165 Web Design News That Will Knock Your Socks Off

There is a lot of activity in the online web design community and people are producing articles, templates, code snippets, icons, inspiration… you name it like crazy. This article is a collection of links that have been submitted by reader of tripwire magazine and there is a lot of must reads in here. Enjoy!



Drupal for Web Designers – Part II

This is the second part of the new Drupal for Web Designers series written by Idan Arbel of Arbel Designs. After covering the intro to design (here’s the link to the Introduction in case you missed it)

If you’re looking for great drupal 7 themes you should look here or in this article 26+ Great Themes Showcase – Drupal Download.

Weekly Web Design Inspiration #73

A showcase of the very best web designs from the last week

Check out hundred+ Tumblr Themes in this post if you want to consider an alternative CMS platform.

Free Grunge Clip Art

Free grunge vector set to make your unique, creative images.

Further there are tons of cool iPhone cases and using a iPhone 4 leather case is a great option.

Logo Design Inspiration: 30 Creative Full Color Logos

Color plays a very important role in the process of logo design. But in choosing colors should exactly communicate about the brand and company’s mission and vision. Because every color has its own m

Autumn – the season of inspiration

Autumn shows the nature in the full. I took the inspiration and did some new pictures. The changes of the weather are very impressively. Early morning fog and in the evening adorrible sunsets. Simply

Jaw-dropping landscape photography of Kane Gledhill

Born in New Zealand & based in Brisbane QLD for the past 6 years, Kane Gledhill specializes in landscape, nature and wedding photography. He has been a keen photographer for over 15 years, first picki

Get the best wordpress theme for news sites!

Incredibly Detailed Digital Technical Illustrations

Be sure to take your time viewing this incredibly fantastic collection, even I missed an important element from qing by Hanjianhao.

WordPress Comment Design: Tutorials, Considerations, Plugins and Design Inspiration

In this post you’ll find some best practices, considerations, tools and design inspirations. Which I hope can help you in designing a beautiful commenting system on your blog.

Typoart – a little Showcase

The Designblog Weblovers shows some incredible Typo-Arts, which expand your mind of Typo-usage.

Create a Clean Envelope Icon in Illustrator

Hi there. In the following tutorial I will show you how to create a clean envelope icon. Give it a try and you might learn some new stuff about working with grid and the transform effect. You will als

80 Magnificent Desktop Wallpapers

Can’t get enough amazing and inspiring wallpapers for your computer? Check out these 80 magnificent graphics!

Create Photoshop Shortcuts In Funny Way

The use of Photoshop shortcuts make for a faster workflow and when used often enough become burned into our memory.

Beautiful landscape photography of Barbara Jones

Barbara Jones lives in the North West Highlands of Scotland , just a stone’s throw from the astoundingly beautiful Isle of Skye , where the light can take your breath clean away.

Barbara consider

Spellbinding beautiful photography of Eduardo Mendez

Eduardo Mendez is a graphic designer and photographer from Oviedo, Spain. Eduardo is mostly into landscape photography among everything else, as can be seen through out his portfolio, especially photo

Weekly Typography Inspiration # 10

In this roundup you will get creative, fanciful, elegant, imaginative and graceful typography showcase for your inspiration, crafted and actualized by professional artists and designers from all over

50 Beautiful Free HTML/CSS Web Template

On internet you can find lots of free templates. But all are not good quality. Here I share some Free high quality HTML/CSS template to save your time. Click on any image of your choice and download i

2000+ High Quality Photoshop Brushes For Free Download

Every designer knows the value of Brushes in Photoshop. In the past we compiled different types of brushes for our readers. If you missed those article then check them here 193 Useful Border And Box B

18 Vintage Beer Label Designs From Around The World

beer label designs!

How to Maintain Your WordPress Site

When your site grows and matures, there are steps to be taken to make sure your site remains happy and healthy.To ensure that everyone enjoys the best possible experience at your site

Effect of SEO in Web Design

SEO web design is a concept which emphasizes great architectural design principles based on how the search engines determine relevance and site information.

HALLOWEEN MADNESS: Tons of Halloween Brushes, Icons, Fonts, Tutorials, and More

Halloween is right around the corner, and we’ve got all the design resources you need: Hundreds of brushes, icons, tutorials, and more resources.. Enjoy :-D

Create A Vintage Fifties Letter

It seems everyone wants to learn how to make something look vintage or grungy.

Download 21 Fun Free Fonts

Awesome Collection of Fun Free Fonts that resemble the theme for Terminator, Ice Age, Bugs Life, Star Wars, Batman, Coca Cola, Ferro Rosso, Hawaii, Flowers, Walt Disney, Hollywood, Jurassic Park, Tron

The 20 Most Popular Design Tools and their Users

Ever wondered which are the most popular design tools and their number of users? We did too! So we partnered with Mostash to create an exclusive infographic

9 Free T-Shirt Vector Graphics

If you love designing t-shirts, then you have come to the right place! I present to you a stunning collection of free vector t-shirt graphics that are fully editable.

Top 20 CSS Frameworks

Although CSS is considered a relatively easy language, there are numerous frameworks that make the coding process a lot faster and accurate.

32 Amazing & Beautiful E-Commerce Website Designs

Electronic commerce, commonly known as e-commerce, consists of the buying and selling of products or services over electronic systems such as the Internet and other computer networks. The amount of tr

25 Awesome Printed Ads

A picture is worth a thousand words but in the case of a printed ad, things are different. Besides the main message, it must be persuasive, to arouse curiosity and attract new customers. Below we have

Tips and Tricks for Halloween Graphics

Halloween is a unique and international festival celebrated by almost half of the population of the world. From ancient monster legends to the modern day practices of costume parties and ‘trick or t

15 Examples of Beautiful PrestaShop Themes

In this showcase we are glad to present you 15 strikaing PrestaShop themes. Due to its advanced functionality features, easy-to use back office and high scalability PrestaShop will become an excellent

44 Sparkling & Fiery Hot Firework Photography

Fireworks are a class of low explosive pyrotechnic devices used for aesthetic and entertainment purposes. The most common use of a firework is as part of a fireworks display. A fireworks event is a di

Make Your Ecommerce Website SEO Friendly

First thing to consider is the content on website. Is website content informative and containing targeted keywords and key phrases? Content plays a very important role in making a web design SEO frien

Top Ten Reviews Presents Invoicera with Silver Award

This online billing service is one of the best services we have reviewed: it is easy to use, has tons of flexibility, and customer support answers their emails in a timely manner. Invoicera continues

Read MS Exchange Server Public Folders & Download Messages

What’s New in this Release?

The new version of Aspose.Network for .NET 5.7.0 has been released. This new Release includes support for reading Public Folders from Microsoft Exchange Server and downl

A Beginner’s Guide to Secure Your Site from Web Trespassers

There is no such thing as an unhackable website, there are just those who are close to it or are offline. It is important to know how attacks are made in order to plan ahead.

Positive Influence of Content Management System

As the term name suggests ‘content management system ‘ is related to the data management. It helps in managing file systems, the related software and the huge database. Functions like editing, creatin

13 Websites with Mind-Blowing jQuery Effects

The battle between Flash has been raging on for the past year or so, with Steve Jobs and his friends at Apple making a strong case for a Flash-less future. And while HTML5 can do some pretty awesome e

Title: 35 Professional Bold Sans Serif Fonts

If you are finding Free Sans-Serif font to design a large logo or to use it in title\headline of your project, you can select anyone of these high-quality professional fonts.

24 Very Stylish Wallpaper

For me wallpaper are the inspiration between. Also if I start my computer and if I quit all applications I like to see a cool wallpaper at my desktop. Deviantart is a great place to find inspiring wor

A Beginner’s Guide to Joomla! Basic Features

Looking at Joomla for the first time can be, for some, a daunting prospect. The fact cannot be denied that Joomla is one of the powerful content management system on the planet.

Important Web Design, Development & SEO Strategies

Designing a website is not a child’s play. Its not something that you randomly throw on a particular place that has some graphics and some other…

Headphones PSD and icons

Download headphones graphic in Photoshop PSD format along with icons in sizes 512×512, 256×256 and 128×128 pixels for the use in web projects.

How to Create a Mobile Version of your Website

One big aspect of Website Design is a “Mobile Version” of the website because these days mobile phones with internet facilities are becoming too common and thus everyone wants to remain connected

12 Free High Resolution Fabric Photoshop Patterns

Today we have a conveniently packaged Photoshop pattern set (.pat) made from 12 of our favorite patterns in the Tileable Curtain Backgrounds Set on Backgrounds ETC.

Top Ten WordPress Themes

WordPress has become very popular among webmasters and bloggers around the world.

Inspiring Holiday Card Ideas for Designers

If you’re planning to create cards as early as now, you can check out these holiday card ideas to help you get started with your festive design project.

Claim Fully-Featured, FREE Unified Collaboration Suite by Banckle

Banckle, a leading provider of SaaS solutions for corporate communication, is pleased to announce that its entire suite of next-generation unified collaboration apps is FREE. As a passionate proponent

100 Creative Business Cards for your Inspiration

Here are almost 100 Amazing and Creative Business cards for your inspiration. I’ve collected these for you to get creativity and inspiration. Hope this would be a valuable asset for you.

iPhoto like Image Resizing In Javascript

I was compelled to figure out how they pulled off iPhoto-like image scaling in a browser.

Who Knows Better? You Or Your Customers

Common advice when starting a business is to research your market, determine what customers want, and then give it to them. Is this really the best advice? Might you be better off following your own i

Free Vector Floral

Seven elegant free floral vectors. Free for commercial.

Wooden Business Cards: 20 Unique Branding Ideas

Wooden business cards surely have a lasting impression. For your inspiration, here are 20 impressive wooden business cards from around the web.

How to Make a Font

Watch a font come to life before you very eyes! Filmed on location at alphabetician Chank Diesel’s fontmaking workshop at Clockwork Active Media Systems in Minneapolis, 5/6/9. Event sponsored by AIG

18 Wonderful Premium Icon Sets

Now we all know that designing icons can take a great amount of time. If you need an icon set for your project, website, or application we got you covered. Why waste your time and make icons that hav

Time to replace your alarm clock and weatherman

MorningReport is a wonderful way to wake up with the morning, and it gives you all the information you need to start the day for only $0.99. Not only is it great for the mornings, but it can also pro

Dons and Don’ts of Logo Communication

Visual communication plays an important role in branding and brand communication. The most effective element of your brand’s visual communication is the logo. Your company’s logo alongwith other v

Akutou – Illustrator, Tee Designer & Vector Artist

I am watching hundreds of artists and illustrators over at deviantART, but one of my favourites has to be Akutou! A french illustrator and vector artist whose style is incredibly influential.

50 Jaw-Dropping Examples Of Sports Photography

We all love watching and playing sports. As a photographer I love to capture the adventures moments of sports. Today In this article I compiled a huge list of sports photographers to inspire the world

Digital Embossing: A New Era in Print Technology

Digital Embossing is a post print process which applies a high build varnish patented ink jet technology. Digital embossing gives a finish which may initially…

Designer Showcase – Sakke Soini

A showcase of work from the extremely talented graphic designer Sakke Soini

CorelDRAW Video Tutorial: Designing a Professional Chart

In this video tutorial you will learn how to set up a chart or graph using the vector and text tools in CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X4.

Stunning and Beautifully Captured Fireworks Photos

Here are the Stunning and Beautifully Captured Fireworks Photos taken by our professional photographers that we can all love to watch anytime of the year.

The Graphic Design Rules of Engagement, Part 1: The Principles

Graphic design is a dynamic field that reaches across the globe to find its many audiences eagerly engaging this expansive arena. Given this worldwide accessibility there are considerations to be made

45+ Astonishing High Quality Free WordPress Themes

WordPress – the popular open source publishing platform – allows you to easily customize your installation with WordPress themes. High quality free WordPress Themes have become harder and harder

Inspiring work of young photographer Felix Berndt

Felix Berndt is a 19 year old aspiring young photographer from Pampow, Germany. He has been into photography for about 3 years now, but boy does this guy have a bright future! His creativity and atten

Checklists: Why are They Important in Getting Things Right

That single thing that contributed to lowering complications and death rates was…a checklist. It was a 19-point checklist that was used before beginning surgery that made sure people did the essenti

Be Inspired! (By Everything) 14

Welcome to the fourteenth Be Inspired. I’ve decided to extend to a fortnightly occurrence to let me build up a better collection of inspiration. This week features a healthy mix of print, packaging

30+ Blue Logo Designs for your Inspiration

If you are looking for Blue logo designs then this post is for you Today we have collected 30+ Beautiful Blue logo designs for your inspiration, you don’t have to browse logo design galleries or sea

WordPress.com Adds a new and Exciting Feature! But why pay for it?

If you are a WordPress.com user, I am sure, you must have always been enjoying blogging on the hosted blogging service. But what if you get the opportunity to interact or share your blogs through an S

50+ Really Beautiful and Creative Real Estate Logos

Talk about any top brand, and the logo of that particular brand pops up in our minds. Our minds always try to associate the brand names with their logo design. Logo design is one of the most hardest p

Latest Links of Interest for Web Designers

We are back with our weekly collection of resources and inspirational articles for web designers, covering topics from CMS themes to CSS data visualization.

20 Fresh Fresh Fonts for Designers

Today we bring you 20 excellent fresh typefaces, possibly a wonderful addition in you font collection. Lets have fun with these fresh free fonts and do share them with your friends.

Render WMF, EMF into Raster Graphics Format & Convert WMF to PNG

What’s New in this Release?

A new stable version of Aspose.Metafiles for Java 1.7.0 is released. It includes significant support for rendering complex WMF & EMF files into Windows raster graphics f

Make Your Ecommerce Website SEO Friendly

If you are having an online store where you are selling any kind of products, then you must know about some of the important tactics to make your store more successful.First thing to consider is the c

Free High-Quality Icon Sets

This amazing sets of Free High-Quality Icon, find the icons appropriate to your design, and download it, and do not forget to read the license provided from the author.

Tweener Vertical Menu AS2

Download XML driven free vertical menu, easy to use. Drag and drop the menu in your project. Actionscript 2.0

An Interview With Chris Coyier And Win A Copy Of Digging Into WordPress

Today we are delighted to have the pleasure of speaking with Chris Coyier who is the brains behind CSS-Tricks, co author of Digging Into WordPress and is currently plying his trade at Wufoo.

7 Great Tips for Attracting New Clients

At various point of running our businesses as designers we need to find ways of attracting new clients.

14 High Quality Animal Brushes

With these animal brushes I had been using these for a client project and was trying to work out when I had created them

Ecommerce Websites: Benefits of Using Ecommerce

Many have heard about ecommerce websites, but don’t know exactly what are the benefits of using an Ecommerce website? Ecommerce software provide a complete support for creating an online shopping car

Outdoor Vinyl Banners: 14 Examples to Inspire Your Designs

Check out this selection of outdoor banners created by talented designers to give you ideas for your future projects.

glerion – realizzazione siti web – web design

La glerion è un’azienda specializzata nella realizzazione di siti web, sistemi di e-commerce, animazioni flash e presentazioni multimediali; realizza applicazioni gestionali personalizzate e fornisce

Awesome Tips for Designing Perfect Web Typography

Today I’ll be going over some of the most common typography tips for designers and how you can apply these to your current web projects.

35 Fresh Icon Sets for Web Designers and Developers

Finding free high-quality icons from sea of icon resources available is very difficult and time consuming task but don’t worry, as today we have collected 35 fresh free icon sets for designers and dev

Twitter Improves Search Technology

The company recently announced via their blog that they were rolling out new enhancements that would improve the service’s excellent query serving capacity and its search engine.

How to Setup WordPress as a Video Portal

Video Blogs are gaining popularity in the blogosphere recently. Video Blogs are termed as ‘Vlogs’ and the Video Blogger’s are called ‘Vloggers’.

Flash Tutorial For Starters

In 1997, Macromedia acquired the small company that developed FutureSplash as a way to complement Director, its flagship product.

50 Fresh and Inspiring Dark Web Designs

Several months ago we showcased a list of 50 Inspiring Dark Web Designs to show that how dark colors are a really good option when comes to web design. The list was so inspiring and commented on that

40 Gorgeous Examples of Beach Photography

We are showcasing some of the most interesting and exquisite photos taken at the beach. These photographs are some of the best you are going to find online. Hope they inspire you and help you to take

Devil-Skull Illustration

Download the illustration and check out all the intricate details! It is a great illustration to use by itself or pick through the many elements used to create the skull!

Free Vector Holiday Poster

Colorfull abstract vector illustration, with frame. FREE for commercial use.

20 fantastic examples of steampunk art

A few days ago I published a post about steampunk illustration tutorials. To further investigate this universe, I suggest you to discover more illustrations and artworks by talented artists.

Maximizing Your Twitter Traffic

As an Internet marketer one of your main promotional goals should be to dominate social networks and what better way to access the global market than through Twitter.

Design Resources from: Shutterstock

I have pulled a hand-full of vector, stock images, icons, textures, and pattern files that are worth downloading from Shutterstock.com, to keep in your design toolbox.

Sports App Roundup – Must have apps for sports fans

Right now we’re in the middle of the MLB playoffs, almost halfway through football season, at the beginning of hockey season, and the NBA regular season is rapidly approaching. That’s what it’s

The iSuccess Formula – How to Make a Huge Hit from a Simple Game

Today’s smartphones are every bit as powerful as most hand-held gaming devices, however what is really driving mobile gaming forward is not just the hardware capability, it is the creativity of deve

The Magic of Vintage Postage Stamps

A postage stamp is made from paper with a national designation and denomination on the face and most often with a gum adhesive on the reverse side and is used as evidence of payment of postage.


Top 10 Reasons Why Your Site Needs to Be Mobile Friendly… Now

The adoption rate of mobile browsing is growing at a rapid pace. Don’t lose your customers to competitors with mobile sites. Make your site mobile-ready. Here are 10 up-to-the minute reasons why!

Outer Space Inspired iPhone Wallpaper Designs

The iPhone has to be the most popular tech gadget that has been released in the past few years. As a telephone, a messaging tool or a multimedia device, the iPhone serves a purpose for everyone. One o

Ultimate Business Solutions as Creative Facebook Pages

We would like to share something fruitful for make more successful business on great successful social network facebook, Social media has completely changed the way consumers and businesses alike are

Artist of the month: Carlos Ortega

Carlos Ortega is a talented 3D Artist and 3D modeler from Mexico. He is working at Guanajuato University: doing 3D Graphic Design and Motion Graphics.

25 Awesome Photoshop tutorials

Here are 25 amazing Photoshop tutorials for all Photoshop lovers and designers. These tutorials will teach you new ways to manipulate images, creating new text effects, cool photo effects and much mor

30 High Quality Fabric Texture Packs

Photoshop Textures helps designers to create beautiful backgrounds for their designs. In the past we compile lots of useful textures for our readers. If you miss them then you can read them here Woode

Beige grungy retro patterns

This is a set of 12 grunge retro patterns in high resolution. You can use them in your Photoshop design work for backgrounds, fills or making your own patterns.

Beautiful Navigation Menu Style with Website Color Combination

The navigation of a website is meant to be clicked. It shouldn’t be hard to find. It’s important that it stands out from the rest of the elements on the page with elegant style but yet still match

Manganescent Free WordPress Theme

This awesome blog theme is great for corporate blogs, personal blogs, design blogs and other related blog niches. The integrated custom font added an elegant detail to the design.

40 Attractive & Cool Photographer Portfolio Websites

Photographers, like designers, have a need to display an attractive portfolio for their websites visitors, and many photographers have excellent portfolio sites. Being a good photographer is not easy,

7 great examples of Corporate identity design done right

What do you think when you heard Corporate Identity? A corporate identity is more than just a logo applied to promotional material.

15+ High-Quality Typography Desktop Wallpapers

Download over 15 free high-quality typography desktop wallpapers for your monitors.

Banckle Collaborator Newsletter for September 2010 is out now

Banckle Collaborator newsletter for September 2010 is out now. We have been striving to redefine the way you perform enterprise collaboration by developing the cutting edge unified collaboration solut

Interview with Multimedia Designer Chris Scholten

Chris Scholten is an extremely talented Multimedia Designer residing in the Netherlands. His style reflects his passion for art and his faith in Christ.

Misconceptions Faced by Businesses Regarding Online Invoicing

Most of us today whole heartedly welcome any new technological innovation and development taking place in the business world around us, but it is sad to know that the response to online invoicing has

Super Cars of the Future: Inspiring Future thinking in Car Design

Here I look to highlight and showcase several amazing concept (and possible production) super cars who are all using new technologies and new ways of designing the super car of the future.

15 PrestaShop Templates For Your E-Commerce Business

In this showcase we are glad to present you 15 strikaing PrestaShop themes. Due to its advanced functionality features, easy-to use back office and high scalability PrestaShop will become an excellent

Creative photography ideas from landscape photographer Dave Henderson

Dave Henderson got into photography around 6 years back as a hobby, and soon this hobby turned into an obsession. Dave enjoys the learning process and the inspiration he gets in all areas of the craf

Beautiful people & street photography from Rafa Elías

Rafa Elías from Spain, is a photographer with a unique sense of purpose, time, and place. His photos shine with originality, expressive emotions, and thought provoking compositions. They’re simple

Celebrating 10,000 members on Vectorious.net + Giveaway

Because has reached 10,000 members Vectorious.net is celebrating and offering a 1 month trial for only $5 (regular price: $30). And we have a giveaway for our readers and the prizes are 5 Plus member

34 Of The Best Motion Graphics Studios And Their Work

You see their work in commercials or in big movies but you never knew who they are or how they do it. They represent the hard working studios which give you those incredible motion graphics effects an

Better Loading Times with CSS Sprites

Using CSS Sprites has become much more popular over the past years. However, the use of CSS sprites has gotten even more attention since Google is using page loading speed as a ranking criteria in its

Best 10 Useful WordPress Plugins

After the release of WordPress 3.0,WordPress has achieved the status of a full-fledged content management system.The major advantage working on this CMS platform is its range of extensions and plugins

Halloween Pumpkin Photoshop And Illustrator Pattern

The third week of Vector Patterns Halloween freebies. This week’s pattern is an awesome pumpkin pattern a traditional Halloween design. This pattern only available in one colour but nevertheless thi

7 Online Tools To Create Invoices for Freelancers & Small Businesses

One way for you to ensure that you are working efficiently and productively is if you are billing your clients on time and with ease. Sometimes we tend to forget that by invoicing properly, we also ge

Photos of Wildlife: Postcard Inspiration Straight from Nature

Here are a few photos of wildlife that will certainly appeal to the hearts of any animal lover.

List of Cross-Browser CSS Properties

There are only 10 CSS properties that are truly cross-browser, and a bunch of others that are supported cross-browser but buggy. Here’s a list of all of them.

Importance of Content Management System (CMS)

CMS is called content management system which is used to manage the content of a website. CMS helps in updating the website easily. It is installed by web designers on the servers, so that it can be u

External Design/Foto Inspiration – Custom Graphics by Creeight

Creeight is the collaboration of the german graphic designer Carolin Bittner and Sascha Bäde. They have a big passion for photography and illustration and they love cars and the life-style of the 50s

25 Stunning Black Business Cards for Print Design Inspiration

With a sexy font an and eye-catching color to match, a dark card can look stunningly beautiful just like these 25 examples of black business cards:

40 Great Ways to Build Trust in Your Blog Visitors

It is absolutely necessary that your Blog must create the environment of trust otherwise, most of your efforts will be wasted. Have you ever thought – how to create the environment of trust for a Bl

Free Download Light streak brushes

This abstract brushes are very good for abstract wallpapers as well as for digital art and stuff like that.

50+ Amazing Themes For All Blogging Platforms

Hi there to all our dear readers out there. Blogging is a thing that we can see everyone doing lately in this internet technology era. And with the evolution of blogging, came many blogging platforms

35 Creative Artworks by MIGHTY MONKEY

Ryan, also known as MIGHTY MONKEY, is a digital artist, graphic designer and photographer based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. He may not of attended any graphic design or photography schools, but his work

Matte Red And White Square Icons Alphanumeric

This matte red and white square icons alphanumeric set includes almost everything found on a computer keyboard (numbers 0 thru 10, letters A thru Z, !, @, #, $, %, & … Etc) as well as various plus,

SEO Dirty Practices

Search engine optimization, SEO, is an integral part of the web business and marketing strategy. People are more likely to locate a product, service, and/or website through search engines than by trad

Giveaway from SonicPrint: Win 10 iNotepads

Be sure to follow the rules of the giveaway for your entry to be counted to be in with a chance of being drawn out to win one of the ten prizes available.

40 Free High-Quality Flash Web Templates

Do you like a style template with flash? Of course you love it, this is because some things, such as your website looks more animate, interesting, and also seem more professional.

9 FREE text editors tools for developers

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the number of applications for web development you can find online and didn’t know what to choose?

I am sure you did, as I was there, too.

If you are in this

Get Inspired, an Interview with the Developers Behind the Dribbblr iPad app

Tapmates Inc. is a privately held company based in Central Europe, and made of of 10 employees from Europe, Australia, Asia, and the United States. They entered the App Store with Cookmate followed by

Get Inspired By: Writers | 9 Fresh Ways to Boost your Inspiration

When you are branding for a client, you shouldn’t just be trying to make them look good, you should also be telling their story. Isn’t that what a website is all about? Websites are tools for out

Purple Website Showcase #3

A showcase of my favourite websites with a purple colour scheme

Maintain a Catchy Blog in Limited Time

Whoever is on the Internet and reading this post might know what blogging is, and many of us are regular blogger too. A research showed that almost 75% of Internet users read blogs on daily basis whic

15 Best Digital Fonts for LED Banner Designing

Today we have collected 15 Best Digital Fonts which can be used in designing awesome LED Banner or can be programed in real LED Banners.

How To Add Automatic Short su.pr URLs In WordPress

Today I will show you a easy way to auto shorten your WordPress URLs using the su.pr API, you will be working in your functions.php and single.php file, please backup before making any changes!

50 Mind Blowing Macro Photographs Of Human Eye

Macro Photography is Close-up Photography. The classical definition is that the image projected on the “film plane” is close to the same size as the subject. In this article I collected 50 mind blowin

3 License Free Giveaway Flash Decompiler for Mac

Flash Decompiler Trillix Mac (former SWF to FLA Converter) converts Adobe Flash SWF files back into FLA format and SWF files created in Flex back to Flex sources, which can be easily edited in native

2011 Vector Calendars

We have four different 2011 calendar designs, as a freebie for anyone to download. These files are created by Stock Graphic Designs and are perfect to use as a base for your own calendar designs. They

6 Free Halloween Vector Graphics

It’s now starting to get a little bit colder outside, and the realization of Halloween being just around the corner is setting in. Here is an amazing collection of free halloween vectors that go great

50+ Magical Examples of Sequence Photography

Photography is the process, activity and art of creating still or moving pictures by recording radiation on a radiation-sensitive medium, such as a photographic film, or an electronic sensor. There ar

Shared Hosting vp VPS vs Dedicated Server

Essentially, there are three options in regards to web hosting solutions. You can host your website via a shared server, a VPS (virtual private server) or look into dedicated servers.

Wow, That’s Some Unusual Typography

If you find yourself in a rut where you are only changing colors and sizes of the type you are working with, I hope this post might give you an inspirational boost.

Amazing Examples of 3D Digital Graffiti Arts

Here are some of the Amazing Examples of 3D Digital Graffiti Arts from the works of the various artists. Check them out to be inspired!

80 Colorful Package Designs

Color is of the utmost importance when it comes to packaging design because as a designer, you’ve really got to be thinking about what is going to pull someone in to take a closer look.

Brilliant Digital Ilustrtion & Photo Manipulation

It is quite skillful task. Though there are many tutorials and tools available but it requires basic thorough knowledge and specialized skills to produce a sound digital illustration.

40 Free Beautiful HTML/CSS Templates

Here is a collection of 40 Free Beautiful HTML/CSS Templates that you can download anytime and whenever you’re in need of free high-quality html/css themes.

Synchronous Grids Move

Tutorial on how to make the effect of synchronous grid move – a demo of javascript grid animation.

Get More Out of Your Invoicera Account with Latest Add-ons

We succeed in business in the same way that you do – by identifying those areas of business operations best left to experts. Collaboration with a large repertoire of third party products and service

PSD ecommerce website template

Today’s PSD download is an ecommerce website layout in Photoshop PSD format. Download this sleek & clean shopping cart website design with a beautiful creative edge.

5 Powerful Tips For Marketing An Designers Online Portfolio

A collection of good tips which I consider as good advice if you’re starting out a as designer who is building an online portfolio or if your an experienced designer who’s looking to attract more

A Complete Beginner’s Guide to Zend Framework: First Steps

There I will tell you about the powerful free framework (Content Managment Framework), if you learn it you will not only save time for the design, but also rtake the quality of your work to a much hig

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