The trend of dark backgrounds is making a comeback, appearing in many designs nowadays. This element is beloved by many designers, since it makes the website content expressional. The dark background is unobtrusive and leaves the main focus on the website content. If a designer chooses dark wisely as the main color for a layout, the results can be really amazing. Especially it works great for portfolios, since the main idea of any portfolio is to grab the visitors’ attention by making them focus upon the artist’s or photographer’s artworks.

For Flash portfolios, black backgrounds work just great, since it can be perfectly combined with Flash content. In this case, the interactive gallery shines brighter that sunshine and becomes even more powerful means for attracting clients. Such a portfolio will definitely leave a strong impression on its visitors.

Below is a collection of creative and well-structured dark portfolios with great concepts. Each of them has a smart combination of dark, stunning graphics and interactive elements. I have divided the collection into the most popular categories of Flash portfolios.



Web/graphic design studios/freelance web designers

The personal portfolio of a freelance web/graphic designer or a studio owner should be well structured, artistic, visually attractive and functional, since it is the designer’s face and the proof of his developing skills. Many designers prefer dark background for their Flash websites, and they look really great:

I’m Not an Addict

The Flash website of a web/print based design company centered around the work of Chris Delia.  This portfolio is peculiar for gradient rollover effect on the thumbnails. The right click navigation of the website is really convenient.

32 Round

The Flash portfolio of Andy Gugel, art director and innovative designer from Minneapolis. The images from the Flash gallery are not cropped to a certain size – it looks really great.

Your Majesty

The creative agency that specializes in creative development and offers such services as interactive/graphic design, illustration, motion graphic, 3D design and development, etc. Their web portfolio created with Flash is well structured and cool.

The Egg Republic

A new creative shop that specializes in 3D, web and print design. Unusual navigation, interactive buttons and stunning gallery make this Flash design really unforgettable.


This Flash portfolio of a creative design group impresses with its stylish and professional design. Especially I liked the “invisible scrolling” function: the gallery images can be easily viewed in a fresh interactive way.

Number 8 Wired

What I liked in this Flash portfolio of a freelance web designer is the perfect combination of great graphics and simple navigation.

Fluid Design

I like this Flash portfolio for its amazing image gallery: first the thumbnails are grayscale, but when you mouse over a thumbnail, it turns into color image.


Davi-T studio located in Pennsylvania is focused on delivering quality Adobe Flash motion graphics and animation for online advertising and interactive marketing.  Their portfolio is also created with Flash: a very good work, every detail is clear and extremely functional.


The web portfolio of a Japanese web design group. There are some interesting designer solutions such as a scrolling image gallery and a Flash game “Asobi”. A very professional and unusual Flash solution.


This Flash website is a personal portfolio of Onno Schwanen, a freelance interactive designer from Netherlands. I liked the navigation: the interactive floating menu is rather convenient.

Red Interactive Agency

The portfolio of an independent interactive agency. A great professionally designed and developed Flash work full of stunning graphics and animation.


Skive is an independent digital creative agency. The 3D gallery twists when you just move a mouse over the page.

Blue Collar

An interactive agency Blue Collar’s Flash portfolio. The page “Work With Us” is cool, and general website concept is so creative.

Ion Drimba Filho

The portfolio of Ion Drimba Filho, a web developer and designer. The Flash gallery is created in the form of a cube, and while you mouse over it, dark elements become bright.

Belle and Wissell

An award-winning experience design studio that specializes in creating new types of audience experiences – in exhibit spaces, retail environments, and on the web. What makes it really stunning is the video gallery design.

The Roundhouse

The most impressive peculiarities of this Flash portfolio are accordion style menu that makes the navigation so convenient and interactive gallery that presents the agency’s works in an unusual way.

Photographers/artists portfolios

A photo gallery with cool graphics and motion elements on the dark background looks so impressive. I have selected the best examples to inspire you.

Sarah Cheng-De Winne

A freelance photographer-artist from Singapore Sarah Cheng-De Winne specializes in portraiture, fashion and conceptual photography. Her Flash portfolio is really impressive: the amazing interactive gallery is a stunning way of presenting photos online.

Jesus Vilamajo

Jesus Vilamajo’s Flash portfolio presents his photography works in a very convenient and original way. The “back” and “forward” arrow buttons allow to view the photos one by one. Each of the photos can be full-viewed by means of the appropriate button on each image.

Onno Schwanen

What makes this Flash portfolio really amazing is the gallery: the photos are placed in a very unusual manner, but the navigation is simple and convenient. It’s a great solution for a photo portfolio, as for me.

The Beautiful Town of Oddity

The Flash portfolio of Ruben Swieringa, an artist and photographer. The way he presents his unusual works is really creative. Full of great animation and stunning interactive effects, his portfolio looks cool. The stars in the dark sky are Ruben’s artworks.

Tom Nagy

A stunning Flash portfolio of a cool photographer. The interactive overview allows to preview the photos in a convenient and attractive way.

Karen Collins

It is a quite popular Flash way of presenting images: the thumbs are placed in chaotic order on the splash page. For viewing a photo just click on it, and a big preview will open.

Ad Vlemmix

Another cool Flash photo portfolio that presents photos in an unusual way.

Ben Thomas

This Flash website with a dark background belongs to a freelance digital artist and photographer. You may navigate the gallery through the left side bar menu.

Shuakashi Photographer

A really stunning interactive Flash photo portfolio. Everything is great: the navigation, gallery concept, attractive background, as well as a photographer’s artworks.

Seb Janiak

I really like the navigation of this photo portfolio: the “target” cursor is an unusual solution.

Doug Shimizu

The most stunning element of this portfolio is, of course, the gallery: the design is really unusual.

Uli Heckmann

This great Flash portfolio is one of my favorites. The interactive menu and functional stunning gallery with slideshow mode are impressive.

Linda Covello

Linda Covello is a photographer from New York City. She is foremost a portrait photographer. The navigation of the gallery is simple: to view the next photo you need to click on the current one.

Erica Presas

The portfolio of Erica Presas, an artist from Argentina. Convenient navigation, rich colors and, of course, the great works of a talented person make this Flash website very attractive.

Thomas Spiessens

The Flash gallery with accordion style thumbnail preview presents the photographer’s works in the most beneficial way. To view a full size photo just click on its thumbnail.

Other Worth Looking Flash Portfolios

Silenzio Communication

The portfolio of a French media advertising agency. The way you can view the agency projects is really cool: the thumbnails are placed in interactive lines in alphabetical order.

Perry Pisani

The official website of a fashion model Perry Pisani. A creative Flash work with plenty of effects and great design solutions.

Farhenheit 212

An interesting Flash solution for a consultancy & marketing company. The website is very neat and well structured: every single detail is in its place. There are two menus: a drop down and right side bar.

Dark Flash Solutions for Portfolios

If your own portfolio is only a plan so far, and you are looking for some ready-made solutions, these interactive galleries with a dark background might be on handy.

Wow Diz Studio

This Flash template can be a good solution for any portfolio. According to its description, there is plenty of room for image and media files in the media library of the template. The portfolio is functional and visually very attractive.

Cube-Shaped 3D Gallery

This Papervision 3D  Flash portfolio with integrated content management system allows to manage the gallery categories and uploaded images. The number of cube columns can be specified.

Gracio Flash Portfolio

This Flash portfolio solution is extremely neat and simple, but it looks very stylish. The gallery thumbnail overview is made as a scrolling bar.

3D Image Gallery

A Flash website with transitional effects. The 3D gallery designed in the form of a tunnel. Each tunnel section is a separate image category, it is possible to create as many categories as needed.

Flash XML Gallery

This Flash gallery is created by means of AS3 with multiple XML files for multiple categories.

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Author : Tina Zennand

Tina Zennand is a writer and blogger with a great interest in web design, photography, SEO and internet marketing. She is also a SEO/Marketing Manager at MotoCMS – an innovative Flash CMS and Flash templates provider. You can follow her on Twitter: @Tina_Zennand.

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