160+ Awesome Articles for Web Designers and Developers

May 19, 2013 · 6 comments

by Lars

Awesome Articles for Web Designers and Developers

This is a huge collection of highly relevant and just published articles for web designers and developers. All the articles have been submitted by our readers and other blog owners over the last couple of days. You will find great inspiration for your designs, tools, giveaways, awesome photos, coding tips etc. Hope you will find useful resources below and help submitting good articles if you find some.



How to Win a Design Contest on MycroBurst

These valuable tips have been field tested and will help designers gain an edge that will help them win design contests on MycroBurst.

Amazing Collection Of Illustrator and Photoshop Tutorials

Tutorials can often be your greatest source of inspiration when trying to design that project you have been putting off. In this post, I have rounded up a collection of very useful Illustrator and Pho

Use The Canvas Element in HTML To create Graphics

One of the new elements of HTML5 is the canvas element which allows for dynamic scriptable rendering of 2D shapes and bitmap images. The canvas element has a drawable region that is defined in the HT

15 Best Social Icons Sets

Adding the Social Media Icons to your blog is a great way to cross-promote your presence on other websites and blogs. Social bookmarking sites can go a long way to help you with link building.

HIP HOP LOGOS: Old School and New School

A couple months ago we did an article called Really Dope Hip Hop Skateboard Graphics. Today we’re covering over 25 popular hip hop logos. (If you can think of any more feel free to mention them in t

FormBox – A jQuery & CSS3 Drop-Down Menu With Integrated Forms

This jQuery and CSS3 drop-down menu is one of the first of its kind to offer seamless integration with commonly used forms such as logins, user registration, password reset and even contact. Highly re

A Problem With Using “overflow: hidden” to Clear Floats

Clearing floats with “overflow: hidden” could be problematic in some circumstances. This article explains this problem along with a demonstration.

Win 250 Die Cut Business Cards

Hi guys, this time we are giving away 250 Die Cut Business Cards, thanks to the UPrinting.com folks. So a Big Thanks to them!!!


If you’re a freelancer that deals with clients, this post is definitely for you. Sometimes you deal with clients that just don’t understand the hard work and time it takes to create a design. They

Giveaway: 3 Stock Photo Accounts With Credits From DepositPhotos

We are excited to announce the first giveaway on this blog, thanks to DepositPhotos.com. They are offering three accounts loaded with free credit, worth 30$ each – for three lucky readers of Net-Kit

Where to Promote WordPress Theme

Most of the WordPress Theme Designers not interested in the business aspect of selling their themes, after all they are designer not a marketer.

Pxleyes Top 50 Photoshop Contest Pictures of August 2010

Another month of thrilling photoshop contests has ended! We’ve collected the 50 highest scoring entries from the Pxleyes photoshop contests that were active during the month August 2010…

44 Beautiful 3D Fantasy Scenes To Blow Your Mind

3D Fantasy Scenes always looks really cool. Whenever I look at these kind of scenes they amazed me so much that I could not stop my self from admiring them. Today I collected some of the most beautifu

Beautiful Autumn, Photos with Girls

Magnificent collection of autumn colors, Photos with Beautiful Girls.

50 Excellent Fonts From DeviantART

In this post we have compiled list of 50 excellent fonts hand-picked from deviantART

How To Create Dark Surreal Photo Manipulation

In this Photo manipulation tutorial, you will learn how to create a dark surreal scene using few Photoshop techniques and a lot of stock images.

27 Free Portfolio WordPress Themes

In this next post, we have come up with 27 Free Portfolio WordPress Themes for Designers and Photographers.

Splendor & Character of Woman By a Painter

Steve Hanks is recognized as one of the best watercolor artists working today. The detail, color and realism of Steve Hanks’ paintings are unheard of in this difficult medium.

Photoshop Android GUI Set, Great freebie.

Hello everyone. Today in Webdesignshock we want to give you a brand new freebie, most complete photoshop Android wireframe set. It contains all interface elements for the android gui, (menus, tabs, bo

18 Surreal and Dreamlike Website Designs

Showcase of 18 Surreal and Dreamlike Website Designs. Creatively put together, with unique design and function, these designs are out of this world and are quite different from your every day site.

A Free High Quality Smoke Photoshop Brush Set

A great free high quality Photoshop smoke brush which is available to be used within commercial non commercial design projects. This brush looks like a realistic smoke effect which is a great touch to

Smart Creative Logo Designs Which Contain Secret Symbolisms

Today’s post its full of a very clever collection of logo designs which contain hidden symbolisms within the logo designs, at a quick glance I’m more than certain that you will be unable to identi

Stik Free WordPress Theme

Stik WordPress theme comes loaded with plenty of amazing features, including inbuilt drop down menu that works automatically with up to 3 levels, nested comments support, gallery slider powered by jQu

20+ Design Jobs and Disciplines Explained with Examples

Have you ever wondered what types of designers and design jobs there are “out there”? The big familiar disciplines are graphic design, web design, interior design and fashion design, but there are

The Best High Quality Ecommerce Icons of the Web

In this article, we searched the best high-quality icons around so that you can use in your e-commerce projects.

FlashMint Birthday Templates package

Today is a very special day for FlashMint team, we are celebrating a 5 years anniversary! Our team has prepared an amazing Anniversary that includes 50 different templates that would cost you $2500 in

5 Features We Like About Joomla!

Competition between CMSs is obviously growing stronger in the Internet world. We have picked 5 features which we discovered using Joomla and found very useful.

How to Create Amazing Floral Illustration in Photoshop CS5

Today, I’m going to show you how use brushes and Layer styles in Photoshop CS5 to create eye catching digital illustration. Layered PSD file included. Let’s get started!

Creative photography of Severin Sadjina

Severin Sadjina, mainly a people, music, portrait, and concert photographer based in Trondheim, Norway. Severin is originally from Austria and he shoots great landscapes and action sport photos as wel

Best 5 Flash CMS and Flash Builder

Flash websites are still very popular and they are getting more popular these days. Flash templates look really beautiful and they are very easy to manage. Flash CMS gives you the opportunity to build

iPad Web Free WordPress Theme

iPad Web WordPress theme has 2 different widget areas and threaded comments, and also supports paged comments and has 2 different page templates for advanced usage. The control of images is done from

The Interaction of Web Design for Musicians and Designers

When I visit a website of an artist I’m not bothered how nice it looks, here are 3 points for Artists + Designers to bear in mind when working with each other!

Collection of free Photoshop patterns

When you can choose the correct Photoshop pattern you save a lot of time. This is a great Collection of free Photoshop patterns. enjoy!

27 Free Magento Themes for Download

Magento is the E-Commerce software platform, which enables you to build online stores, Web sites and powerful online applications. It is also simple to configure and easy to customize. I searched far

Decontextualization kills Design

Decontextualization, as you may have guessed it, is the act of stripping something out of its context. Design is intrinsically tied to the context in which it was brought into existence; decontextuali

Canon Introduces New PowerShot G12 with High Definition Video

Canon has just announced their new PowerShot G12 with High Definition Video recording along with their HS (High Sensitivity) system for prominent photo quality while shooting under low light conditio

How to Make Better Decisions (by Understanding Cognitive Biases)

the human tendency to make systematic errors in certain circumstances based on cognitive factors rather than evidence

Interactive Panorama galleries in 360 view

360 Panoramic photography makes it possible where photos taken from different angles are stitched together to get that complete view. Call it a bird’s view

or an aerial view, you would be surpri

The Ultimate Guide to Getting Started with Zen Cart (Part 3)

So after asking everyone and seeing the responses, I decided to go one more step further with the Zen Cart Guide I have created.

11 Resources To Make Your Unique Web Presence: Give Twist To Your Virtual Presence

Here in this article, we are going to include details of some of the best free website company resources where you can build your own blog free.

40+ Stunning Photographs of Bridges

It is no surprise that photographers regularly use them in photographs, and we have collected just over 40 stunning photographs of bridges for you to enjoy and possibly be inspired by.

Cool and Colorful Calendar Samples: 29 Designs

Since the new year is coming in a few months, we are showcasing calendars you can use as inspiration. The calendars featured in today’s post come in bold and bright colors which give off a very happ

Interview with Artist Taylor David

Taylor David is a very talented illustrator from Toronto, Canada. Moreover, Taylor is truly versatile, being an artist, designer, actor, thinker, mentor, photographer and pirate, as he states

External Tip – 15 Amazing Photoshop Tutorials You Should See

In this category we want to give you an advice to other great sites, where you can get a lot of very useful information, inspirations and materials. I collected 15 fantastic Photoshop tutorials, which

Liquidicity 165 Vector Icons

Everyone seemed to like our original set of vector icons, so we thought you might like some more. 165 more to be precise. In 5 colours. So, I suppose that actually makes 825 icons. As always, they’re

Content – An Integral part of Link Building

When it comes to link building, more often than not, people tend to neglect the importance of content.

33 Exciting Event Brochure Design Examples

I know we’ve all seen a beautifully-designed invitation that made us more excited to attend an event. It might be because of the eye-popping color, the theme, or the invite’s over-all presentation

Benefits of Link Diversity

Link building is an essential aspect of every SEO campaign. It is an effective promotional activity preferred by web sites.

Best examples of Modern web designs for inspiration

Designing a single page web design becomes a little tough when designers can’t find good templates for inspirations. I have collected some of the best web designs for inspiration and to create stunn

Download web buttons in PSD & PNG (pack to 60)

Huge pack of 60 editable web buttons for website projects in Photoshop PSD format and PNG format. Buttons come in layered PSD and can be customized for fonts, colors & size.

Adobe Illustrator CS5 HTML5 Pack

This is probably good news for the promotion of HTML5, Adobe just released a pack that provides initial support for HTML5 and CSS3.

How To Create A Professional Portfolio Layout in Photoshop

In this tutorial I will show you how to create a modern and professional portfolio layout in Photoshop

Web Design: Collection of Inspirational Layouts

If you are in the middle of designing a website for yourself or a client and need some inspiration, this article is just right for you. In this collection of beautifully designed websites, you will se

Freebies – 16 High-Res Decorative Frame Pictures

A pack of 16 High-Res, High-Quality Decorative Frame pictures, free for commercial or personal use. Created by ThinkDesignBlog.com.

Inspiration – The Work of Krzysztof Domaradzki / Kxx

A graphic design inspiration post showcasing the work of Plish Designer & Illustrator Krzysztof Domaradzki of Studio Kxx.

How to redirect the spammers where you want

WordPress is my favorite platform for blogging as well spambots love to target WordPress’ comment script directly by using automatic commenting plug-ins.

Contour Bias And The Uncanny Valley: Anthropomorphic Forms Part II

Due to survival and preservation instincts human beings are programmed to favor curves and contours, fear sharp objects, and generally like things similar to us. However there’s a limit to how much

A Showcase of 30 Inspiring Poster Design Tutorials

A great collection of tutorials! Check this one out.

5 Best Large File Transfer Sites

What happens if you need to send someone a large file, such as a zipped up folder of images or a home movie? Most email providers limit the size of files you can attach and not everyone has access to


If you own a business that sell a product or a service it is extremely important to advertise. Without advertising, nobody will know about your product. Now this concept is very simple and you probabl

Try your hands at the Hasselblad H4D at Photokina 2010

Hasselblad is going to be at Photokina this year where you can go and meet the people behind the product as well as get the chance to try out the Hasselblad H4D starting Tuesday 2010-09-21 at 10:00 AM

Should Website Comments Be Moderated?

Do you get lots of superficial comments on your website? Ones that add little value to the discussion? This post argues that it’s essential to moderate comments made on your website if you want to cre

Weekly Web Design Inspiration #67

A showcase of the very best web designs from the last week

Free 3D Image Carousel Gallery AS3

XML driven free 3D carousel gallery, but you can also use it as a small portofolio viewer. It has smooth and nice effects for the big images. Flash CS3+ / Actionscript 3.0.

Photoshop Tutorial: Create a Surreal Atmospheric Phone Booth Scenery

In this tutorial we will be creating a Surreal Atmospheric Image from these 2 source images.

30+ Creative Bollywood Movie Posters | Design Inspiration

30+ Creative Bollywood Movie Posters For Design Inspiration.

40 Best Free Fonts for Logo Designing

Today we have collected 40 Best Free Fonts for Logo Designing to save your time and little bit of money too. :)

Google This – 13 Years of World Domination Visualized

September 15, 1997. That was the day Larry Page and Sergey Brin officially registered the domain google.com, and the internet was never the same.

30 Inspirational Film and TV Logo Designs

Here are 30 film-related logos that immediately and creatively communicate that the business they represent operates in the film or TV industry but that also communicates their niche, service or key b

A Compilation of Free Music Icons

This compilation of Free Music Icons has been created to cater a number of music fans, music website owners, bloggers and/or designers.

CMS Discovery: 15 New Content Management Systems to Check Out

Joomla!? Nah. WordPress? Been there, done that. Yes, we all know about LightCMS and Business Catalyst, but what else is out there?

22 Of The Best Short Animated Films

You’ll watch in this article some of the best short animated movies that were created, most of them awarded or nominated for the Academy Awards. Most of these motion graphics masterpieces have a fun

45 Stunning End of The World, Post-Apocalypse Illustrations

We take a look at 45 stunning, post-apocalyptic illustrations that show artistic representations of what Earth would look like after a cataclysmic event.

Must-Have Software for Designers

A large part of the livelihood of the graphic and/or web designer depends on the quality and reliability of the software he/she uses…

Creative photography of Hani Amir

Hani Amir, a 20 year-old highly creative self-taught photographer from the island nation of the Maldives, with an inborn love for the sea.

Growing up during the reform movement, Hani knows what it

Photoshop Tutorial: How To Create A Freelance Wedding Photographer Design

This tutorial shows you how to build a professional freelance photographer website layout in Photoshop. A series of easy to follow steps are provided along with screenshots that clearly illustrate wha

15 HTML Best Practices That Developers Should Know

This post is dedicated to those who have just stepped into the world of web development. Below you will find 15 tips for writing HTML.

The World of Artists And Designers

There is no doubt to the fact that art and design have never failed to tempt the world of the artists and the designers, and have always been a matter of debate.

Cropping images in runtime using Jcrop (jQuery)

Tutorial about Cropping images in runtime using Jcrop (jQuery)

15 Amazing Portfolio Designs for Inspiration

Your portfolio is often the first thing a person would see before deciding whether or not to contact you. Which means it is very importent to have a well designed portfolio. In this post we have colle

MarkupBox: A Truly Affordable PSD to HTML Service Provider

Yes! Now you can avail an error free, manually coded and cross browser compatible markup service from very new and very affordable psd to html conversion service provider: MarkupBox…

5 Great Tips for an SEO Friendly Web Design

SEO friendly web design plays an important role in making the website more popular in search engines. An SEO friendly website is one which is optimized through different on page SEO techniques.

50 Examples of Modern Single Page Website Designs

Today we present to you 50 impressive single page websites for your inspiration.

CSS3: An Experiment

Recently I have been having a play with CSS3 and have tested on a few of my personal projects and experiments to expand my knowledge of it, and to prepare myself for the day where all browsers support

Save Your Laptop: 40 Cool Looking Laptop Sleeves

Redefining the meaning of traditional sleeves and backpacks, here are some designs which are cool, funky and quite innovative for your most cherished personalized laptop to give a look it really deser

High resolution abstract bokeh background in 3 colors

Abstract shiny bokeh background textures in JPG images with 3000 x 2500px dimensions. Download the texture pack for use as your website background or wallpaper.

40 Truly Fresh Fonts For Professional Web And Print Design

Through this article, featuring 40 free fresh fonts, we might help you to update your font resources.

Inspire – Free Wallpaper

After I found these fantastic “Abstract Render Pack” at artjunks.com and I had the exigency to create a new wallpaper. The renders are very cool to use and give the work a great abstract style wh

Showcase of Smokin’ Hot Digital Women

Today I put together a collection of gorgeous digital women for you to feast your eyes on. Check them out!

Create Artistic Abstract Shapes via the Powerful Warp Tool in Photoshop

In this tutorial, I will show you how you can use Warp tool plus to create great looking abstract shapes to decorate your design. The steps are really simple and the effect can be used in a wide range

The Mesothelioma Information

We provide articles and knowledge about Mesothelioma to let you know the Definition of Mesothelioma, the Cause of Mesothelioma, a New science about Mesothelioma and more

800+ Patterns For Your Next Web Design Project

Here you will find more then 800+ patterns files for download which you can directly used in Photoshop. Many patterns are available for free to use for both personal & commercial purpose.

25 Excellent CSS3 Animations

On previous post we are published article “15 CSS3 Menu Navigation Tutorials”. Today we are continue our CSS3 exploration on CSS3 resources, tutorial and techniques which allows you to perform man

5 New Mac Apps for Designers and Developers

Mac OS X is a popular platform for developers and designers because it combines the power of BSD and other UNIX and UNIX-like systems with an elegant user interface. Mac OS X features PHP, Python, Apa

How To Set-up Your Website On LimeDomains Using Coppermine

Coppermine, a multi-lingual, multi-purpose and integrated photo gallery web application enables users to upload pictures with web interface or ftp. This open source software is written in PHP and MySQ

40 Urban Landscape Wallpapers

Whether you’re a designer simply looking for a city graphic, or just someone looking for really cool background, your search ends here!

Stunning Digital Photos That Look Like Real

This is a post in which we are listing down some Stunning Digital Art That Look Like (Surprisingly) Real But Are Not. These are some of the beautiful digital artwork and illustration examples. These a

Giant Collection of Add-To-Cart Buttons

A collection of 200+ add-to-cart icons plus analysis of the most popular button design trends such as color, label text, and icon use.

Artists of Etsy

I have gone through the “Art” section of Etsy.com (specifically Illustration, Painting and Print) to find some artists that stuck out to me and I felt I should share their great talent.

Websites with Full Screen Backgrounds for your Inspiration

One trend I have seen lately in the world of web design, and which I find to be stylish and aesthetically pleasing, are sites with full screen image backgrounds.

40 Beautiful Package Designs

We all know that a good package greatly increases product sales. Below are some of the most beautiful, minimalistic and inventive package designs.

Photoshop Tutorial: How To Create a Photo Booth Film Strip

In this tutorial, Gavin Hoey will teach you how to quickly create a photo booth style film strip in Photoshop, with any images you chose.

20 Beautiful Examples Of Free Abstract Desktop Wallpapers

Today, we present you 20 Beautiful Examples Of Free Abstract Desktop Wallpapers that will absolutely inspire you.

Top 10 Essential HTML 5 Tutorials For Web Designers

HTML 5 is developed as the next major version of HTML (HyperText Markup Language) and its already giving hard time to Adobe Flash. Flash usage is facing a constant drop in web and internet application

SIDEWAYS – jQuery fullscreen image gallery

A simple, yet elegant fullscreen image gallery created with the jQuery framework and some simple CSS.

Top WordPress Premium Plugins of 2010

WordPress is the most popular blogging platform by far. It do just about everything you need from a blog and if there’s something it doesn’t do then you will find some great plugins available that


One of the most overlooked element of a user based website is the login/sign up form. To have a successful login/sign up page you must make sure you have certain standards. The design should be creati

iPhone Mapp Free WordPress Theme

iPhone Mapp WordPress theme has just been tested on all the major browsers and on the recent version of WordPress — the thumbnails are as always automatic — just add image to your post and it will

Inspiring photography of Rudolf Vl?ek

Rudolf Vl?ek is an enthusiast photographer from the Czech Republic. He shoots almost everything: landscape, people, street, still life…

Rudolf shoots with his Canon 1000D DSLR, and sigma DC macr

Migos Free WordPress Theme

Migos WordPress theme is very easy to use, thumbnails are created automatically, if there is any image uploaded and posted in the post. Otherwise, use the custom key Thumbnail (case sensitive) with ab

Interview: Creative Professional Chad Mueller of Inspiredology

Today we offer up an amazing interview Q&A with fellow design magazine writer and all round creative professional Chad Mueller.

Amazing photos from Daniel Zedda

Daniel Zedda is a freelance photographer, production and postproduction teacher from Rome, Italy. He feels fulfilled when he teaches and gives, and sees people grow with his help.

Creative Director of Head & Griffiths, Dominic Shaw

This week we spoke to Dominic Shaw, Creative Director of tailored suit company Head & Griffiths.

WideScreen Fantasy Girls – Titusboy Wallpapers

A collection of the great WideScreen Fantasy Girls to put brighten up your desktop.

Amazing photos from Davide Cassanello

Davide Cassanello is a photographer, photo-editor, and graphic designer from Cagliari, Italy.

As a guy who loves photography, Davide first was a pure Nikon D50 digital photographer. But then, thank

Most Useful Examples of JavaScript and HTML5 Uses

In this article I am going to share some interesting uses of JavaScript that would be very much acceptable and useful to the web designers. These examples are not only Uses of JavaScript but HTML and

Plenir Free WordPress Theme

Plenir WordPress theme is beautiful beyond expectations. With inbuilt NIVO slider and thumbnails, which are re-sized automatically, you will find that this theme is extremely easy to use, not only tha

Free iPhone app for creative conversations

Limited FREE iPhone app offer from Pushforward

Use Pushforward to read curated news and have more conversations about your work with tools to push good content forward. This is a small mobile commu

Snow Falling Effect in transparent background

This PSD contains static snow falling snows. It is a mixture of blurred snow flakes and glowing snows. We have set transparency to the background, so you can play and set any background behind the s

Creative Paper Arts by Chrissie Macdonald – Amazing

Chrissie Macdonald, creative minded people has created something that most of us would not ever think of it. A master piece of artwork which has shock and awe many others. One of his projects, paper A

Landscape Photography by Akos Major

Amazing landscape photographs by Akos Major, 35-year-old, talented amateur photographer from Budapest, Hungary.

3 jQuery Youtube Playlist Plugins

With the aid of any of these three jQuery plugins your site will be video ready, allowing you to display your Youtube clips and playlists in style without reloading your page, having full control over

jQuery Working with Forms Part 1 – .focus()

As you probably already know jQuery is a cross-browser JavaScript library that simplify the client-side HTML scripting.

With jQuery is easy to navigate a document, select DOM elements, create anima

Photography – Funniest Moments from World of Sports

We are sharing some of funniest moments from world of sports, these of all catch from professional photographer cameras. we love to see these of all sudden or you can say unusual moments of great play

Amazing photos from Bethan Phillips

I like photography quite a bloody lot. Film completes me, and I’ve finally got enough disposable income to develop regularly. When I choose to shoot digital, I use my trusty Canon EOS 500D and vario

Awesome HTML 5 Video Players

Most awesome and professional looking HTML 5 Video players ready for the next generation of HTML.

Amazing photos from Paulo Dourado

In February of 2009, Paulo Dourado began his journey as a commercial photographer and hasn’t looked back since. He is currently based out of Atlanta and Los Angeles, but is mostly on the road and i

Matte Red And White Square Icons Signs

This matte red and white square icons signs set includes a wide assortment of health and hazard signs (radiation, biohazard, no smoking, recycle, hospital, Rx … Etc) as well as road and railroad sig

Seamless Pattern Set – Deep Water Blues

Today’s web treat is a free combo pack of large (1024px * 1024px) seamless Deep Water Blues textures in .jpg format as well as a corresponding Photoshop tileable pattern (.pat) set.

20 Useful Resources to Make your own Website for Free

In Recent times everybody wants their own website. The domain prices are also getting cheaper day by day. In this article you will find some free website company resources from where you can built you

Javascript fadein slideshow

Tutorial on how to make fadein slideshow using javasctipt animation techniques.

Colorful Vector Illustrations – 23 Examples

Vector illustrations always surprise us with their amazing color palettes and incredible technical execution. A thing that stands out in most of the vector illustrations is the rich color palette used

13 New and Free High Quality WordPress Themes

The popularity of wordpress as a blogging platform is no doubt about it. There are many examples of successful blogs that use WordPress as a cms. That’s why the wordpress themes designers and develo

How to Design a Better Blog by Involving your Readers

Imagine if you can involve readers in designing your blog, I have done it and got amazing feedback, I thought to share steps I followed while redesigning the blog, and how I got 35+ feedback from our

Creative CSS Website Designs: 50+ Creative Designs for Inspiration

50+ Creative Designs for Inspiration Showcase and i m sure you can get great inspiration of these such sites that showcases great websites.

40 Really Cool Photo Manipulation Tutorials

40 Really Cool Photo Manipulation Tutorials is compiled in this next post that you are about to see.

Weekly Typography Inspiration #5

In this roundup you will get creative, fanciful, elegant, imaginative and graceful typography showcase for your inspiration, crafted and actualized by professional artists and designers from all over

Desktopography – Amazing Desktop Wallpapers

At their best, desktop wallpapers bring animation to often lifeless computer screens, reflecting the personality of the user and acting as a calling card for creative talent.

The Dark Side of Design

Have you ever experienced the dark side of design? This post describes what this is and why it’s an unethical and poor approach to interaction design.

31 Amazing Examples of Black and White HDR Photography

HDR photos can create stunning show of color, highlighting best elements of the photo. They bring out the vivid color, making the photo less realistic and more artistic. But what happens when you take

Download detailed vector wings

Download a nice set with vector wings ready to create angel or devil vector compositions.

LinkPopularityMatters.com- Service Review

Linkpopularitymatters is a four years old link building firm with the sole objective of delivering the best to its customers, providing maximum value for their money.

Showcase of 5 cool logo designs created using numbers

The logo is the most essential component of any personal brand. In this showcase we’ve presented a stunning
roundup of well designed logos created using numbers.

Markup Box: An Ultra-Affordable Name for your PSD to HTML Requirements

There has been constant increase seen in the demand of PSD to HTML services. As a result, many new players have emerged in the market.

60 Brilliantly Blue Web Designs for Your Inspiration

This time we’ve spent quite a few hours trying to find some of the really awesome blue web designs out there.

Motion Technologies

Motion Technologies has been inventing technology and business processes that simplify internet research since 2000. Whether you are a consumer or a business owner, you can benefit from letting Motion

Macro Photography Tips Video

A video of tips on macro photography.

Be Inspired! (By Everything) 10

Welcome to the tenth edition of Be Inspired! This week I seem to have been inspired by abstract paintings as they feature repeatedly without me really realising until I assembled the post.

5 Reasons the Samsung Galaxy Tab Will Struggle to Compete with the iPad

And it begins. The same thing all over again. Apple releases a game-changing completely closed product and the rest of the companies, with Google leading the pack, try to play Catch

Boost Your Creativity: 30+ Logo Designing Illustrator Tutorials

Today we have compiled a list of logo designing tutorials using Illustrator, whether you are beginner or pro, you will surly love them.

Leaves Turning Yellow – 30 Inspirational Autumn Designs

Today, I put together a collection of beautiful autumn related images to inspire you. Check them out!

Work with SVG images in Photoshop and PS Elements

New plug-in, which adds SVG image file support to Adobe Photoshop, PS Elements and InDesign. For Windows and Mac OS.

France in photos from Gregory Bastien

France in photos is a humble collection I’ve put together for you from French photographer and blogger Gregory Bastien.

Gregory Bastien lives in Paris. He is a blogger who randomly shares photos

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