140+ Highly Useful Articles for Web Designers and Developers

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by Lars


This is a huge collection of highly relevant and just published articles for web designers and developers. All the articles have been submitted by our readers and other blog owners over the last couple of days. You will find great inspiration for your designs, tools, giveaways, awesome photos, coding tips etc. Hope you will find useful resources below and help submitting good articles if you find some.



3D Financial icons in transparent PNG

3D financial icons in png format with transparency. You can use it in your personal or commercial works.

Ickle Sites

The ickleSites one page wonder is the perfect single page website system for a professional online presence. Get live in under 48 hrs!

Create a Retro Music CD Cover with Photoshop and Illustrator

Retro Design is very popular. Today I am going to share a new tutorial by Djdesignerlab.com. Its about Create a Retro Music CD Cover with Photoshop and Illustrator. It have tried to explain each and e

Indie Music Posters: 30 Rockin’ Examples

Feel the beat of your favorite local artist’s songs with today’s showcase of indie music posters!

Why Posting Less Can Improve Your Blog

Is more content always better? Is more traffic, more followers, more page views automatically better? Is it more signal or more noise? Would you rather be the person who sometimes posts interesting co

Mac vs. PC – Battle for the Best

Since the advent of computer and cyber technology, the world is advancing more and more in this field. Each day, we get to see a new and advanced form of computer technology. This rapid advancement in

Get Rid Of Your Website Footer

Having huge footer areas on a website is a very popular design trend right now. But what impact does it have on users? This post argues that it can have a negative impact on how users perceive your we

How to Build a Perfect Menu Design using CSS and jQuery

I decided to pull together a list of my favorite CSS and jQuery tutorials and tutorial showcased from DesignGizer and several other places I get great design articles. This list of design tutorials fo

40 Free Vector Graphics for your Print Media Designs

Most of graphic designers preffar vector graphics use for print media designs because Vector images have not fix resolution, that means they can be boost up to any dimension without loosing the image

5 Minute InTRUview: Laura Dapito of likeletter Projects, Inc.

11 5 Minute InTRUviews down how many to go? Today we talk to Laura Dapito of Likeletter Projects, Inc. Unfortunately, be sure to keep in touch via her twitter to see when it comes back around!

31 Awesome Examples of High-Speed Photography

High speed photography captures images usually not seen by human eye. With high speed camera, or a lucky timing, things and actions we see every day, transform. In this post we present 31 awesome exam

117 Beautiful Stars And Space Brushes For Photoshop

Photoshop Brushes helps you to create difficult effects within minutes with the use of simple brushes. Today we are going to present you the stars and space brushes so that you can create space and st

21 Extremely Weird Fonts, EVER

Have you ever thought like “Why the hell this thing ever existed” after seeing something that you don’t want to see? Well there are many things in this world that lets you down so do some fonts

Getting To Grips With Adobe InDesign

Check out this resourceful collection of Adobe InDesign tutorials and how-to guides.

35 Article Directories to Help You get Massive Traffic

Top article directories considering page rank and alexa rank. These websites will help you to build massive backlinks to your website fast and easy.

30 Incredible Works of Art Created on iPhone

Take a look at the 30 carefully selected pieces below for an insight into the artistic possibilities of the mobile age.

30 Free Natured-Themed Wallpapers

So here are the 30 Beautiful Natured-Themed Wallpapers which are in high resolution available for you to download for free.

For The Love Of DeviantArt | A Harmony Of Hues

I don’t think there’s any artist or designer who connects with people online, but hasn’t heard about DeviantArt . This fantastic art related website recently completed 10 successful years of existence

Qvaq: Real-Time Group Discussions Made Easy

Qvaq (http://qvaq.com) is a new web application for online discussions in real time.

The site is created, without funding, by Martin Lindkvist and Robert Birming from Stockholm, Sweden. The

How to create a sitemap page for WordPress blog

in this post I wanna to show you how to create a sitemap page for your WordPress blog without any additional plugin. If your web blog doesn’t has this page, lets try this simple tip with me.

A Showcase of 30 Beautiful Natural Photoshop Textures

30 jaw-droppingly beautiful natural textures, covering everything from human skin to turkey feathers, limestone, snow and even rainbows.

Why Great Designs Aren’t Always Enough: The Importance of AB Testing

There’s a famous story in the design world about Google, who tested 41 different shades of blue. It’s often shown as an example of why AB split testing is bad or excessive, and why designers shoul

Photoshop Tutorial: How To Design An Elegant Business Card Landing Page

This Photoshop tutorial shows you how to create an elegant business card landing page. Step-by-step instructions are provided along with screenshots that describe what you need to do at each stage of

60 Stunningly Beautiful Minimal Business Cards

Today I have come up with really beautiful and creative minimal business cards which will make you say wow.

Hire Joomla Developers for Development Services

Content Management Systems have brought revolution in the world of website designing. Now, even non-geeks are handling their own websites successfully and updating it frequently.

Types of Links and their Benefits

When it comes to promoting your on line business and taking it to new heights, links are indispensable. There is no denying the fact that links play a crucial role in determining the Page rank and tru

Last Week’s Design Resources

We catch up with the latest resources in web development&design. We share a very informative and insightful article regarding what really makes a design great.

How to Draw a Vector Geisha in Illustrator – Speed Drawing

We want to show the process our vectors go through before they get to you, the designer. So we’ve made a screencast of one of our artists while drawing a vector geisha.

30 Impressive Examples of Landscape Photography

Photography requires creativity, passion as well as perfect timing to capture some most amazing moments. I think photography is one of the best hobby as well as job in the world which fill you will sa

A beautiful collection of 23 Website making use of Textures – Part 1

You can see Part 2 next week.

VPS Web Hosting, Bridging The Gap Between Shared & Dedicated Servers

With the benefits of dedicated hosting at a fraction of the cost, Virtual Private Servers (VPS) have quickly become the favored choice of web hosting for small to mid-sized businesses and website owne

Futuristic Abstract Free Seamless Vector Pattern

Its been a month since we launched our brand new sister site Vector Patterns and the support which we have received has been amazing. In this article we would like to share some of fresh new articles,

Fresh Articles, Tutorials And Awesome Freebies For Designers

ts been a month since we launched our brand new sister site Vector Patterns and the support which we have received has been amazing. In this article we would like to share some of fresh new articles,

15 Dazzling Woman Photo Manipulations You Will Love

I put together a collection of fantastic girls photo manipulations which are truly amazing. Enjoy!

5 Best Racing Games of All Time

Driving cars is the ultimate desire of young men and especially when they dads don’t allow them to touch their new Mercedes, the whole void becomes wider and the urge to sit in driver’s seat and j

30 Brilliant examples of JavaScript Use

JavaScript is something I have been planning to start learning properly for the last few months.To really motivate me, I thought it would be a good idea to look into some interesting uses of the langu

Nuu Mini-key turns iPhone 4 in QWERTY slider

Case NUU Mini Key in fact not only provides extra protection for iPhone 4, but also extends the functionality of your smartphone thanks to pull-out physical QWERTY-keyboard.


PixelCrayons, one of the reputed PSD to XHTML/HTML service provider has prepared a comprehensive report on mark-up industry.

How To Design a Professional Landing Page In Photoshop

In this tutorial I will teach you how to design a landing page or to create a soft web layout in Photoshop

Glossy mint tea cups and saucers in PSD

Download high resolution Photoshop file of mint tea cups and saucers including .PNG format in full size and 600px size.

HostedPreviews.com Launches Web Design Preview Application

HostedPreviews.com has launched the full version of their Web Design Preview Application today after finalizing a beta testing period. The Web Design Preview Application enables web designers to creat

15 Must Have Google Chrome Extensions for Web Development

The best Google Chrome Extensions for any web developer which can greatly increase development speed, reduce debugging and testing time, and improve quality of the output.

My name is Reina Brown, and I first of all want to tell you how glad I am that I found your blog. Your blog is very informative, and you share a whole lot of useful information that will, no doubt, he

Alberto Russo: Creative and Beautiful Illustrations

Alberto Russo is and Italian born illustrator and creative director based in Switzerland. He is also known as “Sting”. He founded his own design studio, Areadesign, in 2000. Alberto starting drawi

25 Useful CSS/Wordpress Snippets

Throughout my years, I have come across a wide range of code snippets. Here are some of the snippets that I use on a regular basis to save time and be more efficient in coding.

Breaking Design Rules

Do you ever break common design rules and standards? This post argues that it’s important to do so if you want to create original and innovative interaction experiences.

15 Standout Freelance Design Portfolios

I’ve gone through the web and found some of the most awesome designers that I personally think have a portfolio that stands out from the majority of others.

100 Elegant Examples Of Portrait Photography

Portrait photography or portraiture is the capture by means of photography of the likeness of a person or a small group of people (a group portrait), in which the face and expression is predominant. T

Using Anchors in WordPress

This simple tutorial describes how to place anchors in your WordPress pages, so that you can to link a specific section, chapter or question within a post or page

Great Pens Plugin for Thesis Theme Multi-Authors blogs

Installing Great Pens plugin will add a new widget to your WordPress, it will allow you to display a list of recent contributors depending on your blog categories

11 Killer CSS3 Text Effects to replace Photoshop

CSS3 is on the hype these days because of its effectiveness and easiness of use. While Designers are creating text effects in Photoshop for several years, Its time to replace it with CSS3. In order t

Happy Painter: The Work of Bob Ross

With his joyous smile and famous afro, Bob Ross shared his love of nature and the art of painting with the world. Get happy with these beautiful works by Bob Ross!

5 Minute InTRUview: Murray Lunn

Wow the 10th 5 Minute InTRUview, finally getting around to post it! Today I talk to blogger and online business extraordinnaire, Murlu of Murlu.com.

Compilation of 30 Stylish Blog Designs

compilation of 30 Stylish Blog Designs is about a post dedicated to those who has working hard pushing their creative mind to the limit. Creating something more unique, or vibrantly stands out from th

40 Best Examples of Human Photo Manipulations and Tutorials

It’s not very hard to take a great photo of a human being but to manipulate the photo and create a work of art based on it, can be hard. In this post you will find stunning works of art based on a hum

External Design Inspiration – The Doopla Designers Collective

Ándre Santos and Lee Anne Ferreira are two creatives/art directors from Portugal. As the Doopla collective they want to make a difference in the portuguese communcation. They have a unusual style and

10 Seriously Effective Ways to Be a Creative Genius

If you want to show your creativity and innovation to this world, you need to do something for your mind

Design Challenge: Create An Elegant Business Card Landing Page

This article discusses the design rationale behind creating a business landing page for a personal website. Design decisions are discussed along with screenshots of the final design.

How to Build Online Store Interface with DHTMLX Ajax Library

Building online shop interface can be much easier than you think. This tutorial explains how to develop a simple, Ajax-based GUI for a book store in 6 steps with the help of JavaScript DataView, a par

The Best Mobile Web Browsers Available For Download

You can download free from this article the best mobile web browser for you to navigate on the internet. Till I started making this article I had no idea that there are so many options and I ended fin

Essential Drupal Modules

Here you can find a collection of 30+ essential Drupal modules every Drupal Developer must know. Check it out to find new ideas and gain inspiration for your next Drupal website. Enjoy.

How to Build a Custom WP e-Commerce Theme (Part 2)

In this tutorial you will learn how to create a grid view in WP e-Commerce without the Premium Gold Cart Plugin

Top 50 Design with Amazing Water Color Effects

Something which is generally momentarily is called a “trend”.Trends come, get highlighted and as time passes, replaced by the new ones.

25+ Images of Famous Landmarks You Love to Visit

See some of the most beautiful architectural landmarks both man made and natural. Everyone would love to visit these beautiful places but as these places are scattered around the world. It makes it di

Drive Targeted Traffic Through Link Building

Most people are not sure what to do when it comes to link building. Many Internet Marketing companies offer to increase your links overnight. It is best to tread with caution. With link building, wha

Istanbul, Haydarpasa Rusty Metal Collection

This original texture collection was shot in the Haydarpasa Station (Turkish: Haydarpa?a Gar?) which is a major intercity rail station and transportation hub in Istanbul. These pictures were taken f

A Showcase of Awesome Macro Photography Shots

Photography has always been a great source of inspiration for designers. Though there are different kinds of photography.

Inspirational Graphic Designs By Mike Harrison

World is full of amazing talents. In web design world, there are few designers which produce amazing design works that one just cannot afford to miss it! One of them is Mike Harrison.

20+ Social Bookmarking Resources For Designers

For all of us who blog whether on our own site or as a guest blogger, we put in the research and start planning the pre-writing phase then once we have everything we need we write it up and it gets pu

Best Free Scripts to Build a Professional Forum

Top free forum software to help you build the powerful community everyone is searching for.

Advantages of using Joomla for Website Development

Joomla has become one of the most popular CMS because of the features it offers. Joomla helps in developing any kind of website.

How to Setup Webmaster Tools Verification for Blogs and Websites

Google, Bing, and Yahoo! offer tools that provide you with detailed information and statistics about how your readers access and index your website. For using these Tools

web development manchester

Oreeka online is a leading web design company based in Blackburn Lancashire, We are cost effective
and easy to use solution including a search engine optimisation module in our CMS driven websites.

How to Start Treating Your Web Design Business as a BUSINESS

Most of us treat our web design businesses not as a business but as a hobby. And hobbies are dealt with in a different way than businesses.

Showcase of Extraordinary Surreal Images

Check out these extraordinary images realized by some really creative minds all over the world.

Joomla 1.6 Beta 9: The Latest Release

Joomla! is one of the powerful content management system in the market. It offers amazing user experience, therefore acquired a large user base in short span of time.

PSD monitor graphic for your website header slideshow

PSD monitor graphics for your website header to help showcase your works or services on monitor background. Download the PSD header graphics set for free.

Free Photoshop Plugins to enhance your Photo Editing Skills

Today I am showcasing some excellent Photoshop Plugins which are very useful for pushing your photo editing skills to a next level.

Event Vinyl Banner Design Projects by 6 Featured Designers

In this post, we showcase six event vinyl banner design samples from six amazing graphic designers. See how they translated their client’s vision into print and be inspired by their stylistic approa

Fashion Photography by Luc Braquet

Luc Braquet is an amazingly talented fashion photographer. Luc lives and works in Paris, he makes a living as an Art Director in an advertising agency, but plans a future of combining art direction an

Convert Images to a PDF E-book

How to convert images to PDF format and combine these images into a single PDF? This tutorial will show you how to do this.

Building An Emotional Connection With Your Audience Through Anthropomorphic Forms

An anthropomorphic form is one that exhibits human-like qualities. As designers we can use this tendency to find anthropomorphic forms more appealing to attract attention to design elements, establish

18 Most Popular Premium WordPress Plugins from CodeCanyon

We’ve compiled a list of 18 Most Popular Premium WordPress Plugins from CodeCanyon to help you ramp up your blog.

13 Websites with Mind-Blowing jQuery Effects

The battle between HTML5 and Flash has been raging on for the past year or so, with Steve Jobs and his friends at Apple making a strong case for a Flash-less future.

Fuku Free WordPress Theme

Fuku is a free WordPress theme with elegant and friendly design.

Best of August 10

The only roundup you need to find the best articles, in web design and development, from the past month.

The Magnificent Travel Photography of Ken Kaminesky

Ken Kaminesky is a professional photographer specializing in commercial people and lifestyle photography as well as HDR travel and scenic photography.

He travels around the world and makes fantasti

Nonprofit Makeover Contest

The Nonprofit Makeover Contest was created to aid nonprofit organizations in the advancement of their causes. Visitors to the site can nominate their favorite nonprofits to win a redesigned website an

9 Blogs to Help You Master the Thesis WordPress Theme

My personal recommendations (with post examples) on blogs to read and follow if you want to learn how to develop websites using the Thesis WordPress theme.

The Art of Design Restraint

Adding original and creative effects to your website designs does not always have a positive effect. It can add more noise to the interaction and hinder a user’s ability to achieve their goals. This p

Create a dark and clean wordpress theme

Learn how to create a clean dark wordpress theme. Download FREE psd layout.


An icon can say more than words. Visually beautiful icons are used everywhere on the web, you can find them on software applications, corporate business websites, and a variety of different blogs. Th

70 Amazing Hand based Logo Designs to be Inspired

Best Hand Logo greater the probability that your customers will remember you and get back to you. To do this: designers must be creative and have to work your ass in the development of a beautiful, un

45+ High-Quality Professional @font-face Compatible Fonts

@font-face is definitely going to improve typography on web so that’s why today we have collected 45 perfect fonts which are legally able to use with @font-face.

My Guide To Self Portrait Photography

A lot of my photos are self portraits, usually this is due to the fact that the location I have gone to for some landscape shots is not as good as I thought it would be. I enjoy the challenge of creat

40 Beautiful Yellow Logo Designs

Here is our collection of 40 Beautiful Yellow Logo Designs that are beautifully made for every designers.

FAQs of Logo Designing – an Entrepreneur’s Perspective

My previous post was about some important FAQs from the view point of a logo designing professional. I hope that would have been as beneficial for my fellow designer as I expected it to be. This post

8 Tips to Establish Victory over Designers Creativity Block

Hurried, you switch on your computer screen and start making a….making a….what? Lost for ideas? Crap! Empty screen, blank mind, zero innovation, what should you do? When your muse seems to have ch

Display Your Popular Posts In WordPress Without A Plugin

Show your most commented posts in your sidebar without the need for a plug-in. As a bonus it will grab your featured image to generate a small thumbnail to make it look more attractive.

The Use of Content and Design Across Platforms

When you think about it the idea of separating a web page into small sections which contain content is actually quite a good one – in theory at least.

35 Free Colorful Backgrounds

Are you getting tired of that old desktop background? Personalize your computer with an attractive, colorful background today.

Logo Design Love Book Review

Logo Design Love: a Guide to Creating Iconic Brand Identities from David Airey is a great Book on the subject, if you are interested on starting or improving your skillz on logo design you should def

Batman vs Gotham Villains Illustrations

Batman appeared for the first time in 1939 and since then it is a world phenomenon. Bruce Wayne’s alter ego has won the people’s hearts with his mysterious and frightening look but also with his h

Sparkling Text Effect in Photoshop

Another attractive text effect in Photoshop for you, after making some simple steps you can also make this. Hopefully you will like this effect.

Iconshock Social Icons

The most complete social icon set, more than 150 social sites, Ai and PSD sources, vector version, pixel perfect. 9 sizes, ICO and PNG

10 Ways Designers Can Make More Money

There comes a time in every designer’s life when they feel the urge (or need) to start scouting for new revenue streams (especially freelance designers). In this post I’ll provide you with 10 pote

45 Fresh 520px Facebook Pages

Facebook did a huge mess by reducing custom page size to 520px. Lots of big brands & businesses have removed their expensive pages which no longer fit in the tab.

5 Dazzling Minimalist Typography Examples

Typography is a powerful tool to convey the message to a reader in an effective way. The roundup below features excellent minimalist cases of typography, so you have a perfect opportunity to get fresh

How To Create A Professional Design Studio Website

This Photoshop tutorial shows how to create a classy and professional design studio website. Each step of the process is described in detail along with screenshots that show exactly what you need to d

Crest Inspiration: 75 Creative Crests, Badges and Shields

This roundup is for designers who need some inspiration for designing a crest, badge, shield or seal. We’ve gathered new and old examples you can use to spark your own creativity.

10 great unknown WordPress Plugins

Discover below a list of 10 rare perls plugins that every WordPress website could use.

WPTouch is a Godsend in an Increasingly Mobile World

WPTouch by BraveNewCode is a plugin for the WordPress web platform, which presents your website in an exceptionally easy-to-read manner on mobile devices. In a world where mobile internet use is on th

Search Domain Hacks On iPhone With Domai.nr

Domainr is an excellent service that is ideal for searching for available domains and domain hacks. They’ve now made an iPhone app so you can search on the go for the perfect domain name and even te

35 Awesome Css3 Animation Demos

Here is a compilation of 35 CSS3 animation demos. They demonstrate the possibilities of the CSS3 transform and transition property. Some are very useful and can be used as Javascript alternatives. Mos

Studio Graphique

Studio de création graphique, PAO, Web, infographie, …

Why Is Magento A Popular E-Commerce Platform?

In today’s post, we want to provide you more insight into the features that make Magento such a popular E-Commerce platform.

Get Inspired! 20 Images That Will Blow Your Mind.

Check out this awesome collection of photo manipulations, illustrations, typography art works, digital art, drawings, paintings and more.

15 Fresh Websites Created with Papervision 3D

The popularity of Papervision 3D grows among Flash developers and their clients, and the reason of it is the powerful 3D engine with its wide opportunities. More and more big well-known companies choo

SocialScope for BlackBerry is the Ultimate Social Media App

Oh no, not another Twitter app. That was my initial reaction when I heard about SocialScope for BlackBerry. The app is in private beta on various mobile platforms including BlackBerry and iPhone.

High quality notepaper graphics PSD Download

The notepaper set released here is a high resolution, fully layered Photoshop file for free download. Download the notepaper and use it in your creative websites and graphics.

External Film Inspiration No. 20

A serial of short films, trailers and music clips by different artists from across the world introduced here at Cromoart. We would like to inspire you give ideas and suggestions. This time with films

Inspirational Graphic Designs By Mike Harrison

World is full of amazing talents. In web design world, there are few designers which produce amazing design works that one just cannot afford to miss it!

30 Inspiring Web Design Interfaces

Web Design has now become more creative and fun especially with the help of modern and powerful image editing softwares. For quite some time, Web 2.0 has been, somehow, the standard in web design.

Fresh & Inspirational Showcase of E-Commerce Web Designs

The term electronic commerce (commonly known as e-shopping, E-commerce) meant the process of execution of commercial transactions electronically with the help of the leading technologies such as Elect

Seriously Inspirational Advanced CSS Based Web Designs

We would like to share with you the great and well designed CSS based websites. These web designs are based on advanced CSS and web standards.

Great Tips for Optimization of Videos in E-Commerce Websites

There is tough competition going on between the players of E-Commerce business market. The success of the business does not solely depend on one factor but multiple factors.

35 Really Unusual And Desirable Bookshelf Designs

This collection will help you to feed your imagination with fresh and creative ideas from furniture design range.These listed examples are very creative. Enjoy!

Houses of Fairy Tale in Real Life

Houses of Fairy Tale in Real Life

70 Beautiful 3D Wallpapers For Your Desktop

Wallpapers makes your desktop look really cool and beautiful. If you love 3D art and want to decorate your desktop with 3D wallpapers then this collection is just for you. I compiled some beautiful 3D

Magnificent examples of Macro photography

Finest details which cannot be observed even through naked eyes can be captured with Macro photography. They are mainly used to bring out the depth from

the object or the place behind the lens.

Interview with Animation Artist Artur Hilger

Artur Hilger is a fantastic illustrator from Warsaw, Poland. His illustrations and animations are highly creative and bring a plus to the design community.

30+ Websites Where To Submit WordPress Themes

This is a very comprehensive list containing some of the most popular theme directories out there to help you promote your WordPress Theme for free.

High Quality Paint Strokes Photoshop Brush Set

Today freebie is a high quality free Photoshop brush set of paint strokes, the set includes 5 brushes which are well designed Photoshop brushes to give an authentic paint stroke.

16 Incredible WordPress Plugins You Wish You Knew

This is not another must-have plugins list that states the obvious.
I listed here some of the lesser known plugins that can become very handy in certain situations

Designer Quotes – Mindsets and Inspiration

In this article, we have selected 75+ various design quotes. Some you will recognize coming from the great artist like Pablo Picasso.

30 Websites with Amazing Navigation Menus

Few days before, we talked about the importance of beautiful headers of the websites and discussed how they add value to the websites.

35+ Cool & Creative Examples of One Page Websites

In our previous post, we talked about some of the very attractive Dark Websites. Now time for some more inspiration

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