18 Tutorials Showing You How To Create WordPress Options Pages

November 10, 2011 · 5 comments

by Lars


Creating WordPress themes can be a quite profitable job. Especially if you are good at it and know where to sell them. I recommend that you check out the Theme Forest marketplace as it is one of the top sites to earn money as a WordPress designer. Of course your design of the theme itself and the different options in terms of look and feel, colour themes etc. is what makes customers fall in love with your themes. However making your themes easy to use, customize by adding a high quality Theme Options Page may give you a reputation on sites like Theme Forest for delivering top notch themes. Believe me this part is what makes your themes go viral and your bank account go nutz in the good way. Some people have sold several hundred themes at 20-40 dollars at Theme Forest… There are even themes that have sold as much as 4600 times for $35 each. Consider what this kind of success would do to your situation…

For this article I have been all around the WordPress community to dig out the best Theme Options Page Tutorials for you. This will for sure help you create much better themes and include awesome options pages.



Create an Advanced Options Page in WordPress


This is an amazing 4 day tutorial taking you through all the steps of an advanced and fancy Theme options page.

How to Integrate an Options Page into your WordPress Theme


High quality step by step tutorial taking you through all the steps needed

How to Create an Options Page for Your WordPress Theme


Creating Custom Options Pages in WordPress (Video)


Create An Awesome WordPress Theme Options Page Part 1

Create An Awesome WordPress Theme Options Page Part 2


How To Add A WordPress Theme Options Page


A Video Tutorial by AMPtutorials (video)


WordPress Theme Design with Options Adminstration


Add An Options Page To Your WordPress Theme


How to Create a Better WordPress Options Panel


Create An Options Page For Your WordPress Theme


How To Create A Theme Options Page For Your WordPress Theme

Creating An Options / Admin Page For Your WordPress Plugin

Create A Settings Page for WordPress Theme

Thematic Theme Options Panel

How To Add Options Page To Hybrid News Theme

Adding Theme Options To WordPress Child Themes

Looking for more information? If you need one of the Cute Tumblr Themes there is a lot of good ones to choose from. If you use Joomla 1.6 you also need a good Joomla 1.6 Template – we have gathered a list of great themes for you.

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Raj Mehta October 19, 2011 at 2:38 pm

Useful tutorial collection

thanks for sharing



Joel Turner January 22, 2011 at 8:13 pm

Awesome! I was just looking for resources for WP options pages. You made my search much easier. Thanks!


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