75+ Fresh Useful Articles for Designers and Developers

October 8, 2011 · 3 comments

by Lars

75+ Fresh Useful Articles for Designers and Developers

This is yet another large round-up of all the great articles readers and other blog owners have been submitting on tripwire magazine over the last couple of days. You will find great inspiration for your designs, tools, giveaways, awesome photos etc. Hope you will find useful resources below and help submitting good articles if you find some.



Sydney International Food Festival Posters

The Sydney International Food Festival presented by Citibank is back from October 1-31 2010, as part of Crave Sydney. This month-long feast of extraordinary food events…

People Silhouette

100 Free vector silhouettes of people. Unique shapes of common people from everyday life scenes. HQ Shapes in AI & CHS formats. So you can use Illustrator or Photoshop to open them.

Some really nice Opencart templates can make your shop viral!

Can Selling WordPress Themes Online Become A Full Time Job?

The original idea behind nenuno was to offer WordPress conversions from HTML or PSD templates, but we decided to go down the blogging route as time was limited due to other work commitments. A really clean wordpress theme collection here.

Weekly Smashing Web Design Inspiration No. 22

Here goes another series of website design inspiration collection we publish every week. Stay tuned with the latest trends in web design

Fight with Spam: 15+ Free Captcha Solutions

A ‘Captcha’ is a challenge-response test most often placed within web forms to determine whether the user is human or a spam bot.

There are some really Amazing WordPress Themes available today

Show Time: 30 jQuery Calendar Date Picker Plugins

Today we will be featuring calendar date pickers to let you output planners, calendars, most of these date pickers are built on jQuery.

Reaclly cool Best iPad 2 Cases to keep you investment safe!

The Beauty Of Women Photography

We love them because they make all the little and stressful things around the house without bragging and asking for gratitude. Because they’re drawing and painting their faces with the concentrated

25 Gorgeous Flash Websites To Inspire You

In the showcase below we present 25 colorful, creative, interactive and beautiful Flash-based web-sites. Hopefully they will serve you as an inspiration for your future works or just entertain you.

The new Kindle Fire is interesting and really priced a lot lower than iPad!

Designing for the Web

Within any given medium there are unique constraints that can affect the way designers make use of the principles and elements of design.

100+ great free tumblr themes  for your tumblr space

Compositional Design Basics: Contrast

One of the most fundamental basics of design is contrast, and photography is no different. Contrast is basically the difference in visual properties that makes an object (or its representation in an i

Become a WordPress Expert with these Tutorials & Resources

This roundup of WordPress tutorials & resources ranging from beginner up to expert should help you to become a WordPress expert. Also a Magazine WordPress Theme is very useful for building content heavy web sites

A good Wireless Gaming Headset can really improve the gaming experinence

Artist of the week: Sergei Bobkov

Sergei is an wood sculpture artist. Aged 53, works on sculptures of a life-sized wildlife creatures made with sawdust of the Siberian cedar at his workshop in the settlement of Kozhany, Russia.

2000 Free Website Templates

Collection of Free Website Templates, this include WordPress themes, CSS Templates, Flash Templates, Joomla Themes Templates, Blogger Templates, php-fusion Themes, phpnuke Themes and Other Free Web2. Using a minimal wordpress theme is also a good idea.

75 Shocking Advertisements

In advertising, humorous ads are a powerful method of instantly attracting a viewers’ attention. Advertisements can also gain attention buy using a method known as the shock factor, which is the compl

If you are the lucky owner of an iPhone you should keep it safe using one of the Best iPhone 4 Cases

Tracking Your Time: 5 Awesome Tools For Freelancers for Time Management

Looking at the importance of time management, today we have collected 5 tools which can make your life easier be managing your time for you.

Consider using a WordPress News Theme for your website if you have a lot of information in many categories and WordPress e-commerce themes for simple online shops!

consider using some wordpress slider plugins for your next project.

Creating HTML for Email

Creating HTML for email isn’t like creating HTML for browsers. There are no standards as such so you can forget much of what you know about XHTML (actually don’t do that). You’ll find that the g

5 Open Source HTML5 Video Players for Web Developers

In this post I am sharing five open source HTML5 video players to help web designer and developers. This list includes Video JS, MediaFront, Flare Video etc. minimal wordpress

15 Fantastic Web Interfaces #13

Today is number thirteen in our Web Interface showcase! As we were working on our own web interface this past week, this includes work from the past two weeks.

As it seemed quite popular, I will be

Some really Cool iPhone Speakers to get more out of your iPhone

WordPress How To: Add Related Posts Section Without Plugin

While reading famous blogs like Nettuts, Tuttoaster… you will be very impressive about the related posts section which appeared immediately after the blog post content. In this article, I will show

100% Reliable Flash Photography by Edward Verosky

To all new (or even experienced) flash photographers, this COULD be the answer to all your prayers!

Portrait and editorial photographer, Edward Verosky, has now released his second eBook, 100% Rel

Creative and Inspiring Infographics made by Section Design

The main goal of data visualization and infographics is its ability to visualize data, communicating information clearly and on very effective way. In this article we will present you some spectacular

A Compilation of Vintage Textures for Designers

Here at You the Designer, you need not blast to the past to get this brilliant effect. This Compilation of Vintage Textures for Designers features resources you can download for free.

25 great examples of good typography in packaging

Sometimes packaging designers use typography as the central element on packages, and the the result can be quite astonishing, like in these 25 examples.

70 Attractive Examples Of Big Typography In Web Design

Last week i published a post ”50 Inspirational ”Live” Typography Examples From New York ” and as a fan of huge typography examples,this time i will showcase the websites using big typography.T

A Collection of 44 Different Triple Screen Wallpapers

In this next post, we will be showcasing 44 Different Triple Screen Wallpapers. We have selected triple screen wallpapers of different categories for you to choose from.

Free High Resolution Texture: Mosaic 1 – Star Pattern

High resolution free texture for you to download. Mosaic with a star pattern available for personal and commercial use.

How to Install Ruby On Rails

Ruby on Rails is a breakthrough in lowering the barriers of entry to programming.Powerful web applications that formerly might have taken weeks

Don’t miss these best wordpress themes if you’re looking for a great theme for your website.

The New & Improved Nenuno Creative

I would like to welcome you back to nenuno creative after one week of no new content or articles!
As you can see we have been hard at work on redesigning nenuno from the ground upwards with a fresh t

May’s Best Resources for CSS3

Here are the best CSS3 coding techniques and tutorials of May 2010, 42 fresh resources to test and implement in your future web design projects.

How to create a clean business layout for Drupal

This tutorial will teach you how to create in just a few steps a sleek business layout perfectly for Drupal.

10 Pretty Helpful WordPress Premium Plugins

In the past few years the growth of the premium/commercial WordPress theme market has grown exponentially. There are some great plugins available for WordPress developers and users. I wanted to take a

4 x 5 Star Rating Tutorial With jQuery In The Hot Seat

Sometimes logical steps, which we use every day to find solutions for our problems, fail us without a single word of warning. Sudden need for quality star rating tutorials ended up with four usable on

Web Design Inspiration: 55 Beautifully Made Single Page Designs

We have collected different creatively made single page design websites to give you an overview on this interesting concept.

The Tweek List, June 11

Freelance Review’s favorite posts and news discovered via Twitter for the week of June 7-11.

35 Excellent Adobe after Effects Tutorials – Wsblogz.com

After effects one of most commonly used programs for creating visual effect and motion graphics, after effects is widely become more popular as the industry of Computer Graphics and Digital Motion is

The Boundaries of Creativity

Is creativity boundless? Should it be boundless? In this post, we take a look at the sometimes unwanted boundaries that seem to be placed on creativity when designing direct mail. Are these “boundar

55+ Free Social Media Icon Sets and Social Bookmarking Icon Pack

Today we are presenting 55+ Free Social Media Icon Sets and Social Bookmarking Icon Pack. A beautifully social media designed icon is the perfect way to represent your product or service, and they alw

5 Reasons Gravity Forms Makes Your Form Plugin Look Like Crap

My search for a WordPress form plugin was going badly. Then I found Gravity forms. Learn why it’s better than the form software you’re using and see some examples of the awesome things it can do.

Spectacular Use of Black Color in Business Card Design

The use of black with other colors give your business card quite a different and inspiring look.

Ready to Use: Magento CE Version Stable

Magento is one of the leading eCommerce platform worldwide. Magento eCommerce Platforms provide the scalability, flexibility and features for business growth.

Android’s Growth Rate and How It Actually Hurts The App Market

I feel everywhere I look people are having the old iPhone Vs. Android debate. Granted I am mostly looking in very geeky places, but still, this is a pretty common discussion in my circles. Before the

Hellingly Asylum Mental Hospital Photos

Here you will find stunning photos from Hellingly Asylum Mental Hospital. Hellingly Hospital was a very large mental hospital in the village of Hellingly

40 fresh eye catching layouts from deviant art June 2010 – Wsblogz.com

In this showcase, you’ll find a variety of creative, beautiful, unique, and inspirational web layouts from deviant art.

20 Stunning Photos Using Selective Color Technique

Last time we ran a Photoshop tutorial on how to apply a selective color effect to a photo. This time, we want to showcase some great photos that have actually applied the selective color technique.

25 Handy Tools To Paste And Share Your Code Snippets

Paste tools are web applications that allow users to upload snippets of text, usually samples of source code for public viewing.

56 Breathtaking Examples of Macro Photography

Macro photography is also known as close-up photography. Macro photography means that the image on film is approximately the same size as the subject. It is a type of photography that reveals details

Create the Volkswagen logo in Illustrator

Hi there. In the following tutorial you will learn to create the Volkswagen logo. You’ll only need some simple circles, gradients, strokes and some basic effects. You might face some problems with the

Dominate Your Website Host: Free Monitoring Services

Today we have come up with best free website monitoring services which help you to monitor your website.

38 New PS Tuts For You Photoshoppers

June is here and we’re practically melting because of this never ending heat. The good thing is that you can take your mind of it with some Photoshop tutorials.It probably won’t work unless you’

Is It Worth Shifting To Photoshop CS5?

Adobe Photoshop CS5 software redefines digital imaging with a strong focus on photography; breakthrough capabilities for superior image selections,

Crazy Egg – A Marketing Tool for Tracking Visitor Clicks

As the internet is becoming an important tool for marketing. It is not only useful for marketing but also in knowing the customer base but also to know what each click means for the company and which

Browser Shots – Check You Website Design On Different Browsers

If you are web designer and want to know how your website looks on different browsers with different resolutions or a student who wants to make your own mark by having a website for the project in th

Vevo – One Stop Music Videos of Your Favourites

Bored of getting a whole lot of unrelated videos when you search for the favourite number of your favourite pop star on Youtube. Well, Vevo is the answer to all the queries. In this website you have i

Google Translate Gadget

You must have heard the phrases the world is a global village. The word is more of cliche’ now. Today its how you reach the customer is very important so along with globalization, customization has

32 Very Unique Wine Logos And Labels

An article that explores the quirks and aesthetics of wine logos and labels with plenty of visual eye candy!

20 More Shocking and Remarkable Flash Photo galleries for Websites

Flash play a vital in the world of WEB.Flash is a multimedia graphics program specially for use on the Web.its enables you to create interactive.

48 Most Excellent Design Blogs that Influence the Community

There are many design blogs around the world that cover-up the topic of web design, inspiration, freelance, wallpapers, freebies and wordpress related. Here I’ve compiled 48 design blogs with rss fe

Designed By Credit Links Are Good Marketing

Designed by credit links are perfectly fine and and a more than acceptable practice. They’re simply good marketing and no different than the names and logos on most every product you own.

Free Download Brown Social Icon Pack

Brown Social Icon Pack increase your social media traffic that your blog receives, you also need to consider enhancing a few icons to provide good amount of boost towards your daily site visitors. The

Super Macro Photos Of Ladybugs

In this post, we will showcase super macro photos of ladybugs. Macro photos are the close-up pictures of small things. Hope these macro photos will inspire you

20 of best Adobe flex Tutorials – Wsblogz.com

Adobe flex has very promising future it consider very effective tools to get rid of html restrictions, Below you will find most wanted Adobe Flex Tutorials, we try to cover essentials, tips and new tr

Super Macro Photos Of Ladybugs

In this post, we will showcase super macro photos of ladybugs. Macro photos are the close-up pictures of small things. Hope these macro photos will inspire you

Crumpled Paper Icons Signs

This crumpled paper icons signs set includes a wide assortment of health and hazard signs (radiation, biohazard, no smoking, recycle, hospital, Rx … Etc) as well as road and railroad signs (stop, do

7 Habits You As A Freelancer Need To Ditch

Freelancers accumulate a lot of things and habits that get in the way of their work. Here are 7 Things You As A Freelancer Need To Ditch in order to find the kind of success you’re looking for in your

10+ Rating Javascript Plugins and Tutorials – Wsblogz.com

You may need to add voting, rating or both in your website to make interaction between visitor and your website, below you will find collection of rating and voting plugins using (jQuery, Prototype, M

jQuery Game: Create a simple jQuery Based Type n Play Game.

Learn how to create a simple dropping boxes game with jQuery, Ajax and PHP. You will type the dropping alphabetic character to get a point. Demo available on www.99points.info

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