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January 28, 2012 · 4 comments

by Lars


I just learned that there is a new release of WP-Answers available. I reviewed WP-Answers some time ago and will only focus on the news in this short update. So what is WP-Answers all about? Basically visitors to your website can register and ask questions and then other members on the site can answer these questions. Then once the person who asked the question have got a solution he or she picks the best answer and the question is marked as solved. Then over time a library of Q&As will be gathered adding valuable solutions to new visitors. The way it works some would say it is a bit like a forum. The main difference however is that WP-Answers is highly focused on the process of solving a problem. Good solutions to common problems your readers may have is instant value on the table and this will increase traffic for sure. If you have a blog already a Q&A feature may be a great way to build a stronger community and add more interesting content related to your niche – all on autopilot.

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WP-Answers Theme

The standard theme for WP-Answers already looks great and can be changed easily to fit your needs as with any other WordPress theme. Check the examples in my previous review.

WP-Answers Theme

  • All form fields styled with CSS
  • Lost Password Page
  • Category RSS Feed fixed
  • Tags submission fixed
  • Images for backgrounds reduced, more css used instead
  • Email sent on signup
  • .PNGs used for button images
  • Email field added to Contact page
  • Pagination added

WP-Answers Admin Panel and Plugin

The new admin panel look really great and is easy to use. Facebook and twitter integration has been added and is managed from here.

WP-Answers Admin Panel and Plugin

  • New Admin Panel
  • Facebook Connect added
  • Twitter Oauth added
  • Email template configuration added
  • User cant reply to own questions
  • user cant select own answer as best answer
  • Empty comments problem fixed
  • Better error handling

If you consider this type of functionality on your blog you should check out the live demo on their site.


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Mike May 7, 2013 at 4:53 am

WP-Answers is garbage software. Could not get to work properly and no response from support but I did finally get a response after I forced a refund through my credit card company.


wp answers discount January 30, 2012 at 8:36 am

I request wp answers plugin for new bloggers . since wp answer is a plugin to convert the site automatically into Q&A site …….thanks a lot for your explanation


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