130+ Awesome Fresh Articles for Designers and Developers

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by Lars

130+ Awesome Fresh Articles for Designers and Developers

This is a huge collection of highly relevant and just published articles for web designers and developers. All the articles have been submitted by our readers and other blog owners over the last couple of days. You will find great inspiration for your designs, tools, giveaways, awesome photos, coding tips etc. Hope you will find useful resources below and help submitting good articles if you find some.



Titaniumifize Free WordPress Theme

Titaniumifize is the latest theme from Padd Solutions. This freemium WordPress theme has an awesome Nivo jQuery Image Slider which you can manage easily within the admin panel. Also consider using a WordPress minimal theme.

Seven Great Tools to Create Mobile Version of a Website

MoFuse is an online service that lets you convert your site to a mobile site. MoFuse allows you to convert your blog to a site for more than 5,000 mobile phones, it takes care the complicity of displa… Also free tumblr themes can be really useful!

Responsive WordPress Themes

Using a Responsive WordPress Theme makes your site look nice on different types of devices as the design adapt to the screen size using media queries

MEO Webworks

Awesome Marketing Tips – More to come :)

30+ Absolutely Stunningly Beautiful Nature Shots

Like most designers, I am constantly looking at the nature around me, and I am constantly in awe at its stunning beauty. One of the places I go to get inspiration is in nature, because of its amazing

Professional photography of Steven Vigar

Under the luminous and radiant spotlight casted by Steven Vigar’s lens, is where everyone who is anyone in Taiwan is trying desperately to be. Currently based out of Taipei, photographer Steven Viga

Handshake Vector

Handshake in different color designs. Useful as doodle or clipart for your designs, scrapbooking, webdesign, etc… See all previews further this post. Have fun using!

5 Best 12-Inch Netbooks and Mini Notebooks

While most of the netbooks and mini notebooks are sized around 10 inch, there are some netbooks which are 12-inch sized. Also, those bigger netbooks are mostly better than 10-inchers in terms of perfo

3ds Max Tutorial: Viewport Canvas

Detailed tutorial about texturing a cartoon character with Viewport Canvas in 3ds Max 2011.

Top 5 Admin Skins Site Themes (Templates)

A modern and user-friendly administrative interface is key to the success of Web applications. Order a web-based user interface administrator usually cost a fortune.

40 Stunning Scenery iPhone Wallpapers

Some of us want to spice it up a little and have something extra in our iPhone/iPods. Today we have rounded up an amazing collection scenery based iPhone wallpapers. They are all 320 x 480. I think it is important to have a good looking  and one of best iPhone 4 cases.

Three Lessons Apple’s Competitors Have Yet To Learn

Though the technology world is admittedly a bit obsessed with Apple, it’s hard to blame them.

After all, the Cupertino-based company wouldn’t inspire so much chatter if their products and servi

40 Breathtaking Animal Close-ups

1x is a photo community with a difference. They showcase the work of the most talented photobloggers, various famous photographers, and many serious amateurs.

Best iPad Case collection

HTML5 Support in Internet Explorer 9

What aspects of HTML5 does IE9 Beta support? Here’s a couple of charts showing support for HTML5 and related technologies.

70 Spectacular Examples Of Abstract Photography

Abstract Photography is one of the most popular type of photography. If you have to describe Abstract Photography in one line then you can say that there is only one rule in Abstract Photography and t

iPhone App Sites #3

A showcase of websites advertising iPhone apps

15 Must See JQuery Slideshow Plugins and Tutorials

Designers often using jQuery slideshow To support their work. There are so many jQuery slide show plug-ins to choose from and is very easy to implement them into your blog or Portfolio.

The Poster Design Contest from Printplace.com, Get Apple iPad plus $500

The Poster Design Contest from PrintPlace.com is now open for entries! Submit any original poster design, whether it is one you have designed professionally or one you specifically design for this con

How to Mix Hand Drawing Sketch With Photo

In this Photoshop tutorial we will show you how to create nice unique photo effect from sketch and your photo. We will use many tools in Photoshop and also you will need some skills in drawing as to c

Still worth protecting your smartphone with one of the best iPhone 3gs Cases

40+ Best Examples of Tilt-Shift Photography and Tutorials

We take a look at 40+ best examples of tilt-shift photography. Tilt shifting, a popular technique used to simulate a miniature scene with it’s selective focus.

August’s Best Resources for CSS3

Here are the best CSS3 coding techniques and tutorials of August 2010, 36 fresh resources to help keeping up with new technologies.

Stylish text effect tutorial using Illustrator

On this tutorial you’re about to learn how to create a beautiful text effect with a subtle vintage look that’s going to be applied to an specific typeface, just to help you get an idea, we will tr

How Much Harder Could Smart Phones Work For Designers?

So shouldn’t we all be super productive mobile artists now, right? Well in some cases maybe, and for some artists smart phones do enough to fill the void outside of the studio.

40+ beautiful Photoshop Cloud Brushes

Given a design natural touch can make you design catchy and beautiful! today I choose the clouds from the nature

Get a Otterbox iPhone 4 case to protect your iPhone

External Design Inspiration – Creative Illustrations by N1ko

The unique style by N1ko is really fascinating. His abstract method to compose his pictures let you explore so many details. Lot of them give the work a modern character and arouse interest to see mor

This is maybe the best WordPress Real Estate Theme I have ever seen!

How To Become One Of The World’s Best Designers

This article is several essential tips which can help you to grow as designer and overall just become a better all round designer.

15 Uniquely Creative Annual Report Designs

To many designers, annual reports are one of those boring necessities that helps pay the bills but doesn’t really allow for much creativity. The designers bucked the “boring” trend and went all

Ad Agency – Advertising Company – Delhi

Eminenz is a branding, marketing and corporate communications agency offering complete array of services in Advertising.

Our creative and highly skilled team, committed to offer you optimum satisfa

10 Tips for Buying a Digital Camera

Shopping for a new digital camera doesn’t seem to get any easier even after you have had one for a while. Technology and features change a lot so things you used to know about digital cameras may no

35 Innovative & Artistic Business Card Designs

Graphic Designers and printing companies always try new things in business card designs and the trend is totally change now.

Calciumicious Free WordPress Theme

Calciumicious is a freemium WordPress theme which is packed with a better framework and an admin options panel. This special WordPress theme has a customizable front page which will showcase three wid

Have look at these Drupal 7 Themes maybe this is what you’re looking for.

30+ Hot & Catchy Club Party Flyer Designs

A flyer is a single page leaflet advertising a nightclub, event, service, or other activity. Flyers are invaluable print media used to promote merchandise, services, causes and events. These media ar

Link Building: Targeted Relationship Building Pays off

In Link building, the weight of strategic relationship can’t be denied. Relationship building is the way through which you can widen your website’s reach. When other sites link to your website the

45+ Very Functional Javascript Sliders and Scrollers

In this article I compiled a list of 46 Very Functional Javascript Sliders and Scrollers for you to use in developing web applications.

Polaroid Photobar Gallery with jQuery

In this tutorial we are going to create an image gallery with a Polaroid look. We will have albums that will expand to sets of slightly rotated thumbnails that pop out on hover. The full image will sl

Stunning film photography of Alex Mazurov from Russia

“There is something so intriguing about your photographs; it took me up to today to realize just what it is. When you photograph things—especially people—you have a way of absolutely freezing time

Create Abstract Colorful Balls illustration in Photoshop CS5

In today’s drawing tutorial, you will learn how to create abstract colorful illustration using simple tools and techniques like Ellipse Tool, Brush Tool, Gradient Tool, Layer Style, etc. in Adobe Ph

Web Content Management with Sitefinity

You often hear your clients asking how to monetize their website without expensive resources.Why would you recommend Sitefinity as an integration platform? Read more here: http://blog.codemyimage.com/

25 Selected Social Media Sites to Benefit Your Business

The power of social media is not hidden from any one. Companies are investing millions of their advertising budget, on these sites, just to achieve their objective.

A Showcase of Creative Advertisements You Will Love To See

Creativity is the best talent of all. It can be applied to any profession and work to give it a stream of freshness………………………

25+ Stunning Websites Using HTML5

Now, HTML5 is the new web standard. HTML5 defines many elements and attributes that can be seen under the hood.

99 Amazing Speed Drawing Videos You Must See Now!

If you have ever wondered how it’s possible to draw realistic digital paintings so quick, continue to read and discover 99 awesome speed drawing videos.

Similar Logos But Different Companies: A Perfect Logo Design Dilemma

Picture yourself on a bright Sunday morning with a cup of hot black coffee and morning newspaper. You are perfectly at ease with yourself and then you find someone who resembles you. He is your look-a

40 Excellent Free Fonts For Minimal Web Design Creation

There are plenty of free, great looking fonts around the web. In this article you’re going to find 40 clean, crisp and, of course, free fonts for your minimal web design.

10 Essential WordPress Plugins for Every WordPress Installation

In this article I have selected 10 Essential WordPress Plugins for Every WordPress Installation. I hope you like this post. In most cases having the best wordpress plugins installed is your way to a powerful and popular website.

How the Web has Changed the Way We Buy Music [Infographic]

Through iTunes, Apple has the credit card details of 160 million people. You might want to take a second to think about the enormity of that statement.

Luoi chong muoi

Luoi chong muoi , chong muoi , man chong muoi

Ecoball – portable speaker system in the form of a ball

Concept columns titled Ecoball represents two dynamics, consisting of hemispheres.

30 Beautiful Websites Designed For Kids

Kids are really special to us! So the websites designed for them ought be special too. Finding quality kid’s websites can sometimes be tedious job for parents

Beautiful female art photography from Vanessa Cardoso

Vanessa Cardoso is a bright young woman from France, currently living in Portugal. She’s a biomedical engineer PhD student, as well as a fantastic female art photographer.

Having just gotten int

26 Deliciously Creative Fruit Juice Label Examples

Get a taste of creativity as we tour you to our collection of creative fruit drink label samples!

Style-my-tooltips jQuery plugin

A simple jQuery plugin to better style native browser tooltips.
Small in size (3kb) script to enhance the look of tooltips. It works just like browser’s native tooltips with few options and styling

Quality Control a WordPress ticketing system theme

Turn a basic WordPress install into a simple and straight-forward ticketing system. Quality Control allows users to create tickets, assign statuses, milestones, categories, and tags. Other users can t

Radial Ripple Masking Effect in Flash

Here is another simple and interesting Masking technique in Flash. You can make Ripples by using this technique. So you will also learn how to create Mask Effect in Flash. As usual I’ve also uploade

A Simple Explanation on How B-Tree Database Indexes Work

In this post, I’m going to give you a simple explanation of the most commonly used type of database indexing: B-Trees.

Dexter Poster in Photoshop

In this tutorial we’ll learn how to Design a Poster for the awesome show Dexter!

Giveaway: $100 coupon from Sticker Mule plus $25 for everyone

Sticker Mule aspires to be every artist and designer’s favorite source for custom stickers. Get your design printed on any custom shape and size from circles, squares and bumper stickers to iPhone,

The Value of a Logo

It is likely that no other piece of graphic design has the unobtainable expectations placed upon it that most clients have for a logo.

The Magic and Art of Jim Henson

It took more than just a bit of creativity to affect the world so profoundly as did the innovative works of Jim Henson.

romania, photo

Lately everyone hates Romania. People say that is a poor country and that is inhabited by gypsies and thieves. What people forget to do is to look first to the country where they live and then make c

Aspiring natural portrait photographer Serena Joyce

15 year-old Serena Joyce is an aspiring young photographer from Pennsylvania. Her work is amazingly natural, heartfelt, and sincere. Having came so far, and advanced in an incredible way since she

6 Plugins For Integrating a Forum Into Your WordPress Blog

I really want to have a forum on PelFusion but still not able to do that and you can guess why?, yah you got it i am too lazy. But if you also want to integrate a forum into your WordPress blog i have

45 Beautiful Examples Of 3D Female Characters

Digital art is a general term for a range of artistic works and practices that use digital technology as an essential part of the creative and/or presentation process. 3D art is a beautiful part of di

RSS And Social Media Hacks To Customize Your WordPress Blog

Everybody is customizing their WordPress blog by learning how to use WordPress hacks and implement them in the best way possible. For this article I wanted to cover the RSS and Social Media hacks that

Photoshop Video Tutorial: Create an Amazing Photo Collage from Simple Circles

In today tutorial you will learn how to create and awesome photo collage, you will learn how simple and effective u can create photo manipulation from simple shapes, such as circles.

Get Clients As A Graphic Design Student

Now that you have built a up a nice portfolio, the next step is to go out and find some clients who are willing to pay you for your work. In this post I will list a few methods that I have used to fin

Best Business (Corporate) Cards Templates – Top Selling!

Good business card design is an important tool in the arsenal of any freelancer. The business card is the first thing that is exchanged when meeting a new potential client or business contact.

100 Brilliant Black and White Photography

In this collection, we’ll look at 100 Brilliant Black and White photographs. At the end, please take a moment to share with us which ones were your favorites?

40 Amazing Minimalist Designs

When we think of minimalist designs, less is more. Minimalist websites are usually cluster free, easy to use and are designer to keep the colors to a bare minimum.

In this collection, we look at 40

What Do Your Design Clients Care About?

We need to understand what our design clients care about, and most of the time the specific details of great design are trumped by basic client needs – ie. does a design print well? Does a website w

Typography Inspiration: Text Art from DeviantART

Here we showcase some of the best digital artworks which principally use text art and typography as the main theme to create works of true inspiration.

Marketing Advice from Apple

Apple leads marketing campaigns better than any other company in the world. Find out how you can market your business like Apple.

Attractive Headers of Famous Websites for Inspiration

One of the most important parts of the website is the header. This is what the visitor will see first, this will need to be appealing to the eye while functional to let the visitor find the navigation

30 Free Insect-Inspired Wallpapers

These are eye-catching/relaxing macro shots of insects for your desktops and free to download.

Some really Cool iPhone Speakers to get more out of your iPhone

How to Create Custom PHP Contact Forms

After going through this article you should have a better understanding of creating custom PHP contact forms. These can be really useful in your own projects, as well as projects for clients.

Need of Link Building for web designers

Designing a website is the first step for starting a business online. The designers should give due regard to the search engine factors Link building is one of the crucial elements of Search Engine Op

Website Development

Icreon Tech Inc.(Icreon US) is a Offshore Software Development Company in New York. A full-service software development, website design and web development company, having global offices in two major

15+ Best Fonts of 2010

Fonts play a vital role in a web design; designers are always looking for good fonts to produce something creative. Custom web designs are appreciated by visitors and fonts are chosen very carefully f

25+ Beautiful Icon Sets

Icons are a great source of identification and recognition. In most modern designs, it is used to not only complete our design but also to attract the user’s eye.

40 Creative and Unique Single Page Website Design

Some really-creative and unique inspirational single page web designs to inspire your design sense.

Spellbinding inspirational photography of Thomas Cristofoletti

Thomas Cristofoletti is an Italian freelance photographer, and art director currently settled in Madrid. He has been “stealing instants” all through the travels he’s made, ever since he left hi

30+ Examples of Decent Corporate Website Designs

Corporate Websites play an important role in establishing you as a brand. It has to be neat and clean and should not be cluttered with too many things.

70 Awesomely Creative Flyer Designs for Inspiration

Today we have compiled a list of originative flyer design for your inspiration, make sure to have some knowledge how to design eye-catching poster before leaving this roundup.

The Signs That You’re Ready To Start Freelancing

In this article we’ll have a closer look at some signs that will appear to show you that you’re getting ready to take the step into the challenging yet exciting world of freelancing.

40 Amazing Photo Manipulation Tutorials

In the art of designing, knowledge on photo manipulation and its corresponding technique is a major edge among other designers… Why? Because it gives you the advantage of creating world-class design

If you are the lucky owner of an iPhone you should keep it safe using one of the Best iPhone 4 Cases

Top 10 Content Mgnts Systems For Web Designers

A Web Content Management System helps you to simplify publications of web content for your website.

Basic Tips About SEO and Website Usability

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is very important in today’s online world. Basically, it is the way how your website is picked up and categorized by the search engines.
How does this work?When

These are all Cool iPhone 4 cases I think!

Amazing photos from Mike Peckett

My dad spent a lot of the time in dark places messing with film, I remember him stepping out of the wardrobe once in front of the guy from the council, my mum said “it’s ok he likes it in there”!! I

Photo Realistic iPhone in Photoshop

This tutorial will show you how to create a photo realistic image of Apple’s newly released iPhone4. Hopefully

Warro Free WordPress Theme

Warro WordPress theme comes with drop down menu installed, Twitter ready (all you need to do is download and activate the Twitter for WordPress plugin). The thumbnails are created automatically, if yo

Artist Rinat Shingareev – Celebrity Pictures

Rinat Shingareev graduated from art school in Russia, and then graduated from the Art Academy in Italy Fine Arts. It considers itself a successor of the traditions of pop art.

70 Logo Designers To Follow on Twitter

Twitter is growing daily. Personally I use twitter for promotion and networking with the people in my industry. As I gain and lose followers it becomes harder to figure out who is who.

Using WordPress’ the_post_thumbnail with Lightbox

A quick tutorial showing you how to use make WordPress’ the_post_thumbnail work with your Lightbox script.

12 Fantastic Examples of Speed Painting

I’m really fascinated if I can see how people creates their digital works. To see it in timelapse is much more impressive. All the details and different techniques which use the artists are stunning

Striking and vivid Examples of Lightning Photography

Striking and vivid Examples of Lightning Photography.

Weekly Web Design Inspiration #69

A showcase of the very best web designs from the last week

20 Best Websites to Learn and Master CSS

This next article is about 20 Best Websites to Learn and Master CSS. This is a great collection of cascading style sheets websites which will help you to learn more on how to css from beginner to adva

Network Waves How to Get the Best Out of It

Network Waves How to Get the Best Out of It
Network Waves has powerful branding and is guaranteed to ease video sharing for all those using video marketing. The effectiveness of video in business has

NextDayFlyers.com Giveaway – $50 Printing Credit

Next Day Flyers is an online printing company that delivers top-quality printed marketing materials with one of the fastest turnaround times in the industry. They specialize in full color printing of

A simple and clean WordPress theme is usually great for usability!

GRASS RESOURCES: Textures, Tutorials, Icons, Brushes, Patterns, Wallpapers

Today’s round up is all about GRASS: grass textures, tutorials, icons, brushes, patterns, wallpapers, and inspiration… ENJOY! :-)

Creative Crayon Artists

Somehow these artists below have found a way to not only make crayons work for them, but work well enough to seem as if they were done using paint, or pencils, or anything BUT crayons.

Don’t miss these best wordpress themes if you’re looking for a great theme for your website.

21 Tools to Develop Website Coding Clean and Elegant

There is lots of coding to develop website. It’s depending the types of features you’d like to implement on your website. But when you want to save time you have to use a variety of tools to simpl

Weekly Typography Inspiration #6

In this roundup you will get creative, fanciful, elegant, imaginative and graceful typography showcase for your inspiration, crafted and actualized by professional artists and designers from all over

Need of Link Building for web designers

Designing a website is the first step for starting a business online. The designers should give due regard to the search engine factors Link building is one of the crucial elements of Search Engine Op

44 Impressive Examples of Concert Photography | Inspiration

44 Impressive Examples of Concert Photography Inspiration.

Lifestyle Portraits by Leigh Taylor

Orlando wedding and engagement photographer. Leigh Taylor Photography is an award winning, natural light, on location photographer.

Jaw dropping landscape photography by Suddhajit Sen

I am an Orthopaedic Surgeon by profession, currently based in the Isle of Man. This tiny little island is a gem among the British Isles with its spectacular coastline, beautiful valleys and charming w

30 Useful and Free Chinese-Styled Fonts

If you are a designer clamoring for uniqueness, this 30 Free Chinese Styled Fonts will surely help you establish such aim…

A Collection of Free Facebook Icons

In this next post, we have came up with a collection of cool facebook-themed icons that you can download for free and utilize as you please.

Using a minimal wordpress theme is also a good idea.

When Ugly becomes Beautiful: Macro Photography, Bugs

Bugs, sometimes annoying little creatures, ugly and beautiful at the same time. Let’s see 40 examples of Macro bugs gorgeous photoshoots.

Inspirational Fantasy Illustrations

Fantasy art is my favourite genre and I am always on the look out for fresh and creative illustrations from various talented digital artists such as GENZOMAN and RodrigoElven.

Quick Feedback Form w/ PHP and jQuery

In this tutorial, we are making a quick feedback solution. Powered by jQuery, PHP and the PHPMailer class, this form sends the users’ suggestions directly to your mailbox.

Freelance Graphic Designing – Good or Bad?

Working as a freelancer is a new working trend in the professional world and has also become very popular source of income these days. Either you are working alongside a regular job, or on a work-from

Matte White Square Icons Natural Wonders

This matte white square icons natural wonders set includes a wide assortment of icons from nature (flowers, roses, houseplants, palm trees, pine trees, rain clouds, rain drops, the moon, the sun, a fe

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