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Membership sites have become very popular recently. There are several good reason for this and to mention a few I would say that it is a great way to create a long term monetization of your content. First of all it is quite simple today to set up recurring payment agreements with companies like Paypal or Clickbank. Further most membership owners pick up the email addresses from people that are interested before they buy access. This is done on a so called squeeze page or landing page and of course when signing up. Having a large email list where subscribers have been asked to double opt-in (confirm their email address) is another great way to earn money online by sending out regular high value emails and adding a few affiliate links now and then. Question is now do you get started fast and at the same time how do you get a professional membership site with all the nice features set up. There are many vendors in this market, however I believe a really interesting possibility is based on themes and plugins for WordPress. I have recently reviewed Wishlist Member that is one of the strongest membership site solutions for WordPress and then I recently found OptimizePress. This is a very good combination as OptimizePress is an awesome theme made specifically for creating squeese  pages, launch pages and sequences, sales pages and membership sites. The ready to use membership templates is a unique offering that really stands out. The theme has everything you need to get started and integrating it with Wishlist Member makes it a fully featured membership solution with excellent content protection, membership levels, content drip, integration to payment systems and autoresponders and much more. There is not excuse for not having a membership site any more.



Create Awesome Squeeze pages for List Building

Starting to build an email list is one of the most crucial steps you can take to launching a successful internet marketing business. A squeeze page is typically the first page you want a lead to hit and it is designed specifically for ensuring that they are picking up you message fast with no disturbing elements. The desired result is that the lead takes action and leaves their name and email.

With OptimezePress you create pages and not posts. It provides 11 built in squeeze page designs that are really outstanding and easy to configure with no need for coding. Once the theme has been installed you will find a wide range of page templates as show below.

Below the page main text field OptimezePress adds an area with a lot of options used to set up the squeeze page. This is where video and opt-in box setting are added.

Lets take a look at a few examples of what OptimizePress can do. First one I have created for this review and then . some examples from the product documentation.

OptimizePress has been designed to be integrating easily with your chosen autoresponder, which can usually be a real pain. Simply copy and paste the main form code your autoresponder provider gives you into OptimizePress, and the system will do the rest, including integrating the form with the custom styled input boxes and your opt-in button! I have tested this with Aweber myself and I have to say it works really well.

Get More Opt-ins and More Buyers from Mobile Platforms! With more and more people now using mobile devices to access your websites and content, it’s more important than ever to ensure your sites work on these platforms. With OptimizePress your videos will play on iPad and iPhones (you will need to upload a video encoded in the right format) – meaning more people can enjoy your sites and this means more people on your list and more people buying your products!

Creating Top Converting Sales Pages with OptimizePress

Once lead have been added to your list you either want to provide a sales page right away or build up some more buzz about your membership site or information product by staring a launch sequenze. OptimizePress provides page template for both scenarios. There are four sales page layouts but more than 20 variations giving the flexibility most would need. Lets look at an sales page example.

Never before has it been so easy to create high converting sales pages that look great too. Easily drop in testimonial boxes, order boxes, buttons, headlines and more with just a couple of clicks. If you’re using video as part of your sales process (and you really should be) then sometimes having an order button showing straight away can be distracting. With OpimizePress you can delay showing the button and first make appear when you think the leads are ready to take action.

Creating Launch Pages and Launch Sequence with OptimizePress

When it comes to launch pages and the sequence that we want to release them in OptimizePress provides the functionality needed for running a profitable launch. Product launches can be hard to plan and even harder to execute, so take some of the pressure off by using the OptimizePress launch system to build a sequence of launch pages which will enhance response to your content. You can also combine the launch features with the squeeze page features so you have the complete system for collecting emails and then delivering your pre-launch content, and then sell your product with a great looking sales letter

Lets look at what OptimizePress can do for your Membership site

OptimizePress allows to create awesome looking membership sites on the backend of your sales process. Simply plug-in your preferred membership script that integrates with WordPress, and you’ll be up and running in under an hour. You can use your preferred membership script with OptimizePress to secure your content. So far it has been prepared and tested to work with Nanacast, Wishlist Member and Digital Access Pass.  I have personally tested it with Wishlist Member and I have found it really easy to do as the video training available is of very high quality. It is showing you exactly how to integrate these systems with OptimizePress. The template system for setting up a membership site contains 14 page templates and you will find templates for the pages needed in most membership sites e.g Members Dashboard, Nice looking Login page, error page, modules page, content page etc. Lets look at a few examples from the sample site I have been creating for the review.

Members Dashboard

The top menu is created using WordPress build in navigation system for optimal flexibility and the menu at the left is created automatically to reflect the content available at the users current location. The Members Dashboard widget is created with icon by activating it in the theme configuration and by adding the text.

Modules page with auto-generated list of content pages. This is a cool feature and it looks great I think.

For offering downloads to membership members you simply use one of the OptimizePress shortcodes and it will generate a good looking download box as illustrated below.

You simply click on the small icon that have been added to the text editor when the theme was installed and a window pops up offering more than 115 shortcodes for adding page elements fast. It doesn’t get easier and faster and this is what any busy Internet Marketer should require… We don’t have time for fiddling around with technicalities like this ourselves if we’re serious about making business online!

I highly recommend that you check the video demonstrations on the OptimizePress website to learn more. Also if you want to create an awesome membership site you should consider checking out our review of Wishlist Member. These two products combined makes it damn easy and fast to get started with a professional membership site!

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