100+ Very Useful and Fresh Articles for Designers and Developers

This is yet another large round-up of all the great articles readers and other blog owners have been submitting on tripwire magazine over the last couple of days. You will find great inspiration for your designs, tools, giveaways, awesome photos etc. Hope you will find useful resources below and help submitting good articles if you find some.



Free Smoke Effect Photoshop Brushes Sets Download

Download Free Smoke Effect Photoshop Brushes Sets

What’s new coming in Drupal 7

Drupal is the one of the very few content management system which earned good reputation in short span of time. It has got a wide user base now. Drupal is a kind of complete software solution that all…

Looking for premium or free Drupal Themes? Go here! drupal 7 themes or in this article 26+ Great Themes Showcase – Drupal Download.

Giveaway from My Postcard Printing

Today we are giving our readers a chance to get 100 4×6 Flat Postcards, which are great for advertising and promoting your business, thanks to the amazing people over at My Postcard Printing.

Free Smoke Effect Photoshop Brushes Sets Download

Free Smoke Effect Photoshop Brushes Sets Download

Authenticity. Best Design Book Ever

It gets to the point with a memorable and gripping case study. If you have a child, it is likely on the bookshelf. You just may not have realized it was for you as well.

2.5 Ways To Show Category Images As Post Thumbnails

Learn a couple few ways or so, for how to show thumbnails for each category as your post thumbnail images. This is a comprehensive explanation on 2.5 ways you can do this easily, less-easily, and much

How To Use Space In Your Designs

Space is perhaps the most important tool for any visual designer. It plays a role in grids and typography and is a component of so many different design principles. When we learn to see space and lear

Pricing Page And Plan Comparison Tables: Tips, Tricks, Advices and Showcases

Pricing Pages and Product comparison tables are being used in modern sites. Here, we share tips and examples of them.

10 Useful Time Saving Google Chrome Extensions

Google Chrome is growing very popular nowadays due to its speed. There are a lot of extensions as well to make it more better. In this post, we will focus more on the extensions that will help web use

20+ Sites To Help You Find Your Next Job

Are you looking for a new position or a new contract? Here is a list of some great sites for you to check out to find your next quality assurance job/contract.

25 Funny Typography Videos

I have now compiled a collection of short videos that capture the humorous side of typography.

9 HQ Free Wood Texture

This texture set includes 9 HQ Free Wood Textures. You can use them for free for personal and commercial use, but you cant sell them and cleam them as yours. Have fun using them.

3 Simple Ways for Bloggers to Make Money

Making money as a blog ger can be as be elu sive and costly. Here are 3 sim ple ways to do it for free.

Pink elegant abstract seamless backgrounds

This time the name of the game is pink! We prepared 14 seamless patterns made of beautiful abstract elegant lines in blue and green color.

Top Design Blogs – The Road to Popularity

A panel of top design blog creators discuss their paths to popularity.

Freebie: Very Rare antique patterns

This is a set of very rare antique patterns. These kinds of patterns were used in various civilizations all over Asia particularly in temple architecture and in building palaces. These kind of pattern

Fresh Freebies, Vector Packs & Tshirt designs from Designious.com

We’ve been really busy in the last month, creating fresh vectors for you to use in your work! The Gargoyles, Dark Gothic, Birds, Retro Girls, Skulls, T-shirt designs and free Photoshop brushes await

Mega Collection Of Cheatsheets for Designers And Developers

This post contains more than 100 cheatsheets and reference cards for topics such as CSS, HTML, Javascript, PHP, MySQL, Color/Fonts/SEO, CMS, Softwares, Browsers and OS.

Astonishing Drawings & Paintings By Leonardo da Vinci

He is widely considered to be one of the greatest painters of all time and perhaps the most diversely talented person ever to have lived.

Be Inspired! (By Everything) 01

Be inspired is all about finding the best design inspiration out there and bringing it all together and giving it a context, these posts are a slight evolution on the ones I originally started on my B

When, Why & How: One Page Website Designs

One-pagers won’t work for all sites, obviously, but they can work for more than you imagine. The benefits to a well-designed one page website include potentially lower cost to the client, high usabi

10 Best Practices to speed up your website

One of the main issues on the Internet is, still, website loading speed.
We can measure the importance of this factor from the fact that Google has recently decided to add website
loading speed as

Adobe Photoshop: 40+ Examples of .PSD Files and Tutorials

It is always a pleasure experimenting out different things, same is the case with Adobe Photoshop. This takes you to the new avenues, exploring out something and incorporating that new thing into your

85+ Fresh and Beautiful Minimal Website Design Inspiration

Minimalism is a design style that emphasizes simplicity and the removal of superfluous elements in one’s own work. It’s applied in art, architecture, print work, and in web design. There is someth

Tutorial: WordPress 3.0 Custom Post Types

With the recent release of WordPress 3.0, I thought it would be good to show off one on its best features, custom post types.

8 Best iPad Apps (Free and Paid)

It has been three months since Apple released its game-changing tablet device and it is almost universally accepted now that it was a successful launch. The last numbers we read were after two months

Artist of the Week – Chatchanok Wongvachara

This weeks artist is Chatchanok Wongvachara from Bangkok, Thailand. She is a freelance painter, graphic designer, illustrator and photographer.

45 Sets of High-Quality Adobe Illustrator Brushes

One of the main thing that I like about Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator is their brushes. Brushes makes the work of a designer really easy. We all know that their are a lot of brushes available

100 Stunning Infrared Photography

In this collection, we’ll look at 100 stunning infrared photograph. Infrared photographs have contrasting color effects as you will see. An example of Infrared photograph would be to show trees with w

The Simple Photoshop CS5 Cheat Sheet

Here’s a Photoshop cheat sheet that focuses on important, useful functions, stuff that advanced users need to get their work done.

30 Awesome 3D Robots Illustrations

If you are looking for inspirational 3d Robot designs , here is the list of 30 are wesome examples of 3D robots illustrations

Top 10 Online Form Building Tools

You may want to have a contact form, a survey or an order form for your website. However if your not a programmer with experience you will have some trouble to build your form! This is a collection of

How to Create a Tumblr Theme (Code Structure)

While tumblr coding is fairly easy to pick up compared to other more complex blogging systems, I want to give you an insight into the code and structure we are going to be deploying next time around w

Marketing with the Power of Humor

How small businesses can harness the power of humor and brand personality to create marketing buzz for their business.

How to Create a Stylish Sports Car Dashboard in Illustrator

Create a Stylish Sports Car Dashboard in Illustrator

The Evolution Of The World Cup Logo From 1930 To 2010

Its pretty much football fever all around the world so over on Creative Nerds we decided to take a look back from 1930 to 2010 of some historic world cup football logos to see how over the world cup c

Simple Red Square Icons Signs

This simple red square icons signs set includes a wide assortment of health and hazard signs (radiation, biohazard, no smoking, recycle, hospital, Rx … Etc) as well as road and railroad signs (stop,

How to Create a Stylish Sports Car Dashboard in Illustrator

Stylish Sports Car Dashboard in Illustrator

12 Ways You’re Scaring Away Your Readership

There is a bunch of reasons why you lost your readers. This is a list of some reasons why your readers never come back. Blogging tips to gain more readers.

Shopping for a new lens: Lens Minimum Focusing Distance

Hey guys. This is the third post in Shopping for a new lens article series. Last time we talked about Lens Aperture, which you can check out right here if you haven’t already done so. Today we will

30+ Substantial Firefox Addons for Web Developer

Here is a very useful list of Firefox Addons for Web developer. Today we give you ultimate list of most important Firefox Addons for Web developer. Totally is this list we include more than 30 extreme

Do you a need new SEO plan for HTML5?

A well-researched article about the impact of HTML5 on search engine optimization.

Get Inspired: 35+ Warm VS Cool Color Website Designs

I’m not going to get in too deep with illustrations or typeface, in this post but color. Some people classify websites from dark to bright website designs.

Become Social Networking Guru With 45 Handy Twitter Tools

Master Twitter – find more targeted followers, track visitors – who is following, not following, deadbeat users, clean your account and even more, check it now!

Make Nice Captions Using Image Alternative Tag

There are many jQuery plugins that give designers an array of options to use in order to make very nice captions. We can’t argue with that, and what I am going to do here is not much different, but

My name is Diana Eftaiha. I’m a photographer, web developer, blogger, and founder of www.thedphoto.com photography oriented website. I’m writing to offer my services as a paid guest author to your sit

Learn various codes of html, css, javascript. linus quickly.

This site is all about various codes of html, css, javascript, linux, ubuntu etc. Here every codes are described with detail examples. This is an excellent site for beginners to learn various codes qu

50+ Tutorials, Inspiration and Informing Articles on Design This Week

Here we have a bumper edition of all the great articles submitted to our community news, with over fifty articles being showcased.

20+ Uniquely Cool jQuery Plugins and Tutorials

Here are 22 plugins that don’t simply do the same thing, but do things differently, and are exciting rather than boring. Enjoy!

Download 1100 Photoshop Gradients

Free-Stock-Graphics.com is launching with one of the best premium resources available for FREE

Top 20+ Studio Max Tutorials

3ds Max is a strong, flexible and professional 3D animation rendering and modeling software. It is mostly used by video game developers, design visualization specialists and architectural visualizatio

Weekly Web Design Inspiration #58

A showcase of the very best web designs from the last week

Funky Chips Free WordPress Theme

Funky Chips Free WordPress theme is an awesome theme for WordPress, widget ready and xhtml compliant.

Slidax Free WordPress Theme

Slidax Free WordPress theme is a multi column theme that supports inbuilt logo upload facility and ajax manu collapse and expand.

44 Ultimately Useful Adobe Illustrator Tutorials

The guaranteed helpful Adobe Illustrator tutorials for beginners and advanced users of Adobe Illustrator.

Great Backup Plugins & services & Online Storages For WordPress

Today WordPress is one of the most popular blogging tools on the Internet. If you have a blog powered by WordPress you need to take regular backup of your WordPress database and your essential files (

WordPress 3.0 Released: The Top 7 New Features

WordPress 3.0 incorporates quite a few new features, including custom post types, a URL shortener, and a new theme. Though there isn’t as many new features as previous WordPress releases, it is help

15 Stunning WordPress Themes which Prices are Underestimated

In this post we want to show you 15 stunning wordpress themes from the Theme Forest marketplace. We think that all these templates should cost much more because…

A Compilation of Free Apple Wallpapers

Here is a compilation of 36 Free Apple Wallpapers. Feel free to download the wallpaper of your choice…

Five Retro Web Design Elements We’re Glad To See Gone

While the occasional dark turn has happened, the design changes the internet has made have largely been positive. These five page elements may not be common on the internet today, but they were once u

Photoshop Tutorial: Make a Realistic Football from Scratch

This tutorial will show you how to create a realistic football in Photoshop.

Inspiration kick: 60 mundane subjects photographed beautifully

We all struggle for inspiration and creativity, and we –as human beings- tend to take so many things around us for granted. We might see, but not observe. We might glimpse, but not appreciate. And

Web Interface Showcase #14

Today is number fourteen in our Web Interface showcase!

As it seemed quite popular, I will be leaving my thoughts and suggestions to all layouts and logotypes featured each week with adding a few c

Prototype VS jQuery

Prototype does what a “framwork” is supposed to do. It is a layer between the HTML dom objects the developer and functionality is done through a set of classes.

Gradient Rounded Corner Generator

Online tool to generate rounded corner using only one image. Support gradient, border and antialiased.

RAGING FIRE: Fire Textures, Tutorials, Art, Brushes, Patterns, Fonts, and Icons

Here are all the fire textures, tutorials, brushes, fonts, icons, and art you could ever want and will ever need…

Quick Tutorial on How to Create a Website with WordPress

The website that you’re looking at is installed on WordPress ussing the cPanel. In this quick tutorial I’m going to guide you step-by-step on how to create a similar web page using the WordPress b

Quick Tutorial on How to Create a Website with WordPress

The website that you’re looking at is installed on WordPress ussing the cPanel. In this quick tutorial I’m going to guide you step-by-step on how to create a similar web page using the WordPress b

60 Great Website for Design Inspiration

I love art and design. So I go to many sites to get inspiration before I start a big project, especially if I’m having a bit of designers block. I get a lot of questions about where I draw my influe

25+ Refreshing Flash Website Designs in Green colour

Flash enabled designers and developers to deliver rich content over the browsers, creating motion, interactivity and an impressive visual experience. Good Flash-sites do not require too much bandwidth

Communication Arts Magazine Giveaway & Typography Competition

For the new Freebie Friday edition we’ve teamed up with our friends from Communication Arts Magazine in order to offer you a one-year subscription to their Premium Online Content, which includes gal

How Much Does A Small Business Website Cost?

How much a professional small business website SHOULD typically cost. Good guidelines/ advice for both web professionals and people seeking to have a professional website developed.

Weekly Smashing Web Design Inspiration No. 23

Here goes another series of web design inspiration collection we publish every week. Stay tuned with the latest trends in website design …

60+ Creative Music Logos For Your Inspiration

The stunning use of typography, color scheme, and the rocking idea behind these logos are very inspirational and reflect the true sense of music and rhythm.

13 Great And Free WordPress Themes You Might Not Know!

In this collection, you’ll find 13 High Quality and free WordPress themes handpicked from the vast amount of free themes on the web. Hope you like it.

40+ Cool Typographic Logo Designs

Today, we will be showcasing 40+ typographic logo designs. We have selected some of the cool typographic design logos for you to see and hopefully gain some ideas.

What a Client Must Include in a Design Agreement

A write up on what a design client must include in their agreement.

Fresh illustrations for your art: 170 Seasonal, 21 Business

We’ve been really busy in the last month, creating new vectors for you to download and enjoy. 170 Seasonal and 21 Business illustrations categories have been added to our large collection, all top

15 Stunning Motion Graphics and Flash Design Showreels

In this post you can find a collection of original, sophisticated and extremely beautiful showreels belonging to the well-known media agencies, interactive studios, motion graphic and Flash animation

Single Layer Worn Matte Silver Text Effect, Layer Style & Icons

Today’s web treat is a worn matte silver combo pack complete

Ordinary Tips For Better Summer: Brighten Your Life

Just a few simple tips for better summer – remember real values of your life and enjoy them fully! Let’s fulfill these tasks!

‘Thelonious’: WordPress 3.0 Released

WordPress 3.0 has constantly been a ‘Hot Topic’ for last so many days. In our post Highlighting Features of WordPress 3.0, we mentioned forthcoming features of WordPress 3.0 because of which WP us

35+ Origami inspired fashion designs

Origami is the art of folding any type of materials to create sculptural designs. The origami folding techniques are also used in the fashion industry.

Color: An Investigation

In this article I reconstruct my understanding of color by looking into its origins. I endeavored to think about color as a concept unto itself, and not be burdened by its ties to a specific field or

The Essential Guide to WordPress 3.0 Custom Taxonomies

WordPress makes it possible for theme developers to create their own taxonomies. This is what we are going to cover today. We will learn how to work with Custom WordPress taxonomies.

Girl Silhouette

Vector Silhouettes of Girls. 30+ HQ detailed shapes of standing women. Free for personal & commercial purposes.

20 Best Photoshop Video Tutorials

A world of video has descended on the web in recent years. Here we’ll highlight 20 of the best video tutorials covering Photoshop tools, tricks, and technique.

Roundup of the Best Papervision 3D Tutorials

Papervision 3D is an awesome technology! With its help we can create impressive things. But it’s rather complicated. Fortunately, there are many professionals, who are not only great at Papervision

115 Eye Catching Business Cards for Design Inspirations

We have brought a beautiful collection of business cards which will provide a great design inspiration to many artistic graphic designers, by giving a different modern touch they can present a magica

The huge checklist: 341 tests to make your site perfect!

It’s sometimes difficult to know if a site is good or not. You paid a web designer to create a website but you have no idea if he did a good job or not? You are a web designer yourself, and you want t

Create a Bubble Text Effect in Illustrator

Hi there. Here you can learn to create a vector bubble and a bubble text effect. First, you need the Ellipse, Rectangle, Rectangular Grid and Twirl tools plus some basic effects. Later, for the text e

Camouflage Photography in the Animal World: 50 Astonishing Photos

This post will exemplify the camouflage technique, even in the underwater world. Prepare to train your eyes for spotting the animals and their amazing disguises!

Another 20 Unique Logo Designs

We present to you with 20 new and interesting logos for your design inspiration.

Diary – Organize your life

Dairy.com is an online diary application which satisfies all your diary needs. It’s a place where you can place all your pictures, editorials, videos, contacts. You can also share your views and dis

WordPress 3.0 is Released

Hi Everyone, Today I have a great news to share with all with you, which is that “Wordpress 3.0? is released.

15 snail inspired logo designs

This article contain an inspirational showcase of some logos what use the snail like principal element or icon. Despite of its reputation of slowness, the snail shape / element is used in corporate id

A Roundup of Gadget Design Tutorials for Photoshop

Several tutorials for creating shiny gadget designs for the avid fans of the products of modern technology.

14 Creative Café Menu Design Examples

Creative menu design examples to complement a café’s peacefully stimulating atmosphere.

CodeRunStudio – An IDE for Web Applications

CodeRunStudio is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that was designed for the cloud which enables you to develop, debug and deploy web applications using browser and can be used along with (o

Color your Black and White Photos Easily

Learn how to color Black and White photos in a few quick and easy steps.

How to Make Money Off of Your Graphic Design

Not only can you make some money off your rejected work, but you also might earn some new business!

10 Free Network Security Tools

Network security tools provide physical and information security to all paths, links, and databases of your network. These tools thus help you protect and safeguard your network security from spams, v

Shimpei Yashima | Graphic Designer

Shimpei Yashima is an design team based in Los Angeles. Since 2008 we have established a strong reputation for our graphic design work including branding, book covers, logos, record sleeves, packaging

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