200 Awesome Fresh Articles for Designers and Developers

March 25, 2012 · 6 comments

by Lars


This is yet another large round-up of all the great articles readers and other blog owners have been submitting on tripwire magazine over the last couple of days. You will find great inspiration for your designs, tools, giveaways, awesome photos etc. Hope you will find useful resources below and help submitting good articles if you find some.



How to set up a Twitter account and get followers and be followed

Twitter is a network and social media tool that most beginners will appreciate for its conciseness and tweets pace. Tweets are what Twitter revolves around; they are messages not exceeding 140 words a

85 Useful jQuery Slider Plugins

Many business sites have the Slider, Slogan and Columns layout… It is popular and looks great.. with these Awesome jQuery Slider Plugins you can add sliders to your sites too!

7 Awesome Alternatives to WordPress as a Blogging Platform

WordPress is a very popular blogging platform that runs millions of blogs. But, what if it doesn’t meet your needs? Just because tons of people use it doesn’t mean it will be right for you. Here are 7

Birds Photography Showcase – the Inspiring Beauty of Birds

Showcase of birds captured on cameras the way you have not seen before. Great source of inspiration.

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75 Fresh Hand-picked Logos Design Inspiration

We presents you the logo design inspiration series, this time i’ve selected the logo’s from websites around the web, as you know logo is one of the greatest key concept for a website and brand Ide

5 Fun Ways of Making Educational Posters for Kids

Educational posters for kids often come with cool and fun designs. The designing process should also be enjoyable in order for the good vibe to reflect on the end product. Here’s how you can do it:

Image Characteristic of the iPhone Photos

As a camera the iPhone has some pretty serious flaws, which is fair enough, it was after all designed to be a phone first and foremost.

Visualize Everything: 32 Free Tools To Create Different Diagrams

You will find here 32 online tools collected for creating diagrams, flowcharts, charts and graphs and all you need to use them is a web browser.

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Secret Shortcuts in Photoshop

Secret Shortcuts in Photoshop

Create a ‘Written in the Sand’ Text Effect in Photoshop

We’ve all written messages in the sand at the beach. In this Photoshop Tutorial, using nothing more than Filters, Alpha Channels and a Custom brush you can recreate the effect from the comfort of your

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Amazing photo inspiration | Robb North

Today’s photo inspiration presents great landscape photographer Robb North from SW Ontario, Canada.

Robb has been drawn to photography at a very young age watching his father compose great shots

Real World Microformats – RDFa, Microformats And Microdata Practical Examples

Have you ever seen those small grey descriptions in Google search results below the title? If you’re curious on how to get them, then the answer is microformats.

Make Your Own Inspirational Poster in 5 Easy Steps

Designing motivational posters is easy with the help of an image editing software, a dash of creativity, and a little help from these tips:

Sequential Fade In – JQuery Plug-in

This useful jQuery plugin will allow you to sequentially fade in and fade out elements on a website.


Is the iPad a waste of money for freelancers or another great invention from Apple?

Top 10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Social Media in 2010

1. Social media isn’t just experimental; it’s real ROI and can be tracked and measured

This is maybe the best WordPress Real Estate Theme I have ever seen!

How to create a sleek web 2.0 wordpress layout

Learn how to create a sleek web 2.0 wordpress layout. Download FREE PSD layout.

Action Photography: Tips, Tricks and Inspiration

In this article, I’m going to tell you some tips and tricks which would help you to capture those action scenes in your camera. But before that, let’s take a look at some of the most amazing actio

Photoshop Bump Mapping

Photoshop bump map creation from luminance values, explore the power of creating realistic surfaces…

Aliens Gallery – Is the Truth Out There?

Selection of creative digital graphics, featuring different alien creatures: from clearly ugly and hostile to relatively innocuous beings.

More World Cup Inspiration – Grab Your Plakker “Stickers”

After the huge success of our World Cup Infographic Roundup we’re proud to be involved in another creative project that combines soccer & illustration – Plakker Album. It brings together 33 illust

Logo Design Inspiration – 30 Modern Church Logos

Churches, youth groups and other religious groups (like any other well established organization) need to target ‘Gen Y’ and need to create an image that belongs in the 21st century.

Get My Online Degree

Get My Online Degree gathers tools, articles, and offers to provide users with educational information for decisions about their academic future.

30 Free and Beautiful Summer Vectors

This summer a lot of opportunities await designers all over the world. To help them in their art work I made a roundup of 30 useful free summer vectors on the Web!

5 Twitter Accounts with the Best Design News

When it comes to content discovery, many people are turning to social networking sites such as Twitter to find out what’s worth reading so it goes without saying that you need to follow the right pe

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Multicultural web design

To ensure that your website is appreciated by the widest possible global audience, you need to be aware that different cultures are likely to view it with different perspectives.

Digital Art Trends In 2010

Nowadays digital art or digital illustration is a big business. A quick look at road side sign boards, club flyers, or magazine covers should be more than enough to convince anyone that the popularity

Geometric Style Fonts for Design Projects

20 outstanding geometric style fonts which can be used for all kinds of design projects.

5 exiting high quality Photoshop Brushes for your inspiration|

In this collection you will find 5 Beautiful Brushes for Photoshop. Hopefully, they will be really helpful for you.

Top Places to Find Premium WordPress Themes

There are many places to find WordPress themes. Below I’ve compiled a list of the best places to find premium WordPress themes. Enjoy!

30 Examples of Web Designs with Concept of Bird’s Eye View

A bird’s-eye view is an elevated view of an object from above, with a perspective as though the observer were a bird, often used in the making of blueprints, floor plans and maps. Designers love to

Designing for the Moment

There are all kinds of different things to consider when putting together a design, but how often do you consider the time-frame of the design’s message? In this article, we will look at the concept

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Fractional Improvements

Setting fractions can be a headache. Here’s your formula for pain relief.

Free Photoshop Actions

Add life to your images with Photoshop actions that pump up the grain, warm up
the colors, make them look like Polaroid shots, and much more.

Selling Your Blog: How To Transfer It to The New Owner

One of the hardest parts when you already found a buyer is transferring the website to the buyer with very small downtime. So far I haven’t encountered any article describing how to do this so I’ve de

35 Stunning Examples Of Conceptual Photography

Conceptual photography is a photography genre in which the artists makes a photograph of a concept or idea. Usually the conception of the idea precedes the realization of the photography. This kind of

15 Wiki Tools and Resources

A wiki is a website that allows the easy creation and editing of any number of interlinked web pages. Wiki is often used to create collaborative websites, power community websites, for personal note t

Collection of jQuery Image Sliders

Hello guys, I just collected a list of 47 jQuery Image Sliders from FREE to PREMIUM all in no particular order. All effects of this slideshows uses jquery scripts to make it usuable and easy to integr

Best Free Download iPod Touch Converter Mac

iPod Touch Converter Mac is the best and powerful iPod Touch Mac converting software which can convert almost all popular video and audio formats such as AVI, MPEG, WMV, MOV, MP4, DVD, MKV, MOV, MKV,

To Kill a Mocking Client

Have you ever felt that a client is taking you for a ride? Here’s when you should dump the client.

Creating a Grunge, Wooden Typography Effect in Photoshop CS4

Turning boring text into a point of interest can be easily done in Photoshop CS4 and can really add a lot to any poster, web page, or brochure printing design. In this tutorial, I will show you how to

25 Cool and Helpful jQuery Plugins/Tutorials For Your Next Project

We’ve collected jQuery plugins and tutorials a couple of times and it was time for another collection of jQuery plugins.All the below plugins have great functionality and i’m sure most of them wil

30+ Beautiful DIV/CSS Web Designs To Inspire You

Previously all websites skeleton was made with Tables. Table is good but not flexible for SEO and layered designs. I mean Today Web Design has changed a lot. There is no rules set of how to design. An

External Design Inspiration – Kubicki And His Unique Art

Jarek Kubicki is an artist, photographer and webdesigner from Poland which impressed me very much. He is the winner of many prestigious awards in the internet creation field and the Digital & Brand Cr

Complete Toolbox: 55 CSS Menu And Button Coding Tutorials

Navigation menus and buttons with CSS styling are being used everywhere! Below you will find a lot of tutorials each teaching you some coding technique

Examples Of Attractive Social Media Icons Integrated In Custom Web Design

Today all of us are familiar with the importance of social media and integrating it into a website or blog. You can spread your words quickly over the internet by social media and can let people remem

Is Your Small Business Brochure Effective?

Assessing every small detail on your brochures is necessary to ensure that you are producing valuable advertising tools for your business.

Create A Web 2.0 Website Template within half-an hour with photoshop

Create A Web 2.0 Website Template within half-an hour with photoshop

Intelligently Made Food Packaging – 50+ Examples

I know you are bored by the old and common food package designs made by antique standards. Young designers figured that out too and tried to make product packaging somehow different, combining colors

13 design books recommended by Designer Daily’s readers

A list of great design books recommended by the readers of my design blog.

3D Glossy Orange Orbs Icons Symbols Shapes

This 3d glossy orange orbs icons symbols shapes set includes an assortment of popular symbols and shapes (check marks, check boxes, comment bubbles, flourishes, male, female, peace, power on, squares,

30 Mesmerizing Examples of Fractal Art Designs

The idea behind fractal art is from calculations and equations, which can produce great artwork and creative inspirations with combinations of colors and shapes. The Fractal Art Gallery features innov

15 Amazing Nature Inspired Desktop Wallpapers

Summer is finally here (for the Northern Hemisphere) which inspired me to gather together some stunning nature inspired wallpapers. Hopefully these will bring you as much inspiration as they did me.

40 New Premium WordPress Themes of June 2010

Take a look at this 40 great themes and don`t hesitate to update your WordPress version to 3.0 and to change your theme with a new one.

Inspiration: Bokeh

Bokeh occurs for parts of the scene that lie outside the depth of field. Photographers sometimes deliberately use a shallow focus technique to create images with prominent out-of-focus regions.

A showcase of iPad App Sites

A showcase of websites advertising their iPad apps

Win Three SlideshowBox Premium HTML Licenses

Smartketer, the software company who created JumpeyeComponents and SnackTools software suites, is giving away three SlideshowBox Premium HTML licenses, each worth $99.

Tutorial: Create a dark professional website

In this tutorial we are going to see how to create a good looking dark website. Creating this website is really very simple and easy and involves very few steps. The reason why I do these kinds of tem

The World’s Best Design News Site

What if you could trust 1 RSS feed to deliver the best design news “out there”? What if you weren’t bombarded with ads? What if the world’s best design blog content was easy to find and read?

Doing Business as a Designer: Who are you designing for?

Obviously, when you own a design business (or freelance), we’re in it to make money for ourselves. However when you are designing, who are you designing for?

CSS3: 5 New Resources You Should Bookmark

If you’ve been wanting to experiment with CSS3, now’s your chance. I’ve rounded up a few masterfully crafted CSS3 resources that a newbie or expert will enjoy equally. Enjoy!

How to Use Thumbnails for Previous/Next Navigation in WordPress

Learn how to increase pageviews and time-on-site by giving visitors a way to get to your other posts automatically using thumbnails.

Universidad La Salle de Cancun

Escuela de formación a nivel preparatoria, Universidad y Maestría con alto prestigio en la ciudad de Cancún. Contamos con once licenciaturas, centro de lenguas, bolsa de trabajo, actividades cult

Create marvelous skin effects using vectors in Photoshop

Today we will create some really cool skin effects using stock vectors and a bit of imagination. Difficulty: Intermediate Completion time: 1-2 hours Tools: Adobe Photoshop CS3

40 Really Creative Logos for Hotels and Restaurants

According to a new study by Strategic name Development, a brand name consultancy, Minneapolis, Logos for restaurants should be simply designed and easy to read but not so simple that they lose distinc

30 Awesome & Funny Examples of “Caricature Magazine Art”

The Art of caricature in magazines and news papers are very trendy these days. Some times they create controversies but the style and fun in these illustrations always make you laugh.

60 Fresh and Creative Logo Designs for Design Inspiration

Today we are presenting 60 Fresh and Creative Logo Designs for Design Inspiration. Logo designs is a graphical element that, together with its logotype (a uniquely set and arranged typeface) form a

80+ Nighttime Cityscapes and Skylines with Amazing Architecture and Colors

An inspirational collection of colorful cityscapes. Can you find your city?

Inspirational websites of the week III

When we want to develop a new website, some sort of idea or inspiration should be taken into consideration before we built it. These website would definitely help you with some sort of inspiration and

5 The most wanted Flex tutorials

Flex is a powerful tool on the Web. Here we have 5 excellent Adobe Flex tutorials. Hopefully,
you’ll get some fresh ideas.

10 Famous Super Heroes Logo Designs

View these excellent famous super heroes logos such as batman, green lantern, spiderman, ironman, etc made by using the finest elements of wordmark and iconic logo design essentials.

Improved and More Powerful: FlashMoto Version 1.2 Available

FlashMoto released an improved version 1.2 of the Flash CMS with some powerful new features to help users build amazing professional Flash websites and improve the experience working with the Flash CM

Adding custom post types to WordPress 3

In the latest version of the WordPress blogging platform, the developers have (finally) introduced Custom Post Types, allowing it to become more of a CMS without extensive use of plugins. Unfortunatel

IPhone 4 vector Free Download

Iphone 4 360 Vector illustration made using Adobe Illustrator’s 3D settings for flexible visualization. For free download

Create Really Detailed Dark Web Layout Using Photoshop

Enjoy this Photoshop tutorial teaching you some advanced techniques in easy to follow and well explained steps!

Creating A FIFA World Cup News Ticker XML

I know most people thinks about soccer right now, so let me show you a quick tutorial on how to stay updated with the latest news from fifa. Here is a tutorial on how to create a flash news ticker XML

35+ Wet Examples of Rain Photography

Climate does affect your creativity, mood and ideas. Different seasons become sources of inspiration for the designers/ photographers and other creative people. Especially, raining season, it is an am

Make a Realistic Wood Texture in Photoshop

Learn how to start with a blank canvas and end up with wood grain so authentic, you may develop a termite problem!

Photoshop Tutorial: Create a Rugged “Old West” Design

Using nothing more than a so-so snapshot, a free vintage photo in the public domain, and Adobe Photoshop, you can whip up a powerful layout suitable for print or the Web. Source files are included in

40 Best Websites To Download Free Texture

These days most of the designers use textures in their designs. But finding free and high quality textures is not that easy task. Stylish Webdesigner is making it easy for designers to find high quali

Photography : 60 Cute Baby Animals

Today, we are showing you 60 cute Examples Of baby animal Photography. The credit goes to all those talented photographers who taken these excellent photos with their efforts, imaginations and creativ

Using Negative and Open Space in Photography

It is often tempting when taking photographs to fill up as much of the space as possible. When taking photos of a subject that really interests you, it can be hard to censor yourself and consider your

Reasons Why You Choose Drupal for your Website

Drupal is one of the few content management system which earned considerably good reputation and large user base in short span of time. Drupal’s success is not by chance but it really packs some of

Free M4A Converter Download- professional M4A conversion software.

M4A Converter is a professional software which can support converting between many audio formats and M4A format. You can also use it to extract audio tracks from videos and convert to M4A. The join fu

Whats New In Adobe Flash Professional CS5

Adobe Creative Suite (CS) is a collection of graphic design, video editing, and web development applications made by Adobe Systems.

The Influence of Art History on Modern Design – Gothic Style

This is the first article of a series, presenting some of the most important styles from each period, styles that still offer high inspiration for designers even today. I will focus in today’s post

10 Reasons I “Love” Freelancing

Being a freelancer is great, but just like everything else, there are certain “side-effects” that you’ll experience as a result. Caution for those with no sense of humor, do not proceed. So, her

30 Water Inspire Websites

In this showcase we present 30 eye-cathy water inspire websites for inspiration

An Overview On What A CMS Can Do

Generally speaking, what does a content management system do? Be it in any shape, size, scope— the basic idea is the same. It allows the website owners ranging from the individual web bloggers, smal

Amazing photo inspiration | Sara Teresa

Today’s photo inspiration presents amazing 27 year-old artist Sara Teresa from Florence, Oregon.

Having been writing plays from the age of 7, Sara studied a degree in Theatre. She has also been a

jQuery Carousel Plugins: Best Resources, Tutorials And Examples

In this post you’re going to find different types of premade carousel plugins and tutorials how to make your own unique carousel gallery whenever you wish.

20 Free Grunge Fonts

Set of 20 coolest handpicked free grunge fonts which are just perfect for your design projects.

50 Fresh and Creative Logo Design for your Design Inspiration

If you are going to develop your logo by a designer or any firm or your own, and finding the idea then the following showcase will must inspired you. These logos are highly good-looking and creative f

5 Points to Help Your E-commerce Website Design

While statistics showing increase in online shopping trend amongst people across globe, online shopkeepers have become more sensitive and have started taking care of their e-commerce website design an

Tweetj – Discover the Music on Twitter

Twitter is not only known for the micro blogging but also for its web applications that makes life easy for those who use twitter…

An Insight Into the world of Designers – You Cannot afford To Miss!

Once said Aristophanes and then, came this UX London 2010 where a three-day event incorporating the inspirational talks, purely based on the observation and the experience that every artist is born wi

Twiup – Find People on Twitter, You Really Care About

With the increasing popularity of the micro blogging website Twitter, there are many web applications that are helping to use Twitter in a better…

Ask Mr.Tweet – Track and Refollow Your Twitter Followers

Twitter is a micro blogging website which helped in saving times of million helping them to communicate with the micro blogging. But one has…

Twollow – Find and Follow People On Twitter by Keywords

Everybody knows the buzz that Twitter created in the world of internet. The USP of Twitter is the 140 character limit. Also, Twitter is…

Tweetpromote – Find Followers and Friends on Twitter

Whoever has used Twitter must be familiar with the web applications associated with this micro blogging website. Most of these web applications are useful…

A Professional Logo Design – What all does it mean?

Then let me give a brief on this. This is the Age of the Internet. And as we are well aware of the fact that its use has cut all the boundaries and now, everything in this world is accessible at a sin

Why to Outsource PSD to HTML Conversion Services?

If one has designed a good website with striking layout, he starts thinking that if he has won the battle of web designing. But we cannot deny the fact that it is of no use unless or until it is visit

Ideas For Opening 404 Error Pages

Ideas For Opening 404 Error Pages

Huge Collection of using big Typography in Web Design – Wsblogz.com

In this showcase you will find 75 fresh modern website designs using big typographic, we discovered to help you into your next design, we try to make our collection include many styles and unique idea

Featured designer: Michael Freimuth

Michael Freimuth is an art director, designer and illustrator based in New York.

Submit List To Promote Your Design Articles | No Registration Required

Here is the list you have all been waiting for. All the best places online to submit your design articles too for free and best of all there is no registration / log-in on any of these sites saving yo

The Importance and Different Types of Community Driven Websites

Sites such as Wikipedia have taken the words online community to a much higher level of freedom, while social networks such as Twitter have taken them to a new interactive high.

An Introduction To The Elements Of Design

Design principles and design elements often get written about together, but they are different. Elements are the actual things we use in a design and principles are the rules that govern the use of th

iMovie for iPhone – Video Review

iMovie for iPhone has been one of the most highly anticipated apps since WWDC 2010 (June 7th). It is said to be a portable/lite version of the well-known iMovie program by Apple on Mac OS X., brought

Create Colorful 3D Text Effect in Photoshop

In this Photoshop tutorial you will learn how to create colorful 3D text effect. Create 3D effect in Photoshop is difficult, therefore to create effect like this, we will use a little bit Xara 3D, but

30+ Examples of Free High Quality Photoshop PSD Files

Most Designers share their Creative design stuffs to others for free, so that others can learn from their works. At sometimes these collection will become marvelous time saver. Here I’ve listed 30+

How to create a theme options page in WordPress

So you want to add a new layer of customization to your WP theme in order to appeal to more customers or just to make modifications to your theme easier with a front-end system?

40 Free Fonts For Graphic And Web Designers

To select the best font in any design has ever been a big problem for graphic and web designers but you
need not to worry now, here we are sharing to you a collection of the best free elegant typef

The Most Useful Flash Tutorial Resources

Flash is the first option to consider, when it comes to multimedia, interactivity, animation and stunning effects. This amazing technology has always been popular for the unbelievable opportunities it

All The Useful Plugins For WordPress Comments

The WordPress comment area must be managed, organized and stylized with CSS and WP hacks or the easy way, using plugins. There are here 47 WordPress plugins and I hope they will help you.

Web Interface Showcase #16

We are also proud to say that we have some fresh work from some new designers that haven’t be featured in any of our previous showcases on nenuno.
So please leave a comment with your thoughts on t

Be Inspired! (By Everything) 03

This is the third edition of Be Inspired and I hope you’re enjoying these posts as much as I am finding all this great work. Each day I check my inspiration feeds for the latest and greatest design,

Giveaway: Vector Mega Packs Worth 1000 USD

We always love to Giveaway for our Readers. This time we are providing our readers a massive vector pack worth 1000 USD – Thanks to Adriana from Designious. They have come forward to give vector Meg

How To Create Your Own Twitter Prototype With SQL, PHP and jQuery

While creating your own Twitter timeline, you would come to know the real power behind combining the very basic things that you might already have known since the starting days of your web design care

50+ Fresh Creative Business Card Designs for Design Inspiration#2

Fresh Creative Business cards are cards bearing business information about a company or individual. They are shared during formal introductions as a convenience and a memory aid.

Vector Freebie – Man Silhouettes

Free Premium Vector – 41 Silhouettes of Men. Pack contain: standing humaen, gentlemen, teenagers, business man, street boys, young people, man in overcoat. Free for personal and commercial purposes.

A Collection of Photoblog and Gallery WordPress Themes

Here we bring you a collection of Photoblog and Gallery WordPress Themes that may suit for every photographer,designer and those people who love posting images.


96Robots offers a full scale Search Engine Optimization strategy including: local business listings, organic search results, competitor analysis, content optimization, and training courses. If you are

Admix Web Mix of the Month: Best of June 2010

So, enjoy the Mix of the Month for June 2010, and look forward to some new articles, interviews, round-ups and resources to come! Thanks for reading our blog!

The Fine Line between Inspiration and Replication

Art and designing is all about getting inspired by the element of universe and beautifully putting them in
graphical representation. To be inspired by another designer’s art work is very natural a

Nature’s Wonders: 30+ Breathtaking Landscape Photography

Landscapes include the visible features of an area of land and the physical elements of landforms, such as plains, quarries, hills and mountains, bodies of water such as rivers, lakes and the sea.

Freebies Released: Yammy Social Media Icons Set

Today we are thrilled to release another set of icons on Onextrapixel. There will be a series of icon sets and others freebies that will be released regularly on OXP.

Freebies Released: Yammy Social Media Icons Set

Today we are thrilled to release another set of icons on Onextrapixel. There will be a series of icon sets and others freebies that will be released regularly on OXP.

Free Photo Wallpaper Calendar – July 2010

Photo Wallpaper Calendar of July, an old-fashioned shot of the Bard Fort, near Turin. It looks like you have to meet Medieval guardians walking down the old stones. Really fascinating.

How Should You Brand Yourself?

Do we only offer graphic design services, or do we offer a wider range of services – one of which is graphic design?

Crouching Freelancer, Hidden Costs

Why underpricing will kill business and how to decide the right rate to charge.

Designious Vector Mega Packs: Comment and Win!

Designious is a small design studio specialized in creating amazing vector art and design elements for designers and not only. Designious provide designers all over the world with stock vector art, ph

Artist of the Week – DrFranken

DrFranken is a complex artist, both a a digital illustrator and graphic designer from Madrid (Spain). Here is some of his work!

How to create retro aesthetic poster in Photoshop

Today, I’m going to show you how to blend a stock image with shapes and pattern, add lightness and color to get a nice retro poster in Adobe Photoshop CS4. Layered PSD file included. Let’s get sta

50+ Extremely Clever and Impressive Ads For Inspiration

One of the best way to draw attention for companies is the clever advertising strategy .In the recent years we saw hundreds of ads which make us smile and say woow..

Animal Logos: A New Approach to Logo Design

Using animal logos as the trademark of a business is one such approach in the world of logo designing. Earlier, animal logos appeared only in organizations related to animal welfare or companies manuf

Nibru:Is it end of world

Nibiru’s orbit around the Sun is highly elliptical, according to Sitchin’s books, taking it out beyond the orbit of Pluto at its farthest point and bringing it as close to the Sun as the far side of t

Invicta Men’s 8926 Pro Diver Collection Automatic Watch

Big, bold and masculine, the Invicta Men’s Pro Diver Automatic watch is an affordable luxury watch with classically styled features. This precisely constructed timepiece for men features a solid stain

Quick and Effective Planet, Star and Meteor Impact Creation in Photoshop

In this tutorial, I will show you how to make planet, star and meteor impact in Photoshop in a quick and effective manner. This is intermediate level tutorial so some steps can be a little tricky, but

5 Awesome Word Press Themes

Word Press is an open source CMS having the power of PHP and MySQL. It is usually used for blogging purposes. There are many features like integrated link management, multiple categories to articles,

How to Create a Cool Slide Out Panel with CSS3 only

Now as we advent towards the future and CSS3 is becoming a reality, here is a tutorial on how to build an animated slide out panel using only CSS3.

30 Photoshop Tutorials To Create Website Layouts

Photoshop is an excellent tool for creating attract websites , so today we make very wide range Collection of photoshop tutorials for creating web design layouts.The are all different types of website

51 Useful iPhone Apps For Web Designers And Developers

iPhone is a fantastic gadget for web designers and developers. It allows them to work at anytime and anywhere. iPhone’s app store is full with lots of useful iPhone apps for web designers and develo

99 Icon Sets To Use In Commercial Design Projects

Today’s blog post we have decided to do a massive collection of 99 icon sets which can each be used within commercial design projects.

32 Cleverish and creative and brilliant graffiti arts on walls

We are dedicating this article to creative and cleverish artists
using Graffiti Artworks to showcase their brilliant talent.
If you want to share more fantastic examples of Graffiti art please comme

20 Slider Scripts

20 hand selected slider scripts. free and commercial scripts.

Photoshop Tutorial: How to Draw Cartoonish Cavemen

In this tutorial I’m going to explain the making of the ‘first chopper’.

10+ Outstanding Examples Of 404 Error Page To Inspire You

Most of the designers neglect error pages because they are rarely encountered but 404 Error page is of great importance in custom web design. These pages are designed to make visitors stay on your web

The Ultimate Roundup of 50+ Icon Designing Tutorials

In this article we have compiled a list of very useful tutorials for icon designing. Mostly of them are performed in Photoshop or Illustrator.

30 jQuery Accordion Menus, Tutorials And Best Examples

Accordion menus are used widely in navigation, sliding, minimizing and maximizing content, here you’ll find a lot of great examples, tutorials and resources!

15 seahorse logo designs

This article contain an inspirational showcase of some logos what use a seahorse idea. The mystical seahorse has always been a source of immense attraction. Today, in identity, is used for a large pro

18 Free Screencasting tools to Create Video Tutorials

Today we have collected 18 free and awesome screencasting tools to create video tutorials.

How to create a trendy wordpress layout in Photoshop

In this tutorial I will show you how to create a trendy wordpress layout in Photoshop

Pixelated Dead of the Night.Zombies Easily made with Photoshop

Zombies Easily made with Photoshop

Pictures of Berlin in May 9th 1945.

Pictures of Berlin in May 9th 1945.

Logo Design and Stationery Set Presentation Templates

Standard sized easy-to-use blank templates which can be used for presenting your logo designs, business card designs, envelope designs and stationery set design concepts to the clients.

Codeigniter Tutorial: How To check Username/Email availablity using jQuery in Codeigniter?

This post is for CI lover who wants to learn Codeigniter. This script will show you how can we check live availability of username or email using Ajax in Codeigniter. Using this tutorial you can also

Main Street Real Estate Theme from Gorilla Themes

I was working on a real estate project, the client requirement was that the CMS should be WordPress and theme must be clean and easy to handle.

Asian Style Tattoos

Lets look at some modern tattoos with Asian inspiration. I know these are all the rage these days with koi fish, kabuki warriors & the likes, but are these just a passing fad? If you think so let us k

Applications of AIDA In Website Designing

Marketing is a very broad term and holds a lot of importance in this cut-throat competition of online business.

35 Amazingly Awesome Photo Manipulation

As for many like me who are on quest of searching for the creative ideas or finding the inspirations to create the next master piece, here are for you along with the link to these designers.

36 Stunning Disney Retro Poster -Creative!

Now i would like to present to the a series of Disney characters,
i mean superheroes in their retro spectrum. A magnificent artworks
by Eric Tan. His name is very well known and from what i heard,

Tremendous FanArt by Kuroi Tsuki

Some of his enchanting work to make you spellbound.

Is It Worth Shifting To Photoshop CS5?

Adobe Photoshop CS5 software redefines digital imaging with a strong focus on photography.

36 Stunning Disney Retro Poster -Creative!

Now i would like to present to the a series of Disney characters,
i mean superheroes in their retro spectrum. A magnificent artworks
by Eric Tan. His name is very well known and from what i heard,

Poised Illustrations Drawn by Paul Kidby

Paul Kidby, born in Northolt in 1964, had developed his artistic skills since his childhood.

AnimHuT User Link Feed 2010-July01-04

Yet another Weekly user link feed. We have mentioned the submitted Links in our community link feed. Each week we are going to post user link feed. You can submit your links in the sidebar , to gain m

Inspiration: Asian Style Tattoos

Lets look at some modern tattoos with Asian inspiration. I know these are all the rage these days with koi fish, kabuki warriors & the likes, but are these just a passing fad? If you think so let us k

Amazing photo inspiration | Rebecca Tabor Armstrong

For today’s photography inspiration fix, I’m gonna let you in on the beautiful art of 27-year-old photographer Rebecca Tabor Armstrong.

Rebecca grew up in Midlothian, Virginia and has since liv

Inspiration: Jerseys of the World Cup

Who is your favorite team in this years World Cup and why? What do these jerseys make you feel?

Weekly Web Design Inspiration #60

A showcase of the very best web designs from the last week

The future of web design

It wouldn’t be a surprise to us, if we look closely at the development within the Smartphone industry and what these iPad like devices are trying to achieve, that our PCs are going to be offloaded w

Steve Jobs’ Advice to Freelancers

We all know Steve Jobs, the genius who has brought us our most beloved gadgets for the last decade. But what advice would he give to budding freelancers out there? Read on.

Best Sites For Getting Free Vector Art Images – 35 Of Them

Collection of some excellent sites for getting free vector art images.

Newsrack for iPhone – Video Review

One of the things I like to do quite often on my iPhone is catch up with all the latest in tech, through famous blogs, including engadget, gizmodo, and techcrunch.

Get Started With Photoshop – 15 Basic Detailed Guides

Basic detailed guides to brush up our skills and thus making you confident enough to jump to advanced level with ease.

14 High Quality Fresh Free Fonts

Typography is a very important part of Designing. When it comes to Web and Logo Designing it is very important to find the appropriate font. As myself a web and logo designer I can say that many desig

Viral Saturday: 10 Funny Videos You Might’ve Missed

Sit back, relax, grab a Bud or an iBeer or something and watch the most creative, viral and funny videos & trailers of the week, featuring Gorillaz, the iPhone 4, Johnny Depp and the biggest selection

Really Rusty BMW

Really Rusty BMW

45 Best Sites To Bring More Traffic To Your Blog

Everyone of you must heard the line that “Content is King”. Its true but not to full extent because if you don’t promote your well written article then nobody will read that article. Thats why I

SMOKE: Textures, Tutorials, Brushes, Photography, Ads, and Art

This article contains tons of smoke tutorials, textures, brushes, photography, ads, and art inspiration …. Enjoy!

Fresh Tutorial: Facebook Style Wall Posting and Comments System using jQuery PHP and Ajax. Ever best Tutorial.

Facebook style wall posting and commenting system. Try a new reloaded version of demo which is almost similar to facebook style. This is best and simple facebook style comment system.

50 Free HD Widescreen Wallpapers

Does your computer need a new and exciting high-definition background? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Here is an awesome collection of 50 free HD widescreen wallpapers.

25 Stunning Colorful iPhone Wallpapers – Color Up Your iPhone Screen!

25+ Stunning Colorful iPhone Wallpapers . The iPhone is a beautiful work of art, with its sleek and elegant design. The large screen of the iPhone is ideal for a stunning and colorful wallpaper. A wa

Jason Calacanis vs. Melissa Uto on Spec Work

Is spec work something you should embrace in the early days when trying to get your first solid gig? Join in the discussion.

20+ Free Thin And Light Font Collection

Typography and fonts are importent aspect of web and graphic design. If you’re looking for high quality thin and light font, this collection will help you improve your typography skills. Here you’

Beautiful Cityscapes And Skylines Photography

The city has its charm and we all must admit it. Seeing just a small part of it in the street doesn’t help us understand the greatness of the urban area unless some photographers use their talent to

50 Professional Photo Realistic Animal Drawings

Here’s a collection of 50 photorealistic animals drawings that might get you inspired and hopefully you’ll grab a pencil and a sheet of paper and try it yourself.

41 Fresh And Useful Jquery Plugins

If you need to display content within a limited amount of space or you just want to make a section of your website more engaging, jQuery is an excellent solution. jQuery has changed the way developers

Amazing photo artwork of Jamie Heiden

Jamie Heiden, a wife and a mother living in rural Wisconsin, and a photo lover for as long as she can remember.

Jamie’s work is beautifully marked by this unique style of muted colors, soft lines

How to Become the Godfather of Freelancing

Learn a few fundamental networking skills and become the Godfather of freelancing.

50 Eye-Catching Web Design Interface From deviantArt in June`10

In this post featuring several very talented web designers from DeviantArt. All of these inspiring website examples are fresh and new, for previous june month so you can see current web design interfa

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