing in it. However, some new trend is in

WordPress Hacks: How To Prevent & Secure

Up until now, there has been three times since this site was hacked and it really made me annoyed when i had to clean up the mess, enabling the inaccessible pages and keeping the sites from not being

35 Blog & Portfolio Free WordPress Theme

Smashing Magazine is a great site to visit where they featured useful tools, lots of freebies, excellent tutorials, jobs and forums. It is also one of the most resourceful site for WordPress related d

How to Add Extra Sidebar(s) to WordPress

Are you the type of WordPress user who just directly download a theme and use it all the way, or the type that modified it so that it fulfills the requirement and features of your blog? It may come to

The Short Theory of Mastering Webdesign: How To Prepare A Design

No matter if you are one of those people beating everyone’s quotations or one of those people getting upset about people beating everyone’s quotations: You can be worth more than you think by foll

Inspirational Website Designs: 40+ Top Website Designs For Designers

Now we present 40+ top website designs for designers from around the web. So we add CSS Based, Creative, and Flash based websites in this post and only the inspiring websites will be on display. I wil

Amazing Photos:40+ Brilliant Examples Of Photo Manipulation Art

Photo Manipulation Art: 40+ amazing photos manipulation art designs you never seen before. If you are looking to add some creativity and inspiration to your life, you probably need our Photo manipula

Featured Artist : Tony Ariawan Amazing Vector Illustrations

Today we showcase the digital art of Tony Ariawan from Indonesia who’s work you may recognize from various magazines including Digital Arts,

How to Use LinkedIn for Your Web Design Business

In this post, we’ll look at ways to beef up your profile as well as use new applications and sections to optimize your networking with clients, prospects and others in the design community.

Cool Showcase of Blue Website Designs for Inspiration

Colors can play an important role in any web design layout and one of the key factors in a good website design is choosing an attractive and friendly website color. Blue is a great color for web desig

30 Inspiring Creative Studio Email Newsletters

Using an email newsletter is one way to strengthen your business brand. With email newsletter you can spreading awareness and giving an insight to the customer/client about what’s new and what’s t

19 Photo Manipulation Tutorials for Photoshop #2

These tutorials will give you the ideas of how to create a photo manipulation in Photoshop. There are a couple of techniques, both new and old. Enjoy!


15 best chrome apps for web designers – surely a delight for designers those who don’t want to download heavy softwares on their hard disk.

30+ Breathtaking Sunrise Photos from Around the World

We are always awake to experience and adore sunsets. But how often have we marveled at the sunrise? Here’s a compilation of amazing photos of sunrise all over the world.

Get inspired from 60+ stunning interiors

Great interiors have always been a source (and sometimes place :) of inspiration for artists and designers. This site has more than 60 stunning loft interiors created by artists and architects from al

30 Stunning Collection of Photo Manipulation That Will Amaze You

In design, knowledge in photo manipulation is a desirable skill that can be used to a designer’s advantage. Having such skill will open up many design possibilities that a designer can create and in

Design Cocktail 4 – The Best Bundle for Creative Minds!

This January we have an awesome surprise for you! Designious just launched Design Cocktail 4, the first design bundle of 2011. All the goodies in this pack are brought to you by Designious.com and Wpw

SEO and Web Design Trends 2011

Over the past year much more has been changed in the world of SEO and web design than thought. Emergence of smart phones is going to change web access trends and on the her hand web browsers begin to

70 Breath-Taking Examples Of Infrared Photography

Infrared is the part of light spectrum which is outside the range of your sight; we can record or capture this invisible light with the help of high-quality digital cameras. Today we have collected ma

Render Individual Shapes to Images & Text Wrapping Around Shapes

What’s New in this Release?
The long awaited version of Aspose.Words for .NET (9.6.0) has been released. There are impressive 156 issues/features addressed in this release. Text wrapping around shape

Simple Ways To Sharpen Your Freelancing Skills

Most people find themselves working eight hours a day, five days a week. They could be connected to a small business or work in a prominent establishment where income is manageable.

20+ Photoshop Video Tutorials

Learning any software from your own is not that easy but it gets easier if you find video tutorials for what you are going to learn. If you are trying to learn photoshop then we have collected 20+ vid

20+ Photoshop Website Templates

Today i have compiled best and fresh photoshop website templates of different types. Most of the templates i compiled are free of cost but some are premium and available at very low prices. You can us

Fresh new beautiful & useful free textures to add flair to your photos

Texture photography can be a stand-alone genre of photography for people who like to capture detail and abstract images. It is also a broadly used approach for many photographers and digital artists a

Matte Purple And White Square Icons Signs

This matte purple and white square icons signs set includes a wide assortment of health and hazard signs (radiation, biohazard, no smoking, recycle, hospital, Rx … Etc) as well as road and railroad

5 Basic rules of Web design

5 Basic rules of Web design the most important rule in Web design is that your website should be easy to read. What does that mean? You should select your text and background colors very carefully.

Typographic VS Symbolic Logos of UK Brands – Which are better?

Its difficult to decide if typographic logos are memorable or symbolic logos. I have compiled 20 famous UK brand logos to tell which of these are more creative, UK typographic logo design or UK Symbol

A Complete Guide to CSS Colour and Background Properties

Covers CSS2 and CSS3 including: background-position, background-attachment, background-origin, background-clip and background-size.

Learn a New Photoshop Trick with VunkySearch

One of the best ways to learn a new trick in Photoshop is to grab a tutorial that catches your eye and dive right in. VunkySearch offers just that kind of eye-pleasing, pick-up learning.

Users can

Litmus Test for Blog Redesigning along with Rules

Stop ignoring the inevitable change that your blog needs from long time. A blog can be redesigned for various reasons or even for no reasons. I don’t recommend you to change your blog design every n

Amazing (New) Photo Manipulation Art from deviantART – Part 2

New collection of photo manipulations from deviantART. Must watch!

Beginner’s Study Guide to HTML5 Microformats

For years the web has been a static development block for housing information. It hasn’t been up until recently that micro-format designs have been released into the semantic web. These allow develo

10 WordPress Themes and Icons from WPBundle – only $89

WPBundle is an amazing bundle of 10 quality WordPress Themes and an extremely useful, and ever growing, bonus icon set.The regular price for this bundle is $250, but for today’s deal, we’re giving all

19 Marketing Brochure Sample Designs That Actually Work!

This collection of marketing brochures that will inspire you to make your own design based on what works in the market.

5 Strategies for Getting More People onto Your Blog

If you’ve had a blog on your website (or your website is a blog) you’ll know that it can be quite a challenge to actually get people onto it.

We’ve been getting quite a good amount of people

17 High Quality Mobile Friendly WordPress Themes

This collection of mobile WordPress themes will give you a hint on what I mean, so just check them out and enjoy.

30 inspiring Japanese web designs

A collection of 30 inspiring and colorful Japanese web designs.

Introducing Design Cocktail 4 – The Best Bundle of 2011

A great way to start the new year as a graphic or web designer: the cool chaps at Designious launched the fourth edition of Design Cocktail. The value of this incredible bundle is $724 but you will ge

Free Video Player FLV v4

Free Flash XML ActionScript 3.0 Video Player. It plays any kind of video file that Flash Player supports ( FLV / H.264 encoded video including MP4, M4V, M4A, MOV)

Manipulating DOM CSS Properties Using jQuery

jQuery is a powerful development library for JavaScript followers. The functions themselves have been trimmed down and allow for agile development in fast-pace web pages.

Laptop History in Photos

Laptop History in Photos

Facebook Social Plugin List

The Social Media Blog Gosmo shows in this Post a very nice Listing of available Facebook social Plugins, which can be used for your Blogdesign.

Currently running photo contests to submit your work

The Astronomy Photographer of the Year Flickr group, exhibition and competition are organized and owned by the Board of Trustees of the National Maritime Museum (‘Royal Observatory Greenwich’).

How to Do a Quality Check When Choosing Fonts

A designer has to take care of numerous things while designing a website. He has to be very careful with the choices that he makes. If you are a designer, you would be aware of the fact that concentra

600+ Social Media Icons

Weblovers presents a collection of more then 600 Social Media Icons, so that you can integrate them into your Blogsystem oder Website, for a stylish Social Media success

Fresh Tutorials Tuesday #3

Fresh Tutorials Tuesday is a weekly series showcasing recently published tutorials of premium quality. It was a pretty cool week of high-quality tuts!

Behind The Scene:30 Great Examples Of Logo Design Process

Whenever we turn our head we probably see a logo design.Maybe most of the people don’t pay attention to the logos in websites or outside but we definetely analyze them.
People may think that it is

Inspired Creative Process for the Big Design Challenge

Dion Star provides an in-depth look into the creative development of the Big Design Challenge Cornwall logo and branding.

A Guide To Going Freelance

A step by step guide influenced by my own experience of becoming a Freelance Designer.

Making of the Lost Temple – Photoshop Tutorial

In this tutorial we are going to create an atmospheric lost temple in the jungle. We will be focusing on integrating different reference images and applying an overall mysterious effect to the final i

HTML5 Icon set reloaded

Check out this great icon set! Free download, vector sources included

Amazing Papervision 3D Websites: New Collection

We continue our series of the most impressive and exceptional Flash websites created with Papervision 3D. This open source 3D engine for Flash allows Flash developers to create really amazing interact

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You’re welcome Donna!


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