200+ Breath Taking Collection of Articles for Web Designers

You should not under estimate the power of inspiration and idea generation from checking out what others are doing. While designs need to be unique and special to really stand out it is not a good idea to start from scratch every time. This article provides you with tons of inspirational content so there is no excuse for not making awesome solutions for your customers!



How to Get Started in Getting More Links to Your Website

There are many ways to get links (natural and non-natural ways), and I will outline some ways to get started below.

The Savvy Web Content Manager

Savvy is a fully customizable CMS and a great solution to having a SEO optimized website. It is a powerful tool to create a new site or convert an existing one.

Free download: brick textures

I just created a little pack of 3 brick textures, you can download the zipped files by clicking on the following link.

Top 50 Pictures from the Pxleyes Photoshop Contests of September 2010

The 50 highest scoring entries from the Pxleyes photoshop contests that were active during the month September 2010!

Beautiful retro fashion photography from Katherine Gaines

Katherine Gaines, founder of AmbientEye Photography, is a freelance music, fashion, and animal photographer in the Baltimore/Washington DC area.

Having always been into art growing up, Katherine fi

Add Images to PDF, Better Memory Utilization & Quality PDF Printing

New version of Aspose.Pdf.Kit for NET (4.9.0) has been released. It includes improved memory utilization for adding images in the PDF file. There is much improvement in the quality of the printed outp

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Let’s Strip Down Logo Designing Process :Tips&Tricks

Here are the things to consider in logo designing and it surely brings you to a perfect logo design.

A Simple Papervision Carousel Tutorial

The carousel effect created with Papervision 3D is a great solution, when it comes to image galleries. This effect makes Flash galleries very attractive and memorable for visitors. So, today we decide

6 Things To Consider When Analyzing Your Competitors

Keeping track of what services competitors offer work for them and how they bring people into their site will provide a good overview of how to improve your business.

30 Awesome Free New WordPress Theme

WordPress is an award winning CMS, which enables you to build blogs, powerful website. WordPress is freeware tool for bloggers. Its extensibility has made WordPress the most popular blog software. You

30 Effective Business Cards that Grab Attention

Coming up with effective business cards will give you a better chance at securing any job or getting more clients to use your products or services. How do you make business cards effective? Honestly,

External Tip – 15 Stunning Photoshop Tutorials You Should See

In this category we want to give you an advice to other great sites, where you can get a lot of very useful information, inspirations and materials. I collected 15 fantastic Photoshop tutorials, which

A good Wireless Gaming Headset can really improve the gaming experinence

Launch a Design Contest in Less than 10 Minutes

Launching an online design contest on MycroBurst takes only a few minutes. Whether you want to launch a logo design contest or any other, our improved services allows that in a few minutes.

Learn How To Create A Wedding Website In Photoshop

In this tutorial I will show you how to design a professional wedding website in Photoshop.

barcode generator software

Company offers bar code generator application generates barcode images are easily readable by all commonly used barcode scanners and printers.

150 Best Social Networks Sections on Designers’ Websites

Apparently, social icons (if skillfully accomplished) add rich interactive elements framing any design work in a way different and personalized. They give an individual tone assembling the infinite pe

Create A Sand Written Text Effect In Photoshop

Now you can get that beach text effect right from the comfort of your chair in Photoshop!

15 Examples of Pre-war Vintage Chinese Poster Art

Some excellent examples of vintage Chinese poster art.

100+ great free tumblr themes  for your tumblr space

45 Beautifully Detailed 3D Artworks of Robots

We all fear that one day the robots will take over the world and kill all humans. Don’t worry, because this isn’t a Sci-fi movie. We have put together this awesome collection of inspiring robots d

The Changing Landscape of Album Design

The landscape of album art is changing drastically with the rise of iTunes and similar digital music providers, and as graphic designers we need to adapt.

I Saw Someone Zag Today (A Captivating Brand Experience)

It’s not very often a brand surprises me and creates an immediate connection. What was once the domain of Girl Guides selling cookies seemed very rock ’n roll today. It convinced me there would al

30 Free Elegant Curvy Fonts

Today we have collected 30 elegant free curvy fonts for your future projects. Enjoy and don’t forget to tweet this roundup out.

8 Free Design Resources For Web Designer

This article talk about design resources for web designer. If you are web designer, you should read this awesome list for help your next project.

consider using some wordpress slider plugins for your next project.

How to make an iPhone App – Part 3: Table Views

Table views are probably the most common control in iPhone apps. If you have used the Messages app, Mail app, Twitter app, between many others, then you know what i’m talking about. You may have see

50+ Amazing DC Comics Hi-Res Wallpapers

We are going to share with you over 50 amazing and kick ass high res wallpapers to spice up your desktop with these DC Comics super heroes. The wallpapers is available in 1024×786, 1280×1024 and 160

Photoshop Marvel: Transforming the Image of a Girl into a Milk Figure

The given Photoshop tutorial would brief you about the techniques to transform any image into a milk figure.

59 Interesting Print Ads From 22 Companies

We enjoy seeing intelligent print advertisements on which copywriters worked their ass off and managed to create incredible a combination of visual cocktails for the eye and tasteful food for the mind

60+ Creative and Gorgeous Wallpapers for iPhone 4

Retina Display is unlike anything we have seen before on a mobile device and download this amazing wallpapers for your new iPhone4!

Absolutely Stunning Promotional Poster and Flyer Designs

Showcasing stunning typography and design inspiration I hope some of these advertisements bring a smile to your face on a Monday afternoon.

Create colorful poster art using vector elements in Photoshop CS5

Today, I’m going to show you how to blend fashion image and custom shapes using Adobe Photoshop CS5 to create this stunning poster. You’ll learn useful tips for successfully working with gradients

Web Design Inspiration: Inspiring and Creative Web Interface Designs

Here we showcase a wide selection of web interface designs; portfolios, personal sites and more. These are the most inspiring designs from recent weeks.

Cool iPhone 4 cases

Trick-or-Treat: 13 Brilliant Eye-Candy Visualizations of Halloween

A mix of tradition, paganism and lots of fun, both for youngsters and adults. That’s Halloween, a date which also inspires designers from all over the world. Illustrations, icons, wallpapers, themes

Informative & Well Designed Infographics for Inspiration

Information graphics or infographics are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge. These graphics present complex information quickly and clearly, such as in signs, maps, jour

Book Covers: 75+ Awesome Designed Books

They always say: “Do not judge a book by its cover” but we all know that the first impulse that urges us to take a book off the shelf is given by the cover design. Below you can see 75 + covers th

What are Gravatars?

What are Gravatars? This article briskly outlines what Gravatars are and how to get one and use them.

15 useful steampunk tutorials and resources

These tutorials and resources will help achieve steampunk illustrations.

30 Most Beautiful Free and Premium Japanese Vector Illustrations

You can’t deny that there is something about the Japanese culture that both inspire and mystify the whole world. Their amazing and rich culture stands as inspiration for designers all over the world

Coreldraw Tutorial: How to Create a Vector Glass With Orange Drink

In this tutorial I will show you how to create a glass using shape tools and trim, weld, intersect actions. I will use the transparency tool to add effects.

Replace Text Inside Existing SWF File & True Type to SWF Font Conv.

Aspose.Flash for .NET 3.3.0 has been released. This new release of Aspose.Flash includes improved text replacement mechanism inside an existing SWF file. A new overload of ConvertTrueTypeFontToSWFFont

Creating Your Own CMS Part 1 – Secure Login

Today I will get into how you can find a design and get your secure login setup. This will be a series of blogs but to be honest I am not sure how advanced I will be going.

Some really nice Opencart templates can make your shop viral!

Create Beautiful Hair-like Abstract Lines to Decorate Your Design in Photoshop

In this tutorial, I will show you the process of creating Beautiful Hair-like Abstract Lines to Decorate Your Design in Photoshop. This is a beginner level tutorial with the aim of teaching how you to

How To Automatically Generate Short URLs for Your Posts

Using short url tools have become common place across the web in recent years, part of this is the usage of Twitter and being restricted to 140 characters. Long urls took up entire tweets forcing twee

Custom Animation Banner with jQuery

In today’s tutorial we will be creating a custom animation banner with jQuery. The idea is to have different elements in a banner that will animate step-wise in a custom way.
We will be using the j

Learn How To build Killer Squidoo Lens For Website Promotion

Today we will focus on Squidoo and learn the basic steps in building Squidoo lenses – we will walk you trough all this process and give some tips to improve!

Chromiumania Free WordPress Theme

Chromiumania is a freemium WordPress theme. This special WordPress theme is packed with a better framework and an admin options panel.

How I Create The “Battle Of Titans”

I saw the animals from our last free photo packs and decided to create a new piece with unreal proportions. I imagine how could be a fight between a bison and a really big turtle. Here you can see the

Download Free website Template

Medhley provides free website design for all kind of business withe the themes like Doctor, Agriculture,company etc

Amazing Out of Bounds Photo Effects

It is a photo manipulation technique to add an illusion of 3-dimensionality to a flat photo.

Facebook Ups Its Security

Never mind if what we saw in David Fincher’s “The Social Network” was true or false or somewhere in the gray muddle in between—these new updates on Facebook security makes up for a lot of the

Real Lightning Brushes

Who doesn’t like brushes – no one really they’re great . Today we have a good treat in-store 40 free lightning brushes as you probably gathered from reading the title : )

Weekly Web Design Inspiration #72

A showcase of the very best web designs from the last week

Creative & Inspirational Wallpapers #8

This is our eighth installment of our wallpaper feature and each week we will be showcasing creative and inspirational desktops to spice up your working environment.

Create the Chevrolet Logo in Illustrator

Hi there. In the following tutorial I will show you how to create the Chevrolet logo. You might encounter some problems in creating the overall shapes but the Grid and the Snap to Grid will help you g

Master your CSS3! Ultimate CSS code snippets

A fantastic list of Css snippets that we are sure you will find extremely useful. Whether you are a veteran web developer, or are just a beginner, check this.

Create a Simple Trash Can Icon in Illustrator

Hi there. In this tutorial I’ll show you how to create a simple trash can icon. You’ll start with some simple rectangles, then using the 3D Extrude&Bevel and 3D Revolve Tools you’ll get the basi

5 Helpful Free eBooks to Build your Brand

Why build your brand? You might want to be memorable, or you might want build strong relationship between you and your audience. I think the point is a brand gives you the ability to stand out in a se

Halloween Vector Poster Template

Halloween Poster Template in vector. Easy to modify and use for your needs. Free for commercial use.

Design Blogging Terms We Can Probably Live Without

The ultimate list of fresh, sexy, and inspiring words to use in your headlines so you can be a rockstar ninja blogger.

Consider using a WordPress News Theme for your website if you have a lot of information in many categories and WordPress e-commerce themes for simple online shops!

50 Free Premium Fonts

Now who couldn’t use some free, high-quality fonts? Here is my collection of 50 premium fonts that you are free to use for whatever you like.

DesignModo Contest: New eBook “Mastering Photoshop For Web Design”

DesignModo is proud to announce the inception of our new contest. Win 1 new ebook, Mastering Photoshop for Web Design.

Writing Juices, Connecting Guest Writers With Blogging Communities

Writing Juices is an upcoming platform being masterminded by Nenuno Creative and Design Juices where are aim is to connect guest writers with established blogging communities.

40 Miniature-Like Tilt Shift Photography

The use of tilt shift for selective focus has been popularized by some photographers as it is seen in some commercials on tv and on different websites.

50 Amazing Jungle, Forest and Rainforest Artworks

In this collection, you’ll find 50 Amazing Jungle, Forest and Rainforest Artworks created by
various artists across the world.

Weekly Typography Inspiration # 9

In this roundup you will get creative, fanciful, elegant, imaginative and graceful typography showcase for your inspiration, crafted and actualized by professional artists and designers from all over

20 Colorful Webdesigns for your inspiration

This Showcase-Articel shows 20 very colorful Webdesigns, which use colors on a creative way, for your Design-Inspiration.

Win a copy of iPhone App Entrepreneur from Mobile Orchard!

On Monday we interviewed David Appleyard, author of ‘iPhone App Entrepreneur’. We are please to announce that Mobile Orchard has three copies of the PDF version to give away.

70 Majestic Countryside Photographs

Countryside photography is something all of the photographers want to experience once in a while. Be it just on holidays or if you live in a country side, the photographs we have showcased below will

Fresh Elegant Website Designs: 50+ Creative CSS Website Designs for Inspiration

Today we are presenting the fresh elegant 50 plus creative css website desigs for your inspiration. You can fine best website in the post.

Stunning architecture & landscape photography of Salvador del Saz

Salvador del Saz has been into photography ever since he was a teenager. His first camera was a Yashica Electro 35 GSN that he still keeps with him as a little treasure. Later, Salvador bought two re

26 Scary and Horror Dingbats

Halloween is approaching fast, therefore today we have collected 26 High-Quality Scary and Horror Dingbats for your projects.

Walking with Grid

Tutorial and demo on how to move grids horizontally using javascript grid animation techniques.

20 Awesome Flyer Design for Inspiration

Professional Flyer can make a big impact at trade shows and your own outdoor marketing events. Flyers do not cost as much as other advertising methods. Despite being small, they can play a vital role

Satisfaction guarantee wax seal (PSD & PNG)

Fully layered Photoshop PSD file set of 3 satisfaction guarantee seals in wax in 3 colors. Download the PSD file & PNGs in 3 different sizes.

Creating A Mosaic Portrait from a Photograph

This is a fun way to turn a photograph into an interesting vector portrait.

Free WordPress Theme: ManuEdian

ManuEdian is our free WordPress theme this month, the theme is best suited for business and personal blog. The theme come with modern look design with a slider in the home page for your featured post

150 Social Media Icons on Web-lovers Designblog

The Designblog Web-lovers presents in this post over 150 Social-Media-Icons, which can help you to integrate Social-Media-Links to your Website and do it in the same time with some style.

Top Quality Drawing Illustrations For Inspiration

There are some designers in this world that simply make you say wow because of their wonderful creations. I’ve tried to gather here a few of the creations that caught my attention and show them to y

Incredible self portrait and conceptual photography of Zack Ahern

Zack Ahern is a 21 year-old self-taught photographer from Stillwater, Oklahoma who started out like most photographers, taking pictures of just about anything before finding his niche in conceptual p

minimal wordpress

Corporate Branding – Social and Financial Benefits

Branding is the process of creating an association between a symbol/object/emotion/perception and a product/company with the goal of driving loyalty and creating differentiation. For example, through

55 New Creative Business Cards Designs and Design Ideas

We take a look at 55 Awesome Business Card Designs because most business cards tend to be forgotten, which is why they are not effective.

44 Spectacular Examples Of Sequence Photography

Sequence photography is a technique of shooting a series of images in where the subject is captured in successive motion. Sequence Photography is the best way to convey the motion to a static image. T

Demotivational Friday #2

It’s time to take a break from the hectic work week and get ready for the weekend. Demotivational Friday is a weekly series of humorous posters that are sure to give you a good laugh.

Oscar Rubio´s illustation bed & breakfast

Spanish illustrator Oscar Rubio blog with news, illustration works, photography and everything he likes. That´s a hotel and towels are for free!!

36 Creative & Beautiful Coffee Logo Designs

Lets look at these beautiful and professional logo designs based on coffee.

5 Valuable Tips You Need to Know as an Entrepreneur

The rules of business are changing, rapidly. If you consider yourself much of an entrepreneur, read this – it’s better than free money.

20+ Design Jobs and Disciplines Explained with Examples

Have you ever wondered what types of designers and design jobs there are “out there”? The big familiar disciplines are graphic design, web design, interior design and fashion design, but there are

33 Sublime Photos of Pretty Girls in CG Artwork

Computer graphics (CG) art is capable of generating the most realistic and incredible effects which was once claimed utterly impossible. 3-D computer graphics (CG) art is capable of generating the mo

App Starter Kit

Getting a new iPhone or iPod Touch can be a very exciting moment. Here are some essential apps to get you started with your iPhone/iPod Touch.

11 Killer Examples of Captain America FanArt

11 of my favorite fan art of Captain America. The artists who created these works of art are talented and deserve recognition for their work.

Is A Website Redesign Really Necessary?

Are you thinking of getting a site redesign? It is worth the effort, cost, and time? This post argues that you should test and incrementally improve your current design before deciding to opt for a re

Check out some of the Best iPad 2 Cases

Blending Xara 3D Type in a Wallpaper Project

Photo manipulation is always fun, it opens the spectrum of what we can create in Photoshop and allow our imagination to run wild! Today we will be re-creating a wallpaper called “Life”.

New Premium and Free Vector Illustrations from Vectorious.net

Our artists have been enthusiastically working in the past few weeks to create only high quality vectors for all you working professional designers out there. Today, we proudly present to you another

Now Choosing Your Web Service Provider is much Easy & Quick

With a continuous increase in the size of Indian IT industry, it becomes really difficult to pick a single service provider for web solutions.

WordPress for iPhone/iPad v2.6 Finally Released

It’s a whole new WordPress for a whole new platform. WordPress for iOS is now optimized to take advantage of the iPad’s new user interface, making blogging even easier than ever before.

Photoshop Tutorial: A Quick and Simple Way to Make Any Object Transparent

In this tutorial I’m going to present you one way (a fast one!) to create a glass or transparent effect in Photoshop using paths, brush work, filter, opacity adjustments and layer modes.

10 Great Tips to Design a Usable Shopping Cart

Online shopping can be considered as the biggest milestone amongst the innumerable advantages that the Internet has offered.

20 Attractive Brochure Design for Inspiration

A brochure is a type of leaflet. Brochures are most commonly found at places that tourists frequently visit, such as museums, major shops, and tourist information.

Modern Design Trends In Digital Art & Free Brushes To Copy Them

If you’re a fan of digital art, you’ve probably noticed some techniques that are used more than other. Just like in web design, over the past few years there has developed few trends in digital ar

12 Custom Pocket Folder Printing Projects

Brainstorming for ideas is easy if you have different design options to look at. That’s why I’ve put together a short but sweet compilation of 12 custom pocket folder printing projects.

10 Best Photoshop Photo Effects Tutorials

In today’s post I have collected 10 great Photoshop tutorials, you people definitely like these tutorials and apply these effects on any one of your photo. People who didn’t like the finished prod

Learn How To Create A Professional CV/Resume Template In Photoshop

In this tutorial I will show you how to create a professional resume template in some easy steps

OS Commerce Templates Customization

OsCommerce Template Design provider gives you customized themes for your business needs.

Tips And Techniques For A Polish Web Page In Photoshop

Different web designers make use of simple techniques to allow their web page to stand out.

20 Beautiful Postcard Design for Inspiration

For a special event invitation for your business or family, a well designed postcard is a very popular to announce it. Let your guests feel the excitement towards your party by creating invitations th

NATURE: Tutorials, Textures, Icons, Brushes, Wallpapers and Logos

Today’s article is a roundup of nature related resources: tutorials, icons, brushes, textures and more.. Hope you find the inspiration you need. As always, enjoy :-D

Are You An Ethical Designer?

Would you take on a client who’s business was appalling to you? How far will you stretch the truth to help a client sell their products or services? When taking inspiration from another site how muc

270 Toolbar Icons for iPhone 4 Retina Display

270 Toolbar Icons for iPhone 4 Retina Display

These stunning icons work with the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Each icon comes in PNG format and is sized perfectly for each device and also includes

ULTIMATE WordPress Deal.

Get killer premium WordPress themes, a mobile theme, premium plugins, a psd template, a premium WP theming tutorial series and a copy of our best selling WordPress Design eBook all for just $30!

Vector illustrations

Illustration portfolio in vector style. Ironic, colorful, sometimes sarcastic. From Mooporama, Italy

How to create chart on your web page

How to create chart on your web page

Industrial Designer Feature & Interview: Luke Norman Price

Today we introduce to you a talented industrial designer; Luke Norman Price. I got a chance to exchange some questions and talk all things industrial design.

Jaw-dropping cityscape & landscape photography of Jeff Masamori

Jeff Masamori is 23, living in San Francisco finishing up his last year as a graphic design major. Jeff picked up photography as a hobby when he got a little Kodak point-and-shoot camera when he was

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70 Beautiful Examples Of Rain Photography

Everyone of us loves rain and if you are a photographer and loves to capture beautiful moments then there can not be better opportunities than capturing the rainy moments. Today in this article I coll

Drupal for Web Designers – Introduction

This is the first episode of a new weekly series about the other most popular CMS. Yes ladies and gentleman we’re talking about Drupal! First of all will let our new guest author Idan Arbel of Arbel

Breathtaking Illustrations & Art Works of Daniel Conway

Check out Breathtaking art works from UK artist Daniel Conway. His clients include, Capcom, Activision, Square Enix, Ubisoft, Universal Records and Disney London.

Design Blog

Photo Book / Enjoy Detroit! Check out some photography and design. Plus a new website.

Conversion Testing – Are You Doing It?

Lots of studies have shown that subtle changes in a website design can have a huge impact on the conversion rates of a site. This post discusses the importance of conversion testing and highlights why

Ways to Get Customers to Market Your Business

Customers that you have served in the past or are serving now are an excellent resource for future sales. Some customers may just need to be reminded to make a purchase, and you will be rewarded with

28 Very Useful Font and Typography Tools for Designers

One of the most important part of design especially web design is typography and fonts.Where ever you turn your head you see typography and this shows how important it is.Designers are so accurate abo

Review of Ringtone Designer Pro – Make your own awesome ringtones!

The simplicity of this app is obvious the second you open it up, at which point you can do only one thing, and that is select a song to create a ringtone from.

30 deadly sins of the web design business

This list is made upon many of the things we have learned through trial and error, taking many punches in the process. Hope you add to this list your own experiences so we can find together what exact

External Film Inspiration No. 23

External Film Inspiration“ is a serial of short films, trailers and music clips by different artists from across the world introduced here at Cromoart. We would like to inspire you give ideas and su

Best PhotoShop Tutorials of September

A list of my favorite tutorials that were created or posted in the month of September, 2010. This list has tutorials for beginners and advanced users.

CSS3: Resources, Tutorials and Demos

Dear readers: pleeeeeeeease, don’t be afraid to try something new! It’s one thing to find out about a cool new design technique, like using CSS3, but it’s another thing entirely to actually put

Best Web Design Resources of The Week

Here are the latest articles sharing interesting resources and tricks in the web design and development area.

Top 10 Magento Showcase Sites

Take a minute and learn what web design galleries showcase amazing Magento powered websites. In fact, Magento is a new but powerful eCommerce platform.

Brilliant Collection of Stunning Game Website Designs

In the world of gaming, websites play a huge part in promoting upcoming releases. They are the foundation of any game’s online presence and feature important news, release dates, cinematic trailers,

Freebie: Simple Glass Logo Template

Simple glass is a free logo template in PSD. Very suitable for the water company or related business environment. The template come with 2 layout style and 7 color variation (blue, red, grey, green, o

40+ Amazing Examples of Bokeh Photography

Here in this showcase for your inspiration, we have collected stunning examples of bokeh photography and pictures.

Fresh Vector Packs and T-shirt Designs from Designious.com

Our artists have been working hard in the past few weeks on some fresh vectors for you to use in your design projects. They came up with some mind blowing Japanese vector packs and some absolutely ama

Nominate MycroBurst at the 4th Mashable Awards!

We are nominating MB at the Mashable Awards. Fans and followers are invited to become part of this revolution.

Useful Invoicing Tips that Designers and Freelancers Should Follow

Usually designers do not enjoy managing financial side of a business but they cannot ignore the fact that maintaining finance is an imperative part of freelancing and a design company.

Getting Started With MySQL DB and PHP with PHPMyAdmin

Today I am going to show you how to get a new database setup with PHP/MySQL using PHPMyAdmin.

Stunning female and nude art photography from Ekaterina Grigorieva

Ekaterina Grigorieva is an accomplished photographer, illustrator, and painter from Moscow, Russia. She draws what she can’t photograph, and photographs what she can’t draw.

Ekaterina’s work

Making an AJAX Web Chat (Part 1) – PHP and MySQL

In this two-part tutorial, we will be creating an AJAX Web Chat using PHP, MySQL and jQuery. In this first part, we will be discussing the PHP & MySQL backend.

High Quality Free Photoshop Milk Brush

This is a high quality brush, which can be used to add a realistic milk affect to your designs this is unique Photoshop brush and there is not many brushes of this quality and type available on the in

The Ultimate Roundup of Blog Design Tutorials

So we present you with some of the tutorials which make make this tedious process easy for you to learn and master in wordpress blog designs.

7 Insights to make you a great designer

7 insights from AGIdeas 2010 that will help inspire you.

An Interview With Amber Weinberg

Today we are speaking with Amber Weinberg who is a freelance Web Developer based in Nashville, TN.

Maserati Insurance Cost

Maserati Financing. Get detailed information about Maserati Cost, Maserati Insurance Cost, Maserati Lease, Maserati Leasing Programs and Retail Financing Program.

50 Best Creative 404 Error Pages to be Inspired

In this article below, we’ll take a look at 50 Various Creative 404 Error Pages Around for your source of inspiration which help you to built your own custom error page.

11 design blogs with a specific focus

Sometimes it is good to focus on a specific topic, this is what these blogs do.

5 Essential Keys to an Effective Cover Design

Book cover design varies from other forms of design, but learn from this informative article how to apply the same effective marketing principles to your field for stunning results.

Download Free Premium WordPress Themes

There are number of themes of Magazine style. All these themes are customizable and If you are looking for some design inspiration in your WordPress blog,

YellowTexasHoldemPack Free WordPress Theme

YellowTexasHoldemPack is a free WordPress theme with elegant and friendly design.

Design tips for multilingual websites

When you’re designing multilingual websites for a global audience, there are a range of issues you need to be aware of. Here are the top five tips for successfully designing multilingual websites.

Free & Useful Cheat Sheets from Most Popular Adobe Products

Here, I will show to you some valuable cheat sheets from CS3 to CS4 version that I’ve used until now from most popular Adobe products that surely used by many people out there as well, such as Photosh

Business Cards: Collection Of Amazing Designs

As I try to do ever month, I am bringing you the latest in business card design. There is never a shortage of new business cards to drool over. In this post you will see business card designs ranging

Free X-Treme Banner Rotator

Download free XML Image Banner Rotator / XML Banner Photo Gallery. No Flash Knowledge required to insert the Banner Rotator SWF inside the HTML page(s) of your site.

Must Read Interview with David Appleyard, Author of iPhone App Entrepreneur

Mobile Orchard recently had the privileged of interviewing David Appleyard, author of iPhone App Entrepreneur, which will be available today.

10 jQuery Custom Scrollbar Plugins

If you ever wanted to add some custom scrollbars to your website, to scroll the contents and the default browser scrollbars just doesn’t match up with your design, than make sure you check this list

The Best Infographic Examples Created by Designers from around the World

You can find infographics almost anywhere. You can find when driving down the road, maps, statistical reports, and in the scientific world. Within these list you will find some of the best info-graphi

From Pencil To Paper, Inspiring Comic Book Art

Please enjoy this stunning and inspiring collection of comic book art, please let us know which one is your favourite.

40 Best Halloween Fonts and Dingbats

Today we have collected 40 Scary, Happy and Bloody Halloween Fonts and Dingbats, specially for designers who are looking forward to Halloween and their Halloween related future projects.

42 Well Designed Automobile Web Templates For Inspiration

Designing a website for Automobile company can be a really cool work. Personally I love cars and whenever I get to design something related to cars and bikes I always gets over excited. Today in this

25 Excellent Business Card Design for Inspiration

A Business Card design should always unique and represent the face of company identity or personal image throughout the world. Each business card style should identical with its printed copies. In thi

50 Examples of Modern Single Page Website Designs

Everyone loves to have fast and quick way to get what he/she wants, Single page websites are best way to offer your visitors all the quickness possible by compiling all the content you want in a singl

45 Free Apple iPad Backgrounds

A few months back I posted 40 Incredible iPad Backgrounds and 25 Free Apple iPad Wallpapers. I am now providing 45 more amazing Apple iPad backgrounds that are sure to please.

4 Steps to Add Retweet Buttons in Your PDF eBooks

This article presents in 4 easy steps how you can add retweet buttons to your design eBook. This can help you not only make it easier for your readers to spread the word about your eBook on Twitter, b

How Important Are Aesthetics In Web Design?

Do you spend hours refining your designs to try and make them stand out from the crowd? How important is it to do this? This post suggests that it might not be time well spent as users aren’t that bot

PSD to HTML Mafia

Send us your design in (PSD, PNG, AI, etc.) format and we will convert it into a hand coded, pixel perfect and Standards compliant XHTML/CSS

25 Ways to Send, Store and Collaborate On Large Files Online

Working with large files is a very big part of designing and there are times when it can be downright frustrating. After enduring some serious mental pain trying to send some large files to a client r

Simply mind-blowing iPhone applications for designers

In this post we included 20 the most useful iPhone applications for web/graphic designers. You definitely should use them or at least try out.

45 Beautiful Free High Quality WordPress Themes

WordPress has always fascinated designers all around the globe because of its flexibility. Features like easy to use and its extensibility, has made WordPress the most popular CMS available. For me, t

How to Split and Categorize WordPress’ Custom Field values

Learn to expand WordPress’ post thumbnail output with the help of custom fields to add more thumbnails. Although there are plugin alternatives, this is an advanced method for something simple, short

Two Amazing Bundles for Design Heads – Act Now!

Exciting times to be a designer! We have two brilliant bundles going on right now – for only $69 (the combined prices of the both bundles) you can get a ginourmous amount of design goodies. Act fast

40 Colorful Images of Amazing & Stylish Architecture

Architecture in general term to be described as buildings and other structures. As science has progressed so much, nowadays a lot of different style of structures and buildings are being made. Adding

ColorBingoPack Free WordPress Theme

ColorBingoPack is a free WordPress theme with elegant and friendly design.

Inspiration logo designs

26 Inspiration logo designs grabbed from various inspiration sites, to improve how you think about logo design.

Horizontal Scrolling Flash Sites

Check out the Flash sites that use horizontal scrolling. As you navigate through these websites you will understand why we find them so attractive and interactive.

Awesome Tips and Tricks for PHP Beginners

I will get into the use of single quotes vs double quotes, short tags, inline if statements, a few other little tips and tricks.

Photoshop Tutorial: How to Create a Cool 3D String of Pills

Today we will combine Photoshop and Illustrator to create a 3-dimensional pill and then create a composite image using multiple pills.

Stunning long exposure landscape photography of Mark Southgate

Mark Has not really done much photography since his student days back in the 80s, but is really enjoying it as a hobby now. It gets him out and about in the county side, and he can mix it with a bit o

Tips, Tricks and Inspiration for Creating Great Screencasts

See examples of great screencasts and what sets them apart in this great list. Learn how to really sell your site or service with great a screencast.

Important Steps to make a Website more Successful

A good website is one which attracts more number of visitors towards it. And this is possible only when a website is well designed and developed.

35 New Creative and Inspiring Business Card Design

Uniqueness always attracts and in this competitive world everyone wants to be noticed. If it’s about business then it is more competitive to get noticed.

Hand Drawn Skulls Seamless Photoshop And Illustrator Pattern

To continue our theme of the month to celebrate Halloween we will be offering another high quality free vector pattern. This time round the free pattern is seamless pattern which can be used in illust

Where to find Best WordPress Tutorial

There are many benefits to using WordPress and I’ll cover a significant list og Blogs where you can find best WordPress Tutorials. Some will only be beneficial to plug-in and theme developers, while

Classic Tall Sand, UGG Classic Tall Boot Sand, Rather Lovely UGG Classic Tall Sand!

Owning a soft appearance, the Classic Tall Sand looks soft and gentle. Made of 100% authentic double-faced sheepskin, the UGG Classic Tall Boot Sand is very comfortable and soft with every step. The c

X-Cart Software for Ecommerce Websites

Are you designing an Ecommerce website and need a very flexible platform to integrate it to? Then you may want to recommend X-Cart software to your client.

10 Useful HTML5 Website Templates For Free Download

HTML is the basic language of web development and now its entering its newer version with HTML5. Most people consider HTML5 as the replacement of flash. We all know that Flash is not SEO friendly, so

Envato offers a WordPress Bundle for $30!

Love WordPress? Well you’re going to love our latest Envato Bundle – the WordPress Pack – which has over $250 of premium WP Themes, Plugins, a mobile theme, a psd template, a copy of my book How

Sample Restaurant Menu Printing Ideas to Wow the Senses

Whet customers’ appetite with how you present food on the menu you are designing. Make the food even more irresistible by using vivid, real-life photos or mouth-watering, detailed descriptions and a

PDF Converter Mac

PDF Converter Mac is a comprehensive PDF tool to help Mac users convert PDF to Microsoft Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint for Mac.

Joomla Spam Registration Validator

A FREE Joomla plugin for spam email registration validator which control the spammers repeating registrations.

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