200 Can’t Resist News from the Web Design Community

May 19, 2013 · 5 comments

by Lars

200 Can’t Resist News from the Web Design Community

Thanks the the massive community of blogs in the web Design and Development community we have fresh supplies of inspirational and helpful articles, reviews and tutorials. In this compilation you will find 200 fresh Web Design news to keep yourself up to date on the “situation”. If you want your article to be included in the future then you simply need to submit it here.



Amazing Photographer Package

Do you want to own your personal portfolio website, compete equally with photographers having their photo portfolios and photo blogs? FlashMint offers you a great opportunity to make your dreams come

How to use Google Maps Street View

This time I will show you how to use the street view service. I have built an app for this tutorial, an interactive visit of Paris.

Vector tutorial: Character superheroes illustration set

Today we are about to take a lesson like the ones you took when you were at design school, you’re going to learn how to create the basic character design for an illustration.

Is Conversion Testing Worth The Hassle?

Can conversion testing really help your website generate more leads and sales? Yes it can and this post provides a number of examples illustrating why it’s important to incorporate conversion optimiza

30 of Inspirational Typography Vol#03

Develop your abilities and skills in the typography designs by watching the creative designs, in this post I present 30 of the most beautiful Inspirational Typography.

Interesting Art of Andrey Lazarev

Andrey Lazarev is an aspiring artist from Kyiv, Ukraine. He sketches are very detailed and capture the emotions correctly. He draws mostly human faces and show their real beauty. Proficient both in En

Massive Social Media Icon Collection

Social Media Icons are undoubtedly an integral part of every website, whether a blog or a ecommerce site. Social media is an important aspect and so are the icons. You can lag behind in promoting your

2010 Top UK Ranking Brands – Upholding the British Legacy!

We have listed 12 famous logos from the list of Top 50 UK brands of 2010, comparing their present ranking to their last year ranks. Vodafone, has topped this year with other famous UK brands like HSBC

The Cleverly Beautiful Illustrations of Rifle Paper Co.

The imaginative illustrations of Anna Bond evoke a feeling of sentimental sophistication and vintage originality. Take a peek at her whimsical artwork.

External Design Inspiration – The Incredible Works By Diftype

Niklas Lundberg is a Freelance Graphic Designer & Illustrator based in the northern region of Sweden. He is completely self-taught in all fields and constantly learning and gathering inspiration to ma

How to Add Column Shortcodes to Your WordPress theme

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to add column shortcodes to your WordPress theme. In the end, we also cover how to convert this into a column-layouts plugin. This is the first tutorial of many in

An Insight into Technical Benefits of WordPress

WordPress is an open source Content Management System (CMS), often used as publishing platform where websites can maintain the web standards very easily.

15 Crazy Cursive Kids Fonts

Today we have compiled a list of 15 beautiful cursive fonts for kids. These fonts can be used in assignments and school work as well as in designing a comica and amusing websites.

Underwater Photography for Marine Lovers

Underwater photography is the most challenging ones because it involves high end
equipments, trained and skilled professionals,

How to automatically pull content from blogs or online applications-WP-O-Matic

WP-o-Matic is the WordPress Plugin for automatically creating posts from the RSS/Atom feeds you choose, which are organized into campaigns, Also it is known as WordPress RSS Agreggator.

217 Fresh Premium and Free Incredible Vector Illustrations from Vectorious.net

The last few weeks have been a really busy period for our artists. They have been working on a new and fabulous collection of 217 high-quality vectors for you to add to your library.

SEO Friendly Web Design: Make Your Website Search Engine Friendly

A website is the base of every online business, whose main purpose is to attract targeted visitors…

Why Focus on Money and Then Traffic (and How to Do That in Google Analytics)

If you’ve ever had your own website, you probably know that the first thing you need to do in order to promote it is to get traffic.

How To Create An Admin Skin In Photoshop

In this tutorial I will show you how to create your own admin skin in Photoshop

Mobile Games: Free Mobile Casino Games

SmartPhonesCasino also has top-notch casino reviews that give you the top offers and best bonuses from the top mobile casinos online. If you want to get to the fun without all the hassle then check ou

Beautiful Christmas Cards: Design Inspiration to Warm the Heart

Send out beautiful Christmas cards and get your message through. Make your designs hard to resist like these following designs:

Popular Free Theme Provider in Auction

OSDesigner.net is a free theme provider for WordPress, phpLD and 4Images platform. It’s a very known name in WordPress users for free CSS Gallery theme.

35 Creative Postcard Invitation Designs for Inspiration

To help give you tons of design ideas, we have put together a collection of 35 creative postcard invitation designs. So, scroll down and be inspired!

Clean Green Free WordPress Theme

A very clean theme with a green tint. Should be light on your WordPress blog and enchant your visitors. Great for personal or news blogs.

Surreal Photography

In this weekâs â Photos of the Weekâ gallery I bring you a collection of surreal photography,

Make Beautiful Banners: 12 Banner Ad Tutorials

These tutorials cover different methods and techniques to make your banners more effective as well as good looking!

Is the User Mastermind Behind Web Design?

Web community is as powerful as real world and you can’t ignore the verdict of users. All the sites are made more or less for the visitors and it’s important to keep the users happy to get the vir

Aspose.Newsletter November 2010 Edition is out now

Aspose Newsletter for November 2010 has now been published that highlights all the newly supported features offered in the recent releases of its JasperReports exporters, SQL Server rendering extensio

Ask the Right Questions for a More Defined Target Market

Understanding who you are selling to will affect your ability to sell to them. Your whole brand can be wrapped around the identity of your target audience. So, how do you determine who you are selling

Excel Software Expands Software Sales with QuickLicense 5.0 License Protection

QuickLicense is a tool to wrap a protective license around any Mac or Windows software. Version 5 adds subscription licenses from activation date with a grace period, delayed activation, quick valida

The Lion & The Pumpkin

Our July’s tete a tete about appreciating Life is author of short story “The Lion, and the Pumpkin” Luis Christian Camacho Dilorenzi, Writer, Actor & Associate Director of The Living Theatre, New York

Invoicera: a Freelancer Best Friend

Invoicera is an automated web based invoicing application that will be very helpful for a wide variety of customers. Since its launch in 2008 it has made a significant growth and has proved as one of

10 Amazing HTML5 Media Player Implementations (Inspiration)

HTML is the markup language that makes up every page on the web. The newest version, HTML5, includes specifications for a video tag, that is meant to allow website developers to add a video to a page

Web Design Trends – Retro

A recent trend within the web design industry is the retro look, here’s a showcase of some of the best

50 Free Premium WordPress Themes Released in 2010

Today I’d like to introduce you to 50 Free premium high quality wordpress themes released in 2010 or to be accurate in late 2010, all are wordpress 3.0 Compatible.

Beautiful Showcase of Websites Using Bokeh Effect

Bokeh is the blur, or the aesthetic quality of the blur, in out-of-focus areas of an image, or “the way the lens renders out-of-focus points of light. Web designers are always looking for new ideas

How to manage your web design business – first part

I’m going a bit further today and will be discussing about Web Designers that don’t want to be working for The Man and start their own small business. Having your own “internet” business gives you a l

64 Creative Ads by Dan Escobar

San Francisco based Dan Escobar is a talented photographer who is inspired by the execution of strong concepts. Dan has done advertisements for Motorola, Bank of America, American Express, DHL, Micros

65 Very Useful Adobe Illustrator Character Tutorials To Help You Create Your Own

In the last few years cartoon characters and mascots became very popular and you can see them everywhere.Creating these kind of characters is not hard but of course it not easy.As being a beginner in

Awesome Calendar Designs And Resources For Year 2011

You may be looking forward to the 2011 calendar year, and considering some actions that might be scheduled to take place, possibly there are special birthdays, anniversaries, high school or college gr

Reflection Photography : 52 Excellent Reflection Photographs

Reflection photography always looks really cool. There are so many ways of capturing a reflection. You can capture a person with their reflection or you can only capture a reflection. I love this kind

CSS3 font-face or how to use a custom font for your website

Web designers have been constrained to use a limited number of safe-fonts due to the dependence of being available on various computers and operating systems. CSS3 changed that by introducing a featur

350 iOS and Android Mobile App Icons for Developers

These perfectly sized icons work with both the iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) and Android platforms. The iOS icons include the hard to find 2x size for the iPhone 4 with Retina Display.

30 Captivating and Blazing Photography of Fire

Some of the photos presented are captured from the fire dancing performance of some professional performers.

Colour Psychology: What Does Your Car Colour Say About You

It is widely believed that color preferences directly represent a person’s psychology. These psychological definitions have been applied to the way people choose cars as well.

Interview with AIGA president Debbie Millman

AIGA President Debbie Millman talks with AIGA Philly about the need for designers to embrace technology, and how the AIGA can adapt to changes in the field through an active membership.

Marvellous Examples of Animals photography

In this article we are glad to present you an amazing kit of animals shots. Let’s take a daily doze of inspiration.

40 Beautiful National Parks Around The Globe – 1

A national park is a reserve of natural or semi-natural land, declared or owned by a government, set aside for human recreation and enjoyment, animal and environmental protection and restricted from m

The art of the logo: 10 good museum logo designs

Due to their particular role in society, museums pay a lot of attention to every aspects of their visual identity

Free Patterns For Photoshop – Best Of Edition #1

It’s tough to find the new, best, and free Photoshop patterns for download. In this post you will find some of the best Photoshop patterns – for FREE.

Useful Roundup of Impressive Photography Photoshop tutorials

Photoshop is an amazing instrument to create your own excellent artwork. With the help of this graphic editing program you can correct a color, enhance the quality of a shot and change its size|modify

45 Most Amazing 3D Flash Websites

Flash web sites are amazing but if you give 3D touch to them, they become outstanding. There are few who don’t like flash because they think it’s not best medium for usability and accessibility, w

External Photo Inspiration – Stunning Pictures By Zardo

Zardo is a landscape photographer from Belgium. His very impressive pictures show fantastic landscapes, special perspectives of architecture and different details in a great composition. If you want t

Landing Page Case Study and Optimization Tips

Landing page hold utmost importance when it comes to designing a website. Launching a website in not a kids play and you have to keep number of things in mind to target and capture right audience at r

Priorities and Goals When Starting a T-shirt Business

If you are about to start your own t-shirt business, establishing your priorities and goals has to be your first step, because it will guide your business in a certain direction and it is important th

What Is Conversion Testing And Why Should You Be Doing it?

Are you conducting conversion tests on your website? This is the second part in a series on conversion testing – it touches on a number of areas including what conversion testing is, why it’s essentia

The Ultimate HTML5 Resources Roundup

Our goal in this article is to bring the best of those HTML5 resources together so you could find them all in one place.

The Video Showcase in Design from October

We trust you are inspired by this large roundup and showcase of the best videos in design from October with designer interviews and much more.

What to look for in a PSD to HTML provider

PSD to HTML conversion has become a service in high demand, mainly because web designers are becoming more interested in creating an innovative web experience.

How to make an iPhone App – Part 5: The Accelerometer

Yes, your iPhone has an accelerometer. I know this is not a physics class but the best way to define it is saying that it is a device to detect the magnitude and direction of acceleration. iDevices us

Accountability Groups for Freelancers & Its Advantages

Especially working in the industry where impressions always matter, Working alone can get very exhausting and lonely. You may come to a point that you just black out and run out of ideas. Build a grou

Cool And Useful USB Flash Memory Drives – 36 Amazing Gadgets

In the last years, the USB flash memory drives have evolved a lot, from the capacity of 256mb to 128gb and maybe even more. The interesting thing is that their capacity isn’t the only thing that evo

How to Add a map to a WordPress post or page

The MapPress plugin makes it easy to add Google Maps and driving directions to your blog. Just type some addresses in the post edit screen and click the

Creative Process behind the BevReview Logo and Identity

It’s best to think of a final identity as a toolkit — a series of elements that can be adapted, taken apart, and recombined depending on the needs of a specific use or deliverable. This way of thi

Review: Icons-Land, The Land Of Icons

Icons have been formerly known as the religious work of art. It is a sign or likeness that stands for an object by signifying or representing it either concretely or by analogy. In modern culture, ico

Simple Yet Effective Brainstorming Tips for Freelancers

Great ideas are born in everyone’s mind, it takes careful planning and powerful execution to turn them into reality.Now let us talk about brainstorming in-depth and build things that will wow the audi

WordPress Development: Most Popular Choice for Online Business

For any kind of site including online business sites the very preferred platform is WordPress, the most widely used content management system for any kind of website.

20 Bewitching Brush Fonts

Today we have collected 20 awesome brush fonts, these fonts can help you adding extra uniqueness in your design.

50 Free High Quality and Inspirational PSD Files for Download

Below are PSD files you can use on your design, especially for web design such as text effects, icons, templates, etc.

Joomla Website Development: Benefits of Web Development in Joomla

Use of Joomla is the most popular choice for website development. Joomla is used to create simple as well complex websites…

Nice Comic Art of Don Lawrence

Donald Southam Lawrence was born on November 17, 1928 in East Sheen, London and he lived till January 10th, 2004. He is considered one of the greatest artists in comic world. He worked for about 50 ye

Attention Designers: Get Recognition for Your Hard Work

MycroBurst offers a great opportunity for designers. Now you can get recognized for their hard work. Become a part of the top 10 list on LogoBlog and GraphicDesignBlog.

21 Real Time Web Analytic Services

Almost every websites are embedded with analytic tracking codes to monitor traffic of that website. You will not know what is your visitors favorite post/topic, their details if you didn’t put the c

Cardboard box PSD & icon

High resolution pixel perfect cardboard box in Photoshop PSD format. The cardboard box graphic comes in fully layered PSD & PNG format

Absolutely beautiful photography inspiration from Ásmundur Þorkelsson

Once I received a comment from puzzled amateur photographer who couldn’t figure out what point I was trying to make with my images. And why no people couldn’t be found in my images.

I know many

Joomla 1.6 Beta 13 – The New Release!

Joomla is the one of powerful content management system in the web development industry. Joomla web design is highly demanded by the small and medium online business people.

Quick Tip for Getting Free Website Templates + 25 Free css templates

Looking for creative and stylish Website Templates? Tired of boring designs? Want to try something new? What about Free Website Templates that look like premium ones?

15 Custom Event Tickets to Feast Your Eyes On

Take a look at these custom event tickets and learn how you can make your designs so awesome people won’t think of throwing them in the trash!

Enjoy the best of both – Skype and Facebook!! The New Skype 5.0 Released

Skype releases its improved version Skype 5.0 for windows, a new version, promising to prove beneficial than ever before, comes up with some additional features for its users.

Amazing Examples Of Text Art

I am just drawn to beautiful text on posters and advertising.

How To Design A Sticky Site

As a visual designers your goal is to communicate ideas and messages to an audience. You want your ideas to be understood, remembered, and shared. You want your ideas and design to stick in the minds

10 excellent secrets to successful web design

A website with an effective design along with concrete content is essentially required. Successful web sites are “user friendly,” allowing valuable information to be obtained easily by the user.

6 Cutting Edge 3D Printers

When many of us first heard about 3D printers a few years ago it took a couple of minutes to get our mind around the concept. We were told they print plastic and we thought, “print ON plastic? Is th

Best of October on The D-Photo

Hey guys! October is over and before we embark on a whole new month, I just wanna take this chance to thank you all for keeping this site going. It is what it is because of you all! The D-Photo is now

Things Worth Noting About CSS Attribute Selectors

With the demise of IE6, attribute selectors are becoming more common. Here are some things to keep in mind if you plan on using them in your projects.

Pixmac Stock Photo Credits Giveaway

The prize is a subscription pack to Pixmac worth $199.00! There are 3 subscriptions to give away so you have a great chance of winning one

Submit Your Design News on upcoming Design Blog

Submit your design related article to my Graphic Design Blog to be listed.

A Dazzling Portfolio and All about It

The field of graphic designing is incomplete without a portfolio. As a graphic designer a portfolio is the most essential element of his professional life. A graphic design portfolio is basically a we

Best Web Design and Web Development Tutorials Roundup [October 2010]

This article contains a roundup of 20 great tutorials written by various Web Designers and Web Developers in October 2010. After reading these stunning materials you will gain a big amount of fresh kn

40 High Quality Organic Textures For Photoshop

Textures and Brushes plays an important role in Adobe Photoshop designs. In the past we present lots of textures and brushes collections for our readers. If you missed those articles then you can che

Publish with Confidence: A Checklist for Picking a Book Publisher

Publishing a book can be overwhelming. Whether you’re a writer, designer, developer, or all three, this article is a must have resource for anyone looking to publish a book. Free PDF checklist include

45 Incredible Logo Designs #5

Heres a collection of the best recent logo designs. This roundup includes a variety of modern and retro styled logos. With high detail and quality, these designs really set the standards for future p

Should Web Designers Go to College?

Many employers seek web designers who have formal education and training. A degree or certificate can give you an extra edge when applying for a web designer position. Associate and bachelor’s degre

Music & band commercial photography inspiration from Peter Place

Commercial photography is basically an area of photography where the photographer is paid by different businesses to commercially use his/her images to promote their work through advertisements, poste

Creating a Stylish Coming Soon Page with jQuery

Here we are creating a stylish coming soon page, using PHP, MySQL and jQuery. It will allow you to collect visitors’ emails and store them in a simple database table.

Heart Stopping Collection of Le Parkour Photographs

Le Parkour, primarily considered a philosophy, includes the physical practice of traversing elements in both urban and rural settings. The goal is to move from one point to another as quickly and effi

30 Stylish Examples of Drop Down Navigation Menus

One of the first things to do when planning out a new website is to work out all of the content that will be in the site. You then divide that up into sections and then into various levels of navigati

150 Articles: October’s Review of Design Across The Web

Here is the most inspiring and informative content on all things design and creativity from across the web from October.

30 Inspirational & Professional Brochure Designs

Lets share with you 30 beautiful and professional looking brochure designs for your inspiration.

20 Free Grunge Fonts

Grunge style design is a popular form of current art trends. Here is an amazing, high-end collection of grunge fonts that are perfect for this type of art.

300 Social Media Icons for your Design

Weblovers presents 300 really great social media icons, which can be used in your Webdesign to integrate Social-Networks like Twitter or Facebook to your Design

Create Reports Based on MS Word Template in SharePoint Doc Library

What’s New in this Release?

Aspose.Words for SharePoint 2.0.0 has been released. The major improvement in this release is the introduction of report generation support based on functionality availa

20 Groovy Vector Illustrations by Vasiliy Orlov

View 20 groovy vector illustrations by a talented Ukrainian vector designer Vasiliy Orlov, also known as XxMurderdollxX.

Some Tidbits on Mobile Application Development

Are you a newbie planning to try your hand at mobile application development? I know it can be very daunting especially if you do not have advanced knowledge of any particular development platform

60 Creatively Edited Photographs For Inspiration

In today’s time we can edit the photographs to give them the new look according to our imagination. Adobe Photoshop is the best and widely used software for photo editing. In this article I collecte

5 Exclusive PSD of Business Card

We have come up with a striking and tempting offer for Slodive readers. We have 5 free business cards templates in PSD format along with their respective fonts used in the psd’s. Whats more, these b

5 Tips For Personal Branding

A short article written about the rise of personal branding as a tool for job seekers and recruiters alike. It’s 5 basic steps for someone that is just getting started with personal branding.

An introduction to flash photography

A flash is a device used in photography producing a gleam of light to help illuminate a scene. Flashes are typically used to light subjects in fairly low light situations, to freeze motion of fast mov

Illustrator Tutorials Roundup: October 2010

This month brought us new and great Adobe Illustrator tutorials to learn from. I put up a collection of the most relevant tutorials for you to enjoy and to use in your future design projects. Check th

A Beginner’s Guide To Conversion Testing

Running conversion tests on your website is crucial if you want to ensure your site is reaching its full potential and generating lots of leads and sales. This is the first post in a series on convers

Digital Art Inspiration: Abstract Photoshop Manipulation Girls

Be inspired by the best digital artists from across the web, here we showcase the best photo manipulation digital artworks with girls as its subject focus.

50 Beautiful and Brilliant Storm Photos

The forces of nature are powerful, awesome, colorful, pretty and horrifying all at once. To capture a storm in a picture, you’ve got to be in the right place at the right time.

Photoshop Tutorials Roundup: October 2010

This month there were some really awesome new Photoshop tutorials on the web. I put together a really cool collection of tutorials which will help you enhance your skills in using lights, brushes and

3 Life Lessons I’ve Learned Through Blogging

When I quit my last “conventional” job working for a state politician almost a year and a half ago, I had no idea what direction my life would take.

Breathtaking Body Sculptures You Might Never Seen Before

In this post we are listing breathtaking body sculptures from Carole A. Feuerman’s work. She is widely acknowledged as one of the world’s most prominent hyper-realist sculptor.

50 Awesome Retro Wallpapers

Don`t you miss the good old days? The days when there were no social networks, mobile phones were still just a concept or when freedom of expression was much higher. Let’s celebrate those times with

Feeling Uninspired? 6 Best Ways To Find Inspiration

Below are easy steps that you can do to find or boost your morale towards anything you wish to do in life. Get out of your comfort zone and start finding out where that shy inspiration went to.

61 Unusual Navigation Menus in CSS, Flash and JavaScript

This article is featuring 61 great looking and really unusual navigation menus which are CSS-based design solutions, JavaScript-based menus and Flash-designs.

Change The WordPress Logo In Your Admin Pages

Today I will show you how to add your own logos to replace the default WordPress logos, the following changes take part in your functions.php file, so ensure you backup before you continue…

Pull Out Content Panel with jQuery

In this tutorial we will create a content panel that slides out at a predefined scroll position. It will reveal a teaser with related content and it can be expanded to full page size to show more. A c

Colorful Website Design Trends and Best Examples To Get Inspired

Colors are the very essence of website design. They set up the tone, prepare the background, create an inviting atmosphere for the visitors, and inspire them to explore more of a website. However, it

30 Free Professional Business Fonts

Today we have collected 30 professional business fonts for your next logo design project. logo fonts are there as well

Photoshop Tutorial: How to Make an Animated Step By Step Progress of Your Artwork

This tutorial will show you a quick and easy method to make an animated gif image in Photoshop showing the progress of your work.

50 Best Remarkable Icon Sets From 2010

A well designed remarkable collection of carefully hand picked best icon sets created in 2010. If your looking for the best icons sets which are fresh new sets which have all be well designed and wor

8 Character Drawing Art Tutorials

When it comes to learning cartoon including Character art, practice and analyzing the movement and the characters is the best learning technique. This post collects tutorials drawings and animation an

External Film Inspiration No. 25

“External Film Inspiration“ is a serial of short films, trailers and music clips by different artists from across the world introduced here at Cromoart. We would like to inspire you give ideas and

Webstyle – Web designing Company

We are web designing company based in India. We provide Web design, home page design, landing page design, web development, multimedia solutions.

Beautiful pink Webdesigns – a little Showcase

The Designblog Weblovers presents a little showcase which includes pink Webdesigns for your daily inspiration.

How to write Better CSS Code

Before coming to the main point, it would be better to have some brief description regarding CSS so that it will be better to learn how to write better CSS code.

45 Excellent Examples Of Creatively Edited Photography

Photo manipulation is the application of image editing techniques to photographs in order to create an illusion or deception.It is one of the most attractive part of digital editing and being used wid

3D Grunge Text Tutorial With Illustrator and Photoshop

In this tutorial you will learn how to create 3D Grunge Text on Illustrator and Photoshop, I’ve used CS5 for both but you can do this tutorial in CS3 and CS4

30+ Awesome Windows 7 Wallpapers

Windows 7 is really popular these days and its awesome operating system earlier version Windows Vista had many issues and was slow in its performance. Many users of windows xp already switched to win

Web Design : Great Collection Of Free Online Books For Web Designers

Reading Books is one of the best way to learn new things. If you are a web designer and want to learn new things about web designing and web development you don’t have to go anywhere you just have t

Coke illustrations to cheer you up!!!

These Coke Illustrations showcased here are from the Coco-Cola artworks from different artists in different styles and trends illustrating the ‘Coke side of Life’ campaign. Join and recharge yours

PSD Website Templates: Free High Quality Designs

In the past I have written many articles showcasing web design for inspirational purposes. In this post I came to the conclusion that I would compile a collection of beautifully designed, FREE, PSD we

Creating Christmas Tree

In this tutorial you will learn how to create an abstract Christmas tree design.

46 Dark Seamless And Tileable Patterns For Your Website’s Background

Searching on all the pattern sites for a certain pattern which can be used on a specific site is pretty annoying so I gathered for you (and me) some of the best seamless and tileable dark patterns so

Weekly Web Design Inspiration #74

A showcase of the very best web designs from the last week

Fine art flower photography from Kim Hojnacki

The key to beautiful flower photography is sharp focus, diffused even light, and a tight crop.

You need be well aware of your background while composing for your flower. Make sure your background c

Graphic T-Shirts by The Affair: Clothing Fashioned by Literature

A healthy love of reading mixed with a genetic loathing of mindless pulp references.
The-Affair makes clothes fashioned by literature.

New WordPress Theme! – Movie Magazine

MovieMagazine (by Rockable Themes) is a professional premium wordpress theme created with a lot of persistence and professionalism.

150 Halloween costumes for your inspiration

150 Halloween Costumes

How to Create a Sitemap for WordPress

Sitemaps are a great way of letting search engines know what content is on your site. This tutorial takes you through creating one for WordPress automatically and submitting it to all the major search

Win 1 Of 3 Tee’s Courtesy Of Redbubble

We are able to offer our lovely readers of nenuno creative the change to win 1 of 3 T-shirts from the massive creative collection that redbubble has to offer.

How to Create a Coming Soon Landing Page PSD Template

Here we are going to show you how to create the Coming Soon/Under Construction PSD template seen below designed to match the Slate Grey variation of our Awake WordPress Theme. 25 color variations also

Enjoy the best of both – Skype and Facebook!! The New Skype 5.0 Released

Skype releases its improved version Skype 5.0 for windows, a new version, promising to prove beneficial than ever before, comes up with some additional features for its users.

App Giveaway! Win a copy of MorningReport

Earlier this week we were lucky enough to interview Josh Guest of b2cloud. Josh was very generous and provided Mobile Orchard with several promo codes to give to our readers. If you are interested in

Black and white long exposure photography inspiration from Mike Malling

Mike Malling is mainly interested in black and white long exposure photography. He would rather perfect his exposure and composition on location, than having to edit and fix back in Photoshop. He know

Best Design Articles October 2010

Design magazines have always been a great source of inspiration for designers. It brings latest trends and new ideas into the mind of designers.

To Create a Rusty Chain Using Photoshop

In this tutorial we are going to create a simple semi-realistic chain using some Photoshop effects and a texture.

40 beautiful digital painting and design inspiration

bove basic elements of painting was watercolor, painting, color pencil, now times have changed mind and presents digital painting, using design tools and programs like photoshop, now all the screen is

650 excellent free photoshop brushes tribal tattoos

tribal tattoos are very popular today and what you can in any décor, and all graphic designer needs a good resource to develop a striking design work you can find them as vectors or photoshop brushes

Typography 101: Baseline Shift

This article demonstrates how adjusting the baseline shift on the typographic “@” symbol increases the aesthetic quality on the letters.


The following are 26 beautiful sets of social media paper icons ready for downloading… ENJOY :-D

Amazing Illustrations by Joana Lafuente

Joana Lafuente is superb talented female illustrator and IDW publishing colorist for Transformer comics and freelancer artist on illustration, storyboarding and concept art.

Creative Illustrations by Kevin Keele

Amazing and very creative illustrations by Kevin Keele, talented artist who living in Utah and working for Disney Interactive Studios/Avalanche.

8 Free Techno Style Vectors

Hey techno fans, looking for some awesome graphics? Well stop looking and start downloading these amazing techno style vectors that are fully editable!

Design a 3D web layout in photoshop

Create a 3D web/blog layout with adobe photoshop a detailed tutorial. There are a lot of things you can modify to your own needs in this tutorial, it’s mainly about learning some of the techniques u

Superb Creative Illustrations by Denis Zilber

Denis Zilber is a freelance illustrator and animator who is based in Tel-Aviv, Israel.

Get Your Tee On With Inspiring Designs From Redbubble

As we can’t show off all of our favourite designs, but we have hand picked 35 of our favourite tee’s! But be sure to check out our fantastic give-away tomorrow where you can have the chance to win

Beautifully delicate female art photography of Anna Morosini

Beautiful, graceful, simple, serene, youthful, immortal, passionate, and sincere. These are just a few of many many more words that describe the way I feel about the photography of Anna Morosini, and

20 Weekly Amazing Vector Design Inspiration

This post is part of a weekly series showcasing inspirational vector art. Although the series showcases vector art, some work might just be vector inspired, not created completely with vector art. If

Tips for Choosing the Best Affiliate Program for Your Blogging Needs

Try these tips for choosing affiliates. The right affiliates will make all the difference in the amount of income a blog can produce.

Creative Commercial Photography by Martin Flamand

Superb creative commercial and editorial photography by Martin Flamand, talented photographer, based in Montréal, Québec, Canada.

Weekly Typography Inspiration # 11

In this roundup you will get creative, fanciful, elegant, imaginative and graceful typography showcase for your inspiration, crafted and actualized by professional artists and designers from all over

Fantastic Artworks by David Delin

In this post we showcase fantastic artworks from David’s portfolio. Hope these artworks will continue the flow of inspiration & help you to design one of your own creation

SEO-Semantic-XHTML – Believes in Continuous Improvement and Innovation!

SEO-Semantic-XHTML is one such company which has carved a niche for itself in the industry and is considered one among the major service providers.

10 Stunning JavaScript Animation Frameworks

JavaScript always a favorite programming language within web designer’s community. It has a wide range of dynamic functions. It’s become the language for animation. In this article we are going to

PSD email template in 3 colors

Set of 3 PSD email templates in 3 colors. Download these email newsletter templates in Photoshop PSD format.

40 Excellend Web Apps Every Freelance Designer Should Use

If you’re a free lancing web designer who loves to work independently for clients, designing great websites requires some ingenuity and cutting edge to take over the competition and achieve customer

Christmas Balls Vector Graphic

Christmas balls free vector graphic

File Format: Ai, EPS, JPG

Black and White Portraits by Tasya van Ree

Tasya van Ree has always been intrigued by the everyday wonders of the visual world.

Glossy Black Social Media Icons

Today’s web treat is an updated set of 154 Glossy Black social networking icons.

21 Folder Design Ideas to Impress Your Clients With

Presentation folders play an important role in marketing; they are used for document management and brand establishment.

Amazing Photos

so here are some of the perfect Camera Clicks I have ever Seen.

Website Design: Personal Portfolios and Design Studios

One thing I try to do every month is present a great compilation of websites. In this article I am going to focus on personal portfolios and design studio websites. I have scoured the internet for som

Fashion Photography by Igor Oussenko

I couldn’t decide which of Igor’s project to put on the site! So i decided to pick out some random favourites to show you fellow viewers! His overall composition, editing, make up and clothing in

Create a fashionable cinematic photo effect in Photoshop

Today we’re gonna look at how to create a fashionable cinematic photo effect using Adobe Photoshop. Note that if you’re using some other photo-editing software such as elements or GIMP, the proces

Nice Showcase of Typography Inspired Website Designs

Typography is the art and technique of arranging type, type design, and modifying type glyphs. Type glyphs are created and modified using a variety of illustration techniques. When designing the websi

How to Manage your Virtual Portfolio as a Digital Designer

One of the most common questions about setting up a virtual portfolio is how many images should be present. While some of the more extreme designers show as many as a hundred different pieces, probabl

Absolutely Stunning Vector Inspiration

This showcase is of a great selection of our favourite fresh and inspirational vector art.

Top 22 Halloween WordPress Themes

Halloween wordpress themes

50 Fresh And Inspiring Photo Manipulations Of October 2010

As we know that at the end of every month we compiled the best design resources and inspiration of the month for our readers. 3 Days back we compiled a list of Best Adobe Photoshop tutorials of Octobe

20 Stunning Billboards Advertising that will catch your attention

Most of the time, billboard ads are an annoyance, filling the side of the roads with cheap design and poor concepts. However, the billboards in this posts are not your ordinary billboard. These are fu

75 Breathtaking Free iPad Wallpapers Let Your Desktop Come Alive

iPad is another remarkable gadget from the home of Apple released in April 2010. iPad allows you to browse internet, watch movies, music you love, media utilization, gaming, light content creations,

50 Colorful Web Designs For Your Inspiration

I looked at over 1000+ really colorful web designs today so I thought that I would share some with you and then make a series out the idea. Now we present 50 Colorful Web Designs For Your Inspiration

Useful Roundup of Impressive Photography Photoshop tutorials

Photoshop is an amazing instrument to create your own excellent artwork. With the help of this graphic editing program you can correct a color, enhance the quality of a shot and change its size|modify

Cool Halloween Illustrations and Artwork

View Cool Halloween illustrations and artwork to inspire some ideas of your own or use it as a base of your next spooky project.

15 Most Trendy Flash Templates

Check the fresh compilation of 15 most stunning Flash templates distinguished by superior quality and up-to-date design.

Best jQuery Slideshow (Gallery) Plugins

We have come up with a power pack of Best jQuery Slideshow Plugins, which you would definitely like to use. jQuery Slideshow Plugins, which you would definitely like to use.

Quick and Easy Way to Enhance WordPress Excerpt

WordPress gives you the following great option: Excerpt: If you want, you can write a short summary of your post for the Excerpt field. If you choose not to write a separate excerpt, WordPress will au

Win One of Four Year-Long Subscriptions to Blinksale

For this week’s Friday Freebie, the killer team at Blinksale is going to make invoicing a lot easier for four lucky winners. Those lucky Inspired Mag readers will win a Blinksale subscription for a

Requirement of Internet Marketing for Business Expansion

Internet marketing has become mandatory thing for most of the businesses who aim to strike big and expand their business globally. It implies online marketing of products/services of a company on inte

Simply mind-blowing iPhone applications for Web Developers

We are happy to present you another 20 must-have iPhone applications, this time for Web Developers. Whether you are a beginner or a professional developer, you will most certainly find something for y

Long exposure photography inspiration from Nathan Wirth

Nathan Wirth, a native San Franciscan, is a self taught photographer who uses a variety of techniques including long exposure and intentional camera movement to express his unending wonder of the fund

15 Random fonts to spice up your design

today we have collected 15 free random fonts to spice up your design, these fonts can be delightful addition to your font collection. Download and Enjoy.

Top 5 Ecommerce Website Design Tips

The main purpose of an Ecommerce Website is to increase sales, means attract and inspiring visitors to make a purchase. For this it is very important to take care of your ecommerce web design.

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