180+ Fresh Useful Articles for Web Designers and Developers!

June 27, 2010 · 9 comments

by Lars

180+ Fresh Useful Articles for Web Designers and Developers!

This is yet another large round-up of all the great articles readers and other blog owners have been submitting on tripwire magazine over the last couple of days. You will find great inspiration for your designs, tools, giveaways, awesome photos etc. Hope you will find useful resources below and help submitting good articles if you find some.



16 Great Mootools Examples and Tutorials

MooTools is a compact JavaScript framework designed for the intermediate to advanced JavaScript developer. It has custom implementations to dramatically improve JavaScript performance over the browser

Top 10+ 3D Text Effect Tutorials

This is a collection of the top 10 high quality 3D text effect tutorials out there. Some of these use programs such as Xara and 3DS Max and other are easily achieved just by using Photoshop.

The legendary Rollei now 90 years old!

The tradition-rich brand Rollei celebrates its 90th anniversary this year and can look back over a history that is closely entwined with the history of photography.

Numerous technical innovations,

44 Amazing and Creative 404 Error Pages

The 404 Error Page is an often over-looked detail of your website. Ideally, it will never be used. Realistically, it will be used all the time despite your best efforts to ensure valid links and user

Become Master of Text Effects With 40 Adobe Fireworks Tutorials

Adobe Fireworks is aimed at web designers for rapidly creating website prototypes and application interfaces – learn how to create amazing text effects with it!

Discover Amazing Vectors World: 76 Vector Resources

This list contains various wonderful vector icons, backgrounds, characters and objects that you can use to spice up your designs.

40 stunning Colorful logo design for inspiration – Wsblogz.com

In this Showcase you will Find More than 40 Quality colorful logo designs, which you can use to increase your creativity and get inspiration, we try to make our collections include many styles and uni

10 Awesome Kinetic Typography examples

10 great kinetic typography examples for inspiration

Latest Post Blogroll Slider with jQuery and PHP

In this tutorial we are going to create a blogroll slider that shows the latest post of your favorite blogs. We will be using jQuery, PHP and XSL. The aim is to get a given RSS feed of a blog and par

Create a dating agency layout

Learn how to create a nice looking layout for a dating agency

Best Practices To Optimize Your WordPress Site

In this article I offer up 5 tips to optimize your WordPress site.

Web Interface Showcase #15

Today is number fifteen in our Web Interface showcase!

As it seemed quite popular, I will be leaving my thoughts and suggestions to all layouts and logotypes featured each week with adding a few cr

Speed Up Your Website With A CDN

A content delivery network or content distribution network (CDN) is a system of computers containing copies of data, placed at various points in a network so as to maximize bandwidth for access to the

50 mind blowing logo designs for inspiration – Wsblogz.com

In this Showcase you will Find More than 50 Quality logo designs, which you can use to increase your creativity and get inspiration, we try to make our collections include many styles and unique ideas

Step by Step Web Project – Creating a small business website from beginning to end

In this video series you will see a website created from beginning to end. We will create a simple professional four page website for a fictional company called “Coyote Landscaping”. The design will b

Free Twitter Vector Icons

Amazing Free Twitter Icons, Graphics, and Buttons for your Blogs, Websites, Applications, and Social Networks.

Step by Step Web Project – Creating a small business website from beginning to end with CSS

In this video series you will see a website created from beginning to end. We will create a simple professional four page website for a fictional company called “Coyote Landscaping”. The design will b

60 Water Scenes Desktop Wallpapers

During summer we all want to refresh ourselves with some water, by drinking it or by diving and swimming in it. Unfortunately, not all of us have the time to go swimming or travel to a nice place to e

Inspirational websites of the week II

As promised we are back again with inspirational websites of the week II.

What CSS3 Can Do For You: Animation and 3D effects

I went over the great ways to develop buttons and how to effectively use imagery transitions. Now we will move on and talk about the great ways to use CSS3 for animation and 3D effects.

Professional Logo Design With LogoBee.com

As we mentioned before, logos are a very important part of building your brand’s identity. “Branding” yourself, is the best way to represent who you are and what you are all about. If designed p

The Best of Yorkshire

Check out some of these design companies from around Yorkshire.

Win Two Free 6 Month Subscriptions to the Entire Inkd Graphic Design Library

For this edition of Freebie Friday we have an exclusive giveaway from the cool chaps at Inkd – the world’s first market for original print design.

33 Inspiring Examples of Game Websites

In this next post, we will be showcasing 33 Inspiring Examples of Game Websites. This collection contains various examples of game websites made by different talented web designers from around the wor

A Tribute to Nicolas Evariste: His Best Photography + Exclusive Interview

Nicolas Evariste, a.k.a. Nicoweb is a young French photographer who specialized in black and white photography and who manages to capture life in astonishing ways.

Living in the World of Stunning Bokeh

Do you know what Bokeh is? What is actually Bokeh is? And Why i actually posting something about Bokeh in Leaflette.org?
Actually it occurs to me, when i was like always, surfing searching for some

Quick Tip – How to Create Patterns in Photoshop

Today we are going to define new Pattern Image in Photoshop. Just go for only three – four easy steps and you can get your Pattern Image as you like. So let’s see how to define Pattern Image in sh

Roundup of Mix Tutorials from TutorialsPalace

TutorialsPalace is the best place to find Tutorials, Free stuff like Icons, Fonts, Software, Gradients, Patterns, Styles and also Wallpapers. From here you can also find Latest News about Graphic/Web

A Quick Tip for Using Grid Frameworks

Are you using or thinking about using a CSS framework? Make sure your site is still as clean and efficient as possible by following this simple tip.

20 Really Fantastic Wallpapers for Summer

Summer is coming, and that means that it’s time for some great landscapes, soothing pictures of rain and horses. Here are twenty of the most beautiful wallpapers to get you into that summer mood.

Why Not Be Simple? When Web Design Embraces ‘Less is More’

One thing has really stood out to me though, I love simple websites. After doing a lot of research (countless hours of browsing “best design portfolio” lists) I came to two different conclusions about

CSS3 Minimalistic Navigation Menu

Today we are making something practical – a simple CSS3 animated navigation menu, which degrades gracefully and is future-proofed to work with the next generation of browsers.

25+ Amazing Origami Inspired Designs

Great architects and designers have captured in their work the essence of geometry by using complex shapes and a great deal of imagination!

Logo Design Competition: “CADDIEPRO.COM” on a Golf Cap

Caddiepro.com, a golf caddies promoter, is hosting an online logo design contest with a guaranteed prize money of $200 at Mycroburst.com. This logo will be featured on their white golf caps . They are

Wiffiti – Billboard Advertising, Internet And Information Technology

In today’s world social networking and blogs have provided platform to publish your opinion and make them available to the world in a much easier, user friendly and cost effective way.

Domain Name is Crucial for the Success of ‘On Page Optimization’ OF Your Website!

A domain name is a unique identifier registered by an individual or organization. It is alphanumeric characters and dashes (separated by periods) which maps to IP address of the computer or site on th

How To Make The Right Keyword Analysis For Your Website (Part-2)

As promised, today I’ll be speaking about On-page search engine optimization-

30+ Ingenious Book Photomanipulations

Sometimes we are so caught up with our speeding lives, our ringing mobile phones and our light speed Internet connection, that we forget to slow down and enjoy a good book.

35 Creative Twitter Background Inspired from Typography

By designing a creative twitter background you can attract new customers.I’ve compiled a list of Twitter profiles who have impressive creative backgrounds, which I feel stand out above the rest.

Create a Laptop Icon in Illustrator

Hi there. In the following tutorial you can learn to create a laptop icon. Once you’ve created the basic shapes, it’s easy to continue with the other components. Give it a try and you might learn

1WD Is Changing: Insights And Email Newsletter Finally!

If you’ve been active reader of 1stwebdesigner, you may have heard I have been planning big redesign for a long time.

20+ Online Tools for Website Validation and Testing

Below is the list of Online Tools for Website Validation and Testing. So make it sure that you go through this post and run all the necessary tests on your website before making it live.

Twejay – Listen the Tweets Rather Than Looking At Them

Whoever has used Twitter and has experienced the world of micro blogging has at one time or the other complained about the number of tweets coming in and that the time lost in reading them and with th

Outstanding Computer Arts Projects Covers

Computer Arts Projects is the successful monthly spin-off of Computer Arts magazine.It’s definitely worth checking it out. Enjoy!

10 Most Common Health Hazards of Freelancing

This punishing pace of work life affects our health and work habits. In this article, I have covered some most common Health Hazards of Freelancing to give all of you a caution.

6 SEO Tips for Small Business Owners

Search engines do not discriminate between small and big businesses. This makes Search Engine marketing a level playing ground, where size does matter – Size of your marketing acumen!!

Know Your Apple’s iPad A Little Better

It would be our pleasure to wake you people up from a long period of slumber to tell you that Apple has launched their tablet computer, known as the iPad. More than being known as any product launched

Inspiring Web Design and Development Blog to Follow Now

There’s numerous weblogs that cover up the topic of web design and development blog. Every web designer loves finding new sites with great content and follow to stay up-to-date with trends and techn

Top 10 Winter Cars

Winter is the season of snow. Falling leaves indicate the arrival of winter. To celebrate the inspiring winter a lovely, winter car is needed. These can also run with decent mileage

14 Design Deviantart Groups To Get You Inspired Daily

This article will cover mostly web design groups and some of their best works showcased there.

Vietnam Hotels Booking Hotels Tour, Vietnam tourism & Travel guide

Vietnam Hotels Booking Hotels Tour, Vietnam tourism & Travel guide

Aptana Studio – An IDE for Your Web Applications

Aptana Studio is an IDE for Web application development tool that lets you to create Rich Internet Applications and find resources for their projects, that supports JavaScript, HTML, and CSS with code

Search Profiles In Social Networks : 9 Popular Search Engines For Social Networks

Social network search engines help one to search dozens of social networking sites and other online sites by a person’s name, nickname, email address etc. Here we gathered a list of such search engi

Coping With Changes At Workplace

Change is an ongoing phenomenon without which no organization can thrive.

40+ most inspirational Business cards design – Wsblogz.com

In this Showcase you will Find More than 40 Quality Business Cards designs in our second cards design showcase, which you can use to increase your creativity and get inspiration, we try to make our co

How to Draw Cartoon Pictures In Easy Way

Draw Cartoon Pictures In Easy Way

Not Every Website is Designed – A Case Study

In this article, we tackle the issue of the “worst” website designs, and, based on my previous definition of design, actually suggest that these sites are not designed at all. We’ll look at why

How To Write Better Design Posts

Over the years I’ve developed a process for blogging that has helped me improve the quality of my posts. I’m sharing it in the hopes that you can take something from it that helps you improve your own

Ready For Print Typography Posters

I’ve presented posters before, the artistic and energic type. Now I’m offering you ready for print typography posters so that the buying process will be at two clicks distance. I love deviantart

Email Templates

Don’t lose subscribers just because they can’t read your newsletters! Our email templates are tested in over 30 email clients to ensure a clean, consistent, beautiful look for all of your campaigns!

World Cup Soccer Inspired Designs

With the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa in its 6th day of competition many of us have been glued to the TV cheering our country on. No matter what country you are rooting for, soccer is a sport that

20 Fresh & Easy To Follow Photoshop Web Interface Tutorials

With the introduction to our community news, we have been receiving some great resources and articles. But many have been tutorials created by up and coming creative blogs such as trendyTUTS & GraphSt

iOS 4.0 Feature Quicklook: File Management

For the longest time I publicly criticized Apple’s amazing mobile OS for not allowing users to manage files. Apparently, Apple has decided to add a feature in iOS 4.0 that does that, to a point.

30 Great Examples of 3D Elements in Web Design

3D elements used in web design can make a website more impressive and memorable. The purpose of 3D elements is to create a feeling of depth. For that reason, websites with 3D elements looks more inter

The Disadvantages of Having Too Many Ideas

One of the most common problems creative people experience is a lack of ideas. An imaginative dry-spell. The internet is awash with articles advising how this state can be overcome, I’ve even writte

Designer Showcase – Squared Eye

Today we’re showcasing the wonderful web portfolio from Matthew Smith AKA Squared Eye

Articles: Shadows and Highlights in Photoshop

Shadows and highlights play a very important role in designing. They help to produce 3d effect in 2d designing software. Shadows and highlights define the depth of an object created which gives the 3d

Most Inspiring iPad Application Websites – Wsblogz.com

In this showcase you will find 39 unique and modern iPad application website design we discovered to help you into your next design, we try to make our collection include many styles and unique ideas

Mays Free Professional PSD Web Templates

Here’s a collection of fully customizable templates which contain the graphic source files in .PSD format, fresh and creative resources from design community (May 2010).

Remarkable Graphic Artist Chritopher Haines

Christopher Haines is a young digital illustrator and graphic designer from Perth, Australia. He uses Photoshop, Cinema 4D and Poser to create his amazing one of a kind images. The following are just

Internet Marketing Manchester (SEOAndy)

Advice and Articles regards SEO, Marketing, Branding, Social Media, Design and much more

The Manual Comic Technique

In this tutorial, we will look at a simple technique for creating comic-styled illustrations, based on original photographic reference material. The real benefit of this manual technique is the high d

Google Chrome is a wonderful web browser of choice for web designers and web developers. With Google Chrome extensions, you can add more features to the browser to help you with designing, debugging,

Google Chrome is a wonderful web browser of choice for web designers and web developers. With Google Chrome extensions, you can add more features to the browser to help you with designing, debugging,

Shopping for a new lens: Image Stabilization

Image Stabilization (IS) is one of the features a lens might or might not have. When available (and turned on) on your lens, it will keep image blur due to camera shake to a minimum, and it will enabl

How Commercial, Customized and Open Source CMS are different?

Content Management is considered to be a revolution in the world of web design and development industry. It has proved to be a boon for non-geeks. It has broaden the scope of having control over the c

Graffiti artworks for inspiration

Graffiti is stated as the dictionary of ART, The term “graffiti” derives from the Greek graphein (“to write”). Graffiti (s. graffito), meaning a drawing or scribbling on a flat surface, origin

40 Inventive Fantacy Art Tutorials Using Photoshop

Photo Montage technique always need to share with others, so we are sharing some beautiful imaginations about fantasy art using Adobe Photoshop, As designers, of course, we are exceptional with large

20 Inspiring Free and Premium Music Vectors

In the summer time a lot of musical events are going on! To help you promote them, I made a quick selection with some of the finest music vectors for you.

12 Symbolic Zodiac Logos to define your character!

Zodiac logos are rarely seen in the field of logo design. I bring you 12 logos bearing resemblance to zodiac signs. Check them out to find which logo design represents you.

800+ Beautiful Abstract Light Photoshop Brushes

Adobe Photoshop is every designer’s favourite software for image editing and for the retouching of images. The main reason behind its popularity is its brushes. You can do lots of things easily with

10 Most Talked about Logos of 2010!!

Every year tons of new and fresh logos evolve, some are criticized for their exorbitant logo prices, while others are refuted on visual grounds. Here are the “10 Most Talked about Logos” of 2010 with

Numeric Keypad To Allow Only Numbers Into Input Fields

Let’s have some fun with form input fields and allow only numbers to be entered into text field via custom styled keypad. The goal here is not to make a plugin that will have a bunch of options, and

10 Crazily Creative Web Designs of 2010

Stuck for creative ideas for your next web design? Gawk at these crazily creative websites of 2010.

Skater with floral element

Skater with floral element

Essentials of Web Designing, Development, And SEO

Designing a website is not a child’s play. Its not something that you randomly throw on a particular place that has some graphics and some other information such as the name and the contact informat


The Ultimate EPiServer Showcase contains 50+ smashing EPiServer powered websites divided into six major categories. It’s meant to inspire you and to help you discover the possibilities of this great

An Optimal Work Space Is All You Need

There is no denial to the fact that productivity is never an accident. It’s always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort. A high-stress environment can n

40 Creative Black portfolio Designs

There are a lot of cool designs that are professional and portray the skill levels of the designers and they don’t have to be the clean, white background, minimalist design that many business websit

Modern and Original Art Gallery Solutions

The essential component for an online artist’s portfolio or exhibition is gallery. That is why Flash is a highly popular technology that uses for artists’ online portfolios: the opportunities for

Fancy Image Hover Using CSS3

So here we will try to create fancy image hover with css3 as you all know we can have cool image hover effect using jquery but now using transform and transition properties of css3 we can have the sam

34 WordPress Plugins You May Not Know-Worth a Look

Everyday new wordpress plugins and wordpress widgets are released or updated so it is very useful to check out the official WordPress website and of course some wordpress plugin forums.You can definet

A Round-up of Photoshop Wallpaper Tutorials

With a certain amount of practice and skill, creating wallpapers can become easy and fun. This Round-up of Photoshop Wallpaper Tutorials can teach you to create the wallpapers you desire using Photosh

Showcase Of Fabulous Sports Websites

Today we’ve collected some fabulous sport website to inspire you.

20 Amazing Examples of Light Photography

From light graffiti and light painting, to natural wonders and long exposure light performance photography, this post brings together twenty examples of this amazing art form.

Most Inspiring Web Design Agency Web Sites – Wsblogz.com

web design agency website, agency website, agency layouts, design trends, design layouts, inspiration, agency web design inspiration, layout inspiration, development, Horizontal, Horizontal website sh

Masilto Encoder – An Email Address Encoder

Spam ads and spam bots not only take your valuable time but also sometimes prove burden on the available space in the email provider and steal that time and space for the important information.

More Than 100 Excellent Logos

100 Excellent Logos

Learn how to create a website layout in Photoshop

In this tutorial you will learn how to create a website layout using Photoshop

10+ Tools To Decrease Website Load Times

On web quick response from the site is very important.Users want that sites open quickly and response against their queries also quick .

30 food packages design for inspiration – Wsblogz.com

In this post, we’ve gone around and collected 30 of the most creative, inspirational, cool and clever food package designs.

48 Creative and Exceptional 404 Error Pages

In the happiest moment of our life what we do, we don’t know that. Different people have different expression to express their happiest moments. But I think dance is the highest expression to expres

More Than 100 Excellent Logos

More Than 100 Excellent Logos

CSS3 Animations, the Power Back to CSS Part 1: Transitions

Now that the use of CSS3 is increasing and developers are discovering new ways to replace JavaScript with CSS3 it is time to talk about the use of CSS3 for animations.

Design Portfolio Free HTML web templates – Wsblogz.com

This is our first free web templates made through WsThemes, wsblogz try to offer useful design resources to help designer and developer enhance, speed and develop their work, today we offer very nice

WsFlag Web Icons 1 Free 28 .png icons 48×48 – Wsblogz.com

Icons is very essential part of web design, designer always look for new iconsets to use in their designs, we will try to make something unique and useful for every designer.. We made very nice icons

Free High-Quality Layered Business PSD Template

Before i shared 5 free high quality psd templates but that were not exclusively designed for PelFusion. This free PSD template is exclusively designed for our readers and more to come.

Exceptional Collection of Pencil vs Camera by Ben Heine

Here is great collection of new style photography by talented Ben Heine. Ben Heine is a painter, a portraitist, caricaturist, illustrator and photographer. This new creative style is given name of

The Solar Method (of building websites)

Unlike more traditional professions, web design does not have a standard practice model. The Solar Method is my proposition and, I believe, a healthy candidate for the title of Website Building Standa

Creative Visual Styles To Spice Up Your Desktop

Visual styles are now making your desktop computer personal again (no pun intended), with feature rich customizations from various utilities you are able to make your desktop look how you want it to

50+ Great Examples of Creative Print Advertisement Design

There are very little advertisement designs which are really well made. In this article, I will showcase some of them.

Midweek Article Inspiration: 20+ New Ways to Inspire Your Design Thinking

Here these articles focus not only on how we can be better inspired but also inform us of new ways in improving our web design brains and much more.

Huge Collection Of Ajax Tutorials And Techniques

The thing that was missing from the resources category on the site was this article, a collection of Ajax techniques, tips and tutorials. I hope this article will help the developers to learn or find

Ultra-Effective Texture Details and Backgrounds in Web Design

As we are sure you already know, texture details and backgrounds can give us stunning effects in a web layout. In this collection we want to show you a collection of the web designs that use textures

Quick Tip: Create Vignette Photo Effect in Photoshop in 2 steps

In this tutorial we are going to learn how to create Vignette photo effect in Photoshop in just 2 steps.
we wrote tutorial on Creating a vintage effect in 2 steps in our last post. And it was popular

Sketchy & Artistic Icons For Your Next Design

Huge collection of sketchy and hand drawn icons set for free download. You can use these artistic icons for your next web design or want to make some extra ordinary artwork.

Getting To Grips With InDesign Part 1: Document Basics & Master Pages

InDesign is a powerful application created by Adobe, the creators of Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks and many other creative apps. This is the first “Getting To Grips With InDesign” tutorial.

Learn How to Make Seamless Patterns in Photoshop

Seamless patterns are patterns that can repeat themselves infinitely without ever showing a join. Patterns are all around us and are essential to most design work. Learn how to create them in this Pho

Create Colorful Composition in Photoshop

In this Photoshop drawing tutorial we will create a beautiful and colorful composition with circles. In this tutorial we will mostly use standard features of Photoshop, but I think you will learn some

50 Stunning Typographic Portraits

A very cool branch of typography is text art or making portraits from letters. Here are 50 breath-taking typographic portraits.

Figure out the Actual Worth of Your Design!

Many professionals, and even amateur designers are coming up in this web designing industry with astounding talents and thereby, it becomes important for them to know how to calculate the actual worth

Speed Optimization Tips For Your Website

In this article I describe the most well known ways to reduce page load time on your site from minimizing http requests to where to put your java and css.

Applications of AIDA In Website Designing

Marketing is a very broad term and holds a lot of importance in this cut-throat competition of online business. “The main point to remember about selling things is that besides creating atmosphere a

5 Social Bookmarking Sites for Small Businesses – Share & Grow! [Part 2]

In our previous post, we went over 5 popular social media websites that small businesses can use in order to promote growth and facilitate sales. In this post we will target another niche of social me

100 Creative Furniture

In this roundup you will find some stunning, creative and unique furniture design ideas. Some of them really look awesome.

FREE Image Scroller Gallery XML AS2

Flash image gallery that can be used horizontally or vertically depending on your needs. Take a look at the preview and download it.

3 Great Ways to Promote Yourself

With the sheer level of competition out there, it can sometimes be hard to break through to the industry your aiming for. Here are 3 brilliant ways you can promote yourself and break through the barri

Elite Solution – Web design – Web programming

ELITE Solution supplies services of Website Design and Development, Application Development, E-commerce, Graphic Design, Flash and Multimedia, 2D and 3D Presentations, Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

homepage template

Will you make the homepage with a free homepage template?The homepage can be easily made with the template.

Psychological Study of Web Designs

A website is the window to the soul of an Internet business as well as the people behind it. It may have a positive or may be a negative effect on your end result…

Latest Web Design Trends — Afresh Inspiration From the Print

This quote becomes quite contradictory in its own terms when it comes to the web designing world. Trends hold a lot of importance when when it comes to incorporating any structure, layout, design, or

5 WordPress Premium Plugins what make your life easier

In this article are presented few latest premium plugins what can help you to integrate in WordPress websites tools like auctions, events calendar or multiple users twitter widget, and so much wanted

Fresh and Latest Useful jQuery Plugins Episode-1

Quick and powerful, jQuery can help designers and developers create awesome interactive websites that are appealing and accessible to the widest range of browsers. For your audience, the visit to your

A Showcase of 23 Asian Art Posters

In today’s post, we showcase Asian art posters personally handpicked to provide you with inspiration for your own poster designs

20 stunning identity and Stationery design for inspiration – Wsblogz.com

In this Showcase you will Find More than 20 Quality Identity and Stationery designs, which you can use to increase your creativity and get inspiration, we try to make our collections include many styl

25 Inspirational 2010 Movies Posters – Wsblogz.com

Movies Poster Design is one of most difficult poster design trends and it need to be creative, really unique and reflect movies ideas this showcase we choose 25 of best 2010 movies posters and adverti

27 well designed online store for you inspiration – Wsblogz.com

In this showcase you will find 27 unique and modern e-commerce sites design we discovered to help you into your next design, we try to make our collection include many styles and unique ideas to make

30+ brilliant logos design for your inspiration – Wsblogz.com

In this Showcase you will Find More than 30 Quality logo designs, which you can use to increase your creativity and get inspiration, we try to make our collections include many styles and unique ideas

Quick Tip: Create Vignette Photo Effect in Photoshop in 2 steps

In this tutorial we are going to learn how to create Vignette photo effect in Photoshop in just 2 steps.
we wrote tutorial on Creating a vintage effect in 2 steps in our last post. And it was popular

Doctor Templates

Medhley offers affordable Doctor related themed templates. Grab your template today.

WordPress Social Media Optimization in a Nutshell

WordPress is a great platform for SEO — in fact, most of the title and meta optimization is done for you right out of the box. However, that is not the case of social media. Here is a brief list of

Explosive Ironman Comic Artworks and Digital Art Inspiration

Here are some incredible artworks and Illustrations, of the marvel created comic ironman.

30+ Fresh and Creative Logo Design for Design Inspiration

A Logo is a graphical element that, together with its logotype (a uniquely set and arranged typeface) form a trademark or commercial brand. Typically, a logo’s design is for immediate recognition.

Top 25+ iPad Wallpapers Of 2010

So far Apple has sold over 3 million iPads. To celebrate this event I’ll be showcasing over 25 examples of beautiful High Quality wallpaper designs of 2010 that I found on the web. Hope you like it.

Perspective on Mobile from an Open Source Advocate

It’s no secret that the mobile space is booming and that the future of computing is largely in compact devices. From mobile apps to the mobile web, developers are seeing the potential and the indust

30 Staggering Examples of Reflection Photography

Reflections can be found on many different surfaces. Glass buildings, mirrors, mylar, chrome bumpers, and puddles to name a few. All provide the opportunity to produce creative images. Some provide sm

The Perfect Sites and Resources for Freelancers

Whether you’re in the process of setting up your own freelancing business or are still not sure is freelancing right business for you, these sites and resources surely will help you to make right de

The Best iPad Apps for Creatives for $0.99 or Less

The iPad truly is a great device for creative types, everything from photography to graphic design to writing, as well as just to help you keep organized.

30+ Fascinating motion blur photos to inspire

We normally focus all our attention on getting sharp photos that we miss out on realizing how great motion blur photography can be. I don’t wanna re-invent the wheel here talking to you about how yo

Credit cards and payment icon set

Ready for download, this icon set features some of the greatest credit card and payment icons for you to use anywhere.

How to Style Individual WordPress Posts in Seconds

With art-directed blog posts being all the rage, people are turning to plugins and custom fields to style their individual posts. But did you know that WordPress already has built-in functions that a

25 Creative Fonts Typography Designs for Design Inspiration

Creative Fonts Typography Designs has always been a fundamental aspect of inspiration, but many designers are now making type the centerpiece of their designs. Not only is typography becoming the des

Inspiration: From 123Klan to T-Kid

In this article I’m going to showcase some very famous design crews and graffiti artists to get your creative juices flowing.

Guerrilla Advertising – Creative Attention Seeking #7

The seventh showcase of fantastic guerrilla advertising/marketing solutions

50 Must Have HQ Typography Wallpapers

In this post we are presenting some cool and creative typography wallpapers to spice up your desktop. Specially for those who likes smart, mostly minimalistic and clean typography.

Freebies: Vintage Mega Pack 10 Samples from Designious.com

We’ve recently released fresh vectors ready for purchase on Designious.com. But to show you how our vectors look from up close, we’ve also released some free samples for you to download and enjoy.

35+ Inspiring Grayscale Images

Contrary to what most people might think, grayscale images are not the same thing with black-and-white images (images with only two colors: black and white). In this type of images there are many shad

Personal Branding for Creatives. Becoming something else.

I admit to being tired, loaded and sitting in front of my computer when it struck me how an old nickname would push my name to the front of Google.

100 Seriously Useful Firefox Addons for Web Designers

Firefox is a trusted friend for thousands of web designers and developers the world over. Sure, we all know about popular extensions like Firebug, but we’ve compiled a list of 99 other great addons

Learn Photo Editing – Complete Guide For Photographers And Designers

Adobe Photoshop is the best software for photo editing. Its a handy tool which can change the look of the image dramatically. I go through lot of articles around the web for photo editing that can hel

The Greatest Sites to Submit Your Web Design and Development News

There are dozens of websites out there that allow web designers to submit links to their articles.
During a few months of blog promotion, I have been able to

SCSS — a new icing from Sass

As I lately did almost no CSS/HTML jobs, I’ve missed the Sass3 release that implemented the SCSS extension (Sassy CSS).

DIY Photography Projects: How To Save

There are tons of websites entirely dedicated to photography DIY experience, but in our post today you can see a selection of tips and techniques that are, in our opinion, the most interesting, effe

30 Free Semless Photoshop Patterns

Download 30 free seamless patterns for adobe photoshop

10 Brand Package Designs – Celebrating the World Cup fever!

Here are 10 of most wonderful package redesigns that top brands and corporations have adopted as a part of the World Cup 2010 campaign.

External Film Inspiration No. 16

A serial of short films, trailers and music clips by different artists from across the world introduced here at Cromoart. This time with great works by Tanchanchin, Nuno Rocha, Dos Santos Nelson, Beep

Design Confessions | Make A Design Confession

Need to confess to something you have done? Or want to share something a client has said or done?

Wonderful Collection Of Movie Posters

A Movie poster is actually made to support marketing campaign during the build up to its release. Every design aspect needs to be handled in creative manners for this campaign.
Here are 50 movie post

FIFA World Cup 2010 Posters – A vibrant exhibition!

The FIFA World Cup 2010 is at full stretch so let’s enjoy the vibrancy and extravagance of the FIFA World Cup with its official and inspirational posters.

Character Illustration In Custom Web Design

Use of character illustration makes your custom web design more appealing. It is an easy way to brighten up your site and make it more captivating but only if it is utilized properly. The content of y

Secure Yourself: Backup Solutions for Designers and Developers

So looking at the importance of the online backup, today we have covered top 5 services which provide backing up services at very low-cost and offer very admiring services.

Pay-per-click advertising management.

Full-Service web design agency Ampheon offers complete range of custom-developed web services includes web design, web hosting, logo design, internet marketing, search engine optimization and Pay-Per-

Interviewing aspiring & inspiring photographer Krystian Olszansk

Hey guys. Today I’m gonna be interviewing 30-year old photographer Krystian Olszansk. Olszansk was born in Poland, but grew up in Montreal, Canada, and now lives in Saskatoon, Canada.

So Kryst

6 Beautiful Website Designs to Inspire You

Having trouble getting those creative juices flowing? Become inspired by these beautiful website designs.

48 Creative and Exceptional 404 Error Pages

I have collected these after a long term surfing on net and these give my friends and me lots of fun. Hope you will share it with your friends too.

73 Blog Designs From Deviantart You’ll Never Forget

For blog designs light colors always look better and are more user-friendly since visitors need to read information – light background and dark text always seem to work great!

25 Juicy Information Poster Design Samples

Today at the OnlinePosterPrinting blog, we feature 27 information poster design samples that present facts in a fresh and creative way.

10 WordPress Plug-ins to Make Your Blog Mobile Friendly

WordPress is one of the most popular blogging applications that helps you connect with your global audience. To further enhance your blog’s users experience and reach, WordPress offers a wide range

Illustrator: Using the Rectangular Grid Tool to Create a Fancy Cover

Today we are going to use some nice tools available in Illustrator that can be useful in several occasions. I’ll create a Folder but the important thing is the technique more than the final result.

50 Modern Retro & Vintage Design Tutorials in Photoshop & Illustration

In this article we go back to the 1900’s all the way to the 1980’s to showcase a variety of retro and vintage inspired designs that involve poster art, collages and graphical elements. In this co

Making Money from Tweets

Guide to making money from paid tweets, sponsoredtweets, ad.ly and more..

30 Examples Of Dark Photo Manipulation

Here we’ve collected 30 great example of dark photo manipulation

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