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July 16, 2011 · 12 comments

by Lars

Social Media Manager

Social marketing has received a lot of hype, but lately companies of any size have realized they need to take social media serious. In 2009 Facebook had more than 300 million users, and roughly half of these logged in every day. Twitter attracted more than 22 million unique visitors every month and YouTube had more than 100 million users in the US alone. Now if millions of people spend time on social media web sites every day it is obviously important for any business to be “social” and make best use of the marketing opportunities this new media provides. Problem is most companies have no idea how to use social media for marketing and at the same time the traditional non-internet based marketing channels seems to become less effective. This is why the Social Media Manager role is currently in huge, HUGE demand. Yesterday I heard about Let’s Get Social that may help you take advantage of this situation. It is a complete training program aimed at turning you into a successful Social Media Manager.


OK let’s take a look at what Let’s Get Social contains and what you can expect from it on your Social Media Manager journey. There are six video based modules where the experienced social media manager Kate take you through how she has managed to build a profitable business in 18 month working part time mostly from her mobile phone.  Also there are also the usual bonuses provided for free with this product, but in this case I think they are worth taking. What I really like is the contract material Kate is using with her own clients. This can kick start your business and then Kate participates in weekly coaching calls for the first 4 weeks. Finally the Let’s get allow anyone taking part in the training to use their logo and brand to build their business fast. Good idea…I don’t know but it is up to you really. At least it may save you spending money on your own designs.


Social Media Manager, Let’s Get Social modules?

On the Let’s Get Social you will find a very detailed introduction video but I have also briefly covered some of the things you will find in the training.

Module #1: Getting Started as a Social Media Manager

What the social media marketing role really is and what tasks clients need your assistance for

How to find first clients and what to charge

Learn from Kate’s biggest mistakes

Module #2: Branding You

You need to brand yourself to convince clients that you can help branding their business online

Kate will go through how to build a brand online and what the main tasks you need to do is

How to set up your own website and how to create social profiles the right way on all the important social media sites

Kate also will teach you how to start connecting and building your network

Module #3: Service Offers

Cover the three big packages that work, what does not work and just waste your time

An important and difficult aspects of starting yourself is working out what to sell and how to prize it

Kate will go through the main service offerings you should create and offer to your clients

Module #4: Doing the work

This is the how to do it module.

Kate goes through the 1-2-3 tasks to do for your clients every day fast, daily, weekly and monthly tasks to help you stay on target with client deliverables.

Module 5: Finding Clients

Cover types of clients and businesses you can specialize in and how to scale up your business

Kate will go through how she contacts and build relationship with new clients

How to get known as an expert and market yourself to make clients come to you

Module #6: Nuts and Bolts

Time savers for starting as a social media manager and act as a professional

Dealing with difficult clients and conflicts of interest

How to expand your income by using sub-contractors


Now it is time to pay the Let’s Get Social web site a visit and see the introduction video!

Social Media Manager brand

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