190+ Very Useful Articles for Web Designers

August 8, 2010 · 9 comments

by Lars


This is a huge collection of highly relevant and just published articles for web designers and developers. All the articles have been submitted by our readers and other blog owners over the last couple of days. You will find great inspiration for your designs, tools, giveaways, awesome photos, coding tips etc. Hope you will find useful resources below and help submitting good articles if you find some.



10 More Shocking, Exceptionally Useful jQuery Plugins

jQuery is a fast and concise JavaScript Library that simplifies HTML document traversing, event handling, animating,

Making Shiny Buttons Without Blends or Transparencies Using An Illustrator

I have been asked many times how I create some of the shiny buttons I sell on iStock. Although there are other tutorials out there, this one shows you how to create these buttons without blends and tr

Flash Website Template Design

Create your website with more attractive flash templates for all your business needs.

65+ outstanding blog design showcase – Wsblogz.com – Web design magazine

There are millions of blogs around the world, so it’s really a challenge to stand out with unique design, every designer try to make his design different and unique this may depend on blog content b

Night and low light photography

Night or low light photography refers to photographs taken outdoors between dusk and dawn.

Night / low light photographers generally have a choice between using artificial light or using a long exp

Long exposure photography | Julius Tjintjelaar

Today we’re looking at some really excellent long exposure photography examples by Julius Tjintjelaar from Holland.

Although Julius shoots digital and has the availability of software not only to

35 Beautiful Vehicle Wallpapers For Your Desktop

Almost all of us love our vehicles and most of us have huge passion for their favourite vehicles. If you are a huge vehicle fan and you want to decorate your desktop with vehicle wallpapers then your

131 High Quality Splatter Photoshop Brushes

Dirty and Grunge styled design is still rather popular in the design community and has been for quite a while now.
To get the grungy feel you need the dirty textures, edges and other elements to make

51 Mind Blowing Examples Of Transportation Photography

Transport is a mode of going from one place to another. If we don’t have the transport then its almost impossible for us to go from one place to another, in short transport is an important part of o

25 Excellent Italic Fonts for Professional Design

It is very hard to find perfect italic fonts for your design. Finding professional italic fonts can be very difficult; this is why today we have collected 25 Italic Fonts especially for professional d

Another Stunning logo design showcase – Wsblogz.com – Web design magazine

We go with our logo design showcase series, in this showcase you will find another 55 fresh stunning logo designs, we discovered to help you into your next design, and we try to make our collection in

30 Free Adobe Photoshop Retro Style Brush Sets

In this next post, we had come up with 30 Free Adobe Photoshop Retro Style Brush Sets that designers still find absorbing and enticing.

Design a lingerie ecommerce layout

Learn how to create a lingerie ecommerce layout with Photoshop

50 Crazily Creative Photo Manipulation – Gorgeous!

Photo Manipulation can be thought as a designers dream or feeling during the creation of the masterpiece but, not all can create such effect, only a true talent with high imagination can be such an up

Driving Online Traffic Offline

In many ways, a website is only as good as the amount of traffic it generates. The truth of this statement probably varies from site to site, but in this article, we will look at four different offlin

60+ Super Realistic CG Portraits

They have done it once again! You might be asking yourself, “who has done it once again?” The talented CG artists that create these amazing CG Portraits. Flawlessly rendered works giving the impre

ESOL Florida

A warehouse of information frequently requested by advocates for English Language Learners in Florida and beyond. The blog deals with the politics of language education.

40 Incredible Photo Manipulation Arts

Photo manipulation is the art of image editing techniques to photographs in order to create an illusion or deception, through analog or digital means. It is a type of digital art that absorbs photogra

Create Fantastic Free Flash Websites using WIX

To answer all your above questions, you will have a very simple answer and that is WIX. It is a free website builder. WIX is an online free Flash creation platform with all the features that you would

Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Youtube in the 1960?s Posters

Brazilian ad agency Moma has given some of the worlds most modern brands a vintage 60s sepia makeover for an ‘Everything Ages Fast’ campaign.

Amidaweb “Web design and programming”

Company located in Palma de Mallorca (Spain) design and web programming, online marketing, seo / positioning, corporate image, photography and advertising. We do custom work for each client.

25 Excellent Adobe Photoshop CS5 Tutorials in Video’s

In this post we showcase Adobe Photoshop CS5 tutorials in video’s from which you will learn a lot about different features of Adobe Photoshop CS5. Check them out and tell me which you liked the most

Another Creative Human inspired logo design showcase – Wsblogz.com – Web design magazine

Second collection of Human inspired log design collection, Logo design is most hard and vital part of design it can make your work unique, professional and creative or make it like any other. So, Usin

PSD To HTML Service Provider – SEO-Semantic-XHTML.com

Over the years, I have realized that two things are very important to be successful in this profession. First, the expertise which ensures your quality of work and second, the network you create or yo

Another Creative Animal inspired logo design showcase – Wsblogz.com – Web design magazine

Second collection of Animal inspired log design collection, Logo design is most hard and vital part of design it can make your work unique, professional and creative or make it like any other. So, Usi

Another Creative Black and White Logo Designs – Wsblogz.com – Web design magazine

Second collection of black and white logo design showcase for your inspiration Logo design is most hard and vital part of design it can make your work unique, professional and creative or make it like

Creating A Curl Your Image Within 1 Minutes

this is very simple way to make your curl your image, use the filter page curl, you can do it in 3 steps…yup..only three steps…let’s do it guys….

Cafe Template Design

Medhley provides quality cafe and restaurant themed template designs to your restaurant related

10 Good Free Online Tutorials in PHP Object Oriented Programming

Here is a list of handy tutorials that offer Tutorials in PHP OOP. Those that are getting good at PHP might want to give these a look over and add to their favorites collection. THe tutorials range fr

Fonts Typography Designs for Inspiration: 35+ Inspiring Designs

Here we have collected 35+ Fonts Typography Designs for Inspiration , I found these design realy inspiring, hope you will be inspired.

20 amazing digital artists you should know

Some people take their expertise and talent by spending countless hours working on it, the result being some stunning digital artworks.

Create an HDR in Photoshop

Dynamic range is basically the difference between the brightest and the darkest areas in a scene. The greater the difference, the greater the dynamic range the scene is said to have. A scene with hig

55 Awesome Surreal Photo Manipulations To Blow Your Mind

Photo Manipulations can have the power of converting any simple image or picture into an extra-ordinary graphic. If you are a designer then you must know how you can create such mind blowing photo man


My blog related to all things web design and development.

62 Awesome Examples Of Macro Photography

Macro Photography is an art of getting close up pictures. There are special lenses available to take the close pictures neat and clear. Sometimes camera can capture those small things which you can’

A Simple Movie Search App w/ jQuery UI

In this tutorial, we are using jQuery UI’s autocomplete widget, to build a simple AJAX movie search form. The script is going to use TheMovieDatabase.org’s free API, to provide auto suggestions ag

Imaginary Photo Manipulation Tutorial Using Photoshop

In this beautiful tutorial, i am going to show you how to create Imaginary Photo Manipulation Tutorial Using Adobe Photoshop. we will learn how to manipulate few photos into a scene where an princes

20 Free Sleek And Fabulous Bitmap and Pixel Fonts

Bitmap can be defined as a series of dots or pixels representing the image. In this list we have collected 20 Awesome Bitmap and Pixel Fonts for you people.

53 Inspiring Typography for Your Design Inspiration!- Creative

Take a look at each of these Stunning Design and see for yourself how their works can be such a stunning view and also to make your day today
Enjoy your Weekend as well as your Inspiration!

How to Convert Blog Visitors into Subscribers and Readers

The main purpose of a blog is to attract a large number of visitors and additionally convert that traffic into regular readers. It is the most important task that a blog designer should pay attention

Getting To Grips With InDesign Part 5: Playing With Styles

In the fifth part of our Getting To Grips Series we will be covering topics such as: Creating Paragraph Styles, Applying Paragraph Styles, Creating Character Styles, and more…

Photography Inspiration: 40+ Inspiring Examples of Night Photos

Long exposure is used to properly expose the subject without the help of flash and to add up spice to the photo.

Another Creative Business cards showcase – Wsblogz.com – Web design magazine

In this showcase you will find 45 fresh modern Business card designs, we discovered to help you into your next design, we try to make our collection include many styles and unique ideas to make you st

55 Stunning logo design showcase for inspiration

We go with our logo design showcase series, in this showcase you will find 55 fresh stunning logo designs, we discovered to help you into your next design, and we try to make our collection include ma

Inspired Giveaway – Win 3 Copies of How to Build a Successful Blog Business by Collis Ta’eed

We’re really happy to announce a new edition of our Inspired Giveaway series, this time in collaboration with Collis Ta’eed – the mastermind behind Envato, Tuts+ & Rockable Press.

30 Marvelous Photos of the Milky Way Galaxy

Whether you are working on a cool space themed design, just love space photography, are addicted to star-gazing or just happened to stumble upon this post, you will find a lot to like.

Top 10 Freelance Job Sites for Web Designers and Developers

As I am a freelancer, It is usually known to me what is a dream for many designers and developers. Not only you get to choose the job you are really interested in, you also have total flexibility in t

The Best Types of Personal Projects For a Web Designer

We all know that personal projects can be the key to success when it comes to web design and freelancing. Regardless, personal projects can also be fun and a good, productive thing to ‘waste’ time on.

Freebie: Zodiac Tattoo brushes

Hi viewers, i always loved to tattoos and the last post that i put a set of tattoo brushes got good reputation so now i wanted to give you all something much bigger, more useful and surprising and so

Montreal Latin Dance School, Salsa Classes, Salsa Lessons

Our Latin dance school addresses those who wish to learn how to dance for their own pleasure, Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Cha-Cha-Cha, Tango etc.

30 Free WordPress Plugins & Widgets

WordPress is constantly evolving and becoming more efficient, but in the meantime, where there’s a good idea, a plugin isn’t too far behind. I have been searching for some of the best free WordPre

Free Ads Banner Rotator AS 3.0

XML driven free banner rotator, ActionScript 3.0. Some nice transition effects, random or specified through XML. You can specify random or single transition effect.

Inspiring Brochure Design Tutorials

Pamphlet or Brochure is a powerful marketing tool to present business and products in the market. Most of the non funding firms use this tool in massive amount to collect funds for their organization.

40+ Coolest Graffiti Artworks

Graffiti has existed since ancient times, with examples dating back to Ancient Greece and the Roman Empire.

75 Fake Miniature Tilt-Shift Photography

In this article we present 75 Fake Miniature Tilt-Shift Photography. All examples are linked to their sources. We strongly encourage you to explore other works of the photographers we’ve featured in

Benefits of Using Open Source Web Development Programs

Open sources web development programs have paved their ways in the web industry and has become an important part of web designing and development industry.

55 Futuristic and Hybrid Webdesign Showcase From Deviantart

Futuristic designs have completely different concept from classic websites and usually are used in gaming portals or portfolios you will notice it for sure.

23 Beautiful Game Flash Websites

Flash provide for developers and designers rich content over the browsers, creating motion, interactivity and an impressive visual experience.
In the showcase below we present 23 colorful, creative,

Stick-Fu for iPhone – Video Review

Looking to bring stick figures to life? Stick-Fu for iPhone allows you to do just that, at 99 cents. It features a highly addictive gameplay, one not often seen on the iPhone platform (it’s not a do

Tips for improving SEO(Search engine optimization)

Seo is the core of WEB world.Big challenges for online compititors face today is maintaining relevance in the eyes of the search engines, especially Google

External Design Inspiration – Fantastic Vector Illustrations by Brade-S

Brade-S is a very talented artist from England. His works have a very clean and unique style and are full of interesting details. I’m really fascinated of that kind of art because the vector style h

How to improve your website’s design in 7 simple steps

Your website visitors are busy, impatient, and have ten other webpages open that are competing for their attention. They will leave your website if they can’t very quickly find what they are lookin

18 Handy Alternatives to Lipsum.Com for Dummy Content

Now, don’t get me wrong, Lipsum is a great resource for getting chunks of the text and learning more, but there are other websites out there that can do an even better job as well. So, here they are –

Worlds Biggest Promotional Product

In the early nineties a popular soft drink company (who shall remain nameless) allegedly approached NASA with an offer to pay them to launch a geostationary satellite branded with their logo. Effectiv

25+ Stunning Websites Using HTML5

Now, HTML5 is the new web standard. HTML5 defines many elements and attributes that can be seen under the hood

Bundle Hunt provide a spectacular design goodies on August

Bundle Hunt is a premium resource pack aimed at empowering the creative community, offering more than $1,400 worth of outstanding apps, templates, icons, eBooks, hosting plans and premium memberships,

35+ Beautiful Websites’ Headers

Well said “First Impression is the last Impression”. When a user visits your website, the first thing he sees is the header of your website.

How to Convert Video to Flash

Want to convert any video to flash? Guide to convert avi to flash|mpg to flash, mp4 to flash|mpeg to flash|wmv to flash|rm to flash|rmvb to flash etc.

Books Template Design

Medhley provides books related template themes on all your online book selling needs.

Creating a Marketing Splash with Coffee

A creative marketing idea using coffee.

RedBlackjackPack Free WordPress Theme

RedBlackjackPack is a free WordPress theme with elegant and friendly design.

Creating a Hellacious Flaming Skull Using Photoshop

We’ll be using some images we shot ourself of flames, and a stock Designious vector skull to get us started.

18 twitter inspired logo design showcase – Wsblogz.com – Web design magazine

We go with our logo design showcase series, in this showcase you will find 18 fresh modern twitter inspired logo designs, we discovered to help you into your next design, and we try to make our collec

How To Differentiate Your Freelance Design Business

Search results for a phrase like “web design services” should quickly tell you there’s a lot of competition out there. Why should someone hire you instead of any of those other companies listed

108 Free High Quality WordPress Themes

In this collection, you can find various types of wordpress themes such as minimalist, gallery, portfolio, eCommerce, news, magazine and social media wordpress themes. Just make sure to read the lice

Art fashion photography | Shinji Watanabe

Fashion photography is a genre of photography devoted to displaying clothing and other fashion items. Fashion photography is most often conducted for advertisements or fashion magazines such as Vogue

Photography Inspiration: A Collection of Panning Photos

Panning in photography is the process of capturing movement on the frame.

15 Premium Business Card Design for Creative Jobs

In this post you will find different kinds of Business Card with Premium quality design for people who work in the field of creativity.

Hermes Birkin,Buy Hermes Birkin,Birkin Handbags,At Hermes Shop

buyhermesbirkin.com Hermes Sale,Cheap hermes birkin handbags
At Hermes Shop – Hermes Birkin 35CM Hermes Birkin 40CM ecommerce,online shopping

Photoshop color wheel advances in the form of panel

Here’s a helping tool for all digital professionals. MagicPicker Photoshop color wheel panel and advanced color picker for professional digital artists and amateurs. Allows to choose colors with one m

Capturing Customer Data on the Web

In the real world data is an immediate entity that drives much of what goes on in our everyday lives. In fact, this whole thing that we call the internet has been constructed on data of some type.

Stock Analysis

These days everyone is talking about Forex trading and the great opportunity this activity represents for people willing to brake free from the corporate world and start working from home or any where

35 Human inspired logo design showcase for inspiration

Logo design is most hard and vital part of design it can make your work unique, professional and creative or make it like any other. Using Human Parts in logo design is very popular these days but you

Pretty and Twisted Curves: Poster Design Examples

Be inspired by these pretty and twisted examples and enjoy!

The Top 50 T-shirt Brands and Stores on Facebook

Here we have chosen to showcase fifty of the best facebook fan pages of t-shirt stores and associated t-shirt blogs, sites and podcasts.

30+ Enlightened Typography Artworks, Portraits and Typefaces

In this article we showcase some amazing artworks of the highest quality which really conveys a concept, style, thought or artistic idea through text art. I guarantee you will be inspired by each and

Cheap professional studio softbox lighting with a speedlight

This is a cool video by professional photographer and photography teacher Yanik Chauvin from Yanik’s Photo School demonstrating How to create your own Cheap professional studio softbox lighting with

Bundle Hunt reveals a treasure trove of spectacular design goodies

Bundle Hunt is a premium resource pack aimed at empowering the creative community, offering more than $1,400 worth of outstanding apps, templates, icons, eBooks, hosting plans and premium memberships,

Ajax Stylish Captcha and Contact Form using JQuery and PHP.

First of all, thanks to all of my readers who like my work and prove this by sending feedbacks over facebook style tutorials. I always try to create some useful tutorials for my users using Jquery. Th

15 Hollywood Websites That Don’t Suck

One would think that a website associated with Hollywood, California would be on the cutting edge of design. Nope, not really.

70 Extreme Grunge Fonts for Killer and Nasty Artwork

Grunge and dirty artwork is in huge demand nowadays and people love these dirty-looking art so today we have collected 70 Extreme Grunge fonts which can be used to create filthy and nasty designs.

45+ Great Historic Vintage Glamour Photographs

We proudly present Vintage glamor photographs choose from famous photographer albums, Pin Up and Burlesque Specialist. This is an creative passion for Vintage and Retro style Photography, all from the

Best Practices For Driving Traffic To Your Design Site/Blog

Every website wants to get as many visitors and page impressions there server can handle, but in the designer niche I have come across various ways to increase visitor numbers,

23 inspiring Twitter-Designs

Weblovers presents 23 really stunning Twitter-Designs for your daily Inspiration.

Compilation of Stunning Lomography Photo – Amazing!

First time i saw and use this effect, it is seriously amazing. And so, to share my great interest to the others, here it is, the best from its kind, A Compilation of Great Lomography photos, a series

WorkSnug – Finding Places To Get Design Work Done On The Go

WorkSnug is a really cool augmented reality iPhone app that enables you to find great places to work nearby, from cafes to coworking spaces, complete with reviews.

Design History: Mesolithic art – Episode #2

The Mesolithic age also known as the period of middle Stone Age, from about 10,000 – 8,000 BC years over a span of 2000 years.

22 Free Handy Mini Icon Sets

In our next post, we had come up with these 22 Free Handy Mini Icon Sets that may suit what kind of software application you are doing.

The Influence of Art History on Modern Design – Art Nouveau

In the previous posts I started to write about influence of art history on modern design and I began with the Gothic Style from the Medieval Period, which was followed by the post about the Baroque St

What is Python AND its Comparison to other languages

“Python is an interpreted, interactive, object-oriented programming language”. Python, although similar in some ways to Perl and Java, is its own creature.

74 Professional Sports Logo Design Inspiration

Time to share with our readers professional and beautiful sports inspired logo designs. We pick 74 some of the best and eye catching sports logos with a great idea and very well deigned.

Creating A 3 Columns Fixed CSS Layout

In this tutorial we will use the Flexi CSS Layouts Dreamweaver extension to create a simple 3 columns CSS layout with a fixed width.

Best of photoshop tutorials

In this tutorials many of tricks and techniques, I have searched from the many greats sites to show the best of photoshop tutorials.

ORANGE Design Inspiration: Websites, Logos, Photos, Packaging and More

Orange websites, orange logos, orange photos, orange packaging and more in many different varieties and on many different mediums. From dark orange to light orange and all kinds of shades in-between.

10 Great WordPress Themes for Business Sites

To point you in the right direction, we’ve hand-picked the cleanest – yet most functional and attractive – 10 Great WordPress Themes for Business Sites for your disposal.

Texture Pack 02 – Free Images for your Design

Cromoart presents his second texture pack including 21 free images of different textures, which could help you at your next design projects. With a high resolution of 3888 x 2592 pixel they are very u

40+ Effective Call to Action Buttons

Now we are back again with another aspect of graphic design i.e. Call to action Buttons.

WorkSnug – Finding Places To Get Design Work Done On The Go

WorkSnug is a really cool augmented reality iPhone app that enables you to find great places to work nearby, from cafes to coworking spaces, complete with reviews.

Papervision 3D – Video Tutorials (Part 2)

In this post we continue the theme of Papervision 3D video tutorials for all those who prefer video training instead of written tutorials. From this tutorials you will learn how to how to create an ob

Slice your Mockup to make Website – Part I

Here I’m going to tell you some secrets. I hope these would be very rare and by using these technique anybody can become Web Designer. I’m going to tell you how you can convert your Template into

10 Utile Resources of Aug 2010 for Web Design and Development

In this post I am sharing some really useful and fresh resources to help web designers and developers for day-to-day projects needs.

How to Choose a CMS Platform that Support SEO Goals

A Content Management System is the basic foundation of website content. If the base is not strong then, it won’t support the marketing goals of the website such as SEO

50 Must Have Open Source Application for Mac

In this article we will feature 50 essential “open-source” applications for your Mac; those which will help in performing your daily life task easily.

Tips for E-Commerce Website Design to Improve the Sales

Website design plays an important role in E-commerce business. It can create positive as well as negative effects on the sales.

8 Open Source e-commerce Platforms

Whether you’re one of those who is about to open his first online shop or are considering to change your e-commerce platform, here are some of the most popular e-Commerce platforms that would help y

15 Places To Download Free High Quality Stock Photos

There are many free stock photography sites. I set out to find as many good ones as I could. I found 15 good, solid resources out there. “Royalty Free” does not mean the images are free; it means

Hire Dedicated Drupal Developer and Designer at PixelCrayons

Cut short the long communication threads and directly discuss the developments on your project with the Drupal developers and designers, who are actually working on it.

Simple But Sophisticated App Icon Set

A nice simple but at the same time well designed sophisticated icon set which can be used in the interface of an app. This beautiful icon set is available to be used in commercial design project an no

40+ Animal inspired logo design showcase

Now let’s go with blue, blue is widely used in web design I consider is most flexible color be careful with blue as it may be dark, elegant or light and modern ..Now let’s go with blue, blue is wi

PrintRunner Free Massive 1500 Business Cards Giveaway!

This is a massive givewaway all you have to do is write a comment –
We have 3 sets of 500 business cards to give away to all the loyal readers!

50 Great Examples of Extremely Awesome Typography

This time we’re gonna show you some truly inspiring works with text, also referred to as typography

58 Newly Created Logo Desing Inspiration

We presents you the logo design inspiration series, this time i’ve selected the logo’s from websites around the web, as you know logo is one of the greatest key concept for a website and brand Ide

45 Creative Business Cards Designs showcase for inspiration

Using Business card is useful in a way to promote yourself on other people, But In this digital age to make business card can impress and make people take notice and remember you really need to be cre

Beauty Design Themes

Medhley provides beauty related template themes for your website needs.

Munny Madness 2

The first “Munny Madness” has had a recent surge of views, so I decided it was time for a second batch of Munny fun. Enjoy the great designs that grace these little vinyl toys.

Dotvolution Web Design

Dotvolution provides custom web design, content management solutions, SEO and complete hosting packages to satisfy all our customers needs.

10 Remarkable AND Stunning jQuery Plugins

A fast, concise, library that simplifies how to traverse HTML documents, handle events, perform animations, and add AJAX.Work with jQuery is really amazing .

Killer Fashion Poster Design

This tutorial will show you how to make a killer Fashion Model Poster using basic Photoshop functions like Layer Styles,

The Pepper Project Artwork (Part1)

While doing research on CG Girls in the last couple of months I came across a character called “Pepper”. I became intrigued by this indescribable girl in red and decided to investigate further.

Checking Object Type and Validating the Argument Type in JavaScript

The “typeof” operator is very useful at the moment for checking what kind or type of object we are dealing with. It returns a string containing the datatype of the object.

Get That Freelance Gig

Here is one thing you can do when bidding on freelance work that will make a big difference and increase your chances of getting selected.

Concert photo inspiration | Pearl Jam

OK, so here’s something new! For the past couple of weeks I’ve been listening to Black by Pearl Jam nonstop, and so I wanted to download a nice wallpaper of them. But as I was looking for photos

Creative Collection Of Flyer Design

Helpful collection of creative flyer designs. Great inspiration even for posters and other print media.

Be Inspired! (By Everything) 07

This it the seventh edition of Be Inspired and it’s certainly a mixture this week, we’ve got posters, adverts, typography, stop motion, print, illustration, packaging and plenty more. Hope you enj

Hired Guns and the Big Redesign

You aren’t likely to read this description, let alone remember it, but you’ll remember this design. Using elements of Las Vegas desert cool with smoke and a tongue-in-cheek attitude, it is unique.

4 Usability Tools For Web Design

Important tips on how to improve website usability in your designs.

30+ Brand New jQuery Plugins To Change the Look and Feel of Your Website

The list of some fresh and useful jQuery plugins which are never referred yet. Together with CSS3, jQuery can refresh your web site design by changing the look and feel with no more boring.

26 Photoshop Retouching Tutorials : Spice Up Your Photography!

There are several tricks and techniques you can adopt and apply via Photoshop, to make your pictures stand up to the mark of professional imaging.

Inspiring photography of Jesse Swallow

For today I thought I’d let you in on the inspiring photography of Jesse Swallow from Melbourne, Australia.

Jesse’s photography style shows as this high-contrast, low-glamour, non-documentary d

10 Free Aesthetically Pleasing Fonts

Typography is one of your most powerful tools as a designer, and like any tool in the wrong hands it can be lethal!

20 Free Typewriter Fonts Everyone Should Have

Well, typewriter fonts was not only used before the age of computers, when there was only typewriters for writing documents, but these fonts are still being used extensively. Today we have collected 2

The ‘Select’ Problem After Using jqTransform and its Solution

Recently, I was working on a project which required a customized form with only select boxes. I used jqTransform to customize the form and while working on it I discovered that after transforming the

Social Media and Graphic Designers – Pros and Cons

Social Media is not a new name and almost everybody is pretty much acquainted with the uses and effects of social media websites. In this techno-oriented world, social media networking is a prevailing

45 Creative Corporate identity design showcase

This is our second collection of corporate identity design showcase for your inspiration, Identity design is the process of matching client logos with common use advertising and daily use materials to

40 creative Food package designs showcase

This is second article for food packages; we’ve gone around and collected another 40 of the most creative, inspirational, cool and clever food package designs.
In this showcase you will find 45 fr

20+ Steps to Inspiration from Articles on the Web This Week

Be inspired by a showcase of original and informing articles from all over the web on design this week.

Really Extraordinary Digital Art By Jose Reis

Jose Paulo Reis, a digital artist from Feira, Portugal is working in the field of advertising. We are going to showcase some of his most professional and amazing digital artwork with a touch of class

Photoshop Tutorial: Reconstruct a Face to Make it Match a Custom Skull

In this tutorial, you will learn how to use layer masking along with the burn tool, brush tool, pen tool, and various others to recreate a face to match a skull.

GREEN Design Inspiration: Websites, Logos, Photos, Packaging and More

Green websites, green logos, green photos, green packaging and more in many different varieties and on many different mediums. From dark green to light green and all kinds of shades in-between.

Must Bookmark: 2000+ Amazing Inspirations for Designers

We’ve taken the top inspirational posts for designers from the Freelance Review archive and listed them here. From photography to typography you will literally find a little bit of everything here.

30 Mind Blowing Red Color Website Designs

When you are creating a new website you may be inspired by seeing other sites that are beautifully designed, as a designer it’s a must to know the current trend, particularly in web designs there’

Offline Inspiration: Urban Photography

Every thing in this world is been driven by a special driving force called “Inspiration”.

50+ Ultimate Useful Free WordPress Plugins & Widgets

WordPress is very powerful and easy to use. We have been searching for some of the best free WordPress plugins and widgets available on the web, and finally compiled them into 50+ Best Free WordPress

Simple Black Square Icons Symbols Shapes

This simple black square icons symbols shapes set includes an assortment of popular symbols and shapes (check marks, check boxes, comment bubbles, flourishes, male, female, peace, power on, squares, c

40+ Well Designed E-commerce Icon Sets

In this article, we’ve rounded up high-quality E-commerce icons that you can use in your e-commerce projects.

Improving the Performance of your WordPress Site: Part 1

Throughout this guide I’ll be showing you how to improve the overall performance of your WordPress site.

Win Adobe CS5 Design Premium

Adobe has donated a full copy of the Adobe Creative Suite 5 Design Premium. One lucky winner will enjoy all of the following — a $1,899 value!

Review: Alien Skin Exposure 3

This Photoshop plug-in is not only amazingly accurate in its film simulations, it’s easy to use and customize.

Spheric – Free Wallpaper

The combination of yellow and white on a dark background is one of my favourites. So here comes a creation in this style which could be you next wallpaper.

Download it for free!

Learn How To Create An Awesome Portfolio Layout In Photoshop

In this tutorial you will learn how to create a professional portfolio layout using Photoshop

How To Create The Mini Car Logo Using Illustrator

In the next tutorial you can learn to create the Mini logo. You’ll start with some basic tools and simple shapes. Then, with the Pathfinder options and some Warp effect you’ll get the desired shap

100+ Photoshop Brushes for Web Designers

Photoshop Brushes are the tools which every web designer and graphic artist in his collection would want to keep

Guide: Start Shooting Video With DSLR

My dream came true when Canon and Nikon released their DSLR cameras with HD video possibility. For people whose lives consist mostly of perceiving life through visual contact this option allows to loo

Interview with French Artist Jean-Baptiste Fraisse

Jean-Baptiste Fraisse is a young and talented French graphic designer from Paris. His illustrations have great personality and a unique french twist. He just finished Esat-Ecole Superieure des Arts e

40 Highly Customizable Commercial Admin Templates And Skins

In this post you’ll find 40 customized, user-friendly and fluid themes to integrate in your CMS. Enjoy!

30+ Websites with Beautiful Large Backgrounds

As the monitor resolution is getting advanced, more and more designers use over-sized photo or illustrated image as the website’s background.

27 Colorful Fashion Photography

Colorful fashion photography attracts all. Here is 27 awesome fashion photography.

Benefits of Using Joomla! for your Website

Joomla! has become one of the most widely used content management system.

Give Unique Look To Your “About” Page

It is seen that most of the designers and developers overlook the “About” page. We simply throw hastily written words in “About” page instead of treating this page as an important part of the

20 Tools For The WordPress Admin

Running and maintaining your WordPress blog can seem sometimes like a full-time job. Thus to help you streamline your WordPress administration and maintenance, we have compiled a list of plug-ins that

Olmemo Free WordPress Theme

Olmemo is a free WordPress theme with elegant and friendly design.

Elegania Free WordPress Theme

Elegania is a free WordPress theme with elegant and friendly design.

Arts Theme Template Design

Medhley provides variety of arts and photography related themed templates with affordable price.

Free Vectors – 15 Free High-Quality Subtle Grunge Vectors

A pack of 15 Free high-quality, detailed, subtle grunge vectors. Easy to edit, and can be used for a variety of design styles.

Create A Advanced Cloning In Gimp Photo Manipulation

I would like to demonstrate what you can do with Gimp in creative photo manipulation.
Gimp is a very powerful tool

25+ Creative Hi-Res Poster Designs for Design Inspiration

25+ Creative Hi-Res Poster Designs for Design Inspiration you might want to take a look at. It’s probably not about getting the exact effect they’ve got, but to pickup the technique and see how y

A Compilation of Various Grunge Texture Sets

Add the right kind of distressed, worn-out feel you need for your designs with these free grunge texture sets.

User & Community News Submitter Tool

This tool lets you easily promote your web design related articles to popular blogs via their community news sections.

Best jQuery Accordion Menus and Tutorials to enhance your website

In this Post we make a collection of 15 accordion menus and tutorials for you coming design, with this collection you can improve your design to be user friend, catchy, and interactive. Collection con

20 Scary Cute Monsters Posters Inspiration

Brace yourselves for some fun and creative visual entertainment with our scary cute monsters posters inspiration.

How to Create a Panorama in Photoshop

This is a cool video by professional photographer and photography teacher Yanik Chauvin from Yanik’s Photo School demonstrating How to Create a Panorama in Photoshop in a simple, easy, and straight

Fresh Layout Photoshop tutorials august 2010

In order to help designers their knowledge and to learn new Photoshop techniques. This is a compilation of 60 best fresh Photoshop Web Design Layout 2010 tutorials. We have had discover a lot of incre

50 Beautiful Examples Of Fashion Photography

Photography was developed in the 1830 but fashion photography came into lime light in the 20th century when it got the chance to featured in magazines. Fashion photography made its first appearance in

Baby Photography:21 Cute and Meaningful Black&White Baby Photos

As a very new father again,me and my wife both spend the whole day with our new born baby.Again the sleepless nights and tiresome days began but i know these are most beautiful and exciting days of my

30+ Retro Themed Wallpapers for your Desktop

Here we present 30+ Retro Themed Wallpapers for your Desktop that are available for you to download for free.

Fluid Template

It includes support for two level menu items. Both main menu item and sub-menu item symbols are highly customizable. You can adjust each detail ( font, colors, animations, parameters) to fit your desi

BLUE Design Inspiration: Websites, Logos, Photos, Packaging and More

Looking for awesome BLUE design inspiration? We’ve got blue websites, blue logos, blue photos, blue packaging and more in many different varieties and on many different mediums.

25+ Marvellous CG Portraits of Girls

Computer graphics (CG) art is capable of generating the most realistic and incredible effects which was once claimed utterly impossible. The extent to which CG can replicate human characteristics is s

45 Black and White Logo Designs for inspiration

Logo design is most hard and vital part of design it can make your work unique, professional and creative or make it like any other. So, Designer should Choose good color combination to use. Using bla

60+ Nature Inspired Website Designs Design for inspiration

This year using natural inspired design elements is very popular design trend, you can use natural element like trees, leaves, the sun, the sky, and … to give you design attractive, relaxing and mod

Three Client/Designer Conundrums

Covers three common problems designers face when dealing with clients, and tips on how to avoid/resolve them.

How to install Customer Support Time Manager: Daikon

Daikon is a simple customer support time tracking application created on Codeigniter and BackendPro.
Admin can create and manage customers. After entering credit purchased and time-spent. It will sho

Box Model Junkie Adds a User News Section

Just wanted to make a quick announcement, that we decided to add a user news section to our site. We are looking for news related to the web design / development industry.

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