This is yet another large round-up of all the great articles readers and other blog owners have been submitting on tripwire magazine over the last couple of days. You will find great inspiration for your designs, tools, giveaways, awesome photos etc. Hope you will find useful resources below and help submitting good articles if you find some.



Do You Know Why It’s Important To Understand Design Principles?

Our job as web designers is to communicate. You can’t communicate without understanding the language with which you are communicating. For us that language is is visual and can be found in the princ

Slow Hard drive solution

In this busy life, any one will not have time to wait. In front of our laptop, it will be boring to wait for even a few minutes. So everyone dreams a super fast computer. For a few days after getting

What is Simple Object Access Protocol(SOAP)

SOAP, originally defined as Simple Object Access Protocol, is a protocol specification for exchanging structured information in the implementation of Web Services in computer networks.

awesome Navigation Menus for Design Inspiration

Today we have this nice collection of site’s navigation menu, menu is the most important part of site as it’s the most frequency user used part of website, So it need most part of your effort to m

19 Cool Blue Brochure Design Examples

Get a head start on your printing project by browsing through these blue brochure design examples.

30 Digital Art Photography Designs for your Design Inspiration

30 inspirational digital art photography design you never seen before. If you are looking to add some creativity and inspiration to your life, you probably need our Digital Art Photography Designs tha

‘Bitten’ The New Picture Book for Adults

Following the success of ‘Wonderland’, which was released in 2009, this August sees the release of ‘Bitten’, a new picture book for adults.

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30+ Stylish Examples of Business Card Designs

In a company where the visual identity became essential, these creations make it possible to make the difference. A well designed and printed business card can impress and make people take notice and

20 Free Screen Recording Tools For Creating Tutorials and Presentations

In the last few years,representing and promoting your work,especially teaching something like photoshop tutorials using screencasts became very essential and popular for us.By this way,we can reach to

100 Beautiful Movies iPhone Wallpapers

In this beautiful article we sharing some latest movie wallpapers for your iPhone, from these listed wallpapers you will find an amazing collection of movie inspired wallpapers from classics to latest

Tileable wood textures

With this post we went on more natural approach in design. We prepared 4 tileable wood textures that can be used nicely for web pages and can be great addition to your graphic library.

Amazing Conceptual Photography for Your Inspiration

I have decided to gather many conceptual shots from around the web to show you how unique but simple conceptual photography is.

Web Design Inspiration: 30 Inspiring Red Websites

With these thoughts, we have complied 30 Inspiring Red Websites that will surely give you cool and great ideas in using the color red for your next web design project.

What constitutes an original idea?

Does the means by which you “get” an idea matter, and what do you do with the ideas borrowed? Designer Discussion

40 Really Awesome War Digital Artwork

The superb character designing, weapons and warhead, brilliant color scheming and the way these artists create theses artwork is really awesome.

Quick Tip: Control the number of colors in Illustrator

Many times you had to clean up your work, get it ready for print, with a limited number of colors. Here’s how you can clean up those loose colors, quick and easy.

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Book Review – Slide:ology: The Art and Science of Creating Great Presentations

As the title shows the final intent of the book is helping to create better visual presentation that will capture and inspire your audience.
How to do that?

YourBand: A Free HTML Template

A free, customizable one-page CSS/HTML Template for bands complete with music player, photo gallery and more.

50 Awesome Images For Personalizing Your Google Homepage

Earlier this month, Google announced an awesome new way to personalize their homepage search. In a search for the perfect image, I’ve hunted down 50 photos ideal for personalizing the homepage. From

Giveaway – Comment to win a Mega Vector pack

We appreciate great art from you, the design community. But to create amazing works, you need high quality vectors to work with. To satisfy your needs, we’re holding a “Comment to win!” contest

15+ Free High Quality Icon Sets For Your Design

Designers use Icons to create amazing and unforgetable designs. Having the right icons can help to make a web design look much more professional and complete. In this post we’ll feature 15+ HQ Icon

Featured designer: Romilly Winter

Romilly Winter is a young graphic designer and art director who already has a lot of work to display on his portfolio.

The DRY Principle in web design

The DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) is a software development principle, which has been formulated by Andy Hunt and Dave Thomas in their book The Pragmatic Programmer. The DRY code philosophy is stated

Featured Artist: The Brilliant Work of Cristiano Siqueira

Some of you will follow the work of Cristiano Siqueira or will have seen it around the design sphere. It has a really fresh unique stance that is really eye catching . From Sao Paulo, Brazil Cristi

Lightsounds DJ Audio and Visual Equipment Latest News

Lightsounds DJ Audio and Visual Equipment Latest News

How To Get Master Grade In Finances Being Freelancer

In this article I will be sharing some of my most valuable financial tips from a decade of freelancing.

Paul Olyslager

Articles and reviews on webdesign, user experience (UX) and interface (UI), web usability and online applications

Photographing a Ghost Town Part 2: Adding a Human Touch

In the second part of this series on photographing ghost towns, I am going to continue discussing my trip to Northern Minnesota and North Hibbing.

The Tangible Web: Thoughts on Designing Websites for Touchscreens

It’s probably safe to say that touchscreens as a method of interacting with the web aren’t going away. In fact, it appears quite the opposite: most new smartphones have one now, Google’s making

Creat an Attractive Vector Butterfly in Illustrator

Fresh Adobe Illustrator Tutorials
In this tutorial I will show you how to make a vector butterfly using the blending mode from transparency box and the gradient mesh.

20 Must Have Android Apps for Developers and Designers

Well our today’s focus is best Android applications for web developers and graphic designers. In this article we cover 20 best applications which can make life of developers and graphic designers easy

50 Amazing CSS3 Image Galleries, Sliders, Animations

CSS3 has bought some amazing new features. It’s moving at an amazing rate of knots, with new techniques and fresh ideas. The most fun is playing with the css3 animation. Here I present a compilation

This is maybe the best WordPress Real Estate Theme I have ever seen!

Free Downloads: A Collection of Rusted Textures

Rust often signifies age and dirt that others may not want to have in their work. Except for designers.

27 Spicy Event Flyer Design Samples

When designed right, event flyers can pack a punch, spreading news about the gig it promotes like wildfire!

PHPanywhere – An Online PHP Language Editor

For preparing this kind of dynamic websites the scripting language used is PHP. There are a few other scripting languages for this purpose but PHP is widely used in modern web servers and for some it

shree balaji tours and travels: Famous Holiday Spots In India, Honeymoon Packages

Domestic & international tours organizer, Domestic and international Air ticketing ,Railway ticketing ,passport visa consultancy, school picnic-one day tours, hotels & resorts booking ,honeymoon coupl

Q&A with BuySellAds Founder, Todd Garland

BuySellAds.com was founded in February/March 2008 and helps online advertisers and website publishers buy and sell ads better. Below Todd shares his insights and experience in rapidly growing BuySellA

How to use Json in PHP

JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a lightweight data-interchange format. It is easy for humans to read and write. It is easy for machines to parse and generate. It is based on a subset of the JavaS

Creat an Attractive Vector Butterfly in Illustrator

Fresh Adobe Illustrator Tutorials
In this tutorial I will show you how to make a vector butterfly using the blending mode from transparency box and the gradient mesh. The techniques shown in this tut

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Cleaning Out The Design Attic

Do you have a bunch of old design concepts stashed away in the depths of your hard drive? Ever wonder if you could ever actually put these concepts to good use? In this article, we will look at four d

BMW Art Car: Beautiful Designs By Various Renowned Artists

I am sure that everybody out there is familiar with the BMW motor company. In 1975 the “BMW Art Car” Project was launched by Hervé Poulain. The purpose of this project was to invite renowned arti

iPhone 4 Pre-Orders Sold Out and Android Catching up

The past few days have been completely action filled and loaded with some great geek drama. The iPhone 4 was released for preorder, at least in theory. Customers trying to place the order on Apple.com

20+ Informative and Inspirating Articles From the Design Online Community

With such a great online design community it is always a privilege to showcase other peoples articles from which I have discovered + have found to be informative + inspirational.

Become a WordPress Expert with these Tutorials & Resources

This roundup of WordPress tutorials & resources ranging from beginner up to expert should help you to keep your skills fresh.


Web Design Trends 2010|Now and Zen

In an age where organic products, green lifestyles, and holistic practices prevail, websites are leaning towards a more modern, Zen approach by drawing upon minimalist design. As far as the success o

Free vector stock illustrations and templates

Free downloads: royalty free vector stock illustration and template images for your own artwork or designs, e.g. free t-shirt or hoodie mock up templates.

BYTEDUST LAB – vector, character, web and graphic design

BYTEDUST is a creative media lab from the Netherlands specialized in vector, web, character and graphic design. Free vector stock illustration and templates.


Create an Abstract Composition Using Rendered Images and Light Effects

In this Photoshop tutorial you will learn how to create an abstract composition using rendered images and light effects. In this tutorial we will use plenty of Photoshop tools, and we also will use an

Plaud.It | Website Monitoring and Ranking

Plaud.it is a FREE website stat monitoring tool, it will allow you to monitor multiple sites and check for stats such as Pagerank, Alexa Rank, Feedburner Subscribers, Twitter mentions and more…

Tileable grunge textures

Today we prepared a set of tileable grunge textures in 12 color variations. When u import the texture in Photoshop you can change their colors at your liking and can be used very well for photo overla

20 Creative & Inspirational Wallpapers #4

We have been showcasing some fantastic artwork for the past few week in various categories such as abstract, fantasy, spacescape, landscape and many others.

This is our fourth installment of our wa

Logo Process – Apple & Eve Identity Development

In-depth logo process post for logo and identity project, Apple and Eve

Doing Business as a Designer: Focus on Selling

This is a story about my friend Anya, a designer who wanted to transition from part time freelancing to doing a full time design business.

8 Beautiful Well Designed Premium Tumlbr Themes

Designers are coming up with new design themes as Tumblr popularity is increasing. Browse 8 beautiful well designed premium Tumlbr themes to enhance your tumblog

Don’t miss these best wordpress themes if you’re looking for a great theme for your website.

Captain Majid Tsubasa Anime Cartoon: My Childhood Love

This post brings the pictures of my childhood love Captain Majid or Captain Tsubasa, an anime cartoon. His dream was to become a best soccer player …

Bookmark: Best Community Links June 2010-part I

We are back ! with the best community links for the month of june01-15 2010. Every bloggers and writers put their all effort in making a good article or freebie and tutorial, and to get exposure to ma

Create an Abstract Light Streaks poster in Photoshop CS5

In today’s tutorial you will learn how to create an abstract light streaks poster from scratch using Lighting effects, Noise, and Wave Photoshop CS5 filters. Layered PSD file included. Let’s get s

9 Photography Tutorials for Skin Retouching

Learning photoshop for retouching is very useful while doing edits of photoshoots or general projects which includes photos. Below I have gathered a few tutorials that will get you started in photo re

Tutorials About How to Build Custom WordPress Theme

These tutorials will show you how to design and slice for wordpress in photoshop and then make pages and components to make your own theme for the wordpress.

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Promote Your Designs/Articles/News Submit to Top Websites and Get More Traffic

Promote your designs/articeles/news submit to top websites, blog post, News and rss feeds to the following top websites or blogs. Follow each sites guidelines and provide a link back if requested and

Celebrity Business Websites that Shine Like Stars

Celebrities… they seem to have it all – The looks, talents, fame… Did you know that celebrities have become successful entrepreneurs? Sit back and relax and take look at some celebrity business we

How to install Ruby on Rails on Ubuntu

How to install Ruby on Rails on Ubuntu is very easy here i share with you steps to install ruby on rails on Ubuntu.

A Complete Collection of Chrome Extensions for Developers

This post contains 25 most popular and useful Chrome Extensions for Web Developers. Enjoy!

25 Amazing Examples of Architecture Photography

Today, we are showing you 25 Stunning and Amazing Examples Of Architecture Photography. In this post we have gathered some of the most beautiful and amazing, as well as mind blowing photographys for y

130+ Productive Resources To Promote Your Design / Article / News

There are already been few posts on this topic but out of them most of the links either been dead or their service has expired, we are sharing only those links which you don’t feel any irritation an

50 Fresh And Breathtaking Examples Of Landscape Photography

In this article, We’ve compiled 50 of the most beautiful and breathtaking examples of landscapes photography, and don’t forget to look at the authors other work by clicking on their relevant image

20+ Amazing Photoshop Brush Sets for Design Lovers

Similar to this, designers design and they don’t tend to present it as an ideal picture in front of others. Photoshop brushes are an extremely important tool for designers.

Top 5 Worst Website Designs of All Time

Thought your own designs were bad? Think again.

Quick Tip: How to use the Quick Mask Tool

Quick Mask is often ignored by Photoshop users, but it can be really useful to control complex selections, quickly remove background from objects and more. Keep in mind that this tool is built to impr

Give Your Gallery Some Old Fashion Static Noise

For old times sake, lets make a small jQuery gallery plugin which ads static noise with every slide change, and where slides can contain anything from images, to any other content. But, no fancy contr

Apple-like Retina Effect With jQuery

Today we are making an Apple-like “Retina effect” with the help of jQuery & CSS (and a bit of CSS3), similar to the effect they’ve used on their site to promote the new version of their iPhone.

How To Make The Right Keyword Analysis For Your Website

If you have ever heard about the SEO you might have also heard that one of the basics of successful SEO is the Keyword analysis and that’s exactly what I’m going to speak about today.

Get Ahead with Headway for WordPress

Word And Mouth’s non-designer Dave Thackeray needed a new-look site but wanted complete control over its look. The third element of this challenging troika was his gross inability to design. Was Hea

30 best illustrations of visual arts

After studied about visual arts from some other references
we chose this time to bring you the “Better illustration of visual arts from computer
graphics” for your inspiration.

9 Usability And UX Pitfalls, And How To Avoid Them

Learn how to make a good website great, increase conversions, and get happier users by avoiding 9 common usability and UX pitfalls as explained in this article


Create a nice portfolio/showcase web layout in Photoshop

In this tutorial you will learn how to create a portfolio/showcase website in Photoshop

Shifting to Illustrator CS5- Is that a Great Option?

Adobe Illustrator is vector graphic tool developed by Adobe. It is used by design professionals worldwide. Adobe Creative Suite (CS) is a collection of graphic editing, video editing, and web developm

10 Must Read HTML5 Lessons

Learn HTML5 from the early adpaters! Here’s a collection of 10 very handy articles/tutorials on HTML5.

Pixelactic.com undergoing Redesign: Stay Tuned

Pixelactic.com is undergoing redesign, so this can be a refreshing comeback for all of us. Well, the long wait is ending soon–the new design is just going through my favorite coder’s hand.

22 Examples of Vintage Bicycle Poster Designs

Being a fan of vintage posters, I decided to make a roundup showcasing vintage bicycle poster designs. Scroll down and enjoy the ride!

Four Panel Brochure Examples for Your Inspiration

I’ve compiled a roundup of folding option which is the four panel brochure. Take a close look into the samples and I hope you’ll find a design that will inspire you the most!

10 Quality Resources To Download Free Icons

For every graphic designer, it is important to know from where to download icons, images, fonts styles to use in custom web design, ecommerce web design etc. It’s better to download free icons desig

Paper made website designs for inspiration

Design gets its definition from nature and natural stuff. When designers bring in innovation, creativity from natural item their designs get all the benefit of standing out in their creative world.

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51 Fresh & Amazing Photo Manipulations From DeviantArt

Deviant Art has been the hub of designers. Lots of designers upload their latest work on Deviant Art. I must confess here that I got my inspiration of being a designer from DeviantArt itself. I learn

Fantastic Final Fantasy Fan Art

I have always loved the various fan art that I occasionally come across. Here is some of the better ones I have found. If you know of other great ones, feel free to leave a link, enjoy!!

The Most Important Features for Your Premium WordPress Theme

What are the most important features to have for your premium WordPress theme? I asked and the people answered. Find the results here including some charts and graphs and quotes.

What CSS3 Can Do For You: Streamlining Buttons and Imagery Transitions

We figure out ways to start rolling out new techniques so we don’t have to wait. CSS3 is the third level of CSS to be created, and isn’t compatible with all browsers or officially launched quite y

Cross Browser Testing Resources

Following up on my article about using or not IE6, I’ve selected a few tools to help you test your website on different browsers. Most of them are free and very easy to use.

As a front-end develo

Free Textures – 27 High-Res Fabric Fold Textures

A pack of 27 High-Resolution Fabric Textures focusing on folds and creases.

20 Celebrities’ Websites

To become a celebrity a lot of advertising in all possible media is essential. Nowadays it’s impossible to be a star and at the same time to not have an official website. I’ll try to present here

Creating Fancy Checkmark Icons with Pure CSS3

I was recently working on a personal project where I wanted to implement some cool “checkmark” bullet-points icons for my unordered list without requiring yet another image and corresponding http

Socializing with Strangers

If you have a company you may be wondering how much time, if any, you should invest in social media…. after all, someone recently asked me, “isn’t it just for socializing?” Well, perhaps it is

Stunning Illustrations that Will Surely Make an Impact on You

In this post we will show you that photography is not the only thing that makes a strong print ad, we’ll show you that illustration ads may have equally strong influence on you. They will surely get y

Tutorial: How to create electric beams in Photoshop

In this tutorial we are going to see how to create electric beams in Photoshop from scratch. These electric beams will be very much useful in creating any music or party posters

HTML Color Names and Codes

The table below provides a list of the color names that are supported by all major browsers.

Top 20+ 3D Flash Websites

Here is a collection of the top 20+ Flash Websites with 3D Environment and 3D interface. In the list bellow you will see some of the most creative flash website designs. I really hope you enjoy them.

Increase your Pageviews Significantly With Community News and Social Bookmarking

Here I’m introducing some brilliant new community news feeds and design networking sites which allows your articles to be voted up and increase your chances of more page views.

World Cup 2010 Inspired Artworks

Every designer should celebrate this World Cup with the brand new World Cup wallpaper.list of World Cup inspired wallpaper, background, twitter profile image

One Page Websites #2

A showcase of the latest and greatest in one page website design

40 Splendid Ice Sculptures for Inspiration

In our next post, we will be showcasing 40 Splendid Ice Sculptures for Inspiration. We have collected some of beautiful ice sculptures around the world for your eyes to banquet.

100 Seriously Creative Sculptures

Sculpture design is really very closely related to graphic, web, logo and print design. In putting together this list, I found it to be quite inspiring — even more so than I had originally imagined.

How to make a vector badge logo in Adobe Illustrator

In this tutorial you will learn how to make a logo with a badge, fence and barbed wire, using simple shapes, a custom brush and few simple Illustrator tools.

Woman & Jewelery. Splendid Photography

We are going to present some beautiful photography of woman and jewelery. The two things made for each other. Jewelery makes a woman perfect and complete but if a woman don’t wear jewels, its like a

Things To Consider When Using WordPress For Client Websites

Using WordPress for client websites often requires you to think ahead and consider the types of issues your clients may have. This article discusses the main areas that you’ll want to give some consid

Free WordPress Theme : A Simple Magazine

A Simple Magazine packed with 5 color schemes, 2 unique page layout, 2 custom widget, and more customization option in theme option page.

CSS Color Values and Shades

CSS colors are defined using a hexadecimal (hex) notation for the combination of Red, Green and Blue color values (RGB).

Free Html/CSS & jQuery Admin Panel – INADMIN

INADMIN is a new FREE administration panel created by INDEZINER. We help coders and other people that are doing coding and administration panels for web applications to have better productivity and co

How Do You Respond to Sex in Advertising?

Over the past decade, provocative advertising has increased significantly as people become increasingly concerned with their physical appearance. Nowadays, it is almost impossible to avoid impressions

How to Create a Classic Table Phone in Illustrator

In today’s Illustrator Class, We are going to draw a classic telephone in Adobe Illustrator CS4. We will start from sketch and then will turn it down to a Digital Graphics.

Principles & Elements of Design

I have reviewed eight designs. I will discuss each one in detail, highlighting the principles and/or elements of design that they make best use of. I’ve included a sample screen shot and a more abst

New Release: Joomla! 1.6 Beta 3

Joomla! is one of the Content Management System which earned reputation and large user base in short span of time. Joomla is an award-winning content management system

7 Great Tips To Boost Your Creativity

Creativity is the most important tool for every designer; technology can’t replace it and as a personal opinion it won’t replace it until the end of days. I saw a lot of great works done in earlie

Plan Your Way To Hire A Drupal Site Developer

To hire any service provider, its very important for you to understand the whats and hows of that particular set of need. To be more precise, there are many people who constantly look forward to Drupa

20 Logos with Hidden Meanings

A compilation of 20 famous logos designs and an explanation to find the hidden meaning.

Xobni Brings BlackBerry Email to the 21st Century

When I first got my BlackBerry, which I expected to be the ultimate email machine, there were some things that left me wanting more. There was the whole lack of two way syncing with Gmail, which meant

50 Creative Food Photos

In this post we collect some of most beautiful food crafts. Some of them are masterpieces. These cooks are real artists. Hope you will find this collecton inspiring.

Illustrator Portrait (female) – Tutorial for Professionals

Vectorize a portrait with Adobe Illustrator. This Illustrator-Tutorial will explain the development process of a female photo portrait.

33 Stunning Examples of Black Art Poster Designs

In today’s post, we bring you 33 stunning examples of black art poster designs that effectively showcase the beauty of this timeless color.

Some really nice Opencart templates can make your shop viral!

Lovely and Beautiful Marriage Photo Frames

In this post I am presenting a Lovely and Beautiful collections of photo frames.

40+ Splendid Wallpapers for Design Lovers Part- 1

Time for some more inspiration. Designers derive inspiration from almost everything. Still the major sources of inspiration are photography, themes, graffiti artworks, wallpapers. Wallpapers are a gre


The adage “A picture is worth a thousand words” refers to the idea that complex stories can be described with just a single still image


Work on Ubuntu is some time create some problems because most of us are addicted of Windows . So we provide you a number of short keys that help you out for using Ubuntu.

Amazing Photo Manipulation Art To Blow Your Mind Away

Designers are always finding new ways to show their creativity with new techniques. They all know that photo manipulation is an art form that requires a lot of effort and professionalism. Such designe

Freebie: 25+ Rare Cloth Texture pack

This freebie consists of 25+ very rare and random cloth textures. This texture pack consists of checked, linen, wool, cotton, suit, bed spread, towel, bed sheet and lots other different kinds of cloth

Worm Cloth Icons Business

This worn cloth icons business set includes a wide assortment of business and e-commerce icons (shopping carts, email, locks, keys, currencies, folders, documents, pens, pencils, computers, laptops, p

25 Colorful Vector Background Graphic Designs

There are some colorful vector background graphic designs out there which are both great for design inspiration, and sweet to use on your desktop. Colorful vector background with concentric circles, r

Progressive Disclosure: Presenting Information On A Need To Know Basis

People generally use at most 20% of any complex system. The problem is everyone uses a different 20%. How do you include all the different features that your audience in total wants, while holding bac

80 Dazzling Examples of Illustration Websites

Illustration can add a fun/innovative vibe to your websites theme. The goal of the illustration should be used to grab the readers attention and showcase your talent. Lately there has been an increase

20+ Beautiful Free XHTML And CSS Templates

In previous article 20+ Best High Quality HTML/CSS Templates Of 2010, we have introduced some very useful css and html themes for your next design project. Now we have prepared more top 20+ free templ

The Good, The Bad, The 80’s: (Part two) Retro Metal Album Designs

As vinyl continues making its ‘retro’ comeback, I am reminded of all those great album designs I grew up with – sensory overload for the eyes of a young designer-to-be.

25 Amazing Photos of World City Skylines

This post collects 25 examples of beautiful cityscape photography from around the world, visual records of human endeavour and urban achievement.

Showcase of Awesome iPhone App Websites and 7 Tips for Creating Them

As iPhone is getting popular it’s apps are getting popular too, more and more developers are jumping in this field to make good money out of it. Developing good iPhone app is not the main thing, lau

Filtering Through Table Rows With Few Lines Of Code

Just as we’ve started plugins section with a simple plugin, lets start tutorials section with a simple tutorial in which we will use jQuery to filter out table rows that do not contain desired searc

15 Excellent Particle Flow Animations

A showcase of amazing particle flow animations from around the web.

Art School Cliché Spotting

Which art schools are ticking the boxes at this year’s art and design grad shows? You can find out with this free light-hearted web app for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. The tongue-in-cheek app was c

Best of Breadcrumbs and How They Enhance Your Website

Breadcrumb navigation offers a visually enticing way for users to keep track and know where they’re specifically located as they navigate your site.

Create a simple logo in photoshop

Well We’re going to do things a bit different today. I know there are many designers out there wondering how they can create a logo in photoshop. Today we’re going to be using are creative minds a

6 Marvelous Firefox Add-ones for Developers & Designers

Browsers are the most important application in today’s Era of the technology advancement.
As it provides support to view every website or web application in the world. Browser Like Mozilla

38 Creative & Clever Advertisements for Inspiration

This week we are bringing you yet another collection of stunning advertisements created by talented artist in their fields. In this post I will share with you 38 creative and clever advertisements to

Beautiful & Dynamic Flash Chart Designs

Flash is great tool to design and develop graphs and charts with the stunning use of animation and dynamic content. Lets have a look some of the most good example of flash charts.

4 Distinct Types of Website Illustrations

See examples of 4 very distinct styles of website graphics you can select from in order to create a unique, eye-popping design as well as some excellent inspiration sites.

Free Client Presentation InDesign Template

It’s not very efficient to create a new InDesign document each time you have to present a design concept to a client. With that in mind, we’ve created this free client presentation indesign templa

30 Grunge Textured Photoshop Brushes

With the grunge style in full swing, you can never have enough grungy resources at hand. In this pack you’ll find textured brushes in many different styles such as denim, canvas, concrete, wood, scr

Geometric b&w flower tileable textures

Today we are publishing a little different and special patterns in black and white technique. The patterns are made of stripes made in Illustrator and then transferred in Photoshop where they were mod

40 Exampls Of Vector animals

Here, we’ve collected 40 vector animals for inspiration.

How and When to Monetize a Design Blog

Everything you need to know about monetizing a design blog from the experts!

The Ultimate Guide for An Online Portfolio Using WordPress

Are you a designer, developer, an artist or even a photographer? If yes, then in these modern times, you have to start thinking about building an online portfolio.

Artist of the Week – Irina Vinnik

This week, inspiration comes from Saint Petersburg, Russia – Irina Vinnik, artist, designer and illustrator.
Traditional inkings illustrating stunning nature elements combined with typography and

Composition 101: Rule of Thirds in Photography with Examples

Rule of thirds is a very simple rule to grasp and can instantly turn some of those boring photos into something much more interesting and visually pleasant.

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A Definitive Collection of Stock Photography Sites on the Internet

Here is a great list of stock photography sites I thought I would share with everyone.

Recursion – The Art and Ideas Behind M. C. Escher’s Drawings

M.C. Escher occupies a unique spot among the most popular artists of the past century. While his contemporaries focused on breaking from traditional art and its emphasis on realism and beauty, Escher

How to Add the WordPress 3 Nav Menu to Thesis

Thesis already has a navigation menu, but some people would like to take advantage of the new one offered in WordPress 3.0. This quick tutorial will show you how.

How to Create your own BuddyPress theme (Part-1)

In this 2st guide of the series we’ll be making a buddypress child theme, which will only contain 2 files, this is to ensure your theme is as future proofed for BuddyPress as possible.

Best Chrome Addons For Power Blogging

Some extremely useful Addons which will make your blogging work a wonderful experience.

Content Management Systems – A Need to Know Overview

Setting sail on the content management sea? Well here’s a navigational chart that’ll help avoid the ragged rocks and hidden shoals. Don’t leave shore without it!

Learn how to create an artistic website layout in Photoshop

In this tutorial I will show you how to create an artistic web layout in Photoshop.

Important Tips to be a Successful Freelance Web Designer and Developer

In today’s competitive environment and economic situation, starting a new business or venture and then sustaining it is a big challenge. Moreover, with such a high unemployment rate, one has to real

Extend Studio’s Giveaway

FlexiPanels CSS for Dreamweaver is a CSS builder that helps you create table-less HTML code for side panels, menu containers or any content zones with a gradient background and rounded corners.

90 Amazing Tilt Photography

In this collection, we’ll look at 90 amazing tilt photography, which will show that you don’t always need photoshop to make it look cool.

66 Fabulous Words That Can Improve Your Blog Traffic

A good blog head line is often the only fac tor that deter mines whether or not an arti cle on your blog will be read. The idea that con tent is king is true, but some peo ple miss out on read

25+ Creative Font Style for Design Inspiration

Creative Font Designs has always been a fundamental aspect of inspiration, but many designers are now making type the centerpiece of their designs. Not only is typography becoming the design

Exclusive Freebie: 5 Marvelous Superhero Icons

To all icon lovers out there, we have a very special treat for you today. We will be giving marvelous superhero icons made by Iconshock- an online provider of stock icons, exclusively for Naldz Graphi

Ruby on Rails Developer

Zaptech solutions is professional Ruby on rails Web Development and Application development company from India. Our Expert ROR Developers has in depth knowledge of creating web 2.0 applications using

41 Photographs from Eagle eye – Aerial photography

Aerial photography is the taking of photographs of the ground from an elevated position.
Cameras may be hand held or mounted,and photographs may be taken by a photographer,
triggered remotely or t

Is It Worth Shifting To Photoshop CS5?

Technology is just a quest for one more improvement or just one more modification. All the technological advancements are now measured in terms of better features or performance improvement. They have

Gallery plugin for jQuery

A highly customizable gallery/showcase plugin for jQuery.

Hourly Vs. Flat Rate: Pros and Cons

In this article, I will go to the next step and see which is better, charging a flat rate or hourly, and why the one you choose might depend on the particular project, your work style, and or client.

58 Incredible Logo Designs #4

Here’s the fourth roundup of amazing logo designs. This is a series that we do frequently, so make sure to check out the past logo articles. For this collection we found some really creative logos,

40 Cute Smiling Animal Photography

Animal photography is a very complex and complicated type of photography, because the animals are not models, you can not put them in the position for photography. In this article, you’ll see a pretty

60+ Excellent Premium-Like Free WordPress Themes

In this collection, you’ll find 60+ Excellent Premium-Like Free WordPress Themes that you can use for your website needs.

Create a business wordpress theme with 3D elements

Learn how to create a sleek wordpress business theme with 3D elements, and 3D Stock images

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