Formstack – It has Never Been Simpler To Add Forms to WordPress

January 28, 2012 · 3 comments

by Lars

Formstack - It has Never Been Simpler To Add Forms to WordPress

Formstack is one of the most feature rich online form service providers. They have a great form builder with drag and drop functionality allows you to quickly build your form within any of the popular web browsers available today. Formstack excels in helping you collect, manage, route, and leverage your form’s data via a secure online form. With Formstack, you can store data in their online database, share that data with others via a simple link, export your data in Excel or Word, and use the API. They also provide conditional logic calculation on fields, payment integration, mobile apps and more. Recently they also released a plugin for WordPress that you really need to check out. Combined with the free account you have a great solution for adding forms to your blog or website and it will be free up to a certain level of usage. Lets have a closer look at Formstack and the WordPress plugin.

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Lets start with a video demonstration of the WordPress plugin. As you can see there are two ways to insert Formstack forms into WordPress. Using either: 1) Widget 2) Button added to the rich text editor. There’s not a lot more to this as it is as simple as it gets. The rest is about creating the forms and that is where Formstack stand out with an excellent form builder.

Creating a form at Formstack

A form is creating using a 4 step wizard.

Step 1: You start with giving your new form a name and deciding what type of form you are going to create. In most cases you will be able to find a predefined template making it so much faster. There are simply a template for any type of form you may need!

formstack form templates

Step 2: Here you will be able to create forms from scratch or build on top of a template as in the case below. The “Mailing List Sign-Up” template loads up a ready to use form, but you can change it if you need. The form builders drag and drop functionality allows you to quickly build your form and you can add any kind of form widget (text fields, select lists, radio buttons, check boxes, etc). You can use our HTML form creator without any programming or HTML experience.

formstack form builder

You can add sections, multiple columns and much more.

formstack form extra

Also on each individual fields you can enter a configuration page and set up most typical properties for a specific type of field. Note that a name fields is not just a html text fields, but specifically designed for making it easy for you and the user to collect names.


If you need to add another fields you will find a large collection of pre-prepared widgets that makes you set up complex forms in minutes.

Formstack add fields

Step 3: Here you set up the form settings including language, styling, where to store data collected, email notifications, redirects. Form setting also include security and 3rd party integration, but these features will only be available in the paid plans. At this stage the form is finished and next step is publishing it.


Step 4: Once the form is ready you just need to make it show up on your site. There are several options and if you’re one of the millions of WordPress users it does not get much simpler.

Formstack integrating the form

Go to Formstack and try out their free account, download the free plugin for WordPress and you have great forms on your site in a few hours!

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