30 Stunning iPhone Icon Set Designs

September 22, 2011 · 8 comments

by Roldan O. Roldan

iPhone Icon

When you are holding an iPhone, you have some of coolest and most simple design in your hand. The physical parts of the phone itself are outstanding, but the same is true for the software. A lot of effort has been put into the design with focus on usability and look and feel. On the iPhone icons are used very intensively and their design have been taken to the next level. Good iPhone Icon are simple, send a clear message and at the same time they are easy to remember. In this article I have collected more than 30 iPhone icon sets that I hope can inspire you and help you in what ever creative work you do. It is so popular now to create apps, and as you are learning how to make an iPhone App yourself you will realize that Icons are important? It is not only the Apps that need to look great. I recommend that you also go for the best iPhone 4 cases to look smart and be safe at the samt time! Using a iPhone 4 leather case is also a great option.



iPhone Icon in progress copy

Perl iPhone Icon

Northstar iPhone Icon

QS07 iPhone Icon

Cursi  iPhone Icon

illumine icons for iphone

iphone icon

japanese denim iphone icon

killbill iphone icon

mar21 copy

relapsemay12 copy

saturday april 4 copy

wendsday april 8 copy

Ghost face















i2 copy



Author : Roldan O. Roldan

Roldan O.Roldan, a Graduate of Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation and Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. Agro Industrial Foundation College of the Philippines in the former and University of Mindanao of the latter. My early career was a lecturer in Pre-Employment Program of the City Government of Davao. Now, I,m currently at my senior year in Law School of the University of Mindanao.


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