155+ Awesome and Fresh Articles for Web Designers and Developers

March 24, 2012 · 7 comments

by Lars


This is a huge collection of highly relevant and just published articles for web designers and developers. All the articles have been submitted by our readers and other blog owners over the last couple of days. You will find great inspiration for your designs, tools, giveaways, awesome photos, coding tips etc. Hope you will find useful resources below and help submitting good articles if you find some.



WordPress Facebook Plugin

With a WordPress Facebook Plugin you can integration your blog or website with Facebook in various ways. Some add like buttons, some allow you to manage content on you Facebook page in WordPress etc.

PSD to HTML service by pixelcrayons

Online business market has become really competitive these days. In every field, you find so many players who are competing against each other. One of the parameter which..

Best iPad Case collection

Showreel: 40+ Stunning And Creative Examples

The use of showreels is one of the best ways for a motion graphic designer to show off their portfolios. Once these talented artists set static elements into motion and add funky music, they can accom

Photoshop Tutorials-Creating Unusual Advertising

Are you hungry for new tutorials how to make unusual advertising for your business? Then this tutorial special for you!

50 Free Mind Blowing Casual and Comic Fonts

Don’t you people gets tired using same boring and simple fonts? To have some change , we can use some funny, amusing, casual comic fonts, these fonts can be great to have fun with and also are great

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Freelancing Vs. In-House: Which Do You Prefer

Freelancing or an In-House position? Which works best for you? In this post, I will discuss my opinion on each, but I want to hear your opinions as well!

25+ Funny TV Commercials for Inspiration – Wsblogz.com – Web design magazine

As we concern with creativity and inspiration Today we will start another inspiration series we will go with TV Commercials, We Found that design blogs doesn’t give commercials appropriate space So,

Why You Should Collect Deposits For Design Projects

Most clients are good and honest people with every intention of paying your bill. However all it takes is one or two not so good and not so honest people before you realize you need to collect a depos

35 Awesome Examples Of Dragons Illustrations

Dragons have been a part of mythology for a long time and in reality no one can claim that they have seen it or for that matter no one can assert even if it is real. With all the speculation, you have

49 Stunning Digital Painting Tutorials

Now a day’s digital paintings are getting very popular. We have listed 49 Stunning Digital Painting Tutorials for those designers out there who wants to try this type of art. Read through the tutori

Awe-Inspiring Art Festival Posters Collection

An art festival is the perfect event for people who want to see creative and innovative artworks from talented artists. It’s a creative haven for many; and even the posters used for promotions serve


Here at inspirationfeed, we like to think outside the box. Beautiful design can be seen almost everywhere, including architecture. So we thought, ‘why not make a roundup of stunning homes that will

Non-Stop Photoshop Mistakes: Part 2

In this post you will find 20 photoshop disasters, mistakes and bloopers. Enjoy this list of photoshop mistakes.

HOW TO: Make an Album Cover

I have a passion for creative thinking. The process of discovering a new approach to solving problems of any kind is challenging and invigorating. My latest endeavor of designing the album artwork for

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Launch of Webtype.com

I thought Tripwire might be interested about the recent (this morning) launch of Webtype.com, a new collaborated webfont service focused on high-end online typography from The Font Bureau and Ascender

Inspiring photography of Madelyn from Australia

Madelyn H. is a 15 year old purely self-taught, amateur photographer from the east coast of Australia.

Madelyn has always had an affinity for technology, but only took a real interest in photograph

15 Web Designer Quiz to Test Your Skills

Whenever exam times arrives I get fever. But now when as a designer I feel very confident to attend any exam on web design. I love to play quiz. I hope you also do. Actually Playing quiz makes the per

Designer Showcase – Matt Hamm

This week’s designer showcase displays the work of the very talented Matt Hamm. He’s a brilliant illustrator, who also works on logos and web design

Pay Per Click Advertising Websites List

Here are the compilations of websites that can help you gain more money via online advertisement. If you banned by some of the advertisement site, you can try some of this ppc website for your blog.

Best Street Art Documentaries

I want to share with you some documentaries I`ve been watching on TV for the last month or so. This documentaries are about street art, and street artists, what they do, how they began doing it, and m

Design Resources : 20 Free Jeans Texture Packs

Textures are very helpful for you when you are going to create a design in Photoshop. Specially when you need a designer background for your new design then textures help you to create a designer back

100 Designers to Follow on Twitter

More than just a list of names, this post gives you the faces behind the top 100 designers to follow on Twitter.

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Best Web Design Resources of the Week

With so many resources on the web, you often find it difficult to pick what you need! This week again, we have gathered the best of the web to help you in your web design work!

60 Stunning Large Background Web Design! – Gorgeous

Large Background Web Design seems to be a trend before, a seamless border which create a very stunning web design yet in unique style of decoration. Large Background Web Design usually use either phot

Whats The Real Problem With Action Photography?

This post explains in detail the real problem of action photography and offers tips to help overcome that problem.

Adobe’s Brett Welch Answers 10 Questions About Business Catalyst

Recently, I sent Brett Welch, Adobe Business Catalyst’s Marketing Manager 10 questions via a PR firm which had contacted me after seeing my in-depth review of Business Catalyst.

Montreal website design

At Notable Design, we are passionate about both aesthetics and functionality. Our mission is to provide engaging, user-friendly web and graphic design for the purpose of developing refreshing and impa

Using a Reference Image to Produce Art – Justified? | A Harmony Of Hues

Do you use reference images to produce art and design? Don’t you think its a bit wrong to use someone else’s ideas and recreating them in your own way? Well, this post discusses this matter in some de

30+ Appealing iPad Application Websites in Web Design

In this post, we are showcasing 30+ Appealing iPad Application Websites that will bring you more inspiration in creating your own app for iPad or draw you into purchasing it.

Photography Inspiration: 40 Magnificent Aerial Photos

Aerial Photography is really enjoying. Capturing shots from above, seeing the beautiful view down below the camera. In this technique, you will appreciate the wideness of nature.

Amazing Ballpoint Pen Drawings & Sketches

Ballpoint pens can be an excellent medium for serious fine art or illustration. An obvious advantage is precision and control. With pens you can achieve very tight renderings.

54 Impressive and Well-Designed Resume Examples For Inspiration

Creativity is everywhere.If you want to stand out from the crowd,you have to be different from the others and you can do it by the creativity in your mind.A resume is a document that contains a summar

Logo Design Mistakes Which You Should Never Make

8 logo design mistakes which as a profession logo designer you should not be making as well, as a useful check list for aspects of which a good logo design should consist of.

A City With Amazing Biscuit Arts

Creativity doesn’t have to be from heart or brain always. It can be pumped out of your stomach as well.

30 Striking Examples of Product Packaging Designs

Packaging is a critical marketing tool as it defines the product, it is not just a wrapping material around a consumer item that serves to contain, identify, describe, protect, display, promote and ot

Importance of Clean Markup in Website Development

Website designing is an ever-evolving phenomenon. As the trends change in the web world, the website design world also undergoes a kind of transformation so as to be in pace with the latest web trends

Top Questions To Help Make Designs That Your Clients Will Love

As clients are very different you should make yourself a list of questions that you make sure to ask them, in order to get the best possible end result.

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10 Great Articles to Help You Learn SEO

Learn SEO reading the articles created by some of the most successful bloggers in the world.

Download security shield / badge and icons in 3 colors

High quality security shield / badge seal in 3 color variations – red, green and blue. This 100% secured icon seal comes in 3 fully-layered .PSD files in 2000×2500 px resolution .PNG format in size

30 Stunning Black and White Photos

While the art of photography continues to develop with new technologies and colour capture, the classic aesthetic of black and white photos continues to be a major current of the form.

Top 8 Open Source E-Commerce Platforms

E-Commerce business is booming at a very fast pace. With this, the number of E-Commerce platforms has also been increased significantly.

6 Services to Help you Monitor your Server

Most webmasters, as well as developers and designers, worry about the front end of a web site. They make sure that it looks perfect and that the scripts work fine

Always up to date with the latest New WordPress Themes

25+ Beautiful Icon Sets

Icons are a great source of identification and recognition. In most modern designs

External Film Inspiration No. 19

A serial of short films, trailers and music clips by different artists from across the world introduced here at Cromoart. We would like to inspire you give ideas and suggestions. This time with films

30+ Websites with Effective Call to Action Buttons

Every website is intended to solve a specific purpose. If it fails in doing so, it is not considered to be a good and successful website.

72 Stunning Examples of Bokeh Photography

The term bokeh comes from the Japanese word which means “blur”. In photography, bokeh is the aesthetic quality of the blur, or the effect of the out-of-focus regions of an image.

46 Captivating Examples of Extremely Colorful Web Designs

Today we have collected some captivating examples of elegant and extremely colorful web designs for your inspiration. Have a look.

Learn how to create a professional travel/booking web layout in Photoshop

In this tutorial I will show you how to create a nice and professional web layout for your travel website.

70 Beautiful Examples Of Tilt Shift Photography

According to Wikipedia “Tilt-shift photography” refers to the use of camera movements on small- and medium-format cameras, and sometimes specifically refers to the use of tilt for selective focus, oft

Buy Satellite TV Online For PC – How To Pick The Best

Everyone has heard of satellite television; there is nothing new with that. However many people are now hearing about how they can buy satellite TV online for pc That is right the old ways of watching

Is Architecture is still necessary?

Is Architecture still necessary?Or are we saddled with an impossible dilemma?

Importance of Clean Markup in Website Development

Website designing is an ever-evolving phenomenon. As the trends change in the web world,

An Inspirational Showcase of 30 Aerial Photos

Sometimes you have to step back to appreciate what is right in front of you. Aerial photography shows landscapes, even ones that you are very familiar with, as you have never seen them before, reveali

Cheap UGGs|Cheap UGG Boots|UGG Boots for Cheap in UGG-Cheap.org, 100% Quality Guarantee!

Welcome to our UGG-Cheap.org! Cheap UGG boots are on sale! Cheap UGGs is your wise choice. High quality and discount comes along with the UGG Cheap. Your satisfaction is our best reward. All the cheap

Beer Package Inspiration – 38 Brands

Beer is the world’s most widely consumed and one of the oldest alcoholic beverages. Only mentioning that it’s the world’s third most popular drink after water and tea makes it interesting for th

Classy Art Nouveau Postcard Collection

Today, we feature elegant and classy art nouveau postcard designs to give you ideas for creating vintage-inspired cards. Learn how you can apply this classic art style to your own marketing postcards.

Stylish Accordion Fold Brochure Design Inspiration

The accordion fold can deliver your message to your audience in many beautiful ways possible. It allows information to flow slowly as the reader turn each page.


We would like to proudly introduce you to Vectorious.net. Vectorious is a great resource for finding royalty free stock vector images. Currently they offer over 12055 vector image files available for

Logo Design: 80+ Beautiful Examples

It has been almost four months since my last post on logo design. Since then I have assembled an amazing collection of fresh new creative logos for you to be inspired by. I am confident that these new

Poster Art – Reminiscence Down the History Lane

Poster art is one of the most well-defined forms of art that has a rich historical background that involves a number of famous artists throughout the world. Ranging from advertising campaigning to pol

UBD Network talks to Terry Sommerville

After seeing Terry’s work in the Somerset College Graduate book, we loved his designs and decided to delve deeper in to his life as a designer and what makes him tick…

31 Stylish Typography T-Shirt Designs

Today I am going to showcase 31 Stylish Typography T-Shirt Design; these are all about amazing typographic t-shirt. These tees are for all the geeks and type lovers out there. Get inspired and who kno

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The Secret of Selling Banner Ads: When Less is More

Minimalism can be viewed as a trend, akin to “lean startups” these days. If you are an “against the grain” type of person as I am (maybe we didn’t rebel enough as kids?) these trends can sta

How to Create an Effective Banner Ad Marketing Campaign: Part One

Learn how to create an effective banner ad marketing campaign and get more out of your advertising dollars.

10 Questions From Modern Web Designers: Answered

No matter what level we’re at, we all have questions. We search every day for the answers to these questions, and only sometimes do we get a decent answer.

Interview with Jad Limcaco

I am excited to introduce you to Jad Limcaco. Jad is a Long Beach web designer, he also does graphic design, logos and print design.

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Truly Sensational Worlds of Fantasy & Zodiac Signs

Fascinated by the possibility of creating every idea, Kolb realized that he was able to increase the resolution and size of his images to a high degree,

The Proble With Creativity

Solving the issues that hinder our inherent right to be creative.

Discover Your Favourite Photographers on Facebook

Here we have chosen to showcase over thirty of the best photographers and photography studios I have found on Facebook. I would encourage you to check them all out and each picture links to each fan p

One Stop Review of Design on the Web this Week

We create this list of the best of the web. Be inspired this week by; liquified metal from apple, Richard Seymour, Nokia X3 and how to use helvetica properly.

100 Magnificent Macro Photos

Macro photography tends to have an inherent “wow” factor about it. As you may already know, macro photography is close-up photography–it takes the small and makes it seem life-sized. You won’t

27 Elegant Text Fonts For Professional Design

There are the huge amount of free fonts which can be used for professional design work but making a specific choice from them is a hectic work. We have solved your problem, in this post we will featur

Create a Custom WordPress Design Using the Starkers Theme

This article will show beginning WordPress users how to develop a custom theme based on a starter theme called Starkers.

GUI Design Showcase by z3olyte

a collection of original GUI Designs by Cynthia Pedrosa

The Satellite Tv Article

Satellite Tv Article and How to Watch Satellite TV

Website Redesigns Are A Waste Of Time

Are you thinking about redesigning your website? Is it really worth the time and hassle? This article argues that most redesigns are unnecessary and a waste of effort.

Sigma APO 70-200 mm F2.8 EX DG OS HSM Lens Review

Sigma makes available its brand new APO 70-200 mm F2.8 EX DG OS HSM as the second generation of this large aperture telephoto zoom lens now incorporating Sigma’s Optical Stablization function (OS),

617 Splatter Brushes For Photoshop

Splatter effects makes images more beautiful. If you will create this effect yourself then it can be quite a tough task for you, but if you will use Photoshop brushes to create the splatter effect the

Don’t miss these best wordpress themes if you’re looking for a great theme for your website.

Inspiring photography from France | Sylvain Latouche

Sylvain Latouche, a photographer from north of France, has been into photography for a year now.

Sylvain has the ability to really capture the beauty of our everyday life and show it in his unique,

25+ Stunning Websites Using HTML5

Now, HTML5 is the new web standard. HTML5 defines many elements and attributes that can be seen under the hood

Quality Parameters for Link Development

Links are the most important factor that plays a crucial role in search engine promotion.

The Complete Beginner’s Guide to User Scripts

A user script is code written in a programming language that allows you to control a piece of software.

24 Clever Mathematical Logos – Solving problems!

Here are 24 inspirational logos comprised of mathematical symbols, inducing a unique meaning in a clever and intelligent way. Logo designers can easily use mathematical signs within logo design to evo

Interview with Artist Michael Myers

Michael Myers is a fantastic illustrator and designer from Waterloo, IA. Michael’s work is very versatile and full of imagination and it comprises vintage prints, cool animations, t-shirt designs, f

High Quality Paint Strokes Photoshop Brush Set

Today freebie is a high quality free Photoshop brush set of paint strokes, the set includes 5 brushes which are well designed Photoshop brushes to give an authentic paint stroke. The possibilities are

External Tip – 13 Fascinating Photoshop Tutorials You Should See

In this category we want to give you an advice to other great sites, where you can get a lot of very useful information, inspirations and materials. I collected 13 fantastic Photoshop tutorials, which

56 Powerful Professional WordPress Themes Using Shortcodes

WordPress shortcodes can do this and more and will definitely make your blogging life easier. In this article, we’ll show you collection of shortcode wordpress theme, as well as provide killer ready

35 Beautiful and Free WordPress 3.0 Ready Themes

This is a list of free and beautiful WordPress 3.0 ready themes. They were harder to find than I thought, maybe because WordPress 3 is so new and theme developers need more time to catch up.

40 Splendid Examples of Reflection Photography

Photography has been the best source of inspiration for designers. Using reflection in the images can give them amazing effects.

Director of Business Development

Why HTML5 Rocks

The development of HTML5 is set to bring out an online revolution. Most web developers predict that it will change the way people use the Internet. Find out more here: http://blog.c

Two Ways of Dragging in 3D: the Easy Way and the Right Way

With the help of these two great tutorials from Andy Zupko you will get familiar with two ways of dragging in 3D.

How to Choose a CMS Platform that Support SEO Goals

A Content Management System is the basic foundation of website content. If the base is not strong then, it won’t support the marketing goals of the website such as SEO. CMS website design is in tren

5 Free Tools to Showcase Your Portfolio

Whether you’re an artist, designer, or a photographer, your work speaks for you. And, a web portfolio is an important way of presenting your creative. If you’re one of those who is looking for an

16 Tools For Working With WordPress Posts

In addition writing and editing your blog to installing plug-ins and occasionally tweaking the design of your blog, here are some tools that would make working with your WordPress blog easy and fun.

Ideas For Creating Contact Pages

Ideas For Creating Contact Pages

3 Money and Time Sucking Traps For Freelancers

Freelancers would be wise to watch out for these time and money suckers.

Postcard Mailing Guidelines for First Class and Standard Mail

Here’s a US Postcard Mailing Guideline for first-class and standard mail. Very useful for those who are planning to send postcards or are still in the process of designing theirs.

25 Brilliant Examples of Film Festival Posters

In order for film festivals to be successful, event organizers use different media forms to spread the news about the it. One of the most popular advertising tool they use are posters.

35 Unique and Inspiring Caricature Artworks

Caricaturing is the art of illustrating the human face and figure in a way that exaggerates their prominent features.

How to Make Your Designs Universally Appealing

If one man’s meat is another mans poison, is it possible to design a website that is universally appealing?

37 Hot And Detailed Photoshop Tutorials

Hey there you hungry for tutorials you. I’ve got for you some neat Photoshop tutorials. It appears that some very hard working guys got busy and wrote some interesting tutorials to satisfy your appe

3ds Max Tutorial – Modeling Cute Monster

In this step by step tutorial we are going to model a cute 3d monster in 3ds Max. You’ll learn about polygonal modeling and subdivision surfaces.

33 Stunning Sci-Fi Photo Manipulations

Photo Manipulation is an art of making more creative images with the use of image editing softwares. In the past we wrote about Fantasy Photomanipulations, Surreal Photomanipulation and Abstract Photo

33 PSD to HTML Service Provider to Consider

In this post, we have collected 33 PSD to HTML Service Provider that you may want to consider for your coding needs.

HTML5 Quick Learning Guide

HTML5 Quick Learning Guide is a short PDF that introduces the main elements of HTML5 that you\’ll probably want to use right away. This guide is for those who want to get the basics figured out first,

A Showcase Of Illustrative Websites #3

A showcase of some beautiful web designs that heavily use illustrations

19 code beautifier and formatter to save development time

Programmers often use tools to format programming language source code in a particular manner. Proper code formatting makes it easier to read and understand.

Impressive Industrial Design Concepts

An interesting look at industrial design concepts with a touch of class.

It’s Time for Bloggers to meet Designers in a Business Mode

This article is about Blogging, Design and Business. I have made a collection of design related articles, and added my thoughts and ideas about why I think that designers should meet more often with b

The ultimate StumbleUpon guide, all secrets revealed

On this article, we are going to take a ride across the basic and even some expert tips that will make your experience on Stumbleupon a successful event. Hopefully this article becomes an essential re

Freelance Review Finally Has It’s Own Twitter Account!

So, what can you expect from @FreelanceReview?

Top 10 Resources to Migrate from Blogger to WordPress

In this post I am sharing top 10 resources that will help you to transfer your blogger blog to wordpress easily.

Decur: Argentine Graphic Humor

Hi guys, this time we return to the Argentine Graphic Humor topic, taking as the star of this post to a great artist who in recent years and with a very particular style of drawing is making much nois

50 Free WildStyle Graffiti Fonts for Street Artwork

Today we have compiled a list of awesome wild graffiti fonts for street artwork. People has doing this since ages, since the days of Ancient Greece and the Roman Empire. This art has been transformed

How to Photograph Nudes like a Professional by Ashley Karyl

How to Photograph Nudes like a Professional by Ashley Karyl, a beauty photographer based in the UK and armed with almost 20 years of experience photographing top glamour and nude models around the wor

10 Free Silhouette Vector Packs

We’ve taken the time to round up 10 of the best, free silhouette vector packs out there.

10 Years Old Website Design of Famous Websites

Did you ever imagine that how the websites on the web take there start and how they look like 10 years ago? We pick some of the famous and biggest sites on the web.

17 Great Websites Where To Get Free Blogger Templates

Some of the most resourceful and popular websites where to download free and professional blogspot templates.

Why Blogging Makes Sense for Designers

Blogging and designing compliment each other perfectly. If you’re a designer who is not a blogger, I hope to convince you that blogging is well worth your while.

The Influence of Art History on Modern Design – Cubism

Today’s article is about one of the most influential art movements of the twentieth century: Cubism.

Inspiring Photography of Ge Dela Cruz

Ge Dela Cruz (otherwise known as .I Travel East.) is an accomplished photographer from the Philippines, residing in Louisiana, USA. Ge is a self taught photographer, with no formal education in the me

Made Famous By CREAMOUS

Made Famous By CREAMOUS

What do you get when you meld quirky art-infusions, retro-fitted subcultural leanings, pop surrealism, and post-punk sensibilities?


More than just an

How to Create a LCD Monitor in Photoshop

In this tutorial I am trying to share some knowledge in Adobe Photoshop CS4. We are going to draw a LCD monitor by using Photoshop.

40+ Really Useful CSS3 Techniques & Tutorials

CSS3 can improve your website to be more attractive, user friendly, and stylish, its Importance increase rapidly these days as it has many features and functions you will need in your website. CSS3 is

30 Free High Quality Blogger Templates for Download

Blogger is a blog publishing tool which like all other Google products is free and provides an amazingly intuitive user interface. Starting your own blog is a piece of cake, where you just need to se

Mistakes to avoid while choosing Website Templates

Website designing is a creative, yet a very tedious task. It requires investing a lot of time and effort in order to design and develop a quality website.

Free High Quality Grunge Textures

Designers love the grunge textures when they blind the texture with the photos they show amazing effects. this is a collection of Free High Quality Grunge Textures. download your favorites and show us

Showcase of elegant and minimalist designs

Minimalistic or simple designs look quite grand which may sound ironical, but presentes here are some of the designs

which look very simple and minimal yet look pleasing and convey the right meani

20 Excellent Free WordPress 3.0 Themes

Today in this article, I have put together these excellent, high-quality, fresh, Free WordPress 3.0 Themes to enhance your blogging experience. I hope you like these free wordpress themes and apprecia

Client Criticism for Graphic Designers – Not a big deal!!

Let me tell you how we can handle client criticism in a proactive manner. Follow these simple steps and you will win your clients forever.

How to connect your site with twitter using @Anywhere

In this tutorial, I will show you how to use @Anywhere in your site.

Treasure box graphic and icons download (.PSD)

Excellent Treasure Box graphic with golden edges fully layered Photoshop file for FREE download and also treasure chest icons in sizes 512×512 px, 256×256 px, and 128×128 px.

Article/Review suggestion: Gpanion – Your Google Apps Companion


Just wanted to point out our new website: Gpanion (http://gpanion.com/). We have launched a few weeks ago.

Gpanion is an awesome and easy online dashboard for working with your Google apps.

My Guardian Angel – Beautiful Angel Vectors

Angels are a beautiful and precious element which you can use in your art work. You can create magnificent posters, vintage illustrations, wedding invitations, Christmas illustrations, t-shirt design

Steps to Keep in Mind Before Hiring Joomla Site Developers

Joomla website designing is in trend these days. There is a huge demand of Joomla developers in the market.

15+ Useful Cheat Sheets for WordPress Design and Development

WordPress is an amazing blogging platform. It is just so simple and easy to use.

Top Ten Flash Website using Flash Moto CMS

Flash CMS makes Flash website creation faster and easy to manage. It has opened wide opportunities for web designers and developers to use Flash in website. Moreover, an ordinary computer skills pers

Black and White Website Designs For Your Motivation

In this blog, I have already posted web designs of different colors like Red Web Design, Blue Web Design, Purple Web Design and some other extra ordinary examples of custom web design. Today I’m goi

WordPress Community Links Plugin

Looking for a way to add Digg-like features to your WordPress site? WP Community Links is the best premium plugin on the market that lets you do just that, within minutes. Read more about this new gre

25 Business Cards Not Made Of Paper

Unlike traditional business cards that made of paper, these business cards are made of various of materials as plastic, metal, rubberized cards, rubber, magnets, poker chips, wooden nickels, and even

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