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January 28, 2012 · 29 comments

by Lars

Wishlist Member

Wishlist Member can turn WordPress into a top notch professional membership site in a snap! If you are struggling to start and run your own membership site you have come to the right place?  Creating a membership site is possible on many platforms but it never seams to be simple and work as intended – until now. I have looked at the Wishlist Member Plugin for WordPress and I’m very impressed. The plugin is clearly a professional software package giving easy access to the membership features most membership sites will need. Further it is powered by WordPress which is simply the most popular and user friendly publishing platform ever. This combination is worth investigating further if you’re planning to start a membership site.

Editorial Update: I’m using Wishlist Member to create a membership site here.  I have practical experience with the plugin now and have found it quite useful and easy to use when combined with OptimizePress. I believe Wishlist Member is a great plugin and with a theme like OptimizePress it is even simpler to get the look and feel right on the many pages a membership site requires. A key finding I can share right now is the fact that Wishlist and OptimizePress both use pages a lot and I ended up finding it impossible to manage as the number of pages went up. I simply could not find the pages I wanted to update and had to click through all the pages manually. I started looking for a solution and I think I found an excellent free plugin. I added a description at the end of the post. Please note that with the good experience I have with Wishlist Member I have decided to promote it.

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WordPress Wishlist Member

Wishlist Member Plugin will work smoothly on both newly created or existing blogs/websites running on WordPress. It integrates very well with WordPress to create a full featured membership site and then it also integrates with payment and auto responder vendors. This means that you, with minimal configuration, can build your list using popular services like and charge for subscription to your membership site at sites like paypal, clickbank etc.

The number of features included in Wishlist Member is surprising for a product at this price level. The support videos at their site really makes it obvious that this tool is easy to use and very powerful. Working with it didn’t disappoint us – it is that simple to use. Check out the videos here and the massive premium wishlist insider membership. I’m a member myself as it helps me learn about membership strategies, network with peers and then members get access to some really nice plugins every month!

The features in Wishlist Member include but are not limited to:

  • Member Dashboard: The plugin offers configuration pages that are very well organized and easy to use. You will ba able to get an overview fast and navigate to all the important settings fast.
    wishlist member dashboard
  • Membership level options: Your membership site can have as many “levels” as you want. So if you want “Silver”, “Gold” and “Platinum”, you can! Now you can charge more for a higher level of access – all within the same blog.
  • Flexible Membership Options: WishList Member gives you the ability to create Free, Trial or Paid membership levels (and any combination of all three).
  • Total Content Protection: WishList Member gives you the ability to determine exactly what your members can access. You can even drill down and grant access to specific posts, pages, categories and comments for each membership level. The possibilities are endless! However if you enable auto protection it will be enabled on all posts and pages you create. If you have a blog on your site that is available for non-members you need to be careful not to publish posts that will be hidden…(requires that you remember to disable protection for each post) Could have been nice with a setting allowing us to auto protect e.g. pages only.
    wishlist member content protection
  • Multi-Level Access: WishList Member can go beyond just a membership site as you can easily give your members access to multiple levels within your membership (this works well if you’d like to create a central download location).
  • Sequential content delivery: Depending on your setup, you may want to graduate your members from one level to the next. For example, members start at “Module 1? and after 30 days they are automatically upgraded to “Module 2?. That’s what the Wishlist Member Sequential Content Delivery system is for.
  • Secure RSS feeds: Secure RSS feeds allow your members to view their membership material in their favorite RSS reader. But, it also gives you complete control – non-members can’t access the feed and if a person stops paying, their feed automatically stops working.
  • Subscription length control: With this feature you can control the length of time each member has access to your membership site. Now you can automatically expire a membership after 3 days, 7 days or whatever time period you want.
  • Shopping cart integration: WishList Member seamlessly integrates with the most popular shopping cart systems including PayPal, ClickBank, and many more. Plus, WishList Member now has total integration with Cydec and Infusion. The integration will make sure that payment starts on subscription and that access is closed down if payment stops. It is very simple to set up and the videos on their site will take you through every step.
  • Auto Responder Integration: Wishlist Member integrated with popular Auto Responders like and allows you to maintain a email list in parallel with your WordPress member site. This is important as a huge email list is know to be one of the most important elements of making money online. The plugin simply use a kind of email integration that makes it possible for fx. Aweber to receive the emails and send double pot in confirmation emails.
    wishlist member integration
  • “Sneak Peak” Content Display: In Wishlist Member protecting your content is extremely easy because everything after the “more” tag is automatically protected for members only. So an eye-grabbing post title, combined with a compelling opening paragraph is more than enough to wet the appetite of non-members!
  • Partial Content Display: Let’s say you want the majority of a post to be displayed for non-members except for one sentence. With the Wishlist Member Partial Content Display feature you can hide that “secret sentence” so that it only displays the “secret sentence” for your members.
  • Custom Error Pages: When a person tries to access content they don’t have permission to view, they will be taken to an error page. Now you can determine what that page will be. This gives you the chance to encourage them to register or upgrade to a different membership level. In Wishlist Member you can choose from a dropdown the pages available in WordPress or specify an external url.
    wishlist member pages
  • Login Redirection: If you would like to control the first page your members see when they login, now you can. The best part is, you can have a different redirection page for each membership level. It’s perfect for adding welcome messages, updates, news and so much more and for sending free members to one set of pages and premium members to another set.
    wishlist member pages
  • IP login protection: Really useful Wishlist Member feature to avoid that one account to your member site is shared and used by many people. If you set it to 3 any user will only be able to log in from 3 different IPs.

With Wishlist Member, creating a membership site has never been easier or more affordable. See the videos and review the FAQ on the site to get started. The popularity of membership sites is steadily increasing. There’s really is no better time to get started with your own membership site.

Get better control over your pages

I found it really hard to manage the pages I had to create as I build the Wishlist Member membership site. Wishlist Member alone requires you to create nine pages for it to work right. Further you create pages to contain the content and it adds up. As you an see I have 5 pages now and it takes time to browse through them to quickly update a page:

I found a great solution to this problem. CMS Tree Page View is a plugin for WordPress that adds a CMS-like tree overview of all your pages, like the view often found in a page-focused CMS.


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