145+ Awesome Fresh Articles for Designers and Developers

May 19, 2013 · 10 comments

by Lars

145+ Awesome Fresh Articles for Designers and Developers

This is a huge collection of highly relevant and just published articles for web designers and developers. All the articles have been submitted by our readers and other blog owners over the last couple of days. You will find great inspiration for your designs, tools, giveaways, awesome photos, coding tips etc. Hope you will find useful resources below and help submitting good articles if you find some.



An Inspiring Collection of Expressive Photography

In this weeks showcase we will be delving into Expressive Photography and hope to bring more showcases like this on a weekly basis.

Minimal iPhone 4 Wallpapers You Might Be Looking For

iPhone 4 Wallpaper – This post consist of Minimal Wallpaper Collection to make your iPhone background sleek. These wallpapers work very well behind Lock Screen

20 Best Photoshop Tutorials for Web Designers

Web designers always in search of new techniques to creating web designs in new design concepts. Photoshop is the first choice for many web designers as design tool.
In this article we are going to s

10 Web Usability tips for your website

At the beginning, perhaps you were developing websites just for fun or you were just learning some new tricks, but now, when you are developing a website or a web application you can’t afford to ski

Vector Floral Design

Vector Illustration with floral tree created from smooth curves and swirls. Free for commercial use.

500+ Places to Syndicate Your Content

Over 500+ Places to Syndicate Your Content Around the Web…

Groovy psychedelic portrait photography & artwork from Marco Diaz

Marco Diaz (aka Bizarro) was born in Quito, Ecuador. He studied multimedia design and photography in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Marco’s work had been published in magazines from around the world, h

33 Killer Free Funky Fonts

Today we have collected 33 awesome free funky fonts for your upcoming projects, these fonts can be very handy in designing comic websites for kids.

Adam Spizak, a graphic designer and illustrator from London, UK.

Adam Spizak, a graphic designer and illustrator from London, UK. This guy started exploration with computer graphics back in 1996/7 with great impression of Amiga’s art scene.

Wrap Picture around any Object in Photoshop

Sometimes you want to put your picture on any object and that object would be in any shape and direction. So I’m going to tell you how you can wrap your picture around any object and it will give re

Build Good Rapport with Web Designer for Effective Website Design

Every website owner wants the best web design for their site that can fulfill their business dreams and goals. For that you need to communicate your needs to the web designer. However it is one of the

Domain Age and Factors Affecting it

It has been seen that as your domain name gets older, its chances of achieving higher ranking in search engine increases. The domain name thats very new to the Google search engine might be blocked fr

CasinoWorldPack Free WordPress Theme

CasinoWorldPack is a free WordPress theme with elegant and friendly design.

Ideas For Opening 404 Error Pages

Many bloggers overlook their 404 page, leaving them looking unappealing and plain.

Health Template design

Medhley provides health related template design to customize as per your needs.

How To Create a WordPress Theme

In only 11 individual lessons this WordPress Theme Tutorial is going to show you how to build a powerful,

27 WordPress Plugins to Rock Your Blog

WordPress Plugins help you complement and extend WordPress functionality, but also keep your blog secure, build communities and Social Media engagement.

The Professional Designers Guide to using Black

The aim of this article is to document every conceivable type of black that is destined for print and web.

Do Better Work and Faster by Using Minimalism

You can get more of your work done in less time if you use minimalism for your freelance, design, and any other work.

Beautiful people photography of Ruben Lizana

I came across Ruben Lizana‘s flickr photostream a while back. I first saw his photo with the half naked girl on the bed looking away, and it instantly blew my mind. The composition was brilliant, th

Freebie Friday – Win a Pair of Inspired Boots by Whooga

New Freebie Friday here at Inspired Mag and this time we’re offering something very… erm original for a design & social media blog – a pair of fluffy sheepskin boots!

10 Great WYSIWYG HTML Editors

WYSIWYG editors are HTML editors that attempt to display the Web page as it will show on the browser.

Time Management Tips for Freelance Designers

Time management is very important in every profession; in fact it is the most vital element of professionalism. History may vouch for the fact that success comes to the people who have managed time be

August’s Free Professional PSD Web Templates

Here’s a collection of 31 fully customizable templates which contain the graphic source files in .PSD format, fresh and creative resources from design community (August 2010)

60 Creatively Edited Photographs For Inspiration

In today’s time we can edit the photographs to give them the new look according to our imagination. Adobe Photoshop is the best and widely used software for photo editing. In this article I collecte

Characteristics of Effective Logos

It’s obvious that some logos are great branding tools and others fall flat in the public opinion, but what’s behind this phenomenon? There are several traits of good logos that can help define how

Incredible Computer Mouse Designs – 23 Mice

Some industrial designers come up with interesting mouse designs, many of them looking eccentric or extravagant. If you’re a little bit conservative you’ll say “oh, maybe, actually no” but if

10 stunning examples of brochure design

Brochures are a very challenging item to design. Doing it good requires a good balance between form and function, but some graphic designers still can make it look beautiful.

HTML5 – The End of PSD to HTML Conversion Services?

Is HTML5 the end of PSD to HTML services? Or new HTML standards only strengthen the role of professional PSD to HTML conversion and will result in PSD to HTML5?

22 Flash Preloader Tutorials

These are free and easy to follow, in order for you to create the preloader that is compatible with your website.

Amazing Designs From The Church Marketing Lab (Beta)

Feedback can make all the difference in your Church Marketing efforts, the solution is The Church Marketing Lab.

Establishing your first Home freelance Office

When starting your freelance business, selecting the right place to work can be daunting and very expensive. Establishing your office at home can be a great starting point. Here we give you 12 tips fo

30 Great SEO Tips for Web Designing

SEO Tips for Web Designing is a list of items for every web designers to check while designing their websites to keep the web pages optimized for search engines and achieve high ranking in major searc

PSD to HTML Give Away by MarkupBox

Okay it’s Freebies time…Hello all. Hope everybody doing good. So, what’s new coming this season. Yes, you guessed it right! OrphicPixel is back with another Exciting PSD to HTML Contest

30 Inspirational Email Newsletter Designs

Email newsletters are becoming more and more popular on the internet as businesses begin to use them as a viral way of communicating with their audiences/customers. They are, without doubt, great mark

50 Creative and Inspirational E-Commerce Website Designs

e-commerce website is lot more than just a shop as they get quick feedback from their existing and prospective customers. They can better understand the prevailing trends and demands of the customers.

45 Beautiful Examples of Night Photography

Small collection of some of the most beautiful and most interesting photos taken at night

Why is Website Maintenance Necessary

Creating a well-designed website can be achieved with hard work and required efforts, but after it goes online you need to maintain it for smooth functioning. In order to stay at the top of search eng

50 Creative and Inspirational E-Commerce Website Designs

e-commerce website is lot more than just a shop as they get quick feedback from their existing and prospective customers. They can better understand the prevailing trends and demands of the customers.

A young hacker has ported Google Chrome OS for iPad (video)

Hacker nick Hexxeh, famous for its assembly Chrome OS (Chromium OS), to install on Tablet PC iPad referred to the operating system, actively developed right now in the open-source project.

40+ Cheerful Bird Logos to Inspire Your Creativity

This post is a compilation of 40+ Cheerful Bird Logos to Inspire Your Creativity. These logos illustrate a few effective utilization of a bird image in logo-making. Check out this “tweet” collecti

External Film Inspiration No. 22

External Film Inspiration“ is a serial of short films, trailers and music clips by different artists from across the world introduced here at Cromoart. We would like to inspire you give ideas and su

5 Advanced Google Tricks to Help You Become a Better Web Designer

You can use some simple Google tools in very creative ways, as well as use some more advanced ones to find high-quality tutorials for any web design software tool, and find them easier and faster

15 Best of Best Logo Designs

Designers are always looking for good and creative work so they can get inspired of it and can give their best after getting ideas, there are many websites for designers from where they get new ideas,

Drawing Vs Photography – 26 Incredible Images

This wonderful work belongs to a very talented Belgian painter, illustrator, portraitist, caricaturist and photographer Ben Heine

Dynamic Liquid Splash Effect

In this tutorial we’ll create an image of a Dancer with a dynamic liquid splash effect.

Xhtmlchamps – PSD to XHTML Conversion Services and PSD to HTML CSS

PSD to XHTML Conversion, PSD to HTML CSS, Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, CMS, VBULLETIN, PHPBB and includes convert to XHTML like PSD to XHTML, web designing services, logos and banner design, website bui

How to: Get the Thumbnail of the First Image from the Post and Display it in WordPress

While re-building my site there was one change that I needed to do specifically related to the home page and that was to display the thumbnail image instead of the bigger image that I was already us

More Than 70,000 Excellent Logo Designs

Excellent Logo Designs

30+ Attractive Dark Websites

Choosing the color of website is the one of the most important part of web designing. Some prefer to have light backgrounds……………

ao dep

Mau ao dep, ao dam, ao dai, ao thun, vay ngu, ao ngu, ao cuoi, ao vest, ao so mi, ao khoac, ao vest, ao thoi trang

Jaw-dropping infrared photography of Martin Finlayson

I’m gonna assume everyone here is familiar with the electromagnetic spectrum and visible light. Everything that lies within the visible range, our eyes can see. Anything outside of that visible rang

Established Design Blogs and Magazine Sites Versus New & Exciting

These websites are those which primarily focus on the graphic and web design aspects of creativity and produce really inspirational showcases and roundup articles

Design, Designer & Designing – Redefined

And I cannot disagree more. I often catch myself telling my friends that I couldn’t pick up their call because I was working on a project. But really, I was not.

May anh dep

may anh dep , may anh . Chuyen cung cap cac loai may anh phuc vu cho nhu cau di du lich , cho gioi chuyen nghiep….

Do You Know Why You Need Design?

Design matters and you do need it. Yes you can succeed in spite of poor or even no design, but a good design can and will improve your success. No matter what the current state of your site a better d

Presenting your logo design to the client in an effective way

So you’ve been briefed, done your research, sketched and put together a few logo ideas for your client. But what now? What’s the best way of presenting these to the client?

In my experience att

Personal Experiences in using CSS with Web Design

After a few years of Web Design I’ve come across a few amazing things which I didn’t realise. For some of you these will be obvious things but they’re things I’ve discovered along the way that have re

30 Innovative Examples Of Pencil vs. Camera Photography

Ben Heine is a Belgian painter, illustrator, portraitist, caricaturist and photographer. He has attracted much attention to his awesome pencil vs camera works. Ben currently lives and works in Brussel

The Ultimate Roundup Of Websites To Promote Your Tutorials To For Free

A roundup of websites that you can submit your tutorials to for free. Drive more traffic to your site/tutorials by posting to these websites.

Websites With Full Screen Photos

A showcase of web designs featuring huge full screen photos as a background

Design Process for Bolivian Beer and The Gambrinus

The creative process that led to the new image of an emblematic icon of the most important beer company in Bolivia.

How to setup Popup Domination lightbox on Any HTML Page?

This is a step by step guide on how to install popup domination lightbox stand alone version on any web page

Inspirational & Creative Design Magazines

Be inspired by artwork from designers and illustrators from all over the world, learn a thing of two about WordPress. These magazines will make a good read.

Beautiful people photography of aspiring EmilyJane

19 year-old EmilyJane, living in the east of England, has just started a course in BA Hons Photography at the Norwich University College of the Arts.

EmilyJane started finding an interest in photog

44 Beautiful Examples Of Aquatic Life Photography

The aquatic life is so beautiful that it always attracts photographers to click more and more photographs of their beautiful life. This article is a compilation of 44 most beautiful photographs of aqu

40 Fascinating Examples of Smoke Art Photo Manipulation

Smoke art is a set of techniques to create artworks transforming the smoke in different ways. If you’re good to manage Photoshop photo manipulation techniques, you can turn the smoke to unimaginable o

55 Vintage Computer Ads Which Will Make You Compare Today and Past

The time goes by very fast so the tehnology does.30 years ago new technologies were coming up one or two times a year but today when you wake up in the morning you hear something new which comes into

15 Most Popular Free Grunge Script Fonts

In this roundup We have collected 15 most popular free grunge script fonts for your projects.

Win $1000 Worth of Prizes – Enter PrintPlace.com’s Poster Design Contest

The Poster Design Contest from PrintPlace.com is now underway, but designers still have plenty of time to submit an entry. The first round of the contest, which started on September 7, 2010, will be o

Which Mac Suits Your Needs as a Graphic Designer?

Macintosh and graphic designing go side by side since the machine was first invented. This companionship has come along so strongly that Mac is often called “the designer computer”, which seems qu

8 tools to optimize your images

This article contains a 8 tools list which will help you optimize your web images.

A Collection of Free Photoshop Stain Brush Sets

This next post, is actually a compilation of a cool resource that we often encounter and sometimes annoys us most especially if we do the washing.

3D Studio Max Tutorial: Create a Cool Mushroom Cloud

a 20 minute in depth intermediate tutorial on how to create a nuclear explosion in 3ds max 4 and onwards without additional plugins.

Learn The Basics of Color Focus Editing in Photoshop CS5

In This tutorial we will learn the basics of “color focus editing” or selective color, the post-processing technique where most of a photo is converted to black and white, but some parts are left

Superb Collection of Celebrity Websites for Inspiration

A celebrity is easily recognized in a society or culture. Generally speaking, a celebrity is someone who gets media attention and shows an extroverted personality. There is a wide range of ways by whi

BaseKit Giveaway – Win a Free Plus Account

The concept of BaseKit is to allow designers to create a website from a PSD file with no coding whatsoever. If that idea strikes your fancy, read on because BaseKit has offered to give away a free 6-m

WordPress 2.6 Brings Video Support For iOS

The iTunes app store is now offering the new version of WordPress for iPhone and iPad which has some much awaited and cool new features.

custom logo design

The post is absolutely fantastic! Lots of great information and inspiration, both of which we all need! Also like to admire the time and effort you put into your blog and detailed information you offe

FlashMoto.com, an advanced Flash CMS provider, is changing its name to MotoCMS.com

FlashMoto rebranding is caused by the necessity to change the company name and URL in order not to violate the law, as the term ‘Flash’ is a registered trademark of Adobe Company.

Free Themes and Templates of the Week

We would like to share with you the latest free WordPress themes and website templates, freshly selected during last week.

15+ Useful Cheat Sheets for WordPress Design and Development

WordPress is an amazing blogging platform. It is just so simple and easy to use. On the top of this, it provides a range of useful extensions/plugin

Find Out the Best Web Hosting Providers With Clue

In the virtual world of the Internet, it is seen that almost every business claims itself to be the best among the others,

Find Out the Best Web Hosting Providers With Clue

In the virtual world of the Internet, it is seen that almost every business claims itself to be the best among the others,

Canvas Grid – JS1K entry

Bookmarklet generating 10px grid layer who can help many web designers to better understand the relation between browser dimensions and the web site.

How to Make a Succesful Transition from Employee to Freelancer

In this article we’ll give you some tips on how to make the transition as painless as possible. There are many things you should consider doing to be prepared.

Email Marketing Leads to More of Product Selling

Recession has become widespread in almost all countries and businesses around the globe.Many times companies don’t have enough funds for buying a shop for selling their products.The solution is ecomme

How To: Use WordPress to power an affiliate coupon code site

As we know, WordPress is very versatile with the types of website it allows you to run. Right now, in the affiliate world, coupon codes are big business.

Before a buyer purchases something online,

Best Of Web And Design In September 2010

The monthly wrap is another good collection of some great Photoshop tutorials which i’m sure you should check out will I’m sure will teach you some new Photoshop skills. If your more of an illustr

Create Simple JQuery Voting Application for Multiple Records

This tutorial is very simple and I created for those readers who feel some problems in creating or implementing a single voting or rating system for multiple records on a single page. I hope you can

WebsitePainter 1.2 released

WebsitePainter, the editor for creating professional websites has just been released in version 1.2.
This new release adds new features such as

– an improved HTML code editor
– a new browser win

Plug-ins to Turn WordPress Blog into an E-Commerce Store

If you thought that WordPress can only be used as a platform for blogging, this post will unravel yet another interesting aspect of WordPress which is its integration with e-commerce. WordPress makes

8 cameras to consider if you are a freelance designer

Two weeks ago I asked the readers for their opinion on what is the perfect camera for a freelance designer.

Technology Blog

This is a technology blog which is offering alot of information regarding technology.

Retaining or Recreating Links

Developing a website is in itself a laborious, time-consuming and capital-intensive task.

Thong tin danh ba website doanh nghiep Viet Nam.

Thong tin danh ba website doanh nghiep Viet Nam. Co hoi quang ba thuong hieu, san pham, dich vu cho doanh nghiep Viet Nam tren buoc duong hoi nhap

Man cua dep

man cua, man cua dep , man dep. Cong ty chuyen cung cap cac loai man cua cho nho , van phong …nham lam dep cho cho o , cho lam viec cua ban.

20 Free Exclusive Vector Icons

Calabria is a set of 20 free and exclusive vector icons that can be used on websites, logos and more.

These icons are absolutely free for both personal and commercial uses and you can go ahead and

Remarkable Poster with Decorative Elements

The overarching goal of this tutorial is to learn how to use both of these powerful tools

290 Free Vector Icons For Wireframe And Application Design

A pixel precise icon collection created for interface designers and web designers, These icons are easy to adapt to your own needs. They can be used for website wireframes, online application design,

Arther Free WordPress Theme

Arther is a nice clean theme come with a minimalis design and Blue Light color theme. Nothing much to setup for using this theme, just a simple setting at Yoshz Admin Panel which included in this them

20 20 New Best Fresh Logo Designs for Inspiration

A logo is a pictorial representation of a company; it’s a logo that is a trade mark for a company or a commercial brand. Typically it is used for immediate recognition, so it is an important aspect

Caricatures: Brilliant Examples Of Famous People

One of the great things about Montreal (the city I am from) is all the activities that go on here all year long. If you have ever visited Montreal in the summertime and have gone down by the river to

15 Brilliant Blog and Magazine WordPress Themes

Today we present to you some of the best blog & magazine themes that Themeforest has to offer. We know there are many other premium theme providers, but the prices on these bad boys are the best you

Create a Newspaper Blog Layout Tutorial Using Photoshop

In this tutorial We will show you how to design a newspaper blog layout tutorial in Adobe Photoshop. We are sharing some really useful techniques in this whole training, where you can learn how to cre

Factors that influence SEO on WordPress Sites

Search Engine Optimization is an important part of the online world, and it has gotten more and more complicated over the past few years. Even so, its popularity has grown, and there’s a good reason

Freebie: Glossy Web Elements

This is the day! Our first PSD share “Glossy web Elements” created by Constantin Potorac!
Menu, to buttons, badges, star rating, text boxes, to drop-down menus, this set should have something use

25 Fresh And Useful Photoshop Tutorials Of September 2010

Another month is going to end in a few days and once again we are going to showcase some of the most useful resources and tutorials from this month. Today we are going to showcase 25 fresh and useful

Photoshop Tutorial: Create a Colorful Deep Water Scene

In this tutorial you will find an easy way to turn an ordinary stethoscope into attractive underwater scene using Adobe Photoshop.

Poster design contest on PrintPlace.com

The Poster Design Contest from PrintPlace.com is now open for entries! Submit any original poster design, whether it is one you have designed professionally or one you specifically design for this con

25 Popular Websites to Download Free Fonts

Do you thinking for some new fonts for your next design? Don’t worry, in this article you can find some well known websites where you can search and download your desire fonts. So check now and down

10 T-Shirt Design Tutorials On Separating Colors

This post features a collection of great tutorials on preparing your t-shirt designs for screen printing and how to seperate colors in photoshop and illustrator.

30 Amazing Premium WordPress Themes

Hello everyone and welcome all at another great list of some of the best and perfectly coded Premium WordPress Themes. Thanks to WordPress, it seems like setting a website never been so easy.All we ha

Free HTML Table Renderer AS3

The Free Table Renderer AS3 component provides an advanced XML/HTML table rendering engine for Flash, complete with CSS support and advanced features such as row and column spans.

100+ Fantastic Logo Designs

It’s been one month since my last post on logo design titled: Logo Design: 80+ Beautiful Creations. Since then I have assembled an amazing collection of fresh new creative logos for you to be inspir

New Twitter design guidelines and free PSD layouts for standard resolutions

A quick review around the new Twitter features and also offer you a great pack of background layouts to help you adjust your own background into Twitter’s new design.

40 Awe-Inspiring Photos of Aquatic Life

The underwater world is mostly untouched portion by human life, in spite of having beautiful creation of nature. Underwater imaging is considered an especially challenging area of photography, since i

Expert Advice on WordPress Development for Absolute Beginners

Learning WordPress can seem a little daunting at first: the loop, different files for the header and footer and everything else you can think of. Well, we decided to make things a little easier on you

Top 100 Most Beautiful WordPress Themes

WordPress is the most popular blogging platform. It is a very powerful tool with which some people exercise their right to speech, others just as a hobby or as a source of income. However, the first i

Usability Tips for Web Designers

With the online competition getting fierce day-by-day there has emerged a need for the web designers to make their website more of its worth.

Creative camera light leak photography of Ramsdhany Hatami

Ramsdhany Panji Hatami is a 23 year-old photographer from Indonesia. When he first got into photography at age 17, he used to shoot with a film Yashica super mx 2000. Since then, photography has becom

Huge Collection of Mini Icon Sets:5000+ Free Icons in 30 Sets

Icon is a must for websites and of course for web developers.You can find thousands of free icons over the internet but today i want to share mini icon sets which are all free.Mini icon sets can be us

40+ Beautiful Examples of Architecture Photography

Time for some new and different theme inspiration! Yes! It is architecture photography.

10+ Amazing Old Style Photoshop Brushes

A Photoshop Brush is a really great thing. There are so many different PSD Brushes just for everything. In this post i have listed some free old-style photoshop brushes, that you can be used for your

50 Awesome Landscape Photography

Landscape Photography is about capturing the existing beauty of nature, then whether it is sea coast , ocean waves, beautiful green fields

The Ultimate Guide to Object Oriented Basics of JavaScript

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the fundamentals of JavaScript Object Oriented Programming, which include classes, inheritance, and scope.

What Keanu Reeves Can Teach us About Personal Branding

Shenee is a writer, designer, photographer and pop culture curator. She recently founded You’ll Look Great. She tweets. Mostly about writing, music and 90?s kids movies @sheneeh. She also blogs.

LinkPopularityMatters.com- Service Review

Today link building is a popular mean to bring up your website with in top ten rankings on various search engines.

18 Best inspirational Logos of 2010–I bet you haven’t seen them before

Today I am representing 20 best logos around the web; hopefully you haven’t seen them before. Designers always feel proud while making a logo for custom web design if it becomes a trademark and they

Reseller Web Hosting Services for Budget Conscious Businesses

Web hosting is essential for every website to keep it online and run smoothly over world wide web.Reseller hosting has gained much popularity in present times with all age groups and business types. S

20+ Inspirational And Informative Resources For Logo Creation

We have provided you with 23 of best sites for you to look for logo creation ideas.

18 Best inspirational Logos of 2010–I bet you haven’t seen them before

Today I am representing 20 best logos around the web; hopefully you haven’t seen them before. Designers always feel proud while making a logo for custom web design if it becomes a trademark and they

How to Make Your Web Site Come to Life: Tips for Making Your Pages Interactive

My first web site was nothing more than a brochure that was transformed into an HTML document and installed on the web. Since then I have learned that web pages can do a lot more than printed brochure


Facebook has gone through some major redesigns in the past few years but one part that has more or less stayed the same in all those years is the site’s blue color.
Everything is so blue about Face

30 Creative Postcard Design Roundup

A postcard is one of the oldest communication tools used to reach out to people. As technology advances, its design has evolved from traditional to creative and modern. I’ve seen a few examples of p

Top Notch CSS Principles For Beginners

Cascading style sheets (CSS) has become the most popular style sheet language and is used by most of the web designers to prepare their web pages effectively.

Online Portfolio of Cornel Nichita ~ Web Designer and Developer in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Web Developer Portfolio contains recent projects and websites developed by Cornel Nichita. Toronto web design specialist provides web design and development, SEO, web hosting, website marketing, and c

16 Chilling Vintage Halloween Postcard Designs

Halloween is just around the corner. It is one of those yearly events that marketers are given all the excuses to lavish funds on a single marketing effort and get away with it. In truth, if the campa

Where to Find Images for Your Business Blog?

Do you want lower quality but free images, or higher quality but inexpensive images? High-resolution stock photography at large sizes can be expensive

To create A abstract hyperspace poster using Photoshop

Really nice and simple tutorial demonstrating how to create hyperspace photo manipulation using Photoshop shapes, brushes, clouds filter and Blending modes.

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